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Top 10 Best Blender Bottles / Shaker Bottles Review

Blender bottles or shaker bottles are the most convenient option for users to mix their favorite protein in seconds. The best blender bottles aka shaker bottles are the very cool bottles for making protein shakes for everyday consumption. The awesome thing is that you can shake and take the bottles on the go to work or gym right away easily. There are many high quality blender bottles that you can find both online and on the market. In case you are new to buying the best blender bottles, take a look at our guide below first.

Blender Bottles / Shaker Bottles Buyer’s Guide

When buying the best blender bottles, there are certain points to consider though they are very obvious to read. Sometimes the shaker bottles that you like look really good, but its quality is not ideal for long term use at all. While some other times, the blender bottles you choose have a few flaws but cause irritations every time you use it. So in order to get just the right blender bottles right at your first purchase, take a look at our guide below.


The materials can impact the taste and temperature of your shakes. Usually, there are three main materials of the blender bottles including plastic, insulated, and glass.

Plastic blender bottles are the most common type, but you have to remember that not all plastic are the same. You should always make sure that the plastic shaker bottle that you go for is BPA and phthalate free. The ones made from these materials are healthy and safe to use. Otherwise, harmful chemicals can leak into your drink which pose dangers, threats, and risks to your health.

Insulated blender bottles keep the temperature of drinks stable for hours, both hot and cold. This material uses double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel to maintain the beverage’s temperature up to 24 hours.This material is ideal for users who don’t take their supplement in one go.

Glass blender bottles are inherently odor and stain resistant, and it somehow preserves the taste of the beverage’s as well.The only drawback is that it is fragile which is not ideal for all users at all.

The Lid

If you are a regular bottle users, you know how annoying it is to see liquid leaking from the lid. The best blender bottles are the ones that come with lids that stay securely in place. You wouldn’t want to see the drink spills on your clothes or belongings when it accidentally falls over at all. When shopping for a bottle, always make sure that the one you select has leak-proof lid. When the lids twist snugly in place and form a secure seal, shaking your protein will be absolutely easier.

The Mixing Mechanism

The unique thing about shaker bottles is that they contain a mixing mechanism to blend the ingredients. There are several types of mixing mechanisms but the most common ones including:

Ball that helps to stir protein powder evenly throughout the water as you shake the cup. You can also easily use the bottle as a regular bottle as well by just taking the blender ball out.

Mini Motors that functions like a mini blender to blend every ingredients all together smoothly. Just like a blender but smaller, this mechanism is not only ideal for shaking proteins but also for making smoothies.It is fast, efficient, and convenient, and it works great as well.

Wire Whisk is the mixing device that whisk cuts through even the thickest ingredients like dense powder bananas, butters, etc.This one is ideal for users with many ingredients in their supplement.

Now that you know the essential keys to get the best blender bottles of your protein shake, you are ready to shop. But before that, you might want to take a look at some of our highly recommended options here first. Below is a list of 10 best blenders bottles aka shaker bottles that you can take into consideration. Each of the unique choice we picked comes with great quality and price, so feel free to check them out.


1. Stainless Steel Insulated Shaker Bottle by Blender Bottle

The interesting thing about this shaker bottle is that it comes with the insulated design that maintains the temperature of your drinks. You can use it to mix supplements and smoothies, then keep them cold for up to 24 hours without losing the taste. You can easily use it to shake your supplements because it comes with a whisk that mixes everything together when you shake the bottle.

This bottle comes with the size of 26 ounce which offers plenty of room for supplements, meal replacements, or simply water. Its cap is leak-proof which is safe to keep in the bag while the whole thing is BPA free which is safe to use. This amazing blender bottle comes with 7 colors that you can choose from, the choice is all yours.


