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Top 10 Best Kid’s Portable Modular Storage Organizers

Portable modular storage organizers are the flexible and convenient ways to neatly organize things in the house. This type of storage is a great way for children to learn how to arrange and tidy up their stuff. Since they are also portable, you can use them in pretty much any room which is so nice. In case you are looking for some of the best portable modular storage organizers, feel free to check out the list below.


Portable Modular Storage Organizers Buying Guide

The portable modular storage organizers are probably one of the easiest things to buy. There are a few simple things that you should look for to get just the best. We list them all for you below, so let’s take a look.


One thing that you have to have in mind is that storage containers have to be extremely durable and strong. This is to ensure that you can store a lot of items without worrying that it will break or collapse. The most common material is ABS because it is both lightweight and strong. Apart from durable materials, you should also focus on the steel frame. This type of frame is extra sturdy and supportive which means the whole unit is stable.


While most portable modular storage organizers come with cubic design, some are more flexible. That means you can convert them to provide a larger space for more storage. So if you want to use it in bedroom as a wardrobe, this type of design is what you should look for. Even better, some organizers also include a hanger that you can install within seconds.


Different portable modular storage organizers come with different cube sizes. The larger ones offer space for you to store clothes and other daily items. If you only look for a regular option for your kids to store their toys, the smaller ones will do. In case you want to use it long term, then the bigger ones should be the option to invest in. Larger cubes with more storage space, so one purchase is all you need to use it for years to come.

The best portable modular storage organizers for children is quite challenging to choose. This is why we spent a lot of time to search for the ones with fun design and great quality. Let’s take a look at the list below and see which one that matches with your preferences the most.

1. Customizable Cube Storage Organizer by SONGMICS

For long term use, a transparent design like this makes a great compliment in the room for both boys and girls. There are 6 cubes in this set, and each of which comes with just enough space for convenient storage of various items in the room. At the same time, each cube features an ABS connector and panel for easy assembly. Everything in the set is durable and sturdy, and their quality lasts for years of use.

Thanks to the multipurpose design, this modular storage organizer is ideal for a wide range of use. From books and clothes to toys and more, it is perfect for them all which is super convenient to organize. Since it is made from sturdy and tough plastic, each cube can handle up to 10 lbs in weight of any item. This one comes with 4 colors available for you to choose from, so let’s see which one that you think is the most ideal for your kids.


Flexible shape

Stable and sturdy

Easy to assemble and clean

Lightweight yet strong and supportive

Convenient and spacious storage room

Durable ABS connectors and rustproof frames


Some users find it a little flimsy


2. Storage Organizer With Bin Design by Delta Children

Kids love SpongeBob, and this storage organizer is just one of the popular options among children out there. With the bin design which is similar to modular cubes, kids can organize their toys and other stuff easily. Each bin is spacious enough to accommodate a number of items while saving space in the room at the same time. Plus with the durable and solid wooden frame, the whole unit is super sturdy and tough.

The nice thing is the colorful design with great detail of SpongeBob characters on each bin. More than that, those bins feature the design from high quality fabric which is both soft and safe for kids. There are 5 bins in total, and it is perfect for kids from age 3 to 6 and older. This option also comes with other cartoon printings such as Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, and many more. Feel free to check them out and pick the best one for your children because they will surely love it.


Sturdy and easy to set up

Non-toxic and safe materials

Easy cleanup and maintenance

Bold color with detailed design

High quality fabric with spacious bins

Durable and solid wood frame construction


It is a little small


3. Portable Modular Organizer by MAGINELS

When it comes to versatility, this one right here is definitely among the best. It allows the kids to not only organize their items but also use the modular storage organizer as a closet. There are 12 cubes in total, and each of which features the construction from high quality resin and steel. This is to ensure long lasting durability for years of use. This is why each cube and hanging section can handle up to 22lbs in weight while the unit itself is lightweight.

On top of that, the high quality materials ensure that the colors, designs, and printings on the cube will not fade at all. That way, your kids will be able to use the organizer for years while it remains looking nice all the time. The best part of this unit is the convenient door that is more convenient and easier to open compared to the ones with zippers. This one comes with 2 colors that you can select, so let’s see which one that you like the most.


Compact and portable

Multipurpose and versatile

Easy to assemble with attach

Heavy duty and spacious room

Durable, strong, and supportive

Colorful and cute cartoon animals design


It could be sturdier


4. Large Cabinet Cube Storage Organizer by KOUSI

Here we have another modular storage organizer with a neutral design that we think you might like. The special thing about this option is that each cube is large so that it offers more storage space than regular cubes. This allows the kids to store more items and other larger stuff as they tidy up their room with ease. Just like the previous option, this one also supports up to 22 lbs in weight which is quite durable and sturdy as well.

The whole unit is supported by ABS connectors, resin panels, and steel frames which are stable and sturdy. Assembly is quite easy and simple, and the package also includes an installation manual for you. Plus with the classic and neutral design like this, it makes a nice compliment to most room décor out there. There are a few different size options along with two colors available for you, and the choice is yours.


Classic and stylish design

Sturdy stainless steel frame

Easy and fast to put together

Durable, stable, and supportive

Large and spacious storage room

Dust resistant and waterproof materials


It is a little flimsy


5. Plastic Storage Organizer With Space Design by SONGMICS

With the construction from PP plastic, this whole structure is not only durable but also stable. On top of that, each cube features the design of planets in space along with an astronaut and a spaceship. This is the perfect combination for your kids to organize and tidy up items in their room for long term. At the same time, the classic design of this storage also makes a nice compliment in any room as well which is a total plus.

