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Top 10 Best Makeup Mirrors With Lights Review

Makeup mirrors with lights do not only offer better illumination but also help you to concentrate better. When there are enough lightings, you will be able to easily do specific tasks such as applying eyeliner or drawing eyebrows. Most makeup artists or people who do makeup at home always have makeup mirrors with lights on their vanity desks. You are at the right place if you are looking for one of those mirrors, so check out the list below.


Makeup Mirrors With Lights Buying Guide

There are a few important things that you want your lighting makeup mirrors to have. We list them all for you below, and the best makeup mirrors surely come with those features. Let’s take a look and see what they are.

Adjustable Brightness

You know you don’t want your makeup mirrors to be super bright all the time. This is why you want your mirror to have the adjustable brightness function. That way, you will be able to select the right amount of brightness at the right level easily. Most high quality makeup mirrors with lights out there have 3 levels from low to high. Look for those types, and you will be able to conveniently do your makeup at any time of the day.

Light Colors

When it comes to makeup, light colors are also very important. The lights reflect the actual natural light, and that helps you to get the best makeup to any events. There are times when you have to put on makeup for the day or the night, and those lights help. Find the mirrors with at least 2 light colors (cold white and warm white) or more for you to use. With the right light, you will also be able to give yourself the best makeup as well.

Magnification Modes

The best mirrors with lights must have magnification modes that you can zoom in for a more accurate makeup. This allows you to focus on certain parts on the makeup, and it is helpful for uses with bad eyesight also. There are different levels of magnification, ranging from 2x to 10x or even more. If you like to get close to your face for perfect details, this is the function to have in mind.

With so many makeup mirrors with lights in the market, looking for the best one is not easy. This is why you will find 10 high quality lighted vanity makeup mirrors in our review below. We made sure to pick the best, and the choice is all yours.

1. MakeupVanity Mirror With Lights by Wondruz

Looks so compact yet very functional, this makeup mirror comes with up to 21 LED lights. This is to ensure that there is enough lighting for you to do your makeup both day and night time. At the same time, these lights are very easy to adjust since it comes with a touch screen switch. A simple is all you need to brighten or dim the light which is super convenient and easy to use. Plus with the adjustable degree rotation, you can also choose your favorite angle as well.

Another awesome thing about this vanity mirror is that it features magnification modes. There are 3 panels in total, and you can select either zoom in or wide angle mode for the perfect makeup just the way you like. The light of this mirror is powered by either batteries or a USB cable, and the choice is all yours. It is both stylish and elegant, and it makes a nice option to have in any room. Let’s take a look and see if you find this option interesting.


Dual power supply

Adjustable degree rotation

Sturdy and supportive base

Compact and space-saving design

21 LED lights with touch screen switch

Magnification modes with wide angle viewing


The cord is a little short


2. Double-Sided Vanity Makeup Mirror by Conair

When it comes to style, the double-sided mirror always one of the cool options to have in mind. This is a great example of that, and its performance is absolutely satisfying to use. The special thing about this vanity makeup mirror is that it can rotate 360 degrees, providing the best angle possible for you. At the same time, its unique oval design allows you to view it easier and more conveniently as well.

As for the light, the mirror comes with a 20W incandescent bulb to ensure perfect lighting just the way you like. Not to mention the magnification mode that allows you to zoom in, detail makeup and grooming will be super convenient. We really like the unique shape and size of this mirror, and its quality is also amazing. This one comes with 3 colors available, and the choice is all yours to choose from.


Sleek and stylish design

Compact and portable size

Durable and smooth chrome finish

Double-sided with 360 degrees rotation

Unique oval shape with a sturdy base design

2 magnification modes with incandescent halo lighting


The bulb tends to get a little hot


3. Large Makeup Mirror With LED Bulbs by FENCHILIN

In case you look for a professional vanity makeup mirror with lights, this could be the one. As you can see, there are large light bulbs all around the mirror, offering the best lighting at every angle for you. Along with that, the brightness of those lights is adjustable and there are 3 colors that you can choose from. This is to ensure that you can the best and most perfect lighting just the way you like every single time.

Another great thing about this mirror is that it features a smart touch control and memory function. A simple touch is all you need to change the brightness and light color. Meanwhile, the memory function keeps the last light setting that you use so that you can start doing the makeup right away. Plus with the simple yet elegant design, this makeup mirror makes a perfect compliment to have in any room.


Dual installation methods

Bright and large light bulbs

Perfect size with clear display

Easy smart touch control buttons

Adjustable brightness and color lights

USB charging port for smart devices charging


Installation can take quite sometime


4. Trifold Vanity Mirror With Lights by Absolutely Luvly

Here we have another high quality trifold makeup mirror that you might want to have. The special thing about this mirror is that it offers 4 different mirrors in total. The largest mirror in the middle is for regular use while the two on the sides provide different magnification modes. Along with that, there are dimmable LED lights that you can adjust with a press on the button. From natural to bright light, this mirror has them all for you which is super awesome.

That is not all, this mirror also comes with 180 degrees rotation function as well. This is to ensure that you can the perfect angle just the way you like with ease. Just like most of the best makeup mirrors, this one also delivers perfect detail with its high quality materials design. Not to mention that this mirror is cordless and portable, you can also bring it along with you to places as well. Great quality with a great price, this is one great option to have in mind.