  1. Wide mouth

  2. Sleek and stylish

  3. Dishwasher safe

  4. Leak-proof cap and lid

  5. Stain and odor resistant

  6. Stainless steel design for durability

  7. Double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold


  1. Some users complain about small leakage from the lid


2. Electric Shaker Bottle by Promixx

For users who use thick ingredients for their supplement and look for a bottle for that, then this is the blender bottle for you. It comes with the high speed motor that provides superior mixing power to blend anything you throw in the bottle. This shaker bottle is powered by battery, and it features long battery life which lasts for so many times of blending.

At the same time, this shaker bottle is also very easy to clean and take care of as well. It does not have any bad smell, and it is BPA free which is super safe to use. You can use it as a shaker for your supplements or as normal bottle water as well which is simply convenient. Plus with its cool design, this blender bottle is definitely one of the best options that you should consider.


  1. Leak proof

  2. Ergonomic design

  3. Odor and stain resistant

  4. BPA free, Easy to clean

  5. Smooth and thorough shakes

  6. Long lasting rechargeable battery


  1. Not dishwasher safe


3. Stainless Steel Double Wall Shaker Bottle by HydroVessel

This shaker bottle comes wit every helpful function to make it extra convenient for you to mix your supplement. The awesome thing is that it can mix protein powder or shakes with its removable agitator very fast and efficiently. The bottle is made from food-grade stainless steel along with BPA-free plastic for safe and healthy use. In case you worry, this bottle comes with the leak and spill proof design which you can easily throw in the bag with zero worry.

On top of that, it can hold ice up to 24 hours while keeping hot liquid hot up to 4 hours. The exterior of the bottle is sweat free, and it is easy to grip without slipping out of your hands at all. There are 3 colors in the option for you to select, so feel free to check it out.


  1. BPA-free, Odor resistant

  2. Quick and silent mixing

  3. Leak-free and spill proof

  4. Does not discolor or stain

  5. Easy to clean and take care of

  6. Maintains the beverage’s temperatures


  1. The bottle is a little heavy to carry around


4. Shaker Bottle by ShakeSphere

Comes with a compact design, this shaker bottle is super portable and easy to bring along with to places. That is not all, the bottle does not come with a mixing ball or mesh grid at all which is totally different. The thing is that its unique patented capsule design allows for easy mixing by just simply shaking without the need of shaking accessory. You don’t have to worry about the ingredients getting stuck in the corners at all because this capsule bottle does not have one.

On top of that, it is also super easy to clean while remaining odorless which is so awesome. The slide cap of the bottle is leak proof, and it will not drip on your clothing or in your bag at all. Its high quality design makes it one of the best options in our list today, and you really should check it out.


  1. Leak proof

  2. Stylish and compact

  3. Mixes ingredients well

  4. Easy to use and clean up

  5. Perfect for mixing powder

  6. Large mouth for easy cleaning and pouring ingredients


  1. It is not dishwasher safe


5. Marvel Comic Shaker Bottle by Blender Bottle

Here we have another shaker bottle from blender bottle that comes with a cooler exterior design. As for the quality, it features the double-wall vacuum insulated to keep your drink cold for the whole day. This bottle works so well it can mix supplements and smoothies with its shaker ball thoroughly and perfectly. The whole thing is made from high quality BPA and phthalate free materials which is safe and healthy to use.

At the same time, its lid is dishwasher safe which is simply easy to take care of. It works great, and it makes a great and stylish option that marvel lovers want to have. There are many more marvel characters that you can choose from as well, you really should check it out.


  1. Stylish and cool

  2. Comes with a whisker ball

  3. Insulated stainless steel design

  4. Easy to use, clean, and take care of

  5. Ideal for mixing supplement and smoothies

  6. Double-wall vacuum to maintain beverage’s temperature


  1. Not ideal for hot liquids


6. Vortex Blender Shaker by Helimix

Here we have another blender shaker that does not need the help from shaker ball or anything to mix the supplement at all. This bottle comes with a patented vortex blender design that requires nothing but a few good shakes to mix your drinks. You might wonder how. That is because its unique design of the bottle shape makes it a great shaker and mixing of the ingredients.