Another great thing is that the cubes are easy to clean since it is waterproof so that maintenance is also convenient and easy. Not to mention the fast assembly, it won’t take long at all. The great thing about this modular storage organizer is that it comes with a reasonable price that parents can afford. Hundreds of parents have a great experience using this, so let’s take a look and see if you find it interesting.


Durable and easy cleanup

Flexible setup and versatile

Compact and spacious room

Colorful and cute space designs

Easy to assemble and put together

High quality PP plastic construction


It is a little flimsy


6. Plastic Modular Storage Organizer by MAGINELS

There are many designs for kid’s storage organizers, and this one is among the best. It features the colorful and cute animal designs along with a height measurement on the side which is super cool. At the same time, it is also lightweight and thin yet so durable so that it lasts for years to come. On top of that, this storage organizer features a durable steel frame construction to add more stability to the whole unit.

More than that, it is also portable so moving it from room to room with ease. The assembly is also the same since there are enough tools so that the package has everything you need for convenient and fast installation. Another thing is the zipper doors that secure everything inside without falling out. Plus with the one whole year of warranty, you get free maintenance on installation problems, missing parts, and more.


Durable and sturdy

Easy and tool-free assembly

Dust resistant and waterproof

Foldable and un-tearable panels

Compact, lightweight, and portable

Flexible, resilient, and stainless steel structure


The door overlaps a little


7. Large Plastic Cube Storage Organizer by Greenstell

With so many cubes, this unit makes a great to choose from for large scale decoration or storage. Since you can also separate them, you can use some for one room while the rest for another with ease. Each cube features the design from high quality PP plastic plate which is both durable and tough. On top of that, these cubes are also anti-dust, anti-mildew, moisture-proof, and waterproof which is perfect for everyday use.

Every single cube of this unit can handle up to 10 lbs of various items inside. It is a great multifunctional organizer, and it is also very easy to clean which is so convenient to have. Plus with the classic design of leaf printings, it makes a nice compliment in the room. There are 3 colors available for you to choose from, and the price is also not so bad. Let’s take a look and see if you like this one.


Flexible and versatile

Easy assembly and installation

Tightly closed and no-gap door hook

Durable ABS connectors with PP plastic plate

Moisture proof and waterproof for easy cleanup

Anti-dust, anti-mildew, and anti-toppling fittings


It is a little pricey


8. Compact Cube Organizer For Kids by UNICOO

Compact yet spacious, this cube organizer makes a perfect choice to have for small rooms out there. Just like most of the best modular storage organizers on our list, this one also comes with the design from high quality materials. This is to ensure that it is durable and long lasting so that you can use it for years. With the ability to handle up to 15 lbs per cube, this whole unit is quite strong for room storage.

More than that, it is also quite lightweight so that assembly is not much of a challenge. As for the maintenance, this storage organizer makes things so much easier for you. All cubes are both dust proof and waterproof so cleanup is a breeze since a wet cloth is all you need. Apart from storage cubes, you can also transform them into a wardrobe which is a total plus. Great price with great quality, so what do you think?


Lightweight and portable

Easy and fast to assemble

Dust proof and waterproof

Easy cleanup and maintenance

Deeper and more spacious cubes

Durable, high quality, and soft PP materials


Overweight storage can leads to bending


9. Rectangular Stackable Storage Organizer by SONGMICS

Here we have a rectangular storage organizer with a space design that you might find interesting. The unique thing about its shape is that it offers more storage space along with better stability when you stack them on top of each other. Just like the ones from option number 5, this one also comes with space printing. We really like the colors and details on each organizer, and it makes a nice match for a kid’s room.

At the same time, the durability and quality of the organizers are also top notch. Thanks to the construction from high quality PP plastic, the whole unit is not only lightweight but also sturdy. The best part is that it can handle up to 22lbs of items without shaking or wobbling at all. Plus with the inexpensive price that it comes with, this is definitely one of the best storage organizers that you should have in mind.


Cute and fun space design

Easy cleanup and maintenance

Stackable and easy to assemble

Durable and stable metal frame

Bright color with beautiful details

High quality PP plastic panels with sturdy ABS connectors


The installation is a little time-consuming


10. Kid’s Modular Cube Storage Organizer by GYJ

Looking cute and all, this storage organizer is one durable and heavy duty option that you should not overlook. There are 4 cubes along with 2 rectangular shelves for additional storage. Each storage space is spacious, and it can handle most kid’s items in the room without a problem. On top of, that the whole unit is very lightweight which is very easy for you to move from one room to another.

Another great thing is the fact that you can expand and increase the size of the organizer by putting them on top of each other. You can purchase 2 sets, and you can easily install everything together for a large storage space in the room. Thanks to the high quality, the organizer is dust proof and waterproof which makes cleanup very convenient and easy. It is super cute and flexible, and it makes a great compliment in the kid’s room. Don’t forget to check it out, this can be the organizer that your kids will love.


Lightweight and portable

Dust proof and waterproof

Easy cleanup and maintenance

Durable, heavy duty, and rugged

Easy to assemble, disassemble, and install


It is quite expensive

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