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Top 10 Best Baby Milk Bottles For Your Infants Review

Baby milk bottles are one of the top 5 most important things to have for babies. As parents, we know we want the best for our babies, and this is why quality of milk bottles is crucial. Our review today is going to introduce to some of the best baby milk bottles that you can trust. Feel free to take a look at the options along with our buying guide below, they will be helpful for you.


Baby Milk Bottles Buying Guide

Not every baby milk bottle is the same, and this is why you have to be picky when buying them. Since you are going to purchase at least 6 baby milk bottles, the price is going to be high. In fact, this is more of a reason to think thoroughly before choosing one. With our tips below, we believe that you will be able to select the right option in no time.


Some brands include nipples of different sizes in the package along with the milk bottle. Various sizes mean different rate of milk flow depending on the age of the baby. For newborns, it is compulsory for you to use slow flow nipples for their formula or milk. Also, it is to ensure steady and safe flow so that the newborn won’t gulp too fast. As the baby grows bigger, you can use faster flow nipples with the bottle for them. With bigger swallows and better control, the faster ones are safe for them.


You will find 2 types of baby milk bottles in the market which are:

  1. Small: This one comes with the size of around four ounces which is just the right portion for newborn babies. With this size, you will able be able to control their meal portion at a time.

  2. Large: This size holds around eight ounces, and it is indeed ideal for babies who eat more.


There are 3 types of baby milk bottles that you come across which are:

  1. Glass Bottle: This type is made from tempered glass which is more durable. Since baby tends to bang their bottles around or drop their bottles so often, glass bottle is still popular. It could be a little heavy, but its durability is second to none.

  2. Plastic Bottle: Usually, polypropylene is the common material for plastic bottles. Also, this type of baby milk bottle is the most common because it is affordable, lightweight, and safe for babies.

  3. Silicone Bottle: As for this one, it is the newest type in the market. Silicone baby milk bottles are flexible and soft, and they are free from chemical substances like BPA, Phlthalate, and PVC.

Below is a list of 10 best baby milk bottles for infants that you can take into consideration. Each option has its own specialty to match with different users’ preferences. Feel free to pick your most favorite option from us.

1. High Quality Baby Bottle by NUK

Quality is everything when it comes to milk bottles for babies, and this set comes with all of that. Let us begin with the unique nipple design that is soft with multiple holes that deliver comfortable and natural feed. This is to ensure that the baby can get used to feeding on the bottle faster without fussing. At the same time, it also ensures comfort and safety to their lips when they feed which is a total plus.

As for the bottle, it features the design of an anti-colic air system to reduce colic, gas, and spit up. This also means less mess, and the baby will be able to feed comfortably every time. Not to mention that the bottle itself is odor resistant and stain resistant, its quality lasts for years. Both the bottles and nipples are BPA-free, and there are 12 of them in total in the pack. Thousands of parents highly recommend this option, so feel free to take a look.


Lightweight and small

Easy to assemble and use

Soft nipple with multiple holes

Crystal clear and durable bottle

Anti-colic air vent system design

Dishwasher safe, odor resistant, and stain resistant


The nipple tends to get caved-in during sucking


2. Full Vented Baby Milk Bottles by Dr. Brown’s

Dr. Brown’s has always been one of the most popular options for the best baby milk bottles, and this is a perfect example of that. The special thing about this set is the fully vented design that helps the baby to be more comfortable when they feed. This vent system makes sure that there are no air bubbles or negative pressure in the bottles. Therefore, the baby will experience less burping, colic, gas, or spit up while feeding.

On top of that, the nipple of the bottle provides free yet slow milk flow from the bottle which works like breastfeeding. That way, the baby will able to feed comfortably every time. Dr. Brown’s baby bottles are usually slim and tall, and this pack of 4 also offers that. All of them are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and the quality of the bottles will not let you down. Great price with great quality, what do you think?


Free flow and soft nipple

BPA-free and dishwasher safe

Easy to assemble, hold, and wash

Reduces burping, colic, gas, and spit up

Eliminates air bubbles and negative air pressure

Compatible with most breast pumps without using bottle vessels


The bottle leaks when shaking with hot water inside


3. Milk Bottles Set For Newborn Baby by Philips AVENT

Here we have another set of high quality baby milk bottles that you might want to have. Everything in the set comes with amazing quality that meets the standard to deliver comfort and safety to the baby. The nipples are flexible and soft which mimics the feel of a mother’s breast as the baby feed. This is to deliver both comforts and calm while the baby is feeding. Plus with the unique Airflex vent technology, you won’t have to worry about colic or gas at all.

The awesome thing about it is that it comes in a complete set that includes everything even the cleaning tools. That way, new parents can use and clean the bottles with ease using the items from the package. There are 5 bottles with 2 different sizes in the set along with additional nipples and sealing disks. It makes both a perfect gift and set for new parents, and its quality is so worth the price. Let’s take a look and see if you find it interesting.


Durable and high quality

Anti-colic vent technology

Flexible spiral and soft nipple

Easy to assemble, clean, and hold

Thick bottles with leak-free cap for on the go

BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe


The brush that comes in the set could be better


4. Baby Milk Bottles With Cute Design by Philips AVENT

Why clear bottles when the ones with a super cute design like this are also available for your babies? The adorable design of the bottles plays a part in attracting the infant’s attention during feeding time. On top of that, the bottles come with just the perfect shape that both parents and the baby can easily hold. Plus with the flexible and ultra soft nipples, the babies will always enjoy their feeding meal every time.

Just like the option above, this one also comes with Airflex valve integrated into the nipple. This is to ensure that the baby remains comfortable after feeding with less burping, colic, and gas. Not to mention the ergonomic design, these baby milk bottles are simply awesome. There are 4 bottles in the set, and all of them are BPA-free which is absolutely safe to use. With both price and quality, you will not regret picking this option.


