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Top 10 Best GPS Drones With Camera Review

When it comes to the convenience in taking photos and videos from above, drones with camera are always the choice. Even better, we are talking about GPS drones with camera today which is more convenient and simultaneous to use. GPS drones come with GPS receivers that get signal to show its positions, location data, and more. That way, you will be able to target where to shoot so that your work also becomes better. Also, these drones possess advanced flight systems that enable them to fly autonomously with precise flight controls as well. Getting the best GPS drones with camera is not so difficult if you know exactly what you want. We have a guide below to help you out, so take a look.

GPS Drones With Cameras Buyer’s Guide

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, always do research before buying a drone. Simply because they are pricey, and you can’t go back once you purchased one. This guide is going to show you on how to choose the best GPS drones with camera effectively. Check out our tips, and we hope you find the perfect GPS drones with camera for your next shootings.

Camera & Features

You cannot overlook this part because this is one of the best things in the expensive tech toy that you purchase. Go for the drones with 4K sensor cameras because they are capable of shooting 4K images and 2.7k videos. This type of camera delivers solid color representation, and its lens are good for semi-panoramic shots. As for the important features that you should know including auto return to home, headless mode, and many more. These features allow for more convenient in taking photos and videos, and they it super easy for you to shoot.


Drones come different sizes depend on how you want to use it. For hikers and travel photographers, the small and light drones are your ideal options. That is because you can easily carry them around as you bring along with to places. At the same time, smaller drones are also very easy to maneuver and control as well which is simply great. If you want a drone that has every feature you need, you might have to bear with their size and weight. Despite the fact that they are not easy to carry around, they provide great features for you.


If you go for the GPS drones with camera, it is obvious that you use them outdoor. That is why the speed of the drone is one of the most important things to consider before buying one. Always check the speed of the drones that you want to purchase and see if they meet your requirements or not. Some drones are so fast shooting panoramic views might not be effective with them. You should choose a drone depending on the type of shootings that you make. Is it for outdoor activities like skating or biking or is it for travel purpose. That way, you will be able to select just the right GPS drones for your use.

Since there are many things to consider which might take so much of your time, we are here for you. Below is the list of top 10 best GPS drones with camera that you can take into consideration. Each option we provide comes with quality, performance, convenience, and affordable price that you can trust. We know what our readers want, and we provide you just that. Check out our list of high quality GPS drones with cameras below, one of them might be your next toy.


1. F11 GPS Drones With Camera by Ruko

The unique thing about this GPS drone is the stronger and more stable GPS signal that delivers better performance. It allows between 50% to 200% of further control distance and live video transmission range. Such function also provides a better and safer flight as well. At the same time, the stronger GPS positioning allows this drone to hover stably to catch clearer images before safely returning back.

As for the camera, you will experience the breathtaking 4K ultra HD picture quality and 1080P video with stunning clarity. This drone and its camera will provide the images and videos with deep contrast and vivid colors just the way you want. It is very easy to fly even for beginners, and its battery 30 minutes for flight time. This GPS drone with camera comes in a package that includes an extra battery that extends your flight time up to 60 minutes. From quality to performance it has them all, so why not?


60 flight time

3 speed modes

Easy to operate

Compact design

Strong and stable GPS

Support dual-band Wi-Fi

Clear photo and video quality


The landing part is quite tricky, but not a problem.


2. Foldable GPS Drone With Camera by SNAPTAIN

Both the drone and controller of this option are foldable and rechargeable which is extra convenient. With this choice, you won’t have to worry about difficulties about packing and bringing it along with anymore. This GPS drone comes with smart GPS positioning that provides real-time data on flight height, distance, and speed. Also, it returns automatically whenever the battery is low, when the signal is lost, or when you press one key return.

It is ideal for beginners, and you won’t have to worry about losing the drone at all. The cool part is this mini flying toy has numerous features that provides endless fun and options for your shootings. Plus, its 2.7K HD camera delivers ultra-vivid and crystal clear photos and camera from above. This drone is easy to learn and use, and its battery offers up to 16 minutes of flight. You might like it, so don’t forget take a look.


Stable flight

Strong build quality

Compact & foldable

5G Wi-Fi streaming

2.7 Motorized Camera

GPS auto return home

Protective intelligent Geofence


The battery life could be longer


3. Long Control GPS Drone With Camera by Holy Stone

With GPS assisted intelligent flight, you can trust that you will never lose this drone ever. This GPS drone is so smart it flies at your will, flies along the path you set, and follows you automatically. More than that, it comes with optimized full HD camera built with shock absorption holder to ensure high resolution images and videos. Yes, there is no camera vibration that ruins the quality of the shootings at all.

Plus with its 5GHz FPV transmission and 90 degrees adjustable lens, you will be able to capture the beauty from different angle professionally. That is not all, its brushless motors have lower power consumption which give you a quieter flight. The operation is simple and easy, and its battery lasts up to 26 minutes of use. It is also lightweight and durable, you should check it out.


5G Wi-Fi

Easy to operate

Return home mode

Foldable and compact

26 minutes battery life

Comes with a carrying bag

2K camera with shock absorption


The app that connects the drone and the device crashes sometimes


4. FPV RC GPS Drone by Potensic

The white color is not the only unique thing about this GPS drone, there are many more. The amazing thing about it is the wider vision and fluent transmission from its 1080P HD camera. The adjustable wide angle feature allows you to capture clearer photos and more stable videos from above. At the same time, its Wi-Fi camera provides you faster and clearer image transmission which is super cool.

