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Top 10 Best All-In-One Zoom Lenses Review

All-In-One Zoom Lenses

With the advanced technology in this era, you won’t need to carry a bag full of lenses anymore. All-in-one zoom lenses are the perfect lens option that can be your great companion in your adventures and vacations. This one single lens can that handle every photographic situation that you face. The great thing about it is that functions as pretty much anything for your needs. From wide-angle landscapes and portraits to macro shots and telephoto framing, the all-in-one lens can do them all. That makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use which is simply helpful. Before we go to some of the best all-in-one lenses that we provide, check out the buying guide first.

All-In-One Lenses Buyer’s Guide

The one lens that rules them all already sounds perfect, so what do you need to look for in them? There are still a few things that you have to make sure that the lens that choose have them. Those are actually very common and simple in the best all-in-one zoom lens, so take a look.


This type of lens is very pricey, so it is better if you go for the famous brand that you can trust. The brand does not only guarantee value but also provide customer service in case you need one as well. There are some brands with high quality all-in-one zoom lens that you should go for:

Canon: mostly provides a premium quality lens.

Nikon: provides the zoom lens that reduce shakes when shooting handheld.

Olympus: offers the lenses that are weather resistant for most outdoor adventures.

Panasonic: delivers lenses with smaller size lighter in weight.

Apart from those, there are also other quality brands that deliver great performance as well. But in case you prefer the famous brands, then the four above are the ones that you should look for. They are easy to find, and they have the quality that you can trust.


This one single lens can handle a wide range of photography, and they are super convenient to use. However, you still have to consider their performance as well. Go for the lens that can potentially avoid dust and moisture that might ruin your photo quality. Not all-in-one zoom lens have this kind of performance, it would be great if you find one.

Size & Weight

Although you are going to carry just one lens instead of a bag full of them, size and weight still matter. Some zoom lens are heavy and even bulky which is not so great for hiking journeys at all. Think about the places and locations whose beauty you prefer to capture. If it involves a lot of walking and climbing, the heavy and large lens should not be your option. You wouldn’t want to carry a large and heavy camera while walking for miles at all. It might sound exciting at first, but it will bugs you a lot the longer the journey takes.


That’s right, there are two types of zoom lens that you might want to know about.

Digital Zoom: crops the image to a smaller size then resizes it to fit the frame for a closer view.

Optical Zoom: changes the focal length and increases magnification according to your distance preference.

Each of this type is unique and useful in their own way for your photography. Point is think about what you really want or what you actually prefer in your photograph styles. That way, you will be able to select the right option between these two.

The best all-in-one zoom lens are not too difficult to find. In fact, we have 10 of the best all-in-one zoom lenses that you can get for you cameras. Each option we selected are travel-friendly and super convenient to use, so check them out. You might find the perfect zoom lens for your next adventures here from us.


1. All-in-One Zoom Lens for Nikon APS-C Digital SLR

With the help from this all-in-one lens, taking breathtaking photos won’t be difficult anymore. It helps you to take faster, quieter, and more precise autofocus on any object to deliver just the perfect result. The special part about this lens is the VC (vibration compensation) function that assists you in taking better pictures. With this function, you will be able to handle sharp handheld shooting with better quality easily.

This lens provides great shots in all photographic situations, and it is compatible with Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras. Just measure the size if it fits, and that’s it. This lens is designed exclusively for APS-C DSLR cameras, and its performance is incredible. No more switching lens, and more great results. You might want to check it out.


Easy to use

Instant frame shots

Razor sharp quality

VC image stabilization

Lightweight and versatile

High performance autofocus

Ensures sharp and blur-free images


Less sharp image in full zoom mode


2. All-in-One Zoom Lens Bundle by Tamron

Comes in a complete bundle, this set has everything you need in just one package which is simply convenient. The all-in-one zoom lens that in this bundle comes with both quality and performance that won’t let you down. Tamron is a brand that produce all-in-one zoom lens that delivers faster and more precise autofocus. This one is just like the previous option, but it comes in a set to make it easy for beginners.

