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Top 10 Best Bathroom Shower Caddy Review

Bathroom shower caddy is easy to install, and it keeps your shampoos and other body wash products within reach. We are talking about the ones that you can install within seconds without the need of using tools. Those ones exist, and they come with great quality that lasts for years as well. The best bathroom shower caddy is not too difficult to find, and 10 of them are here for you today.


Bathroom Shower Caddy Buying Guide

Besides easy installation, there are still a few other important features that you want your shower caddy to have. With so many options to choose, those certain features will help you to pick the right one with ease. We list them all below, so let’s take a look.


There are 2 main designs of shower caddy that you can choose for your bathroom. The first one is the ones that you can easily hang right on the shower head. Another design allows you to install on the bathroom wall, and it works on almost all types of surfaces. Either of these is convenient in its own way, and the decision is all yours to make. Think about which design you prefer, then proceed to the next important point.


As for the materials, there are 3 common types which are alloy steel, stainless steel, and plastic. Plastic is indeed easier to take care of and use; however, most of them are compact in size. If you only have a few bottles to use for your shower, then this material is good to choose. Meanwhile, alloy steel and stainless steel are more durable, spacious, and sturdier. These two materials do not only come in shelf design but also more room. Just make sure to pick the ones that are rust resistant or rustproof so that you can use them for years.

Storage Space

The amount of space that a caddy offers is good, but don’t forget to check the depth. Some caddies out there come with shallow design that cannot handle tall bottles very well. Along with that, some are so compact you cannot fit large shampoo bottles. Don’t forget to check the storage space that your bathroom shower caddy comes with. On top of that, look for some hooks so that you can hang the sponges and other accessories. The more space means the better, so don’t overlook this part.

We understand the struggle of our readers, so we put together this list to make things easier for you. There are 10 best bathroom shower caddy below, and single handed chose just the best. Feel free to pick your most favorite options, all of them come with both quality and style.

1. Rustproof Adhesive Shower Caddy by KINCMAX

Simple yet functional, this is one of the best shower caddies that you will surely like having. It comes with a nice design of 2 separate racks that you can install near each other for different items. There is enough space in the caddy for facial foam tubes, shampoo bottles, and more. On top of that, there are also 4 extra movable hooks that you can add to hang other items. Those hooks can be used anywhere which is super convenient.

Another great thing is that these caddies have a bottomless design to ensure fast draining and prevent water buildup. Thanks to the construction of 304 stainless steel, the whole thing is not only durable but also long lasting. It is mildew-proof, rustproof, and waterproof, and its quality lasts for years. Installation is also easy and simple since there is no drilling or tools required at all. There are two colors available, and the choice is all yours.


Easy and fast installation

Non-fading and scratch resistant

Strong and traceless transparent adhesive

Mildew-proof, rustproof, and waterproof

Large storage capacity with hanging hooks

Classic design for bathroom, kitchen, and more


The hooks fall off when you take something off of them


2. Tension Pole Shower Caddy by Zenna Home

For those who have a lot of items to use in the shower, this can be the shower caddy set that you might like. There are 4 baskets in total, and each of which offers great storage space for various items. This allows you to keep all your shower skincare products within reach conveniently. Among the 4, there is one basket that is extra deep so that you can put taller items which are super nice. Plus with the built-in hooks and razor storage, it has everything for you.

On top of that, the pole is fully adjustable so that you can fit them into your shower easily. And of course, you don’t need to tools to assemble and set up at all. As for the quality, all items are made from high quality materials with a satin nickel finish to ensure that they are durable and rust resistant. So convenient and affordable, this could be your next favorite shower caddy so don’t forget to check it out.


Sturdy and supportive

Fully height adjustable pole

Easy and tool-free installation

Built-in hooks and razor holders

Large capacity with space-saving design

Durable and rust resistant satin nickel finish


The installation instruction could be better


3. Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy by ADOVEL

This is another pole shower caddy but with a more convenient design that hundreds of users highly recommend. There are 4 removable trays in total, and each of them comes with a super cool design. There is a drain at the bottom of each tray so that it won’t accumulate bacteria and water. On top of that, the tray features a unique bar design that you mount either upward or downward. The upward is to prevent items from falling while the downward doubles as a hanger.

The pole is made from 304 stainless steel which is both durable and rustproof. As for the trays, they are made from high quality ABS plastic to ensure long lasting performance and sturdiness. The tool-free installation takes about a few minutes, and there is a manual in the box for you. Both the design and the quality are great, and you can use it for years. Feel free to take a look and see if this is what you have been looking for.


Easy to clean and take care of

Durable, sturdy, and supportive

Sleek and fully adjustable height pole

Step-by-step and tool-free installation

Large capacity trays with flexible bar design

High quality ABS and stainless steel materials


The plastic tray is a little wobbly with heavy items


4. Rustproof Aluminum Shower Caddy by Zenna Home

Compact and convenient, this is a nice shower caddy that fits perfectly in a small shower. There are 2 shelves in total, and the package also includes hooks, a razor holder, and a soap holder as well. This shower caddy is enough for a few bottles along with some other accessories. We like the fact that the whole unit is made from high quality aluminum, and it will never rust. You can use it for years, and the appearance remains the same.

Another awesome thing is the fast and simple installation since you can just hang it over any standard shower head. There is a lock on top so it will not slip or sway while keeping everything in place neatly. At the same time, this shower caddy comes with a nice chrome color that makes a beautiful compliment in the bathroom. Great quality with reasonable price, this can be the shower caddy that matches your preference.


