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Top 10 Best All-In-One Electric Cookers Review

All-in-one electric cookers or multi-cookers are the cookers that can cook multiple food for you. From rice to other meals, this one cooker alone can handle them all which is great. The multipurpose and versatile functions of all-in-one cookers make things so convenient for you. If you are looking for one, we are here with a list of 10 for you to choose from. Feel free to check them out below and see if any of them matches with your preference.


All-In-One Electric Cookers Buying Guide

Such promising appliance is available everywhere on the market which is so easy to find. The key to find the best all-in-one electric cookers are down below for you to check out. Let’s take a read, these tips will totally be helpful for you.


Think about the purpose of using the cookers so that you will be able to choose the right capacity. If you don’t mind the size and storage space, the larger the better. There are times when you have to cook meals for several people, so a large all-in-one cooker will come in handy. Since it can cook a wide variety of food, it is better to go for a spacious one. That way, you won’t have difficulties in chopping or cutting your ingredients into smaller pieces.

Easy Operation & Cleanup

One cooker that can do so much is already convenient to use which is why it is so popular. When choosing a multi-cooker, you have to make sure that it has every button for easy operation. So with a simple press, and you will be able to get it to work right away. Also, go for the ones with LCD display so that you can monitor the process of the cooker with ease. Along with that, it should be easy to clean after use as well. Look for an all-in-one cooker that is easy to clean, the ones with nonstick materials. That is both time saving and easy to take care of, hence, long lasting durability.


All-in-one electric cookers come with different coating materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, or teflon. Each material is unique in their own way, and those are:

  1. Ceramic: is easy to clean and use, and its price is also affordable as well. Ceramic coating can handle higher temperatures while providing heat resistance up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Stainless Steel: is durable and tough, and it offers great heat retention. This material lasts for years, and it can handle heavy duty use very well. It can be a little heavy, but its performance is always promising.

  3. Teflon: is cheaper than ceramic, and it is also easy to clean. However, its resistance to heat is only around 500 degrees Fahrenheit which is less than ceramic. This type is ideal for users who take good care of the appliance without overusing it. Usually, it can last up to 5 years before flaking or when the nonstick material starts to wear away.

With everything together, you will be able to get the best all-in-one cookers in no time. To save your time, we also provide some of the best options in our review below as well. Maybe one of them matches with your requirement, so feel free to take a look and pick one or two.

1. 7-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker by Instant Pot

Capacity: 6-Quart

This is one of the best-selling all-in-one electric cookers in the market, and its performance is incredible. The awesome thing about this electric pressure cooker is that it cooks fast which is time saving to use. Its 7-in-1 function works as 7 different appliances in one for convenient operation at its best. This cooker works as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, saute pan, steamer, warmer, and even a yogurt maker.

On top of that, there are 14 built-in smart programs that you can select with a simple touch. Each program allows you to cook different meals from ribs to soups and many more. After use, you can easily throw the parts into the dishwasher which is so easy and convenient to clean. Not to mention the fingerprint resistant body and lid, this all-in-one electric cooker is simply great to have. Plus with the safety features and its size, you will not regret choosing this awesome cooker.


Easy to use and clean

Fast and keep warm function

Durable and fingerprint resistant exterior

Adjustable heating intensity and temperature

Multi-cooking functions with built-in smart program


It does not brown or crisp food


2. 10-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker by Instant Pot

Capacity: 8-Quart

Here we have another awesome all-in-one electric cooker that you should check out. This one is larger, and it comes with more functions to make cooking even more convenient for you. The 10-in-1 function allows you to use it as a rice cooker, slow cooker, saute, steamer, egg cooker, cake maker, food warmer, pressure cooker, sterilizer, and yogurt maker. With this electric cooker alone, you can cook pretty much a lot of things which is simple great to have.