More than that, this GPS drone also delivers safer and more stable flight as well thanks to its dual GPS + 9-axis gyro space. The drone will stand still in the wind, and it will return home when the power is low or when the signal is weak. This drone is smart and fun to have, and it is one of the best GPS drones that you should get.


Wider vision

Wind resistant

Broader range

Stable and steady

Automatic return home

Comes with 2 batteries

Quality photos and videos

Comes with a carrying case


The battery life could be better


5. 4DRC GPS Drone With 4K Camera by DRONEEYE

Here we have a GPS drone that comes with adjustable 4K plus 5G Wi-Fi HD camera along with cool functions. The drone features 120 degree wide-angle scene shot and 90 degree camera angle for high quality and simultaneous shooting. Along with that, you can also switch photo or video mode according to hand gesture as well. On top of this, its GPS assisted provides you with accurate positioning details of your drone.

The drone will return back home automatically when the battery is low, signal is weak, or flight is out of range. There are 3 flight speeds so that you can easily manage to suit with the wind condition. This drone comes with compact and extremely portable design that makes it super easy for you to bring along with. It is easy to use, and its quality is so good it makes one of the best GPS drones that you should have.



4K camera

Steady and stable

Intelligent operation

Easy to fly and calibrate

Automatically return home

LED lighting for night flight

Flexible & wind resistance


Manual can be confusing to understand at first


6. 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Drone by UPair

Not every GPS drone comes with 3-axis gimbal for camera like this one, and that is why it is special. That is not all, this super cool drone even has 3-eye HD camera with 4K ultra high definition lens. With all of that combined together, you will be able to capture breathtaking quality photos and videos from the sky. As for its GPS system, it allows you to get accurate position information of your quadcopter.

When the battery is low or when the signal is weak, this drone will automatically return home which is convenient. This GPS drone is very easy and fun to fly, and its battery lasts up to 24 minutes of flight. There are many fun features of this drone, and this option is great for both beginners and users with experience with drones.


4K lens camera

Automatic return

Easy to operate & fly

Strong and stable GPS

24 minutes of battery life

3-eye lens + 3-axis gimbal

Headless and altitude mode


The app crashes sometimes


7. UHD Live Video GPS Drone by Contixo

With 90 degree adjustable tilt camera that goes both up and down, you should get ready to experience stunning shooting quality. The camera from this GPS can deliver 4K ultra HD picture quality and 2.9K video for amazing clarity, deep contrast, and vivid colors. The presence of its 5G Wi-Fi 3K UHD camera allows you to take photos and record live video easily.

On top of that, it comes with so many features to keep you entertained with all the fun it offers. Those include follow me mode, orbit mode, gesture control, and selfie mode. This drone is foldable which is small and compact so that you can bring along with to places easily. Its battery life lasts up to 30 minutes, and the package includes an extra battery that extends your flying time to 60 minutes. It is super lightweight and portable inside its stylish carrying case, definitely a great option to consider.


Gesture control

Easy to maneuver

Foldable and compact

4K Ultra HD camera

30 minutes battery life

Lightweight and portable


Not ideal to fly on strong wind days


8. Pro 4K GPS Drone by Hubsan

When a 4K Ultra HD camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer like this one, the shooting result is dope. The quality to the pictures and videos that it delivers is smooth and stable. You can also purchase the detachable filter that allows you more leeway in selecting aperture and shutter speed. That way you will be able to prevent overexposure while getting more creative control over your shots.

That is not all, this drone is programmed to automatically follow you around so that you can get plenty of shots. So matter if you’re running, hiking, biking, or surfing, this drone can always capture every stunning moment for you. You can trust that the GPS system of this drone brings you the accurate position information as it flies. It is durable and functional, and it is one great option to choose.


Altitude hold

4K Ultra HD camera

23 minutes battery life

Smooth and stable footage

Automatic image tracking

Safe and automatic landing

Comes with a carrying case


There is no audio in the video


9. GPS Photography Drone by Contixo

Going outdoor alone but need to take photos? Calling your lazy friends no more because this awesome drone can be your perfect personal cameraman for you. It tracks footage of your every move no matter if you run, cycle, ski, surf, and do any outdoor sports. Its high quality built-in Wi-Fi camera will take photos and record live video for you just the way you like.

The awesome part is that you can select what view you prefer from live stream video to bird’s eye view and more. This GPS drone also comes with advanced features like follow me, automatic hovering, first person view, auto return, and many more. The whole set come assembled for you, and it is ready to use out of the box. Convenience and affordable, you should have a look at this option.


Lightweight, compact

Advanced remote control

15 – 20 minutes battery life

Comes with advanced features

High details photos and videos

Comes with one set of spare propellers

Comes with a carrying case for easy portable


Charging time is quite long


10. Mini GPS Drone by DJI

The compact yet powerful design of this GPS drone makes it one high quality choice to have in mind. With that size and weight, you will be able to bring it along with you to places very easily. The drone comes with a 360 degree propeller guard that fully protects the propellers and improves flight safety. That way you won’t have to worry about propeller damages when flying the drone anymore.

Another great thing is its downward vision sensing system and GPS that allows it to hover precisely both indoors and outdoors. As for the quality of footage and images, its 2.7K camera on 3-axis gimbal ensures smooth and clear photos and videos in every shot. It will create smooth and vivid shots that you can easily control from the remote control. Very easy and simple to use and bring along with, and many users are happy with this option.



Safe flying

Light and compact

30 minutes battery life

Quick and precise shots

High quality images and videos

Comes with charging base and carrying bag


The app tends to drain the phone battery

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