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Top 10 Best Bathtub Trays With Stylish Design Review

Bathtub trays simply upgrade a bathtub into a chilling lounge after your long day. When it comes to the simple yet elegant way to pamper yourself at home, relaxing in the bathtub is the answer. Things get even better when you have the bathtub tray because you can enjoy things even more. A glass of wine, a book, and some music along with candles are all there within your reach. There are 10 chic and stylish bathtub trays that are Instagram photos worthy below, the choice is yours.


Bathtub Trays Buying Guide

It is not difficult to pick the perfect tray for your bathtub, but there are important things to have in mind. We list down a few tips that you want your bathtub trays to have, so check them out.

Adjustable Size

The best bathtub trays should come with a standard size or adjustable size to fit all bathtubs. If it does not float, you want to make sure that it remains steady on each side of the tub. So with the adjustable width, you won’t have to worry that it will wobble at all. At the same time, make sure that the material is sturdy so that it lasts for years for you to use.


Adjustable size is one thing, but the space design that it comes with is another important thing. Most bathtub trays these days come with specific space for candles, glass, phones, tablets, and more. This is to make sure that everything stays nicely in place without falling or tripping. The key is to pick the ones with the right number of slots that you want. That way, you will be able to have everything right in front of you.

Waterproof / Water Resistant

High quality materials ensure that the bathtub caddy is durable and long lasting. Being waterproof or at least water resistant helps to prolong the life of the item itself. Remember that it is going to come into contact with water a lot, so these functions are important. You won’t have to worry that molds will grow or the colors will fade at all.

Look no further if you want to find the best bathtub trays because we have 10 for you here. Each option is durable and stylish in their its own way, and we picked the unique ones as well. Let’s see which one that matches your preferences and style the most.

1. Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray by Royal Craft Wood

Comes with an extra large size, this tray is perfect for a large bathtub for two people. At the same time, it has enough space to accommodate the items that you need while relaxing in the tub. There is a slot for a book or tablet with a waterproof cover, a slot for a candle or cup, a phone slot, a wine glass holder, and more. Plus with the detachable spa trays and a free soap holder, it has pretty much everything in one.

In case you want to use it in a smaller bathtub for one, you can also do so since the length of this tray is adjustable. Along with the functions, the quality of this bathtub tray is also incredible. It is durable, sturdy, and waterproof, and its non-slip silicone prevents it from sliding off the bathtubs. There are several colors available for you to choose from, and thousands of users also highly recommend this option. Don’t forget to check it out, you will not regret choosing it.


Multiple holders and slots

Adjustable length and versatile

Elegant and smooth surface design

Removable trays for spa accessories

Extendable handles with non-slip grips

Durable, sturdy, and waterproof bamboo design


Some users think it is a little heavy


2. Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Tray by Bamfan

Here we have just the perfect bathtub tray for a relaxing moment for you. This tray comes with just the perfect space along with slots for essential items such as beverages, candles, snacks, and more. There is also a lot that you can either put a book or a tablet to watch movies or your favorite shows while bathing as well. Plus with its elegant design, this tray makes a stylish match for some cool bathtub photos.

Another great thing about this option is that it features the design of several compartments. This allows you to reach the bottles of shampoo, soap, and more with ease. We like it because it remains stable on each side of the tub without shaking or wobbling. In addition to that, it also holds the weight of multiple items on top of it very well. It is also extendable, and there are 3 colors that you can choose from so feel free to pick your most favorite.


Durable and sturdy

Chic and stylish color

Smooth and stain resistant surface

Extendable length to fit all bathtubs

Free nail brush and soap dish included

Multiple compartments and slots for various items


The angle of the tablet stand is not adjustable


3. Multifunctional Bamboo Bathtub Tray by Domax

By the look, you can already tell this bathtub tray is super neat and stylish to have. It looks so compact while providing enough space for all the important items you need. There is a slot for a tablet, and in front of that is a room for a plate of snack. On the sides are candle slot, phone slot, wine glass slot, and various compartments for shampoo and a towel. The best part about this one is that the angle of its tablet slot is adjustable which is super convenient.

The whole tray is made from high quality and 100% natural bamboo which is not only durable but also sturdy. At the same time, it is also mildew resistant and waterproof which is perfect to have for long term use. Since this tray is also extendable, you can adjust it to match with various bathtubs easily. This option has a lot to offer, and its price is also reasonable for the performance and quality so let’s see if you like it.


Easy cleanup and maintenance

Multiple compartments and slots

Removable board for extra space

Durable and 100% natural bamboo

Metal frame and waterproof tablet stand

Sturdy tablet stand with 3 adjustable angles


The bottom is not skid resistant


4. Universal Bathtub Tray by Homemaid Living

Thanks to the universal size, this bathtub tray fits almost all standard bathtubs out there. This is extra convenient since you won’t have to worry about measuring the size to see it matches your bathtub. At the same time, this tray comes with everything you need for the most comfortable and relaxing experience in the bathtub. From smartphone and tablet holders to slots for a wine glass and more, this bathtub tray has them all for you.

Just like all of the best bamboo bathtub trays on our list, this one is also super durable and sturdy. It is tough and waterproof, and its quality lasts for years. You can also extend it from 29.5 inches to 43 inches in case your bathtub is large, and it takes just a few seconds to do so. Another thing that we like is the lifetime replacement guarantee that the company offers to ensure quality. Don’t forget to check it out, this bathtub tray will not let you down.


