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10 Countries With No Reports On Covid-19

Covid-19 has been going around in many countries throughout the world for more than half of a year already. This pandemic is a dreadful and terrible thing that happens to us especially the people with low income. Many countries are impacted by this virus; however, there are still some countries out there with zero reports on Covid-19. While the rest of the world especially the United States feels like everything is going down, these countries are still standing.

The reasons are pretty obvious for these countries, actually. Most of these countries are geographical isolated from the rest of the world, and you don’t even know their names. At the same time, these countries are also small with very few to no visitors as well. That also helps to keep the pandemic out of their region as well. Check out the fortunate countries with no reports on Covid-19 below and share us your thoughts.

1. Federated States of Micronesia

This is the small island developing states of the South Pacific that is among the world’s most isolated countries. At the same time, they also lack of health infrastructure and intensive care units as well. The combination of their distance and the fact that tourism is not their strongest points makes this island safe. Micronesia consists of more than 600 islands and islets in the Caroline Islands archipelago from west to east. So far till now, there is no report of Covid-19 in any of the states yet.

2. Kiribati

As for Kiribati, they announced restrictions on immigration and travel from China since the early stages of the virus spread. That is why this country is safe from the infections from the outsiders who may have the virus. Just like the rest of the countries in the list, Kiribati has zero case of Covid-19. Plus with their location, it is a total bonus of why this country is safe.

3. Marshall Islands

At the same time with Kiribati, Marshall Islands also announced restrictions on immigration and travel from China as well. Since the early stages of the spread of the virus, all flights are banned from China. Such early restrictions make their country safe from the virus and infections to their people from Covid-19. The great thing is that their citizens can roam freely in the country knowing that no outsiders with virus can enter.

4. North Korea

It is not a surprise that North Korea is among the countries with no reports on Covid-19. Despite the fact that this country is very close to Wuhan, North Korea is completely free from the cases. The thing is that North Korea also bans foreign tourists as well, since 22nd January to be exact. Then the country declared a state of emergency one week later. Along with that, there is also a one-month quarantine period for anyone entering from China as well. Not to mention that thousands were forcibly quarantined in subsequent weeks, it is simply impossible to have any cases there. That is not all, Kim Jong-un’s authoritarian regime also affords him much control over the narrative. That allows him to conceal the extent of any outbreak from international audiences.

On top of not having any cases, Kim even sent well wishes to virus-plagued South Korea in March. At the same time, he even resumed launching missiles into the Sea of Japan as well. On top of that, North Korea reported to the WHO that Covid-19 testing in the country is ongoing by 7th April. The report stated that there were 500 people in quarantine, and over 700 negative test results. Some experts fear that the pandemic may exacerbate North Korea’s extreme poverty as they doubted this purported immunity. We never know what is going to happen next, so let’s just hope the cases around the world will decrease.

5. Palau

Palau is also one of the countries that announced restrictions on immigration and travel from China. Also, this country is safe due to the fact that it is among the least-visited places. The less the visitors also means the less likely to have the virus landed as well which is a total plus. Since it is among the islands, that also means this island nation automatically isolates itself from the rest of the world.

6. Samoa

As for Samoa, this country does more than announcing restrictions on immigration and travel from China. They also implemented stringent measures on air and water travel from high-risk countries as well by March and April. This is one great way to distance their people from the infections since they know that there is no immigrants coming in. That also leads to the easing of rules of social distancing and isolation as well. No cases also means the country is safe, and that is just good.

7. Solomon Islands

This is one of the small islands that implemented strict travel restrictions with a stronger claim to being Covid-free. The country declared a State of Emergency (SOE) in late March, 2019 although there were no cases. Two days later, Solomon Islands extended their SOE to four months. Along with that, the measures under SOE focused on controlling people’s movement, closing borders, restricting movements of vessels and aircraft. All of these allow special funds to implement public safety measures and to temporarily close public places.

8. Tonga

Until today, Tonga still stays at zero when it comes to the number of Covid-19 cases. This country is among the countries whose authorities announced restrictions at early stages of the virus. However, the restrictions in the country has been lifted due to the safety that the country has experienced so far. By May, Tongan authorities announced an easing of restrictions due to Covid-19. They will lift the restrictions that limited gatherings to 20 people indoors and 40 outdoors for religious services and educational events. The government also permits gym some sports events, birthday celebrations, and weddings as well. The only restriction remains is the overnight curfew between 21:00 and 5:00. The police forces will arrest those who violate the restrictions, and about 600 of them have been arrested so far.

9. Turkmenistan

The thing is that this corruption-famous country has hardly been frank with their respective populations on the matter of Covid-19. In Turkmenistan, individuals have been arrested for openly talking about the virus. Even worse, it is illegal to wear masks in public which is a total contrast from other parts of the world. That is not all, the government even remove any reference to coronavirus from health pamphlets, schools, universities, offices, and hospitals.

Turkmen government denies any cases of Covid-19, and they put a lot of efforts in doing that. However, there have been some restrictions put in place at the local level as well. These includes checkpoints along highways and mandatory checks of temperatures of people taking public transportation. This could be an indication that two individuals who were put in quarantine in March potentially contracted the virus. But still, the Turkmen government continues to deny any reports indicating otherwise.

10. Tuvalu

Just like the rest of the countries in the list, Tuvalu also has no confirmed cases of Covid-19 within its borders. This country announced entry restrictions for travelers who have been in China within 30 days of travel to Tuvalu. That means the government prohibits entry to Tuvalu of anyone who has been in China within 30 days of arrival in Tuvalu. The restrictions include entry to seafarers from foreign vessels that have been in China or a high-risk country.

So travelers who have been in a high-risk country must obtain a medical clearance three days prior to entering Tuvalu. Also, they must remain in a country other than those listed as high-risk for at least five days before reentering Tuvalu. At the same time, there is also health screening conduction at the airport and seaport as well. With everything combined together, it is totally understandable why Tuvalu has no reports on Covid-19.

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