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Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads Review

Laptop cooling pads are one of the most common solutions to cool down your laptop from heating up. Most laptops such as gaming laptops or heavy-workload laptops tend to overheat more than regular laptops. This is when you need to get laptop pads to reduce the risks of internal components damages and other impacts. You are at the right place if you are looking for the best cooling pads, so let’s take a look.


Laptop Cooling Pads Buying Guide

Not every laptop cooling pad works the way it should, and that is why you have to pick the right one. There are a few vital points to have in mind in order to choose the best laptop cooling pads. We list them all below, and we sure hope that these quick tips will help you out.


There are users who bring their laptop and the cooling pads on the go, and compact size matters in this case. The options that are compact and lightweight are available, so you can look for one. You should for a portable option that you can easily fit it in your laptop bag as you go to places. Just make sure that there are enough cooling fans so that they work great while being compact at the same time.


How you are going to use the cooling pad also affects your choice to picking one. If you want to use it while you stay in bed or on the couch, choose the ones with padding. That way, it won’t put pressure on your legs so that you can use your laptop comfortably every time. In case you only want to use it your desk, a regular one will definitely work.


There are 2 types of laptop cooling pads:

  1. Cooling Pad With Fan: is the most common type in the market, and it has multiple fans. Those fans operate simultaneously to generate maximum airflow to cool down your laptops.

  2. Cooling Pad Without Fan: features the design from heat resistant material like aluminum. It still can keep your laptop from overheating, and it works quietly. The thing is that it is not powerful enough to cool down a gaming laptop.

It can be quite challenging to buy the best laptop cooling pads especially for those who are new to them. You can check our review of the best laptop cooling pads below and pick one or two. We only choose and recommend just the best for you, and the decision is all yours.

1. Portable Laptop Cooling Pad With Dual Fans by Targus

A laptop cooling pad works better and faster with dual fans, and this is exactly what this cooling pad is for. It features the special design of multiple holes that distribute even airflow to make sure that your laptop does not overheat. You can easily power the fan by connecting the mini USB cable of the cooling pad to your laptop, simple as that. There is also a built-in USB hub that you can share the connectivity to power the fan which is a total plus.

Apart from being able to cool down your laptop, this laptop cooling pad is also very convenient to use. There are 4 adjustable height levels that you can adjust to work with the most comfortable angle that you prefer. On top of that, there are ledges at the bottom to ensure that the laptop stays in place without sliding down. This laptop cooling pad is durable and sturdy, and its performance will not you down. Thousands of users also recommend this option, so check it out.


Built-in hub included

Lightweight and portable

Durable and sturdy construction

Comfortable and ergonomic design

Dual fans with easy USB cable connection

Adjustable height levels with bottom ledges


The fans are a little noisy


2. RGB Laptop Cooling Pad With Touch Control by havit

If two fans are not enough to keep your laptop cool, then three fans might work. This laptop cooling pad right here comes with 3 high speed fans that work quietly to deliver cooling effect without disturbing your concentration. The surface of the pad is made from metal with a mesh design to deliver the airflow that your laptop needs. There are 2 USB ports that you can power the fans by connecting the pad with your laptop.

On top of that, there are also RGB side lights with up to 15 modes that you can switch with a simple press on the button. Not to mention that there are two adjustable height levels, this laptop cooling pad is simply among the best. There is also a built-in nonslip baffle that keeps laptops of any size in place without sliding down. This one comes with 2 fan colors that you can choose from, so feel free to take a look.


Durable metal surface construction

Large mesh design with 2 USB ports

3 high speed fans with quiet operation

Adjustable height with large nonslip baffle

Bright RGB light with multiple light modes

Compatible with most laptops up to 17 inches


The side lights cannot be turned off


3. LED Laptop Cooling Pad With Extra Large Fan by KLIM

Don’t you worry about your laptop heating up because this laptop cooling pad will not let that happen. It comes with an extra large fan that is powerful enough to keep the laptop at its normal temperature. That large fan works quietly with only 23dB of sound at a great speed for the best using experience possible for you. Plus with the RGB light effects, gaming or other daily work will be extra cool every time.

