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Top 10 Best Christmas Candle Holders Review

Christmas candle holders are one of the best Christmas decorations that you should have. They do not only help to keep your candles in place but also make a nice compliment in the room. Since Christmas is approaching soon, we are here to introduce you to some high quality Christmas candle holders. Along with that, we also bring some tips in our buying guide for you as well. Feel free to check them out, and we hope that our review is helpful for you.


Christmas Candle Holders Buying Guide

When shopping for Christmas candle holders, there are a few certain things to have in mind. You have to know the right features in them so that you can pick the right one since first purchase. We list all the points to have in mind for you below so let’s take a look.


There are many different designs of candle holders that you can choose from. With different colors, shapes, styles, and many more which is so convenient. The key is to go for the one that matches with your Christmas theme the most. Design matters so much, and this is the part that you should not overlook. Stylish design means better decoration, and that makes your Christmas design looks extra cool as well which is a total plus.


You have to make sure that the candle holders that you choose fit the candles that you use. Always measure the size of the candles in advance before you buy a candle holder. That way, you will be able to pick the right candle holders for your Christmas candles with ease. By fit, we mean fits nicely without wobbling or falling off to ensure safety.


Before buying candle holders, you have to check the type of candle that you use. That is because different types of candles also need different types of candle holders as well. As for Christmas candle holders, look for the ones with modern and sophisticated design to match with Christmas candles. Once you pick the right type, decorating your room for Christmas will be super easy and convenient.

With everything in mind, we are sure that you will be able to pick the right candle holders in no time. To makes things even easier, we also bring 10 best Christmas candle holders in our review below as well. Each option is unique and stylish in their own way, and the choice is all yours to make.

1. Round Votive Candle Holder Set by Volens

Compact yet elegant, these candle holders make a beautiful decoration to any room you put it in. From dining table to the living room, these candle holders are ideal for them all. Each candle holder comes with the silver color along with antique metallic finish. The best part is that it features this mercury sparkled effect that makes the light looks extra beautiful especially in the dark. Plus with the vintage but modern look, it makes a great compliment on pretty much any occasion.

The awesome thing about them is that they are dishwasher safe which is so easy to clean up. Not to mention the thick glass construction, these candle holders are also very durable and long lasting to have as well. They don’t overheat or crack easily, and their appearance remains the same for years. The set includes 12 candle holders, and there are 3 colors available for you to choose from. Great price with incredible quality and style, this is the option that you should not overlook.


Heat resistant and crack resistant

Multipurpose and versatile to use

Elegant and modern yet vintage look

Durable and long lasting glass construction

Antique metallic finish with vintage design

Ideal for tealight candles and LED flameless tea lights


You need to be careful when packing them


2. Mercury Glass Candle Holder Set by Granrosi

Gold makes a beautiful decoration for Christmas as well as other special occasions and events out there. This is why we recommend this option because it looks super elegant and luxury to have. The great thing about this candle holder is that it comes with the construction from long lasting lead-free glass. You can use it with both candles and LED lights, and the beauty that it offers is stunning. The speckled gold pattern simply makes the light looking beautiful especially in the dark.

Since it is quite tall, you won’t have to worry that the flame can come out and cause any accidents at all. It is safe and durable, and its design is simply timeless and modern to have. There are 25 candle holders in this set, and they are all beautiful and durable. From dining table to the shelves and more, these candle holders are ideal for them all. Let’s take a look and see if this is the option that matches with your preference and room decoration.


Durable and reusable

Easy to clean and take care of

Elegant and modern appearance

Charming speckled gold patterns

Shimmery with the perfect glimmer

High quality mercury glass construction


It is a little pricey


3. Pillar Candle Holder Set by Richland

Pillar candle holders have always been one of the most common designs especially for Christmas. It makes the whole setting looks extra elegant, and it makes the candles stand out as well. Here you are looking at a set of high quality and stunning candle holders that makes a luxury decoration. With its bubble design, these candle holders offer amazing flair to petty much any candle and place. From table to shelve and more, they are ideal for them all.

Another thing that we like about them is the dropped lip that holds the pillar candle securely in place. That way, you won’t have to worry that the candles will fall off at all. As long as you candles come with the size of 3 inches, these candle holders make a perfect match for them. Apart from Christmas, you can also use them for decorations in other special occasions and events as well. There are 3 of them in the set, and their quality will not let you down.


Sturdy and stable

Elegant clear design

Lightweight and shiny

Unique mercury bubble look

Dropped lip design to hold the candle in place


It is a little pricey

They are a little delicate


4. Christmas Poinsettia Candle Holder Set by Collections Etc

When it comes to the best Christmas candle holders, this one has to be in the list. Every single detail of this candle holder says Christmas, and it makes a beautiful compliment pretty much anywhere. You can place it on the dining table or shelf, and this candle holder looks great overall. There are 3 glass candle holders that you can use for votive candles or tealights. All of the candle holders are clear and shiny, and it brings out the beauty of the light with perfection.

As for the base, it features the mixture of evergreen arrangement that makes the whole thing super magnificent. You will find faux poinsettias, winter greenery, and pinecones in neat arrangements on the base. No matter if it is dinner, greetings, or reunions, this Christmas candle holder is ideal for them all. Great price with great quality, this is definitely a great Christmas candle holder to take into consideration.