Reduces gas and spit up

Anti-colic vent technology

Flexible and ultra soft nipple

Adorable under the sea design

Easy to assemble, clean, and use

Ergonomic bottle with natural nipple shape


The nipple is not durable enough for biters


5. Baby Milk Bottles Complete Set by Tomme Tippee

This is another awesome set of baby milk bottles that hundreds of parents have a great experience using. Every bottle in the set features the 3-piece anti-colic design that draws the air from the milk. That way, your babies will be able to feed more comfortably with less burping, colic, and gas. On top of that, the nipples deliver a natural latch so that the baby can switch from the breast and the bottle without a problem.

The best part is the heat sensing technology that turns the straw inside pink when the content inside is too hot for the baby. That way, you know when the formula or milk is perfect and safe for your baby to drink. As a complete set, it also includes a cleaning brush and other necessary items for convenient use. Every item is BPA-free and phthalate-free, and they are absolutely safe for your babies.


Durable and thick

Ergonomic shape and size

BPA-free and phthalate-free

Anti-colic bottle and nipples

Unique heat sensing technology

Natural latch for an easy transition


It leaks a little


6. Anti-Colic Silicone Baby Bottle by Nanobebe

For parents don’t like glass or plastic bottles, this silicone option will definitely match with what you look for. You can already tell that silicone baby milk bottles will not break or shatter at all no matter how many times your baby drops or throws it. At the same time, it is also lightweight which is super convenient for both baby and parents to hold. Plus with the stable base, this bottle will not tip over at all.

Another awesome thing is the high quality nipple that is anti-colic and non-collapsing. These designs ensure that the baby is comfortable and safe during and after feeding without the worry of having burping or colic. There are 3 silicone bottles in the pack, and they are ideal for baby formula, milk, and water. This option comes with 4 colors available for you to choose from, and the choice is all yours.


BPA-free and non-toxic

Easy to clean and leak-free

Clear volume scale and versatile

Ergonomic shape with sturdy base

Dishwasher safe and microwave safe

Anti-colic and non-collapsing nipple design


It can be a little bigger for some bottle warmers


7. Multipurpose Anti-Colic Baby Bottles by PopYum

No matter if it for milk or formula mixing, this baby bottle is ideal for them all. This bottle is unique because it can store formula and water separately in the same bottle which is perfect for busy parents or on the go. Once it is feeding time, you can simply press the buttons then shake the bottle a few times, and voila, the formula is ready. It is convenient and fast, and it saves a lot of time as well.

Apart from formula, you can also use the bottle for breast milk and water. The bottle does not leak, and its anti-colic vent ensures the most convenient experience possible. Plus with the flexible and soft nipples, your baby will surely enjoy their feeding time no matter where they are. Cleanup is also easy thanks to the wide design that allows you to use a regular sponge. There are 2 bottles in the set, and we hope you will like them.


Flexible and versatile

Lightweight yet sturdy

Easy to assemble and use

Wide design for easy cleanup

Anti-leak, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe

Efficient and quick one-hand formula mixing


Some parents find the nipple flow a little slow


8. Glass Baby Milk Bottles With Wide Mouth by matyz

This is the bottle that you can trust if you look for the best option for breastmilk storage. Thanks to the borosilicate glass, the food-grade bottle offers a low co-efficient of thermal expansion. This simply makes it shock resistant so that you can sterilize it or put it in the freezer without worrying about breaking. At the same time, the high quality materials ensure that the bottles are non-toxic and safe to use as well.

On top of that, it features the wide neck design that makes feeding, pumping, and storing all convenient. Plus with the flexible and soft nipples, your baby will absolutely enjoy their feeding time every time. Not to mention that the screw-on lid is leakproof, bringing along with you on the go is also comfortable and worry-free. With both quality and prize, this is one option to not overlook.


Easy to clean and use

Freezer safe and oven safe

Clear measurement markings

Leakproof and shock resistant

Food grade and non-toxic materials

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use


The glass material makes it a little heavy


9. Tall Baby Glass Bottles by Lansinoh

As for this set, it is more ideal for nursing moms out there who want to switch between the bottle and breast. Just like the previous option above, this one is also made from glass which is shock resistant and sturdy to use. At the same time, these bottles are also BPA-free and BPS-free which is absolutely safe to use. Not to mention that it is dishwasher safe, cleanup will be so convenient and easy for you.

Another great thing about these baby bottles is the air ventilation system that they come with. Both the bottle and the nipple reduce the intake of air so that there will be less colic during the feeding time. Plus with the flexible silicone nipple, your baby can easily control the milk flow for the most convenient feeding experience every time. It could be a little pricey, but its performance and quality will not let you down.


Durable borosilicate glass

Easy to assemble and clean

Dishwasher safe and freezer safe

Heat resistant and thermal shock resistant

BPA-free and BPS-free with a sturdy design

Air ventilation system with flexible silicone nipple


Some parents find the size a little too big


10. Anti-Spill Baby Milk Bottles by hegen

Don’t you worry about leaking and spilling because that won’t happen anymore with these baby bottles here. The special thing about this option is the secure closure that ensures that there is no spilling at all. On top of that, it is also super safe to use thanks to the unique feature. The air pressure will force the fluid out from the sides of the content inside is too hot. That way, you can tell when the liquid is safe for your little ones to drink or not. Once the baby grows, you can also transform the bottle into a food container, storage container, or water bottle. It is durable and safe, and its quality is among the top-notch products that you should consider.


Multipurpose and versatile

Stackable design for easy storage

Easy to clean up and dishwasher safe

Durable, odor free, and shatter resistant

Anti-colic and convenient to drink from


It is quite expensive

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