On top of that, it comes with some new features to make things even better and easier. This cooker offers indicator, altitude adjustment, and a steam release reset button. Plus with the 14 pre-programmes settings, everything is all prepared for you. This all-in-one electric cooker is safe and super convenient to use, and it is also durable as well. You should check it out, many users highly recommend this option and so do we.


Clear and large LCD display

Versatile and convenient to use

Safety features with food grade parts design

Easy operation with built-in cooking settings

Stainless steel fingerprint resistant exterior with lid holder


The lid sealing ring tends to pick up cooking smells


3. 9-In-1 Electric Cooker With High Gloss Finish by Ninja

Capacity: 6.5-Quart

This is the option that you should have in mind if you want an all-in-one electric cooker that can crisp. Among the 9 cooking functions that it comes with, air fryer and tender crisper are among them. That allows you to make some crispy and crunchy food with ease using this electric cooker. On top of that, it can cook faster which is both time-saving and more convenient to use than most electric cookers out there.

The best part is that this electric cooker cook frozen food inside out evenly which is amazing. There are many things that you can do, and a cooker of this size is perfect to serve meal for a family of 5. It comes in a set that includes every useful item and accessory that you need for cooking. Not to mention the nonstick interior for easy cleaning, this is one of the best all-in-one electric cookers that you should have.


Fast and safe cooking

Large and easy-to-read LCD display

Nonstick and PTFE / PFOA free interior

Large capacity with multiple built-in settings

Perfect for making crispy and crunchy food and snacks


It is a little heavy


4. 6-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker Set by Instant Pot

Capacity: 8-Quart

Easy and simple, this all-in-one electric cooker comes with 6 cooking functions for everyday use. Along with that, there 12 built-in programs that you can easily choose for fast cooking. Another thing that we like about this option is the compact size with large capacity that it comes with. Also, it has enough to space to cook meal for up to 8 people without looking bulky on the countertop at all.

Along with that, its stainless steel lid and body are fingerprint resistant and very easy to clean. There are any recipes that you can find using your smart devices for spontaneous cooking using this electric cooker. The best part is the accessories that come in this set such as stainless steel racks, rice paddle, measuring cup, and more. Great price with great quality, this is one great all-in-one electric cooker to take into consideration.


Fast and even cooking

Stainless steel and large capacity

Durable and dishwasher safe parts

Built-in safety protection functions for safe use

Multiple pre-programmed settings with LCD display


Rice cooking function still needs improvement


5. Sleek All-In-One Multi Cooker by COMFEE’

Capacity: 5.2-Quart

Affordable yet functional, this is an all-in-one electric cooker that is perfect to have in every kitchen. It comes with just the perfect size that you can easily cook a whole chicken inside. Along with that, there are 12 digital cooking programs that you can select with a simple press. That allows you to cook different food and dessert with ease. Plus with the digital panel and LED display, this appliance is very easy and convenient to use.

After cooking, it will keep your food warm for up to 12 hours with a 24-hour delay which is great. Along with that, its nonstick coating and BPA-free parts ensure that it is safe and convenient to use. An all-in-one electric cooker with this price that can do so much is the option that you should not overlook. Let’s take a look and see if you like this option, hundreds of users have experience using it.


Easy to clean and store

Fast and professional cooking

Nonstick coating and BPA-free parts

Sleek and round with stainless steel design

Multiple preset programs with automatic keep warm function


The cooking instructions could be better and more detailed


6. 11-In-1 Electric Multi Cooker by Instant Pot

Capacity: 8-Quart

The unique oval design of this electric cooker makes it a unique option to have I mind. This design allows you to fit longer ingredients inside the spacious interior with ease. At the same time, the interior is nonstick to ensure both easy cooking and cleaning. Also, there are 11 smart programs that you can easily cook and prepare your food. Plus with the automatic keep warm function, you won’t have to worry that your food will turn cold at all.