Lightweight and supportive

Easy and secure installation

Large capacity storage shelves

Compact and space-saving design

Durable, rustproof, and strong aluminum

Built-in hooks, razor holder, and soap holder


The shelves could be deeper


5. Over-The-Door Hanging Shower Caddy by iDesign

Another space-saving way to install your shower caddy (perfect for tall people as well) is by hanging on the glass door of the shower. It consumes a minimum space, and it provides up to 4 baskets, two hanging hooks (stay outside the door), and a towel bar. With it, you will be able to reach everything during the shower conveniently. We like the baskets since they come in both big and small sizes for various bottles and items.

Since you have to hang it right in the shower room, it will come in contact with water on a daily basis. Thanks to the rust resistant steel construction with a silver satin finish, your shower caddy will remain shiny for years to come. Cleanup is also easy since mild soap and water can do the job right away. It is compact and convenient to use, and it comes with 4 colors available for you to choose from so check them out.


Compact and space-saving

Movable middle baskets design

Easy to install, maintain, and use

Spacious storage capacity with hooks

Nice depths to prevent tall bottles from falling

Durable steel construction with rust resistant finish


The suction quality could be better


6. 5-Tier Tension Pole Shower Caddy by Vailge

Comes with up to 5 tiers, this shower caddy can handle a lot of items for you. Each shelf is made from high quality ABS so it is both durable and supportive at the same time. In fact, it is heavy duty enough to handle up to a few big bottles without a problem. In case you have tall bottles, you can also adjust their place to suit your needs as well. There is a draining system on each shelve along with hooks for additional storage which is so convenient.

As for the stainless steel pole, it is rustproof and sturdy, and its height is also adjustable. It sure looks like a lot, but installation is quite simple since you don’t need to use any tool at all. At the same time, there is also no damage to your ceiling or wall which is a total plus. With both quality and style, no doubt why it is quite popular among many users. This one comes with 2 colors, and the choice is all yours.


Classic and simple design

Easy and tool-free installation

Adjustable shelves with hanging racks

Heavy duty and supportive ABS shelves

Deep shelves with draining system and hooks

Durable and rustproof stainless steel pole with adjustable height


There should be more draining holes


7. Stainless Steel Tension Pole Caddy by SEIRIONE

Most users prefer this design because it is more convenient and stylish to use. This is why we searched for a functional option like this one in case you are looking for it. There are 4 shelves in total, and of which has a deep design so that you can keep tall bottles without worrying that they will fall. At the same time, the design of the shelves also provides automatic draining so that there is no bacteria or water accumulation.

Just like the shelves, the pole is also made from high quality stainless steel so none of them will rust. This pole is not only durable but also very strong and sturdy so that it remains in place without shaking or wobbling. Plus with the easy and fast installation, you can assemble everything within minutes without needing to use any tool at all. This one is nickel, but there are also 2 other colors available so don’t forget to take a look.


Strong, sturdy, and supportive

Easy, fast, and tool-free installation

Adjustable shelves with draining system

Durable and rustproof stainless steel construction

Built-in hooks and towel bars for additional storage


Some users find the shelves a little flimsy


8. Removable Shower Caddy Set by LEVERLOC

The design of every item in this set is to make sure that you can conveniently install the caddies in different places if you want to. There are 3 separate caddies for bottles, soap, and toothbrush. Each of them is strong enough to handle up to 22lbs (10kgs) without falling off or shaking at all. The caddies are made from high quality ABS plastic so they are both durable and heavy duty. Not to mention that they are also oil resistant and water resistant, you can use them for years.

On top of that, there are also hooks on the main caddy for loofah, sponges, and more. There are also draining holes so that there are enough ventilation and no water accumulation. As for the installation, it is super easy and simple. Since it uses super strong suction cups, that is all you need to do to install. This design also allows you to use in the kitchen and other places besides the bathroom, and we think you will like it.


Multifunctional and versatile

Easy and fast suction cup installation

Durable and heavy duty ABS material

Anti-aging, oil resistant, and water resistant

Compatible with various surfaces and removable

Spacious storage capacity with all-around drainage holes


It will fall off if the wall is not clean or smooth


9. Aluminum Corner Shower Caddy by GeekDigg

Forget about falling because that will not happen with this shower caddy at all. It comes with a special design to fit 90 degrees angles, and it is perfect for all bathroom accessories. The great thing is that it features a hollow design with a large capacity so that you can put bottles and other items. At the same time, there are also holes at the bottom part to drain all the water to prevent bacteria and water accumulation as well.

Along with that, these caddies come with the construction from aluminum which is both durable and rustproof. You can use it for years, and it won’t show any sign of fading or rusting at all. There are 2 ways to install, either with an adhesive or by drilling. It works great either way, and the choice is all yours. This shower caddy is one of a kind to have, and there are two colors available so check them out.


Classic and stylish design

Strong, sturdy, and supportive

Dual installation methods with manual

Draining holes to reduce bacteria growth

Durable and rustproof aluminum material

Large storage capacity with hooks and razor holder


The adhesive could be stronger


10. Metal Standing Shower Caddy by iDesign

No installation needed, this shower caddy can stand there in the corner for you which is so simple. There are 3 shelves, and all of them are not only spacious but also convenient to use thanks to the draining design. You can use it to store a wide range of items from shampoo to other bathroom accessories. Since it is made from metal, the whole unit is super durable and strong as well as rust resistant. You can use it in the bathroom, shower, and pretty much anywhere you like. Easy and simple, so what do you think?


Classic and stylish

Sturdy and supportive

Easy and convenient to use

Durable metal design with rust resistant finish

Spacious storage capacity with water drainage design


It is a little large

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