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Top 10 Best K-Dramas That You Should Watch


K-Dramas always bring different tastes of life that many of us cannot resist. Most of K-dramas is usually a combo of rich guy and poor girl, love triangle, disapproving parents, parallel universes, etc. Some scenes make us laugh while the others make us cry, that is how good K-dramas are. The great thing about K-dramas is definitely the plots and twists that are so unpredictable. That is why many people love to watch K-dramas, because they never fail to wow the audience.

Plus with the good looking characters with adorable personalities, K-dramas is unbeatable. If you are new to K-dramas and don’t know where to start, we have some good ones for you. All of the K-dramas in our list below are available on Netflix which is simply easy to find and watch. Buy some snacks, these K-dramas are going to get binge watching all day long.

1. The Inheritors

Release Date: 9th October, 2013

Genre: Romance, Drama

Episode: 20

Also goes by the title The Heirs, this is one of the K-dramas that depict everything in the society including friendships, rivalries, and love. It is about a group of rich privileged high school students who are about to take their families’ business empires. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) is a wealthy heir to a large Korean conglomerate. His stepbrother Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) exiles him to the U.S because he want to control the family business.

In the states, Kim Tan meets Cha Eun Sang (Park Sin Hye) who goes there to look for her sister. Kim Tan soon falls in love her despite the fact that he is already engaged with a fellow heiress. One day, Chan Eun Sang met Kim Tan’s fiance who demands her to leave Kim Tan immediately. After sometime, she decides to return to South Korea and live with her mother. After her departure, Kim Tan feels nothing without Chan Eun Sang.

So he comes back to Korea although his stepbrother strongly opposes his return. When Kim Tan arrives his luxury mansion, he sees someone who looks like Chan Eun Sang. Then he goes to his mother and asks about the girl whom he just saw. His mother tells him that the girl is their housekeeper’s daughter, and her name is Cha Eun Sang. At the moment, she is also staying at their home. Everything happens next is all there in Netflix, you will surely love the ending of this series.

2. My Love from the Star

Release Date: 18th December, 2013

Episode: 21

Genre: Romantic, Fantasy

Fancy some K-dramas about aliens? Then this K-drama is what you have been looking for. Good looking alien is something new and interesting to watch indeed. The story is about an alien (Kim Soo Hyun) who landed on Earth in 1609 during the Joseon Dynasty. The alien misses his trip back to his planet while trying to save a girl from falling off a cliff. Do Min Joon the alien has a near-perfect appearance with great physical abilities so his life on Earth is easy. As time goes by, he has to take on a new identity every 10 years because his appearance never ages.

He works as a college professor 3 months before his departure back to space comes after 4 centuries on Earth. Then he meets Cheon Song-Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) who is the new neighbor next door. He falls in love with her right away. She is a top actress who resembles the young girl he fell in love in 400 years ago. He tries to keep himself away from her because he needs to leave the planet, but he fails. Will he leaves the girl he falls in love with and go back to his planet or will he stay? The answer is all in the 21 episodes of the series, the ending won’t fail you.

3. Pinocchio

Release Date: 12th November, 2014

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Family

Episode: 20

Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) suffers from a condition called Pinocchio Syndrome. It is a very unique syndrome makes her break out into hiccups whenever she tells a lie. In high school, she meets Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) who is a genius but pretends to be dumb. Dal Po secretly likes In Ha, and there is another guy whose name is Ahn Chan Soo also likes her. He forces to join a quiz show on television to prevent Chan Soo from confessing to her on national TV. After seeing Dal Po on TV, Choi In Ha decides to become a journalist.

Choi In Ha spends 3 years after college studying to become a reporter but continuously fails her job interviews. At the same time, Dal Po forces himself to work as a taxi driver due to poverty-stricken condition. Choi In Ha fails another interview, her interviewer fails her because she thinks a reporter with Pinocchio syndrome is useless. Seeing how upset she is, Dal Po becomes determined to help Choi In Ha achieve her dream. He also announces that he wants to become a reporter as well. One thing leads to another, and many truths about both of their families reveal. The story is quite long, it is way more interesting to go watch them right away.

4. Descendants of the Sun

Release Date: 24th February, 2016

Genre: Romance, Action, Melodrama

Episode: 16

This is one of the most successful K-dramas that is very popular among audience worldwide. The story begins when Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and his friend witness a young man stealing a motorcycle. After the encounter, the thief is injured and sent to the hospital. Then Yoo Si Jin’s friend realizes that the thief also stole his phone, so they go to the hospital. In the emergency room, Yoo Si Jin meets Dr. Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) for the first time and instantly becomes attracted to her.

After sometime, both of them begin to date but rarely the date goes smoothly. Yoo Si Jin is the captain of a South Korean Special Forces Unit, so the duty always comes unexpectedly. One day he takes an order to lead his soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in another country. At the same time, Mo Yeon becomes upset because she fails to become a professor. After everything, both of them meet again and talk about their views on life. That is when they realize that they are so different from each other, so they agree to part ways. There are only 16 episodes, you should find out what’s next.

5. The Doctors

Release Date: 20th June, 2016

Genre: Medical Drama

Episode: 20

This medical drama is about a troubled teenager who turn into a charismatic doctor. Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) was a tough bully in school with a prickly personality. The scars from her childhood make her that way, and she always keeps her heart shut from other people. Her life was difficult when she was young, so being nice is not her best trait as a teenager. This girl is good at fighting, but she is also a bright student in class as well.

Until one day, she meets Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) who is her mentor. He plays a key role in transforming her life from a hopeless girl to a compassionate doctor. He shows her the objectives of life and inspires her to create one of her own. Both of them part way after Yoo Hye Jung finds her dreams and goals of her future. They meet again after 13 years when Yoo Hye Jung becomes a doctor. Find out more on Netflix to see if it is going to be a happy ending or not.

