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Top 10 Best Climb & Crawl Activity Play Sets Review

Climb and crawl activity play sets are one of the best things to have when babies start to crawl. They are fun and safe, and the infants are also to climb, crawl, and even slide. Most of this play set are made from foam which is simply comfortable and soft for little kids. At the same time, they can entertain babies for hours. We are here with a buying guide along with some recommendations for you, so check them out.


Climb & Crawl Activity Play Sets Buying Guide

As parents, it is crucial to be creative and wise when it comes to choosing the right toys for babies. Things go the same with climb and crawl activity play sets, and we provide you just that. There are a few important things to have in mind before buying one of them, and we list them all below.


You want the climb and crawl activity play sets that you choose to be as dense as possible. Even if the material is foam, it still can be dense. This is to ensure enough support on the baby’s weight as they climb and crawl on the play set. At the same time, you also want to make sure that it is lightweight and soft. This allows the baby to easily push and move the pieces if they want to stack them together. The design of the play set is very important because it reflects the comfort and safety that it can provide.


Because your babies are going to play with the play set a lot, it should be easy to clean. Look for the ones with covers so that cleanup will be easy and simple for you. The cool thing is that these covers are not only easy to wipe clean but also colorful. You might be able to find different colors of the covers so that the babies get to experience new colors.


It is true that the climb and crawl activity play set should be lightweight so that the babies can stack it. However, it should also be stable so that it remains in place as the babies crawl on top of it. This is why you should look for the ones with non-slip bottom so that all the pieces are stable. That way, your babies can climb and crawl as much as they want while being safe at the same time. This feature is not major, but it is important so don’t overlook it.

In case you are looking for some of the best climb and crawl activity play sets, look no further. Below is a list of 10 options with different designs and functions that you can consider. Let’s take a look and see if any of them matches with your preferences.

1. Lightweight Foam Climb & Crawl Activity Play Set

By: Polar Aurora

Safety is very important for kids especially when they play, and this is why this play set is great for them. Thanks to the foam design, this activity play set is not only comfortable but lightweight at the same time. This is to ensure that everything in the set is safe and fun for the kids. Because it is lightweight, moving them around is very easy and simple for the children. That is extra creative and fun, and the kids will surely enjoy them.

Another great thing about this activity play set is that it is also very flexible. Your children can easily lift up each place, stack them together, and climb on them with ease. Apart from the durability and fun, this play set is also easy to take care of. Cleanup is a breeze with a simple wipe, and they are also very easy to store. With both quality and fun, no doubt why this is among the best climb and crawl activity play sets in the market.


Durable and easy to clean

Non-slip and sturdy structure

Dense, flexible, and safe for kids

Colorful, lightweight, and stackable

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


The pieces are a little too narrow for bigger kids


2. Multipurpose Soft Form Play Set With Foldable Seat

By: Factory Direct Partners

One of the main purposes of the climb and crawl activity play set is definitely the fun and the development of the kids. This is exactly why we highly recommend this option to you right here. The special thing about this play set is that it is very easy for the kids to grasp and play with. Because of the new texture design with high quality materials, it is not only durable but also versatile for your children.

As for the foldable seat, the half-moon speed bump plays a great part in providing a comfortable seat for your kids. In case they get tired of climbing and crawling, then they can easily take a seat in there right away. Another great thing is the non-slip base that remains in place so that there won’t be any slipping or sliding. Not to mention the space-saving design, this climb and crawl activity is definitely one of a kind.


Durable, safe, and versatile

Non-slip and sturdy bottom

Helps with gross motor development

Sturdy and thick reinforced materials

Comfortable and multipurpose design


Some pieces are a little small


3. Single-Tunnel Freestanding Activity Play Set

By: ECR4Kids

Easy and simple, this climb and crawl activity play set comes with just the neat design that you will like. There are stairs and slide that the kids can easily climb on and slide on as they play. It is simple yet very fun and entertaining for children. On top of that, there is also a tunnel that your kids can crawl under which is a total plus. It is nice and fun, and many kids out there really have a great experience using it.

More than that, the quality of this play set is also top notch. It is not only durable but also very sturdy which is simply amazing to have and use. Plus with the freestanding and sturdy design, you won’t have to worry about any accidents or injuries at all. With both quality and performance, this is one high quality option that you can trust. Let’s take a look and see if it has what it takes to match with your preferences.


Easy assembly and cleanup

Sturdy and non-slip bottom

Comfortable, safe, and soft structure

Durable and high quality materials design

Develops gross motor training and increases physical activity


The tunnel is a little small for some kids


4. Colorful Adventure Climb & Crawl Play Set

By: Foamnasium

Colorful objects always attract a kid’s attention, and this play set makes a great example of one. The more your kids engage with this play set, the more they will develop. We are talking about the development of their creativity as well as their motor sensors, and more. They can climb the stairs, slide down, sit down, crawl, and more. Each block has its own special part, and this is why this play set is awesome.

Another great thing about this option is that it is very durable and safe to use. It is completely free from harmful chemicals, and it has no odor, lead, or any other dangerous substances at all. Along with that, it is also very easy to clean so maintenance will be a breeze for you. From durability and safety to quality, it has them all for you. Let’s take a look and see if this is the activity play set that you find interesting.


