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Top 10 Best Battery Case for New iPhone 6, 6s

IOS device users may need high quality accessories to complete their device such case and battery charging and so on. They will need a power bank with them in order to prevent the low battery of their phone when they are away from electricity. Moreover, they need a case to protect their or their devices from scratching. But now an updating technology invent new case that is really useful and don’t make you difficult to carry power bank with you anymore, you just have that case is enough. The Best Battery Case is the type of case that use to protect your phone and give you a charging, so you don’t need to bring your power bank anymore just a case with your phone is enough. Here is the ten battery case that you can consider.


1. Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case for iPhone

This Best Battery Case is use for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S which can help your phone not to run out of battery while you need it the most. It is highly recommended one from many users. About its charging, it can provide you an extra 60 hours audio, 17 hours talk-time and 13 hours video. Its appearance looks really attractive with its slim body which can help you in battery but not doubling its size. You can make a choice with it.

1.10 best battery case for iphone 6s


2. iPhone 5s Battery case UNU DX-5 Battery Pack

Another high quality of battery is coming. This is a great battery case. It offers premier protection and power for your iPhone 5S. It comes with the battery case, manual, charging cable, a headphone extender plug and a screen protector. The product and the built in Lightning cable is MFI certified by Apple Labs to be compatible with your iPhone as well as compatible with any future update of the IOS. The case includes a 2300mAh lithium battery that can basically recharge your iPhone 5 or 5S as well as double its charging power.

2.10 best battery case for iphone 6s


3. BoxLegend iPhone Battery Case 3000mAh Polymer Battery

BoxLegned iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is a great one that you are looking for, unlike a regular case, this leaves most of the phone exposed; the top corners and part of the sides. But the back of the phone is protected. The back of the case holds the backup battery and it is designed with a good curve that masks the fact that there is an actual best battery case the back of the phone. Moreover, the battery is a useful one. Why you need to be hesitant to purchase this type of battery case?

3.10 best battery case for iphone 6s


4. PowerBear iPhone 6S Plus Stamina Series Extended Rechargeable

This PowerBear battery case is the type of battery that you are looking for. This case is a really useful one because it is not only a case that can help to cover in order to product your phone but it is also a type of battery charging. It is a type of dual charging port which you can charge your case and device at the same time with one cable. You will love it the most when you choose it for your charging.

4.10 best battery case for iphone 6s


5. iPhone 6S Battery Case HoneyAKE 3500mAh Rechargeable External Battery Case

You will be very pleased with this case. This is truly an amazing case because it is a great function of case that you can charge your phone with it. That is really cool; you don’t need to buy power bank anymore because it is two in one product that you can consider. Unless you use facetime on the weekend to talk to family or friends then it can really use a lot of battery power but everyday use it will let you use your phone twice as long. You can enjoy using your phone with it.

5.10 best battery case for iphone 6s


6. iPhone 6S Battery Case Trianium Atomic S

This iPhone battery case is a useful one that you can trust on it. About its protection, the case feels solid and sturdy and has a nice smooth texture. It doesn’t add a lot of bulk and weight to my phone but it is not ridiculously thin and brittle feeling. It also has a raised edge around the screen to protect it from getting scratched. Moreover, its power is really a useful one. The battery case adds an additional 3100mAh to your power supply so you basically get another full charge for your phone. The power button makes it easy to control the flow of power and top off your phones battery as needed.

6.10 best battery case for iphone 6s


7. PowerBear iPhone Extended Rechargeable Battery Case

Honestly the worst thing about this case is the fact that it’s so slick it will slip right out of your hands and off any other smooth surfaces. Moreover, it is a reasonable price product. It does exactly what is described, and comes in great colors; the blue looks identical to the picture. It also looks great on your iPhone 5SE. It is heavier, but offers better protection. If you’re looking for something to keep your battery charged look no further than PowerBear.

7.10 best battery case for iphone 6s


8. Skiva PowerFlow 2000mAh iPhone

This battery case is a really useful one that you are looking for in your using. This is a very low cost alternative to the more expensive Morphie case. Not only does this case provide 2000 mah of extra battery power but it also is a great case that provided adequate protection. Another good thing is that you don’t find on most battery cases is that you don’t need an adaptor for my ear buds or my charging cable. It also matches the blue color of my iphone 5 c which is a nice touch. It quickly charges your device.

8.10 best battery case for iphone 6s


9. Voxkin PREMIUM QUALITY Waterproof Case iPhone 6S

The waterproof phone case worked perfectly. You can use the phone case today and you are able to use my phone while underwater inside the waterproof case. This products is really great because it can be used for so many outdoor activities like canoeing, boating, in the rain, at parks and more. You are very pleased with quality and features of this product. Also it is great that it also comes with a built-in compass and also includes an armband and a lanyard.

9.10 best battery case for iphone 6s


10. iPhone 6S Battery Case Trianium Atomic S Portable Charger

This IOS battery case is a useful case one which can serve you in two way such protection and charging your phone. It complete lack of screen protection; you need a lip around the sides so that the screen is protected in case of a fall. The case makes it hard to take the phone in and out, and it doesn’t pass USB through so you can’t sync without taking out the phone It’ is really incredibly thin, especially considering its capacity.

10.10 best battery case for iphone 6s

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