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Top 10 Best Family Games To Play At Home

Family games are one of the best ways to take us away from boredom while quarantine at home. There are many family games out there that you can choose from. The key is to pick the ones that you can play for long and the fun is still there. In case you don’t know which family game to buy, we are here to help you out. Below is a list of top 10 best family games that you can enjoy playing during quarantine. Each suggest we choose is fun and family-friendly, and quarantine won’t be too dull or boring anymore.

Family Games Buyer’s Guide

Choosing family game to play is very easy and simple, but there are still things to consider. If you are new to buying family game, this guy will totally help you out. We are sure that you will some of the best ones to play during this quarantine.


The first thing to consider before buying games is the interest of the members in the family. You should go for the ones that is not too complicated or difficult to learn how to play. That way, everyone will get the instruction fast and it will take less time to go through all the explanation. At the same time, you will also be able to get to play quick as well. Once you get everyone’s interest in the game, that game will be super fun to play.

Player Numbers

Pick a game that everyone in the house can play, a game that is still playable with a few extra guests. The best family games are the ones that allow all members to participate in without leaving anyone out. When everyone gets to take turn playing, the game will be very enjoying to play. Simple as that. There are many types of family game that you can choose based on the number of people in your family. Some allows even up to 10+ players, so even the big families can still playing family game.


The best family games are the ones that have countless rounds that keep expanding everyone’s joy and laughters. It also depends on the preference of the family members as well actually. Some prefer the card games that finish fast so that they can find the winner and start it all over again. Meanwhile, some others prefer the board games that take longer to finish so that there is more challenges. Either way, the rounds of the family games also play a part in making them fun as well.

If you need some recommendations on some of the best family games, we have some for you. Below is a list of 10 fun family games that you can take into consideration. Each game is unique and great in their own way that everyone in the house can enjoy. Not to mention the good price that everyone can afford, the choice is all yours.


1. Trekking The National Parks

For: 2 – 5 Players

Age: 10+

This is a family board game that comes in a second edition as an upgrade from the previous option. This game is great for pretty much everyone as it appeals to a wide range of people. At the same time, it is also one of the top educational board games for family as well. The awesome thing about this game board is that it is very easy for everyone to understand and learn. From kids to the grandparents, they can play them all. It is both entertaining and educational, and it features so many interesting facts with photographs about the nature. Each game lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, so let’s see if you like this option.


Short and fun to play

Easy and fast to learn

Compact and portable

Entertaining and educational

Good quality items in the game

Promotes and encourages teamwork

Fun and interesting facts about nature


It can be a bit tricky for little kids to learn


2. Kids Against Maturity

Here we have a great card game that offers both fun and appropriate humors that everyone can relate and enjoy. Since it is a card game, you can easily play it anywhere and anytime you want. Plus with the box that it comes in, you can easily bring it along with no matter where you go. One game set includes up to 500 question and answer cards in a handy box for neat and easy storage. The game is simple to learn, and it is absolutely hilarious ti play. The great thing about this card game is that it is ideal for any occasions from camping to sleepover and game nights. Each game lasts between 30 to 90 minutes, and it is super fun.


Easy to learn

Fun and entertaining

Age-appropriate humors

Good quality and compact

Funny innuendoes for adults

Comes in a compact storage box

Ideal for preteens, teens, and adults


Not ideal for parents who get offended easily

There are some sexual cards, but it is removable from the game


3. Throw Throw Burrito

For: 2 – 6 Players

Age: 7+

If you like Exploding Kittens, you will also like this game. This is the world’s first dodgeball game that you really should give a try. It is both challenging and exciting to play at the same time which creates more fun and laughters. The players will try to collect matching sets of cards faster than their opponents while simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing squishy airborne burritos. You can even steal points from your opponents by hitting them with the burritos, and that is the fun part. There are 120 cards, 7 tokens, and 2 super cute foam burritos that are soft enough to throw at people. Things are going to get wild with this game, and the fun is endless.


Endless rounds

Very active and fun

Cute items and accessories

Easy to learn and safe to play

Challenging and age appropriate

Involves a lot of physical exercises

Ideal for large families or big groups


Not ideal for small space


4. Classic Jenga

For: Countless Players

Age: 6+

Jenga is one of the best games that everyone can enjoy playing. No matter if it is at home, school, or anywhere, this game is right for them all. The amazing and good thing about this game is that it boosts concentration in a person. As the player pulls out a block, they have to make sure that they won’t crash the stack. While pulling the block out, all users will be excited and focused which makes the game extra fun to play. Each time a blocked is pulled out safety, there is always cheering and laughing. Jenga is simple, solid, and very fun to play. You can play as many rounds as you like, and the challenge is always there. Everyone can play it, and it is super enjoyable to play.