Speaking of gaming, this laptop cooling pad is large enough to accommodate a 17-inch laptop with space to spare. It is durable and sturdy enough to support the weight of most laptops, and it also has a metal grid panel that sustains the shock. There are 4 adjustable height levels to ensure that you will be able to use your laptop comfortably and conveniently. This laptop cooling pad has a lot to offer, so let’s see if has what it takes to match your preferences.


Easy cleanup and maintenance

Large cooling fan with quiet operation

Large mesh surface for efficient airflow

Bright RGB lights with 5 effects and 7 colors

Adjustable height levels with supportive design

Durable and stable construction with metal grid panel


The USB cable is a little short to some users


4. Heavy Duty Laptop Cooling Pad With Cooler Master

The unique thing about this laptop cooling pad is that it comes with a mesh surface that also functions as a chill mat. This surface is heavy duty and tough enough to support the weight of most laptops without fail. Plus with the large cooling fan underneath, it works amazingly to keep your laptop cool and prevent overheating. At the same time, the fan also has an LED light that makes it looks really nice and matches with the gaming laptops as well.

More than that, there are two vents at the front of the device that is designed to provide a smooth breeze. This is to ensure that your hands are also cool and comfortable no matter how long you use your laptop. Another great thing is that this laptop cooling pad also comes with two adjustable height levels which is a total plus. Great price with incredible performance, no doubt why it is among the best laptop cooling pads.


4-port USB hub

Additional front air vents

Heavy duty and sturdy mesh surface

RGB fan with colorful LED lighting stripe

Large cooling fan with built-in speed controller

Comfortable with up to 17-inch laptops, notebooks, and more


It is a little too large to be portable


5. Laptop Cooling Pad With Dust Filter by IETS

It is common for a laptop cooling pad to be packed with dust after some time of use, and this one comes prepared for this issue. There are two air filters that make sure to prevent the dust from building inside the cooling pad and your laptop. At the same time, these filters are also very easy to disassemble and clean which is so convenient to use. No dust accumulation also means better heat dissipation, hence less overheating.

The unique thing about this laptop cooling pad is that there are 2 high-speed blowers instead of fans. These blowers provide huge air volume to ensure that your laptop will not heat up at all. On top of that, there is a flexible rubber ring that directs the air close to the laptop for the best cooling effect possible. The best part is that there are 7 adjustable height levels for the most comfortable experience for you. You really should check it out, this one is among the best.


Durable, robust, and sturdy design

2 cleanable and removable dust filters

7 adjustable height levels with solid support

Long cable included for external power supply

Compatible with laptops from 14 to 17 inches in size

Large and high-speed blowers with adjustable speeds


Some users find it huge to bring along with


6. Laptop Cooling Pad With Metal Panel by AICHESON

Here we have another high quality laptop cooling pad that you might find interesting. It features the design of a metal panel that is not only durable but also helpful with better heat dissipation. Because it is made for gaming laptops, this laptop cooling pad is compatible with most large laptops with sizes up to 18 inches. This pad comes with 2 USB ports that you can connect to the cooler and a mouse or a keyboard.

There is one large fan that works its best every time to keep your laptop cool even during long hours of use. You can also adjust the speed of the fan and turn off the light modes in case you don’t need them. More than that, there are 7 adjustable angles and height levels that you can select for the most comfortable using experience. This laptop cooling pad is perfect for most laptops out there, and you will not regret choosing it.