6. Legend of the Blue Sea

Release Date: 16th November, 2016

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

Episode: 20

Love fantasy and Lee Min Ho? Then this is the K-drama for you. The story takes place sometime in 1598 when governor Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) visits a village by the sea. The same evening, Mr. Yang (Sung Dong Ill), shows Dam Ryung a mermaid named Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) that he captured. Later that night, the governor releases her back into the ocean. Before she swims away, Sim Chung reaches out her hand to Dam Ryung which is briefly holds. That is how it all begins.

Back to the present day, Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) is a smooth talking conman with magician-like abilities. When Joon Jae impersonates a prosecutor, he swindles a large amount of money from a wealthy suspect’s mother. So he uses the money to travel abroad and stays at an oceanside resort. Again, Sim Chung is swept up in a tidal wave and washed ashore near the resort and she saw Joon Jae. More description means more spoilers, so you should find out the whole story on Netflix.

7. While You Were Sleeping

Release Date: 27th September, 2017

Genre: Romance, Thriller, Fantasy, Legal Drama

Episode: 32

If you are a fan of Bae Suzy and Lee Jong Suk, you are going to love this series. They are the main characters, and the story plot is so good. Hong-Joo (Bae Suzy) lives with her mother and helps her run a pork restaurant. She sees the future deaths of people in her dreams that haunt her for so many nights. The thing is that she does not know when the deaths will happen, and that is what scares her. She also tries to stop her dreams from becoming reality as well although it is very difficult to. Then one night, she dreams about the death of her own mother.

Lee Jong Suk played as Jae-Chan, who is a rookie prosecutor. He and his younger brother move to a new house, and they become neighbors with Hong-Joo. One night, Jae-Chan too, dreamed about the death of Hong-Joo’s mother and Hong-Joo herself. His dream is quite similar to the one that Jong Joo had. He senses that his dream is going to become real, so takes extreme action to stop it. After he helped Hong-Joo and her mother, they work together to solve other cases.

8. A Korean Odyssey

Release Date: 23rd December, 2017

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

Episode: 20

If you used to watch the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, you will be familiar with this drama. A Korean Odyssey is a fantasy television series about a modern version of Journey to the West. Each character has their own unique power, and that is what makes this series interesting and exciting to watch. The series involves a lot of spirits and fightings as well as romance.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) is an extremely powerful immortal who is exiled to the human world. He possesses many powers such as Pyrokinesis, levitation, telekinesis, and body imprisonment. Then we have Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) who is a gentle and charismatic businessman. However, he has bad history with Son Oh Gong in the past. He has supernatural powers that can affect Son Oh Gong.

Jin Seon Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) is the love of Son Oh Gong’s life. She is wealthy, beautiful, and has an unyielding tenacity. As a kid, she had the ability to see ghosts and spirits but she lost that ability. As for the pig demon, he is P.K (Lee Hong Gi) who has the power to seduce women.

Son Oh Gong seeks to restore his status by devouring a special woman who can see spirits. But curse gets in the way, so the two end up working together to battle evil spirits. After fighting spirits together, Son Oh Gong falls in love with Jin Seon Mi. This drama is a combination of fantasy, romance, and comedy. There is only one season at the moment, so go catch them on Netflix now.

9. Hotel Del Luna

Release Date: 13th July, 2019

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Romantic Comedy

Episode: 16

Hotel Del Luna is a mystical hotel that caters to spirits and prepares them for their journey to the afterlife. Jang Man Wol (IU) is the CEO of Hotel Del Luna, and she has been stuck there. She made a big error many years before, so she is stuck in the hotel. Jang Man Wol is very beautiful, but she is fickle, suspicious, and greedy. Things start to shake up when she recruits Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) to be her new general manager.

He is the youngest assistant manager at a multinational hotel corporation, and he is a sincere perfectionist. Because of his dad’s agreement with Jang Man Wol, he has to fulfil the agreement and works at the hotel. After Jang Man Wol unlocks his ability to see ghosts, his resistance towards taking on the role is futile. That is when he shows us the mystery and secrets behind the hotel and its owner one by one. Behind her fancy outfits and lavish tendencies lies a lonely soul with a rich and painful past. If you want to know more, go to Netflix now.

10. The King: Eternal Monarch

Release Date: 17th April, 2020

Genre: Sageuk, Romance

Episode: 16

This is one of the famous K-dramas that everyone is talking about these days, well because of Lee Min Ho. This series has a mix of everything from history and royal intrigue to love triangle and parallel universes. The storyline dates back in 1994 when the Kingdom of Corea encounters a severe upheaval. Lee Lim (Lee Jung Jin) murders his own brother who is the King of the kingdom. He also stabbed Lee Gon (Jeong Hyun Jun), who is the King’s son, in the neck. Luckily, the young prince survives.

25 years later, King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) governs the Kingdom of Corea as leader. What happened when he was a child haunts him all the time. His savior left him a police badge, and he wants to find out the mystery behind it. One day Lee Gon chases after someone in a rabbit costume with a clock. He has a feeling that the person may be his mysterious savior from 25 years ago. He mounts his horse Maximus and enters the forest. That is when he enters a parallel universe, the Republic of Korea.

This series is fascinating, and most actors tackle two roles in their different universes. Things get more interesting when the king enters the parallel world. He meets new people, he falls in love, and he finds his way back to his universe. How those things happen are what make the story fascinating to watch. If you haven’t watched this one yet, you really should do it now. The triangle love is one of the most captivating parts in the story. Then you will know why everyone keeps on talking how good this series is.


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