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Top 10 Best Makeup & Jewelry Storage Cases Review

Makeup and jewelry storage cases help you to organize your items neatly while saving space at the same time. Most of these cases come with spacious drawers that allow you to arrange the jewelry and makeup with ease. Even better, some of them have nice designs that look very nice on the vanity tables as well. You will find 10 best makeup and jewelry storage cases in our review today, so take a look.


Makeup & Jewelry Storage Cases Buying Guide

With so many makeup and jewelry cases to choose from, you have to know some tricks. Look for the important features, and you will be able to use the option that you choose for years. There are 3 of them, let’s see what they are with us below.


The first thing to check is definitely the materials of the case that you want to buy. See if it is durable enough to handle all the weights from your items. Most of the materials are plastic, but it is not the plastic that you want to have. Aim for acrylic plastic because they are more durable yet lighter which is easy to use and clean.

Easy Maintenance

Speaking of cleaning, get the makeup and jewelry storage cases that you cane easily maintain. The best cases should allow you to disassemble easily and fast so that regular cleanup is convenient. If you choose the ones with colors, make sure that they are washable. You can’t avoid dust, so cleanup will be easy if the cases are washable.

Storage Space

Depending on how much space you want for your makeup items and jewelry, the size may vary. Some storage cases come with a tower of compartment and drawers that you can store multiple items with ease. If you won’t have a lot, a compact ones with do since there are many makeup and jewelry storage cases. The key is to pick the ones that offer enough space for a long term use. You know you always buy new makeups, so make sure your storage case is ready for those.

As one of the most popular items, there are so many makeup and jewelry cases for you to choose from. The good thing though, you will find 10 best quality and most-purchase in our review below. Feel free to take a look and make your pick, all of them are great.

1. Cosmetic & Jewelry Storage Case Display by Sorbus

As the best-selling cosmetic and jewelry case in the market, this unit sure has a lot to offer. It comes with 4 large drawers along with 2 smaller drawers that allow you to store items of various sizes easily. At the same time, there are 16 slots for lipsticks, makeup brushes, and other accessories. With everything together, you will be able to organize your cosmetic and jewelry neatly using just one case.

The whole unit is made from high quality acrylic-like clear plastic, making it super durable to have for long term use. Along with that, its chic design makes it a nice compliment in any room décor. There are several colors available for you to choose from, and a high quality display case with this price is not easy to find. Thousands of users are happy with this option so don’t forget to check it out, you might like it too.


Elegant and stylish design

Easy to assemble and clean

Compact and space-saving size

Clear design with spacious room

Multiple storage drawers and slots

Durable and high quality materials design


It is not scratch resistant


2. Customizable Makeup Organizer Display by Readaeer

With the unique detachable design, this one unit allows you to assemble it in 4 different ways. You can stack everything together into one single case display or separate them into 3 cases. The interlocking design makes sure that assembly is easy and simple, and it is super flexible to use. On top of that, there are also many drawers, 12 in total, along with 16 slots for additional storage. Organizing your makeup and jewelry will be super convenient with this one.

Another great thing that we like about it is the elegant and stylish design that it comes with. The combination of black color and high quality acrylic makes this storage case looking so beautiful while being durable. You can use it for years, and it will not break or lose its quality at all. Cleanup is also easy since you can clean it up with water, and its color will not fade. There are 4 colors available, and the choice is all yours.


Anti-slip and stable

Smooth drawers operation

Easy cleanup and maintenance

Durable and long lasting quality

Interlocking and stackable design

Large and spacious storage capacity


The drawers make squeaking noise at first


3. Acrylic Makeup Organizer Display by DreamGenius

This is another high quality makeup and jewelry case that features a stackable design that you might like. The difference is that it comes with a clear design that is helpful and useful in various ways. This clear design allows you to see the contents inside so that you can easily choose the item that you want. At the same time, this clear appearance also makes a nice compliment in various room décor which is really nice.

There are multiple compartments and slots, and you will be able to store many items. Along with that, all drawers slide smoothly and quietly which is so convenient to use as well. Not to mention the anti-slip mats at the bottom, the whole unit will remain in place without shaking or wobbling at all. So easy to assemble and use, this is definitely one of the best makeup and jewelry storage cases that you should take into consideration.


Easy to assemble and clean

Interlocking and stackable design

Durable and high quality materials

Velvet interior padding for extra protection

Smooth sliding drawers with compact handles

Large storage capacity and multiple compartments


The brush slots could be deeper


4. Acrylic Makeup & Jewelry Organizer by HBlife

So compact yet so spacious, this is one of the most popular makeup and jewelry storage cases to have in mind. It offers up to 12 drawers of various sizes along with 16 slots for additional storage. This is to ensure that it has enough space for your cosmetics and accessories while saving space on your vanity table. Plus with the interlocking and stackable design, set up this storage case is very easy and simple.

On top of that, the whole unit is super durable thanks to the high quality acrylic materials. It does not break easily, and it is also very light which makes it easy for you to move around. Another thing that we like is the velvet liner inside the compartments that protect your jewelry. Maintenance is also convenient since the storage case is washable so a cloth and water are all you need. With both quality and reasonable price, this storage case will not let you down.


