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Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review

Are you a bookworm? You may need a companion wherever you go since you always keen to learn something new. Moreover, reading gives you the soul and spirit of freedom. However, having to buy new pieces of printing every time you need a new taste is not a cool stuff. First of all, it is not so environmentally friendly. And, after that it is not convenient to carry piles of books in your

backpack. In addition, now you can just simply get a Kindle E-Reader and you will get the whole library inside it. It is super easy!

Most noteworthy, if you feel like it’s not comfortable to read from the screen, no worry! Kindle E-Reader is also a type of paper-like screen digital E-reader, which doesn’t have backlight that will hurt your eyesight. Besides, it is plain like a normal piece of paper. Also, it has internet connection which is very easy to download new books from the internet without having to visit book store.

As a result, you can get the best-selling books any time you like. Additionally, if you are interested in having one, here are the top 10 best Kindle E-Readers you can get from Amazon. So, feel free to check Kindle E-Readers out and let us know if you have found any choices that you think you like the most. It seems like you are still hesitated, if so, you can read our Bonus for more info.


1. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader - White, 6"

This is the Amazon’s choice Kindle Paperwhite, which is one of the best-sellers. It is available in two colors- black and white. It has a 6 inches high resolution display (300ppi). The best feature of this Kindle is that it also comes with the built-in light so that you can also read at night. Reading under the sunlight? No worry! It has no screen glare like other tablets. It has a superb battery life so that you can charge once and enjoy reading for weeks. Get it now and enjoy the peaceful moment of your trip with books!

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review


2. Kindle Oasis E-reader – Graphite, 7"

If you need a better and bigger screen Kindle E-Reader with waterproof feature so that you can read everywhere and every time without stress, you may consider Kindle Oasis. It has up to 7-inch-wide display with high-resolution (300ppi). Now, Kindle Oasis also features Bluetooth and compatible with audio books which you can also listen. It is so compact and light so you won’t feel bored holding to it as long as you want. Humid weather in the morning besides wet air near the beach won’t bother your reading experience anymore with Kindle Oasis. Get it now!

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review


3. Kindle E-reader - Black, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display

Not only smart phones can be navigated through touch-screen panel, but Kindle also offers the new glare-free touchscreen display. It is an all-new design which is lighter and thinner for better holding experience. It also has the audiobook compatibility with Bluetooth connection so that you can listen or read from the book. No screen glare and light though it is a touchscreen design. Moreover, this Kindle has the most affordable price ever. With a single charge, you are good to go for weeks without worry! Get lost in the story and enjoy!

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review


4. Certified Refurbished Kindle Voyage E-reader with Special Offers

Meet the thinnest Kindle ever with this Kindle Voyage E-reader. It is an all-new design for more versatility. It features the new adaptive front light providing ideal brightness even day and night. Moreover, it also has the reimagined page turns so that you can turn pages without having to lift the fingers. Once you touch the screen, you will feel the authenticity of the real paper bringing your reading to the next level. Everything just looks authentic with Kindle Voyage.

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review


5. Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

This is the new generation of Kindle Paperwhite which has so much more improvement than the previous one. First, it has higher resolution display with twice as many pixels. It is also crafted for faster reading and less eyestrain. Moreover, it also adds the feature of adjustment of the brightness so that you can read anytime and anywhere. Like other Kindles, the battery power is very powerful as it can work up to weeks. Get it for your kids now and let them adapt to the habit of reading in a new modern era.

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review


6. Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High Resolution Display (212 ppi)

If new generation of Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t interest you at all and you are still wandering around for the 6 generation Kindle, which is way less expensive, you can look at this. It is a vintage with 6-inch high-resolution display (212 ppi). It also comes with very offers. With this you can try Kindle unlimited free for 30 days and choose from 800,000 titles. Besides its lower-quality display, this little champion can work as well as the new generation Kindle too. Therefore, if you need a more budget with suitable quality, it is also recommended.

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review


7. Kindle Voyage E-reader - Includes Special Offers

Enjoy the privilege with this Kindle Voyage that includes special offer. It is passionately crafted for readers with all premium package. PagePress and high-resolution display brings reading experience to the next level. Moreover, it also has adaptive front light for reading both days and nights. Once you purchase this, you will enjoy prime members read free with unlimited access to over a thousand titles and 30-day Kindle Unlimited free for over 1 million titles.

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review


8. Kindle Oasis E-reader with Leather Charging Cover

Well, if you want a boosted Kindle for longevity of battery life, you can buy this. It is the Kindle Oasis E-reader with Leather charging cover to boost battery life up to months. If you are on a long trip abroad, this is the best design. You can choose the cover from a black, merlot or walnut removable cover. It also has the all-new ergonomic design with dedicated buttons to effortlessly turn the page. It is also the thinnest and the lightest Kindle design.

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review


9. Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

If you are looking for the entry level of the Kindle with the price from 30$, you can choose this 6-inch E Ink display. It is a second-handed Kindle yet the quality is great. It has no touch-screen function, so you need to navigate through controller. Moreover, it has no audio with 2 GB of storage. You can also connect it vie Wifi and no 3G connection is available. You can read up to one moth per full charging. However, considering its price and entry level, I guess this one is still acceptable for those who need a cheaper price Kindle.

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review


10. Kindle Paperwhite 3G (5th Generation)

Buy the used Kindle and save more. If the entry level doesn’t intrigue you, you can turn to this used 5th generation Kindle Paperwhite 3G. With it, you can access the internet through 3G network so that you can get the book anywhere you like. It has glare-free screen and you can read the Kindle for as long as you want without getting eye-irritation. It has ultra-thin and light design that you can hold comfortably in your hands. You can read up to 8 weeks per charge without any sense of worry though it is second handed!

Top 10 Best Kindle E-Readers Review



  1. Easy to carry around

  2. Can store hundred different kind of books

  3. Contains words, pictures, audios and videos

  4. Even can show links related to info you are reading

  5. Can purchase it anywhere as long as there’s internet

  6. Take up less space

  7. Easy to download

  8. E-co friendly

  9. Cost saving

  10. Printed book

  11. Can carry around with just fews amount

  12. Too heavy to bring all your favorite books with you all the time

  13. Contains only words and pictures

  14. Spend much money

Benefits of Reading

  1. Mental Stimulation

  2. Stress Reduction

  3. Knowledge

  4. Vocabulary Expansion

  5. Memory Improvement

  6. Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills

  7. Improved Focus and Concentration

  8. Better Writing Skills

  9. Tranquility

  10. Free Entertainment

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