Thrilling and exciting

Compact and portable

No instruction is needed

High quality wood design

Boosts concentration and focus

Easy and simple to learn and play


It would be better to come in a bag instead of a cardboard box


5. UNO

For: 2 – 10 Players

Age: 7+

Here we have the game that has destroyed friendships and relationships that is undeniably fun to play. UNO is one of the best card games that always come in handy during family nights or hangouts. It is very very easy to learn, and it is super duper fun to play. The best part is when you keep on getting the extra cards, and it will happen every round. So many people love playing UNO, and it is ideal for players of all ages. This one right here comes in a storage tin that you can easily keep your cards neat and dry. It is compact and portable, and you can easily bring it along with for endless fun and entertainment with your friends and family.


Affordable price

Durable card design

Compact and portable

Unexpected and exciting

Easy to learn and fun to play

Ideal for everyone in the family

Comes in a durable storage tin box


It can lead to argument at some point, but it is super fun


6. 5 Second Rule

For: 3 – 5 Players

Age: 10+

This is one of the most common and fun game that you might have seen on The Ellen’s Show. And this card edition will make it easy for you to play with your family and friends at home. This is the second edition of the game, and it comes with more than 150 fresh and new fun cards. All you need to do is pick a card, read the seamlessly easy topic, and then start the time.

The other player has 5 seconds to give the answer to that topic as many as possible. Sounds easy yet quite challenging, and that is where the fun of the game begins. Most of the time, players get tongue-tied or funny and weird answers come flying out, and more. You can also add your own rules to punish the losers to spice up the game as well, the fun is simply endless with this game.


Inexpensive price

Take seconds to learn

Fun guesses under pressure

Many fun and unique topics

Unexpected answers and fun

576 questions on 288 cards in total


Some topics can be inappropriate for kids


7. Family Charades

For: 2 – 6 Players

Age: 7+

Family charades is one of the best selling games that are so common for families to play. The best thing about it is that it offers age appropriate themes so that it is not offensive or bad for kids. At the same time, those themes also allow for different interests that you can easily switch for more fun as well. Those themes are kid charades, family charades, movie charades, and 80’s 90’s charades. Each theme is entertaining and fun, and players of all ages can enjoy playing at altogether.

This game is both challenging and interesting to play at the same time. There will be things that you haven’t heard or known before, and that is a good opportunity to discover new facts and fun. It is fast and easy to learn, and everyone in the house get to play it. This game is highly recommended, so don’t forget to take a look.


Compact and portable

Age appropriate themes

Easy and challenging to play

Does not contain rude or bad examples

Straightforward and easy-to-follow rules

Different themes for different tastes and interests


There should be more topics in each theme


8. Cat Face

For: 3 – 8 Players

Age: 13+

This is the perfect family game for cat lovers out there, and the fun is absolutely incredible. This game card will make you match hilarious cat images with outrageous phrases to create the best combinations. And guess what, those combinations are hysterical. The instruction is also easy to follow as well. Just pull 5 cards and choose one to caption a silly internet cat, and that is when the meme begins.

There are 300 cards in total, and those cats’ faces are absolutely amusing. Plus with the funny phrases, laughters will be the one thing you will hear the most playing this game. Get ready and collect all your cat lover friends to join and play this game together, you will not regret it. Imagine your cats are also there watching you playing and making fun of their faces, this game is simply great to have.


Endless fun

Compact and portable

Hilarious combinations

Mature memes included

Create your own cat memes


Curse words are included


9. Taco vs Burrito

For: 2 – 4 Players

Age: 7+

Since this game is created by a kid, we can tell that it is safe and appropriate for kids to play. This is a fun strategic food fight that both kids and adults will love to play. Also, it is very easy and fun to play as well as fast to learn. However, it is not easy to win at all which is the beauty and fun of the game. This card game is unpredictable since players have to create the weirdest and wildest meal possible.

The great thing about this card game is that everyone of all ages can enjoy playing it. It is fun and unique, and there is no inappropriate words at all. The box includes 24 ingredient cards, 32 action cards, 4 tortilla card holders, 4 quick start cards, and one rule booklet. Each game takes about 10 to 15 minutes to play, and it is super fun. From quality to entertainment, this card game has them all so don’t forget to check it out.


Age appropriate

Fun food ingredients

Easy and fast to learn

Ideal for all food lovers

Quick play in each round


It would be better if it comes in a solid box


10. It’s In The Bag!

For: 4 – 10 Players

Age: 10+

Here we have another game card that you might want to take into consideration. The good thing about this game is that it is ideal for both kids and adults to play. The instruction is also easy and simple as well. All you need to do is work with your team to guess the cads before the times run out. There are 3 rounds in the game: describe the word, describe the word using one word, and act out the word. It promotes teamwork as well as the intelligence and flexibility of the kids, and it is super fun. No matter what size of the group or where you are, this game is always good to play. It comes in a compact storage box that you can easily bring along with, and it never gets old.


Promotes teamwork

Fun and challenging

Compact and portable

Simple and easy to learn

Appropriate for players of all ages

Perfect for large families and groups


The bag should be a bit bigger

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