At the same time, this superior supplement mixing is made from odor resistant material which is so convenient to use. Not to mention that it is BPA and BPS free, this bottle is super safe and healthy for everyday use. Since it is also durable and easy to use, the whole thing is definitely one of a kind. You should take a look and see if you like it, many users really like its quality and design.


  1. Durable

  2. Leak proof design

  3. Easy to clean and use

  4. BPA-free, Odor resistant

  5. No shaking accessories needed

  6. Unique bottle design for easy shake


  1. The size of the bottle is a little large which makes it quite uncomfortable to shake


7. Blender Bottle With Twist n’ Lock Storage by Blender Bottle

When it comes to high quality and the best shaker bottles, this brand will not let you down. The incredible thing about this set is that comes with a storage jar that you can easily store your supplement ingredients. That means you can always take your protein with you even if you are on the go. The storage jar has different sections that you can pack your supplement nicely and neatly.

As for the shaker bottle, it delivers smooth shaking and quality to every shake you make which is simply great. This whole set is super convenient and easy to use, and you can bring it along with no matter where you go. Both the design and the price are great, what do you think?


  1. Thorough mixing

  2. Safe and healthy to use

  3. Portable and convenient

  4. Easy to use and take care of

  5. Comes with storage containers

  6. Safe and secure locking system

  7. Easy to bring along with to places


  1. It would be even better if the bottle is a little larger


8. Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle by Huracan

Made from durable stainless steel material, this is the shaker bottle that you might want to have. This bottle features the double-wall vacuum insulated that keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours. More than that, it comes with a dishwasher safe removable mixer that blends your beverage conveniently as well. The whole things comes with great quality design to deliver long lasting durability which you can use for years.

The cool part is the double-wall design that prevents moisture from building up on the outside of the bottle. As for the lid, it is leak-free and easy to open which is easy to use. This shaker bottle comes with 3 colors and 3 sizes for you to select, the choice is all yours.


  1. Leak proof lid

  2. Cup holder compatible

  3. Durable stainless steel design

  4. Comes with removable mixer

  5. Maintains hot and cold beverage

  6. BPA-free, safe and healthy to use


  1. The bottle is not dishwasher safe


9. Sundesa Shaker Bottle by Blender Bottle

This shaker bottle is great because it can mix protein drinks effortlessly for you within minutes. The bottle is a perfect option for whey and creatine powder, and you can even use it to mix pancake batter as well. This bottle comes with wire whisk blender ball that you can easily drop in with your ingredients and shake. At the same time, this shaker bottle is very easy to clean and take care of.

Just simple shakes with dishwashing liquid, and the bottle will be as clean as new the way it should be. The bonus part is that it does not leak at all which is exactly what every user wants to have in their shaker bottle. Not to mention that the hinged flap secures and operates very well, this shaker bottle is definitely one of a kind. Simple yet convenient, this may be your next blender bottle!


  1. BPA-free

  2. Dishwasher safe

  3. Easy to use and clean

  4. Mixes ingredients very well

  5. Compact and easy to bring along with


  1. Not ideal with hot or warm liquids


10. Military Shaker Bottle by Batter Shaker

Want to drink your protein with style? Then take a look at this badass shaker bottle right here, it comes with absolutely super unique design. The bottle comes with durable design of thick gauge plastic resins design to deliver quality for years of long term use. Also, this shaker bottle has the function of double leak-proof design so that you won’t have to worry about leaking at all.

Since it is made from high quality material, this shaker bottle is BPA-free and DEHP-free for safe and healthy use. As for its shaking quality, it can mix all your supplements quickly and thoroughly in just seconds. This shaker bottle is very easy and convenient to use, and it is also very stylish as well. From quality to performance it has them all, and it is one of the best and stylish blender bottles to have.


  1. Leak proof

  2. Dishwasher safe

  3. Thick and durable

  4. BPA-free and DEHP-free

  5. Has storage compartment

  6. Perfect for shaking powder proteins


  1. The size of the bottle is 20 oz, some users wish it could be larger

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