This lens makes a great first interchangeable lens or a casual lens for any users out there. It takes perfect shots with high resolution and sharpness which is perfect for everyday and outdoor use. The bundle includes a cleaning kit, memory card, and many more. Everything comes in a bag for easy storage and portable, and it will be with you wherever you go.


VC function

Instant frame shots

Flexible photo taking

Easy to use and take care of

High performance AF drive

Telephoto and night shots mode

Faster and more quiet performance


The bundle is a little pricey


3. All-in-One Zoom Lens for Nikon Camera by Tamron

The 16-300mm zoom range of this lens makes it a perfect option to choose for your Nikon cameras. More than that, it features multiple layers of coating that produces clear and sharp images every time you take photos. This lens will help you to expand your options with its high-power zooming and its macro capability. That is not all, this zoom lens is extremely versatile with its spanning ultra-wide spectrum of focal lengths.

With it, you will always get the high quality photos with clear and sharp resolution every time. You can use it to take photos of wildlife, moon, scenery, and many more no matter where you go. The quality that it offers is spectacular, and it makes a perfect match for both beginners and pros. It is durable and functional, and this lens is definitely one of the best all-in-one lenses to choose.


Crisp and clear

VC function included

Versatile performance

Multiple layers of coating

Detailed wide-angle shots

Ideal for all types of shootings

High speed Piezo Drive autofocus


It is a little heavy


4. Macro Telephoto Zoom Lens by Sigma

Built for digital SLR cameras, this all-in-one lens makes an awesome companion with your cameras. This one comes with multi-layer lens coating and lens design that reduce flares and ghosting. With such function, you will be able to get just the perfect quality and resolution in your photos. Plus with its minimum focusing distance of 37.5 inches at all zoom settings, taking perfect shots won’t be too difficult.

The APO-Chromatic of the lens is built with the highest grade glass to ensure durability for long term use. It even comes with lens hood and caps for front and rear for extra protection. The cool part is that it features 14 lens elements in 10 groups which is super amazing. This one all-in-one zoom lens is ideal for portraits, sports, nature, and pretty much any indoor and outdoor shootings.


Works fast and smooth

Heavy duty construction

Compact and lightweight

Reduces flare and ghosting

112mm to 480mm zoom range

Multi-layer lens coating design

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor photography


Does not work great in low light


5. All-in-One Zoom Lens for Canon DSLR by Tamron

This is the special all-in-one zoom lens that comes with both quality and performance that you can trust. It is a compact lens that delivers incredible speed with the addition of PZD (Piezo Drive). This function is an innovative ultrasonic autofocus motor that is lighter and slimmer which is ideal for outdoor use. At the same time, this lens also delivers faster and more quiet auto focusing for the best shooting results as well.

This lens is also exclusively designed for digital cameras with smaller imagers to bring just the best photography experience. The images that it takes is blur-free, clear, and crisp, and it also reduces the need for a tripod as well. It comes with various useful functions for magnificent photography outcomes no matter where you go. Plus with its good price, this is one of the best all-in-one lenses to have.



VC function

15x zoom ratio

High quality image

Zoom lock function

Low dispersion glass

Internal focusing system


The sharpness could be better


6. All-in-One Zoom Lens for Canon EF by Tamron

This is a great zoom lens that is designed to deliver superb image quality in its light and stylish package. This lens comes with 4 LD (low dispersion) glass elements along with 3 molded-glass aspherical elements, and many more. Such combination is to make the lens as compact and lightweight as possible, and to bring incredible image quality. The lens also helps to minimize aberrations and shaking for a better result as well.

More than that, it comes with the circular diaphragm for spectacular blur effects. This lens even has the moisture resistant construction that makes it a perfect companion to have even in outdoor adventures. It is versatile, lightweight, durable, and compact, and this all-in-one zoom lens is one of best to choose.