180 degrees angle rotation

Cordless, lightweight, and portable

Adjustable and dimmable brightness

Dual power sources with long USB cord

High definition with magnification modes

Easy touchscreen LED with a sensitive button


The height of the mirror should be adjustable


5. Professional Makeup Mirror With LED Lights by VESAUR

The professional design of this vanity mirror does not only provide style but also quality and performance. There are 32 built-in medical grade lamp beads in total, and the brightness it offers is simply perfect. The awesome part is that those lights are super bright yet soft on the eyes so you can get close to the mirror for detailed makeup easily. On top of that, it does not have any strobes at all which means there won’t be any eye strain as well.

The brightness of the light is of course adjustable, from 0 to 1100 with a simple turn on the knob. Not to mention the strong magnification and rotatable design of up to 270 degrees, this makeup mirror is super awesome. Apart from the vanity mirror, you can also use it as an ambient light, desk lamp, night light, and more. So compact yet so functional, isn’t this one of the best makeup mirrors that you want to have?


Dual power supplies

Functional and versatile

Durable frame and sturdy base design

Double-sided design with high definition

Built-in lamp beads with adjustable brightness

10 times magnification with 270 degrees rotation


The quality of the cable could be better


6. Compact Vanity Mirror With Bulbs by FENCHILIN

For those who don’t look for anything big, then this is the one. This vanity makeup mirror comes with just the perfect size along with the great quality that you can trust. There are 9 LED bulbs in total, and all of them are dimmable with different brightness settings. At the same time, there is a smart touch control that you can change the light modes with a simple touch. Plus with the memory function, using it is super convenient.

On top of the performance, the quality of this makeup mirror is also awesome. It features the design from high quality metal base and frame to ensure that it is durable and sturdy. You can use it for years, and it does not break or rust easily at all. Not to mention the long lifespan of the bulbs, this mirror is simply perfect to have. There are 3 colors available for you to choose from, so feel free to check them out.


Adjustable light colors

10x magnification modes

Durable and sturdy base and frame

360 degrees swivel with smooth rotation

Glossy aluminum base with a skid-proof mat

Adjustable brightness with dimmable LED bulbs


The cord is a little too short


7. Makeup Mirror With Lights & Audio Speaker by Hansong

How about a makeup mirror that also functions as a Bluetooth speaker to play your songs? Yes, that exists and you are looking at one right now. This mirror is super cool to have, and everything it offers is simply perfect. The mirror itself is so clear, and it provides a high definition to ensure the perfect view. At the same time, its magnification modes are up to 10x so that you can see all the details that you need.

In case you want to adjust the angle, this mirror can rotate up to 180 degrees in total for you. The best part is the Bluetooth functions that you can connect to your smart devices to play music. A smart vanity mirror with a sturdy base like this is one of a kind to have. Plus with the reasonable price, you will not regret choosing it. This one comes with 3 colors including white, black, and rose gold, so feel free to pick your most favorite.


Clear and high definition

Extra little magnifying mirror for detail

Adjustable LED light with touch sensor

Long battery life with low power consumption

180 degrees rotation with 10x magnifying modes

High quality speaker with stable Bluetooth connection


The light could be brighter


8. Double-Side Round Mirror With Light by KDKD

Round mirror is always super cute to have on the vanity table, and it is also super compact. It might be small, but it functions just as good as the larger ones. There are LED light beads around the frame, and you can easily adjust the brightness of the light beads with a simple press on the sensor. Along with that, there are also different magnification modes that you can adjust on both sides of the mirror as well.

That is not all, you can also rotate the mirror up to 360 degrees while the sturdy base keeps the whole mirror steady in place. The mirror comes with an anti-slip and anti-fall base to ensure it in position during use. Not to mention the design from high quality materials, this vanity mirror is super long lasting to have. Lightweight and convenient to use, isn’t it a nice mirror to have in your room?


Compact and ergonomic design

Long and rechargeable battery life

Anti-slip, sturdy, and supportive base

High quality stainless steel and ABS material

Adjustable brightness with 360 degrees swivel

Double-side design for regular and magnifying modes


The battery life could be longer


9. Tabletop Makeup Mirror With Lights by EASEHOLD

With up to 42 LED lights, this makeup mirror is bright enough for you to work on your makeup yet soft enough to not hurt your eyes. The lights are dimmable, and you can do so with a simple long press. Next to that button is the M button that allows you to switch to light mode with 3 effects for you to choose from. Those light effects are natural light, warm light, and white light, and each of them is useful in its own way.

Just like most of the best makeup mirrors on our list today, this one also offers 90 degrees rotation. That way, you will get to see the best angle easily no matter if you are sitting or standing. The best part is the storage tray at the bottom of the base that you can store small items like accessories and jewelry. The whole mirror super steady thanks to the supportive base and anti-slip pads. Simple and inexpensive, don’t forget to check it out and see if you like it.


Bright and dimmable LED lights

Easy and convenient touch control

Stable and sturdy base with storage tray

Magnifying function with 3 light effects

High performance and long lasting battery

Adjustable angle with 90 degrees rotation design


The battery life should last longer


10. Vanity Makeup Mirror With LED Lights by BESTOPE

It might look small, but this makeup mirror comes with up to 60 LED lights around the frame. So no matter how dark your room gets, this mirror can still offer the best lighting just the way you like. On top of that, there are also 3 color lighting modes including cool light, natural light, and warm light that you can choose from. This is to ensure that you have the right light for various makeup purposes. Along with that, it also offers magnifying modes on another side of the mirror that you can easily rotate as well. Plus with the compact and lightweight design, this mirror is super portable. It has a lot to offer while the price is quite reasonable, so let’s see if you like it or not.


Dual power supply

Elegant and stylish design

Easy to put together and use

Compact, lightweight, and portable

Magnifying side with 270 degrees rotation

Bright and dimmable LED lights with 3 lighting modes


The plastic material makes it a little flimsy

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