Another great thing about it is the microprocessor technology that makes cooking even easier. It allows you to control the temperature and time of the cooker for the best result possible. Along with that, you can monitor your food cooking process with the clear lid easily. This all-in-one electric cooker is ideal for every household, and its performance is simply great. You might want to check it out, you will not regret choosing it.


Dishwasher safe parts

Adjustable temperature and timer

Stainless steel and nonstick cooking pit

Smart built-in program with LCD display

Fast and even cooking with clear lid design


It does not function as a pressure cooker


7. Japanese Style All-In-One Electric Cooker by COMFEE’

Capacity: 5.2-Quart

With both unique design and functions, this electric cooker is one of the best options to choose. There are 17 digital cooking programs in this cooker alone that allow you to cook multiple food courses with a simple press. Another great thing about this electric cooker is that it comes with a cancel button. Not every electric cooker features this function, and it will come in handy which is simply great to have.

That is not all, this multi cooker even comes with the 6-step cooking process. This function is to ensure the best cooking result possible for you every single time. After use, you can easily clean the stainless steel parts with dishwasher since they are all BPA-free. So convenient and easy to operate and take care of, this electric cooker will not let you down. Let’s see if this the electric cooker that you have been looking for.


Functional and versatile

Spacious and stylish design

Upper side panel with digital control

Stainless steel and dishwasher safe parts

Multiple cooking functions with LED display


There is dripping from the steam vents that causes wet rice


8. 5-In-1 Electric Cooker With Cyclonic Technology by Ninja

Capacity: 6-Quart

As for this option, it comes with 5 useful functions that allow you to grill, dehydrate, bake, roast, and air crisp. Each function works great and efficient in their own way to deliver the best result possible for you. Its speciality is making super crispy meal and snacks with up to 75% less fat than deep frying. Also, this electric cooker even comes with accessories to make cooking even more convenient as well.

With this design and this style, this all-in-one electric cooker is very convenient and efficient to use. There are guide and recipes that users can follow especially for beginners to make using it even easier. This electric cooker is so versatile and ergonomic, and its performance is great every time for you. You might want to check it out and see if this all-in-one electric cooker has what it takes to match with your preference.


Fast and efficient cooking

Versatile cooking functions

Easy to operate with digital display

Durable and sleek stainless steel finish

Wide temperature range with variable fan speed


It is a little large and heavy


9. 14-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker by Rozmoz

Capacity: 6-Quart

With the combination of high quality materials, this is one of the best all-in-one electric cookers that you should have. It functions as multiple appliances along with 14 built-in programs for convenient cooking. You can use it to make yogurt or cake which is simply awesome to have. Along with that, you can easily adjust the temperature and pressure levels of this electric cooking as well.

Another thing that we like about this option is the 304 stainless steel construction with nonstick coating. That is ensure both durability and safe use along with ease cleanup for you. This all-in-one electric cooker can do so much, and its performance is satisfying every time which makes cooking so fun and easy. You really should check it out, this can be the electric cooker that matches perfectly with your kitchen.


Fast and efficient cooking

Durable and nonstick coating

One key control with LED display

14 built-in settings with 10 accessories

Easy and intelligent temperature control


Not ideal for frozen food defrosting


10. All-In-One Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer by Carl Schmidt Sohn

Capacity: 6.5-Quart

The combination of pressure cooker and air fryer makes this cooker super versatile to use. It offers multi purpose cooking capabilities to ensure that cooking is convenient and endless for you. There are many food and desserts that you can make using this appliance alone which is super great. Also, each function works great and efficient in their own to ensure quality and taste for the best results possible. With a simple touch on the digital LED display, and you will be able to get this cooker to work right away. It is safe, convenient, and easy to use, and it makes a great option for pretty much any kitchen. Feel free to take a look, this option is one of a kind to have.


Ergonomic and versatile to use

Unique lid separation technology

Healthy and safe nonstick inner pot

Dishwasher safe parts for easy cleanup

Digital LED touch with 15 cooking presets

Even air and heat circulation for perfect results


The instruction book should have more information and directions

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