Faster focus

Sharpe images

Big focal range

Moisture resistant

Compact and lightweight

Three aspherical elements

Vibration compensation system


Some heavy distortion occurs sometimes, but it is fixable.


7. All-in-One Zoom lens by Nikon

The amazing thing about this all-in-one lens is that it works great in both long and short distance. No matter if you want to capture right in front of you or in the distance, this lens can them all for you. It can shoot wide angle scenic landscapes, group photos, portraits with softly blurred backgrounds, and anything you name it. This lens also delivers incredible super-telephoto close ups with magnificent quality as well.

At the same time, it can also shoot both still and HDH videos with the help from its Vibration Reduction technology. That means you can use it to take sharp photos and steady videos easily no matter where you go. It is lightweight, versatile, and compact, and this lens will definitely give you the best photography experience wherever you go.


Great consistency

Autofocus function

Unparalleled versatility

Compact and lightweight

Aperture range f/35 to f/22

Vibrant color and sharp detail

Sharper photo and video quality


Does not work too great in low light situations


8. All-in-One Zoom Lens by Olympus

Perfect for multipurpose use, this all-in-one zoom lens is suitable for landscapes, nature, low light, architecture, and many more. Such great ability and capability comes in a compact size under a stable construction for long lasting durability. This lens works great under various conditions, and it is super lightweight which is easy to bring along with. The great thing about this lens is that it delivers continuous light intensity of 2.8 for all focal lengths.

That means you can use it to shoot stars and night scenes without the need of a tripod. On top of that, it offers excellent resolution even with open aperture which is simply great. With this all-in-one zoom lens, you will get outstanding image quality every time no matter where you go. This super wide telephoto zoom lens is perfect for any weather conditions throughout the year, and it won’t let you down.


No flare issues

Compact and lightweight

High quality metal bayonet

1:2.8 aperture all region zoom

Continuous light intensity function

Heavy duty and durable construction

ZERO coating to reduce reflections and ghosting


Can’t use filter with the lens


9. All-in-One Zoom Lens fo E-Mount Cameras by Sony

This lens is not only comes with the all-in-one function but also wide focal range. It delivers a wide focal range of up to 351mm, and that makes it ideal for sports or nature shooting. That is not all, this all-in-one zoom lens is very lightweight which makes taking photos or videos more convenient. The great part is that its operation is quiet, and it delivers smooth and responsive AF possible with minimum noise. That means this lens is not only perfect for photo shooting but also video shooting as well. It provides optical steady shot image stabilization for stable video capture and low light performance. This lens is very easy and simple to install and use, and it is perfect for users of all levels.


Direct manual focus

Lightweight and compact

Smooth and quite operation

Perfect for outdoor shootings

82 – 315mm wide zoom range

3.28ft minimum focus distance

Produces sharp images even in low light


Takes a bit long to auto focus


10. Standard All-in-One Zoom Lens by Canon

If you often work in low light conditions, this is the all-in-one zoom lens that you need. With its f/1.4 maximum aperture, this lens provides clear imaging in low light situations and shadow depth of field. On top of that, its USM (Ultrasonic Autofocus Motor) operation is fast, smooth, and virtually silent. That makes it extra convenient and easy to use as you work. That is not all, the lens also comes with 2 high-refraction lens elements and new Gaussian optics.

The features are to eliminate astigmatism and suppress astigmatic difference for a better quality in your images. Not to mention that this large aperture standard prime lens has superior peripheral brightness even at the maximum aperture. Plus with its standard focal length of 50 millimeters, this lens is effective in a multitude of shooting situations. This all-in-one lens is ideal for both casual and professional photographers, and its performance is amazing.


Durable design

Incredible focus

50mm focal length

46 degrees angle view

f/1.4L maximum aperture

Takes crisp and low-noise photos

Perfect for everyday and outdoor uses

Clear imaging in low light situations


The focus ring is a little fragile


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