Modern and stylish design

Comfortable and ergonomic to use

Durable metal panel with an ergonomic stand

Large and powerful fan with large cooling holes

RGB lights with 10 adjustable modes and switch

7 adjustable angle and height levels with anti-slip baffle


The legs could be better


7. Laptop Cooling Pad With Multiple Fans by SHUNION

While most laptop cooling pads come with 3 fans, this one has 6 of them working together simultaneously. In case your laptop is difficult to cool down, then this is the cooling pad that you should go for. The thing that we like is the placement of the fans that deliver efficient amount of airflow to your laptop. Along with that, there are also RGB lights with 7 colors and 12 effects that you can select to match with your gaming laptop.

On top of that, this modern cooling laptop pad features the advanced LCD screen display. It shows the fan speed and modes that you can easily adjust using the button. Not to mention that there are 7 adjustable height levels, this laptop cooling pad has everything for you. It is durable and supportive, and it is also has non-skid pad to keep your laptop in place. Plus with the reasonable price, this is definitely a great option to take into consideration.


RGB colorful lights with 12 effects

LCD screen with button control panel

Non-slip baffle with anti-skid bottom pad

Powerful fan speed with low noise operation

Ergonomic design with 7 adjustable height levels

Metal mesh surface with 6 high-speed fans underneath


The fans are a little small


8. Laptop Cooling Pad With Phone Stand by moojay

For those who do not like light from the fan, this is the laptop cooling pad that you look for. This option comes with an invisible ABS fan that works quietly to cool down your laptop without bothering you. However, it has RGB light strips on both sides of the cooler with 7 different lighting effects that you can choose. You can also turn them off if you don’t like them which is quite convenient to use.

Thanks to its large size, this laptop cooling pad is ideal for laptops from size 11 inches up to 18 inches. Its metal mesh is durable and firm enough to support the weight of most laptops with great stability. There are also 6 adjustable angles along with a phone stand for additional comfort, and this is a total plus. With both good price and quality, this could be the laptop cooling pad that you have been searching for so check it out.


Heavy duty and supportive design

Durable ABS fan with quiet operation

RGB side lighting strips with 7 effects

Detachable phone stands for both sides

6 adjustable angles with anti-slip baffle

Compatible with most gaming and regular laptops


It tends to drain the laptop battery fast


9. Laptop Cooling Pad With Stand Design by SOUNDANCE

Want a laptop stand that is also a laptop cooling pad? This is exactly what you look for, and its quality is also amazing as well. As a laptop cooling pad, there is a large fan in the middle that circulates and delivers a large amount of air to your laptop. That way, there won’t be any laptop overheating problem anymore. Plus with the LED blue light that lights up when the fan works, this cooling pad is very convenient to use.

Since it also functions as a laptop stop, it is compatible with laptops and notebooks with sizes up to 17.3 inches. There are adjustable angles, and you can also elevate the whole thing to your eye level which is super comfortable and convenient to use. Plus with 4 USB 3.0 ports, and a separate USB power port, this option provides so much more than most laptop cooling pads out there. So durable and stable, this is one of the best laptop cooling pads that you should not overlook.


Compact and portable design

Large fan with low noise operation

Built-in shaft with rubber feet and mats

Silicone pads and smooth edges for protection

Multiple USB ports with a power cord included

Adjustable angle and height levels with elevation function


It is a little stiff to adjust at first


10. Premium Laptop Cooling Pad by CP3

With an aluminum alloy panel, this is one of the most durable laptop cooling pads in the market today. It is heavy duty enough to accommodate most laptops without losing the cooling effect at all. In fact, its 5 fans deliver powerful airflow for the best heat dissipation possible for you. There are also LED and RGB lights along with different effects and modes that you can choose from. It is comfortable and ergonomic to use, and its amazing performance lasts for years. So practical and stable, this can be your next favorite laptop cooling pad so don’t forget to take a look.


Adjustable LED and RGB lights

5 quiet fans with powerful airflow

Dual USB ports with braided wire cable

Durable and high quality materials design

Ergonomic design with 2 adjustable height levels


There should be more adjustable height levels

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