Sturdy and durable base

Removable and easy to clean

Perfect to have as a centerpiece

Adjustable flowers and ornaments

Clear and shiny glass candle holders

Unique fiesta design for Christmas decoration


Some find it looks a little fake


5. Gold Pillar Candle Holder Set by Nuptio

Gold has always been one of the most popular Christmas colors, and that goes the same with candle holders. Each candle holder in this set comes with the shiny gold color that enhances the beauty of the decoration to the whole new level. It makes a great match with many special occasions and events besides Christmas, and its appearance never goes out of style. No matter what room you choose, the beauty is always there for you.

The main thing that we really like about this candle holder is that it comes with a heavy block on the bottom. This is to ensure that it remains stable without tipping over especially with tall candles. This candle holder is ideal for pillar candles with height up to 80mm, and it is super durable. There are 4 colors along with 3 size options available that you can choose from. The price is also great as well, so let’s take a look and see if you like this option.


Elegant and modern look

Compact and space saving

Versatile and multipurpose

Durable iron metal construction

Stable heavy block bottom design

Lightweight and convenient to use


It get scratched easily


6. Solid Square Candle Holder Set by Le Sens

You probably have seen countless candle holders with round design, and that is why we bring the unique one here. With solid square design, these candle holders make a different yet modern look to your Christmas decoration. This design ensures that both the candle and the candle holder remain stable on the table. In fact, it is stable and heavy enough to never fall or tip over because of the candle weight.

You can easily use this candle holder as a centerpiece and pretty much anywhere. There are 4 of them in the set, and the choice is all yours to use them for decoration. It can hold votive candles and tealight candles very well, and the reflection from the crystal makes the whole thing looks super cool. Many users find this option uniquely elegant and classic for various occasions. Feel free to take a look and see if you like this set as well.


Unique square shape

Durable and heavy duty

High-end aesthetic and classy

Stable and solid crystal design

Versatile and stylish appearance

Ideal for both votive and tealight candles


It is quite small


7. Mosaic Glass Candle Holder Set by Lalhaveli

Vintage and traditional candle holders can never be better than the mosaic glass design right here. The special thing about such design is that it offers colorful look to the table and shelves. The unique rainbow patterns is simply beautiful which is why we recommend this option. This is also one of the reasons why this candle holder set is among the best for Christmas decoration. Along with that, it also makes a nice decoration for other special occasions as well.

There are 5 mosaic glass candle holders in this set, and each of which features unique design. This allows you to be creative with your decoration for pretty much any events. These candle holders look both vintage and classic, and their quality is durable and long lasting to have. Quality comes with price, and this set is worth every cent you invest in it. Don’t forget to check it out, you will not regret picking this option.


Candles included

Unique handcraft design

Beautiful and bright glow

Stylish and colorful patterns

Easy to use, clean, and take care of

Versatile and ideal for various occasions


It is a little fragile


8. Candle Holder Set With LED Candles by YAKii

If you are looking for candle holders for flameless candles, then this is definitely something to have in mind. The unique design of flat base with curving hands makes it one of a kind to have. This candle holder alone can hold up to 3 candles, and it does not take up too much space at all. From the distance, it looks and feels like real candles which is super beautiful and nice to have in pretty much any room.

Along with that, the set includes 3 flameless votive candles along with Christmas wreaths. This allows you to get creative and decorate your own Christmas tables with ease. One set that includes everything with this price is a great choice to take into consideration. From quality to style and durability, this candle holder has them all for you. Let’s check it out and see if this is the candle holder that you have been looking for.


Sturdy and well made

Durable steel construction

Candles and wreaths included

Simple yet classic and beautiful

Compact and space saving design

Warm and bright LED votive candles


It is a little small


9. Glass Candle Holders With Christmas Ornaments by Whole Housewares

Glass Christmas candle holders cannot get any more stylish than this option right here. The unique thing about this set is that it comes with pine leaf, holly berries, and snowflakes inside. These items are removable so that you can easily change the decoration inside for various seasons and themes. In another separate glass on top of the ornaments is the place where you place the candles. Together, it looks so beautiful and unique which makes your Christmas decoration looks super calm and stunning at the same time.

There are 3 candle holders in this set, and each of which comes with different heights. This allows you to be creative with the decoration, and you can also place them in different areas as well. You can use them for many different events and occasions due to their unique and stylish design. Everything in the set comes with both quality and style, and you will definitely love what it offers. With such flawless look, this set will be your next favorite candle holders.


Modern and rustic look

Clear and beautiful glass design

Versatile and unique appearance

Ideal for various occasions and events

Removable pine leaf, holly berries, and snowflakes


Some prefer their size to be the same


10. Rustic Iron Reindeer Candle Holder by San Miguel

Nothing screams Christmas louder than reindeer, and this candle holder set right here is one of a kind. Well, it is both adorable and unique which makes your Christmas decoration extra cool and fun. The iron design makes it stable and sturdy enough to hold the candles of your choice. Each reindeer comes with different size so that you can use candle of different size as well. We like how it looks so simple but makes a great compliment at the same time. You can use it on the table, fireplace, nightstand, and pretty much anywhere. With both style and quality, this can be your next favorite candle holder to have so don’t forget to check it out.


Sturdy and stable

Simple yet elegant

Cute and unique design

Durable iron design with rustic finish


It is a little pricey

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