Free soap holder included

Easy cleanup and maintenance

Durable, sturdy, and waterproof

Extendable and universal length

Multiple built-in compartments and slots

High quality and 100% natural bamboo design


The wine glass slot size is not universal


5. Bathtub Caddy With Universal Slots by Cabot & Carlyle

In case you are afraid that your wine glass won’t fit in the previous bathtub trays, then choose this one. It is highly recommended because it features the special design to fit all bathtub accessories for you. So from wine glass and candles to books and tablets, this tray is ready for them all. The cool part is that the phone slot is raised so that you watch your favorite video from your phone as well which is so convenient.

Another great thing is that the tray itself is also universal thanks to the extendable design. You can adjust its length from 29 inches to 41.5 inches to match with most standard bathtubs out there with ease. Not to mention that it is made from top quality bamboo, the whole thing is so durable and sturdy. The best part is that this tray is foldable, so storage is also easy. If this is not among the best bathtub trays, we don’t know what is.


Non-slip silicone grip

Adjustable and foldable

Durable and sturdy bamboo

Mold resistant and water resistant

Universal compartments and slots

Tablet holder with removable waterproof cover


It is a little bulky


6. Bathtub Caddy Tray With Nonslip Bottom by Estala

Most people want their bathtub tray to be non-slip so that no unpleasant accidents would happen. This is a great example of a non-slip bathtub tray thanks to the high quality anti-slip grip at the bottom part. You can place it on your bathtubs without worrying that it will slide and drop everything into the water at all. The whole tray is super stable, and you will be able to enjoy your bath every single time.

Along with that, this tray comes with just the right size and compartments for all the accessories. There is room for everything such as books, candles, phones, tablets, snacks, wine, and more. You can also adjust its length from 30 inches to 43 inches to fit various tubs which is a total plus. Not to mention the high quality bamboo design, the whole tray is not only durable but also water resistant which is awesome to have.


Elegant and stylish design

Easy to use and take care of

Several slots with adjustable trays

Durable, sturdy, and water resistant

Expandable length with non-slip grip

Book or tablet holder with waterproof cover


The book holder is not angle adjustable


7. Classic Bathtub Tray With Extendable Sides by HB-life

When it comes to style, a white bathtub tray like this definitely makes a nice choice to consider. The fact that it comes in a different color makes it look very cool and modern for photographs. At the same time, this tray comes with just the perfect size to accommodate all the important bathtub accessories. Even better, you can also expand its size from 29.5 inches to 43 inches in case you have a bigger tub as well.

As for the built-in slots, those are for candles, a phone, snacks, a tablet, and a wine glass. Along with that, there are also extra holders for soaps and more items as well. In case you wonder, this bathtub tray is made from bamboo but is painted white so that is both durable and stylish. There are also other color options available for you to choose from if you don’t like white. Feel free to take a look and pick your most favorite choice, all of them are great.


Non-slip and stable

Safe and smooth edges

Sturdy book / tablet holder

Detachable soap and spa trays

Durable and sturdy bamboo design

Extendable length with built-in slots


It is a little pricey


8. Home Bamboo Bath Tray by XcE

Since it is a bathtub tray for two, it comes with a larger size and more space for the couple. There are 2 removable side trays that each person can use to put their beverages or other items in. Along with that, the tray also includes a mug slot, a phone slot, a tablet hold, and a wine glass holder as well. Plus with the non-slip pads on the sides, you won’t have to worry that the tray cannot handle the items at all.

Another thing that we like is the high quality bamboo material that this bathtub tray comes with. It is durable and sturdy, and its quality lasts for years of use without breaking or cracking easily at all. We really like the design of this tray, and it comes with two color options for you to choose between bamboo and brown. It could be a little pricey, but its long lasting quality is absolutely worth it.


Durable, solid, and sturdy

Extra large and spacious surface

Adjustable length and slip resistant

Multiple slots with removable side trays

Book / tablet stand with 3 adjustable positions

High quality and long lasting bamboo material


It is not water resistant


9. Sleek Bathtub Caddy Tray by IFELES

Depends on how you like to use, this bathtub tray is ideal for both a single and two-people use. You can either use it right away or with detachable spa trays for two, and it is convenient both ways. The handles of the tray are also extendable, and there are enough holders and slots for other accessories as well. The great part is that the tablet holder is waterproof so it can also protect your device from splashes, just in case.

Thanks to the design from high quality bamboo, the whole tray is not only durable but also sturdy. This is to ensure that it lasts for years of use without losing its color or shape. At the same time, you will also get a free soap holder in the package which is a total plus. There are 5 colors available for you to choose to match your bathroom theme or décor. Feel free to take a look and pick one or two, this one is super nice.


Convenient and easy to use

Durable, sturdy, and waterproof

High quality and 100% natural bamboo

Adjustable size with extendable handles

Elegant, stylish, and suitable for most bathtubs

Tablet holder with removable and waterproof cover


There should be a non-slip grip


10. Luxury & Vintage Bamboo Bathtub Tray by Home of Home

Simple yet stylish, this is one vintage bathtub tray that you should take into consideration. We really like the precise cutouts and details in the compartments and slots that this tray comes with. At the same time, there is so much space for various items as well. From tablets to phones and beverages, this bathtub tray has them all for you. On top of that, it is also adjustable and slip resistant to ensure that it remains in place without slipping or shaking at all. Not to mention that it is also waterproof, its quality lasts for years. There are 3 colors available, so feel free to take a look and pick your most favorite.


Elegant and stylish design

Easy to put together and use

Multiple slots and spacious surface

Adjustable length with slip resistant

Durable, slip resistant, and waterproof


There should be a rubber grip on the bottom part

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