Multiple drawers and slots

Protective velvet lining interior

Interlocking and stackable design

Durable and high quality acrylic material

Easy assembly, cleanup, and maintenance

Smooth sliding drawers with molded handles


The drawer comes all the way out sometimes


5. Extra Large Cosmetics & Jewelry Storage Case by Sorbus

Here we have a super cute cosmetics and jewelry storage case that you should check out. There are 4 organizers in total, and the stackable design allows you to separate or put them all together as one unit. Each organizer can hold contents of various sizes so that you easily arrange your makeup and jewelry neatly. Along with that, there are multiple compartments and slots on the top organizer for smaller items.

Just like some of the storage cases on our list today, this one also comes with a clear design. With this design, cleanup and use are both convenient and easy. Plus with the high quality acrylic design, this makeup storage case is durable enough to have for years of use. It makes a nice compliment on the vanity table and pretty much in any room décor. You might want to take a look, this option is very nice.


Easy to assemble and clean

Stable and sturdy freestanding

Easy and smooth glide drawers

Interlocking and stackable design

Durable and high quality acrylic design

Multiple storage compartments and slots


It tends to crack upon heavy setup


6. Bamboo Cosmetic & Jewelry Storage Case by X-cosrack

Durability comes first, and with bamboo as a material, this storage station stands strong for years to come. The special thing about this unit is that it features the design from high quality and natural bamboo. This is to ensure long lasting durability along with easy maintenance at the same time. On top of that, this bamboo storage case is also smooth and water resistant, so cleanup is also a simple task with it.

There are various compartments for cosmetics for daily makeup routines along with extra slots. The cool part is that the dividers on the top shelf are movable, and the side drawers are height adjustable. This is to ensure that the unit is flexible enough to accommodate your organizing need. Plus with the flax fabric drawers, cosmetics and jewelry storage is super convenient. It is affordable and unique, so feel to take a look.


Easy to assemble and clean

Adjustable heights and positions

Hard, smooth, and water resistant

Flexible and large storage capacity

Durable and natural bamboo design

Adjustable and smooth sliding trays


It is a little heavy


7. Compact Mini Cosmetic & Jewelry Organizer by KWELLK

A cosmetic and jewelry organizer of this size is not only compact but also portable. You can easily arrange your contents inside and bring them along with you to places with ease. It looks both professional and stylish, and it also protects your items inside as well. There are enough drawers and compartments for regular items such as cosmetics and some jewelry. The cool part is the top shelf that is large enough to accommodate tall bottles.

If we talk about quality, this mini storage case is also super durable and tough. The whole thing is made from high quality acrylic which is both odor-free and strong. Even better, it does not require any assembly at all while cleanup is also super easy and simple. This unit comes with both quality and style that everyone can rock, and this is why we recommend it. Let’s take a look and see if you find it interesting.


Easy to clean and use

Durable, odor-free, and tough

Crystal clear and stylish design

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

Sturdy handle for convenient carrying

Extra large and spacious storage capacity


Some users think it is a little small


8. Clear Large Makeup & Jewelry Organizer by MOOCHI

By the look, you can already tell that this makeup organizer is different from other options above. In fact, it is more chic and elegant which makes a nice compliment in modern room décor. This cosmetics storage case features the neat design from premium clear acrylic material. At the same time, each compartment and drawer aligns nicely on each other which makes the whole unit looking super nice.

Speaking of compartments and drawers, all of them are spacious enough to contain your cosmetics, jewelry, and other accessories. At the same time, it comes with silicone handler on each drawer that you can easily pull as well. Plus with the transparent design, you can see the contents inside right away which is so convenient to use. This one comes with 2 colors, so feel free to check them out and pick your most favorite.


Easy and quick to assemble

Multifunctional and versatile

Elegant design with protective lid

Spacious compartments and drawers

Durable, dust-free, and moisture-free

Quiet and smooth sliding drawers with silicone handler


It is a little pricey


9. Stylish Cosmetic & Jewelry Storage Box by Queenscus

When it comes to style, this one is definitely a win thanks to its chic and unique design. As you can see, this storage box features a very cool appearance with top compartments and drawers. The top compartment is tall enough to accommodate perfumes and other bottles. Meanwhile, there are 4 other drawers with a large capacity for cosmetics and jewelry. Plus with the 4 standing feet, the whole unit looks super cool in any room.

Along with style, this storage case is also durable and long lasting. Thanks to the design from high quality acrylic, it can handle all the weight of the makeup and jewelry without shaking. Not to mention that it is also crush resistant, this unit is perfect to have for long term use. There are 2 size and color options available for you to choose from, and the choice is all yours. Let’s see if it has what it takes to match your preference and style.


Chic and stylish design

Durable, solid, and stable

Functional and multipurpose

Protective magnetic dust cover

Smooth sliding drawers with plating handles

High quality ABS plastic and acrylic materials


It is a little expensive


10. Cosmetic & Jewelry Storage Case With LED Mirror by DressPlus

Want a cosmetic organizer that you can do makeup with? You are looking right at one right now, and its performance and quality are amazing as well. This compact storage case comes with a large storage capacity for your cosmetics and jewelry. At the same time, it is compact enough to stand on your vanity table without taking up too much space at all. Plus with the carrying handle, you can also take it to places with you as well.

The best part is the LED mirror that this makeup storage case comes with. This allows you to do your makeup no matter where you are with ease. The box features USB ports that you can charge from your car or power bank for the LED lights. Not to mention the durable and high quality plastic design, this organizer is one of a kind to have. You can use it both indoor and outdoor, and its performance will not let you down.


Dust proof and waterproof

Convenient USB charging port

Bright and dimmable LED light mirror

Durable and high grade plastic material

3 lighting modes with a touch control switch

Large storage capacity with several drawers


It can a little bulky to carry

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