Easy to clean and take care of

Encourages creativity and fun

Durable, long lasting, and sturdy

Antimicrobial and flame retardant

Free from harmful substances and odor


There could be a little more weight for the pieces


5. Lightweight & Inflatable Climb & Crawl Activity Play Set


Thanks to the unique inflatable design, this activity play set is very convenient and easy to store. You can easily inflate and deflate them within seconds, and this also allows you to easily bring it along with to places as well. Another great thing about this play set is that it features the design from durable and high quality food grade PVC. This is to ensure both durability and standard for long term use.

That is not all, each piece comes with a velcro that allows you to connect the blocks together. This is to make sure that they won’t come off while your baby is crawling or climbing at all. Plus with the colorful and cute design, this activity play set is super cool to have and use. When it comes to the best climb and crawl activity play sets, this option has to be the option to consider. Don’t forget to check it out, this can be your kid’s favorite play set.


Easy to inflate and deflate

Colorful and fun appearance

Adjustable size with the amount of air

Durable, firm, and supportive PVC design

Develops gross motor skills and social interaction


The pieces somehow attract hair and dirt


6. Multicolor Climb & Crawl Activity Play Set For Toddlers

By: Soozier

In case you won’t want anything big or too challenging, then this is the activity play set to have in mind. There are only two pieces of blocks in the set, and they are fun in their own way. Each block has different bright colors that attract the kid’s attention. This also plays a part in teaching them the exciting colors which is a total plus. One block is a stair and another is a slide, and both of them are great matches with one another.

Aside from the education and fun, these blocks are also very comfortable and soft to play with. The foam material is not only high density but also lightweight. That way, your children will be able to lift them up and stack them together as the play. Another good thing is the low maintenance design of soft cover that you can easily wipe and clean. Great quality with a great price, so what do you think?


Bright and colorful

Durable and heavy duty

High density and soft foam

Easy to carry, lift, and stack

Easy to clean and low maintenance leather cover


It is a little small for tall kids


7. Foam Climb & Crawl Activity Play Set


Comes in different shapes, these activity blocks are extra fun and entertaining to play with. Each block is unique in its own way, and they make great play sets for both toddlers and young kids. With both the colors and shapes, your little ones will be able to develop their skills as they grow up. From the hand-eye coordination and imagination to motor skills, these activity blocks help with them all.

On top of that, even the interior of the blocks is durable and safe to play with. Unlike some blocks with rock solid exteriors, these ones are different. Thanks to the eco-friendly pearl cotton, everything is comfortable and safe for kids to play with inside out. Not to mention that there are no chemical substances and odor, this play set is simply amazing to have. Feel free to take a look, its quality is incredible.


Different shapes and colorful

Dense and soft foam structure

Stain resistant and easy cleanup

Lightweight yet sturdy and durable

Waterproof and removable zipper cover


The interior is a little hard


8. Large Elastic Foam Climb & Crawl Activity Play Set

By: Wonder Space

With dense foam structure, you won’t have to worry that this play set is not safe at all. It is very sturdy, and it is perfect to use against the wall. The foam is elastic, and its exterior material is also durable for long term use. Along with that, the leather-like material is non-slip and waterproof. This is to ensure that it does not move or shift as the kids climb and crawl on it at all. Plus with the hook and loop, everything will remain in place.

Just like most of the best climb and crawl activity play set out there, this one is also extremely safe for kids. It does not contain any toxic substances, and it does not have any odor that bothers the kids. This play set is suitable for kids from age 6 months to 2 years old, and the fun is simply endless for them. As one of the best play sets, its performance and quality will not let you down. Don’t forget to check it out, this can be the one.


Comfortable and safe

High density and sturdy foam

Soft leather material with waterproof cover

Non-slip leather with sew on hook and loop

Develops thinking ability and hand-eye coordination


It is a little pricey


9. Climb & Crawl Activity Play Structure For Babies

By: ECR4Kids

As for this one right here, it comes with a mini size that babies can enjoy climbing onto. This option is great because it acts as a trainer for your babies as they begin to crawl. It is fun and attractive, and your little bundle of joy will get used to it quickly. There are stairs and slide, and all of them are comfortable and soft to climb on. Another great thing about the mini size is that fact it is ideal for small space and room, and that is great.

That is not all, you can easily install it at the corner and in the center of the room. Its base is non-slip so you won’t have to worry that it will move or slip as the kids crawl on it at all. Not to mention that it is super durable and long lasting to use, this climb and crawl activity play set will grow with your children. It has everything from durability to comfort and quality, and this is why you might want to check it out.


Non-slip and sturdy base

Compact and space saving

Easy to clean and take care of

Colorful, comfortable, and soft

Durable and high density materials


Some parents think the blocks are a little too small


10. Three Tunnel Maze Activity Set For Kids & Toddlers

By: ECR4Kids

Adding some challenges to the kids is a good thing sometimes, and that is why this option is amazing. There are 3 tunnels that the toddlers can crawl under, and that is extremely fun for them. At the same time, all the blocks are colorful and soft. This is to ensure that it is comfortable and safe for them. The best part is that they are very colorful, and kids love bright and colorful stuff. This activity play set has them all from strength and sturdiness to durability and more. Kids love them, and we are sure that yours will too.


Non-slip and safe

Bright, colorful, and fun

Easy assembly and cleanup

Comfortable, durable, and soft

Strong, sturdy, and supportive design


It is a little pricey

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