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Top 10 Best Outdoor Projectors For Movies Review

Outdoor projectors take movie watching to a whole new level no matter where you are. With it, you will be able to enjoy movie nights with your own portable theater comfortably and easily. There are many projectors for outdoor use in the market, but you will find the best ones here. We also have a buying guide to help you out, so let’s check them all out below.


Outdoor Projectors Buying Guide

It is very easy to buy outdoor projectors, but the key is to pick the best one. There are a few tips that you can read below before you buying an outdoor projector for movies. Feel free to take a look and see what they are with us below.

Brightness Rating

You can tell the brightness rating of a projector by checking its lumens which is easy and simple. The best outdoor projectors should offer a brightness rating of at least 2,000 lumens. That way, it will be able to provide the right amount of brightness for your outdoor uses with great performance. If you want to use your projector in the evening or when it is not completely dark, go for more. The ones with 2,500 to 3,000 lumens are also available, and the more means the better.


No matter if it is for indoor or outdoor use, resolution is very important in projectors. It determines the quality of the image that it displays onto the screen, and the larger is also the better. The standard resolution for movies is 1920×1090 pixels aka 1080p or Full HD, and this is what you should go for. Quality comes with price, but you will definitely have a great experience using it. You can also choose 1280×720 pixels aka 720p if you are on a budget or won’t use it much.


Size absolutely matters when it comes to projectors for outdoor use because you have to bring it with you. There are many compact and portable outdoor projectors that you can choose from. At the same time, don’t forget to look for the ones with easy setup and use. Look for the ones with built-in battery that is long lasting enough for use in case you bring it for camping. Make sure that the compact size also has convenient connectivity options so that you will have a good experience.

Outdoor projectors are quite pricey to some extent, and we want to make things easier for you. Below is a list of 10 best projectors with high quality that you can choose from. Maybe one of them has what it takes to match with your preferences, so check them out.

1. Mini Multimedia Outdoor Projector Package by Dr. J Professional

Lumens: 1800

Being compact and portable while providing multimedia features at the same time makes this outdoor projector one of the most popular options in the market. You can use it with not only your laptops but also other devices such as DVD player, media player, smartphones, tablets, TV box, video games, and more. This one mini projector alone is ideal for entertainment purposes both indoor and outdoor with amazing quality every time.

The resolution that it delivers is 1080P, and its performance is way better and brighter than most LED projectors out there. Since it comes in a package, you will also get a remote control and a 100-inch projector screen along with cables. This allows you to take your movie theater experience to pretty much anywhere you go. Thousands of users highly recommend this option due to its price and quality, so let’s see if you find it interesting.


Compact and portable

Built-in stereo surround speaker

Bright color with an enhanced contrast ratio

Easy to connect and use with different devices

Quiet operation with dual fan cooling technology


It is more ideal for a dark atmosphere


2. Full HD LCD Outdoor Projector by QKK

Lumens: 6500

Thanks to a large number of lumens, this mini outdoor projector is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The special thing about this option is the high native resolution that it delivers. So it is not only ideal for movies but also other entertainments such as video games and more. On top of that, there are ports for AV, HDMI, SD, USB, VGA, and headphone plug to ensure the best using experience for you.

Another great thing about this outdoor projector is the five-layer LCD display that supports up to 50,000 hours of use. Plus with the 1080P resolution, the view is bright and crystal clear for you always. This one also includes a 100-inch portable projector screen in the package which makes it a nice purchase. It could be a little pricey, but its performance will not let you down. Don’t forget to take a look, this is also among the best as well.


Bright and high resolution

Adjustable angle and clarity

Flexible connectivity for multimedia use

Dual fan cooling system with built-in stereo speaker

High quality LCD display with a long lifespan lamp life


The screen is a little thin


3. WiFi Mini Outdoor Projector by Jinhoo

Lumens: 5500

Comes with a WiFi connection, you can use this mini outdoor projector without the need for cable at all. At the same time, there are still USB connections that you still can connect with other devices which is very convenient to use. It is compatible with a wide range of applications and devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, TV boxes, TV sticks, USB flash drives, and more. No matter what device you connect it to, the display is always bright and realistic which is incredible.

That is not all, there are also certain specifications that allow you to adjust the projector for the best display. Plus with the built-in speaker and low noise dual cooling fan, the whole thing is very easy and convenient to use. The package includes every necessary accessory along with a 100-inch projector screen, and the quality of this projector is among the best. You might want to check it out, WiFi outdoor projector like this one is among the latest models to have.


Easy to set up and take down

Fast and stable WiFi connection

High native brightness and resolution

Wide compatibility with applications and devices

Adjustable focus and keystone with built-in speakers


You have to keep it closer to the screen for a clear display


4. Compact Capsule Mini Projector by Anker

Lumens: 100 ANSI

Although the number of lumens is less, this mini projector is still one of the best out there. Anker designed this projector for outdoor use at night with incredible clarity and contrast. The special thing about this compact outdoor projector is that it is wireless, and its battery lasts up to 4 hours. Along with that, it also features a powerful omnidirectional speaker that delivers the sound at its best. You can enjoy a movie night outside with just this projector alone which is very nice.

On top of that, the Bluetooth 4.0 provides a stable connection so that you will be able to easily play movies or videos from your phones or tablets. There are also HDMI and USB ports in case you want to stream from other devices without using Bluetooth. It is easy to use and stylish, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS via an app. Almighty yet compact and portable, isn’t it a nice outdoor projector to take into consideration?


Low noise operation cooling fan

Long and rechargeable battery life

Compact, lightweight, and portable

Compatible with Android and iOS with a reliable app

Bright and clear display with omnidirectional speakers


There is no lens shutter


5. WiFi Mini Outdoor Projector With Tripod Mount by Bomaker

Lumens: 200 ANSI

Here we have another WiFi outdoor projector that works great during both day and night. Thanks to the powerful light engine, the brightness that it delivers is clearer without fading at all. This allows you to use it outdoor even before the sun sets which is extra convenient. As for the WiFi connection, it is fast and stable so that you can use it with pretty much any smart device with ease. Plus with the built-in stereo speakers, this projector delivers just everything that you need.

More than that, the details of the image are provided on the whole screen even at the edges. That way, you will be able to have the best movie or game experience every time you use this projector. It also comes with a built-in soundbar so you won’t need to buy another speaker to connect at all. This mini outdoor projector is compatible with most devices since there are different ports that you can connect. Let’s take a look and see if this is the type of projector that you like.


Fast and stable WiFi connection

High quality resolution and sharpness

Full HD display with built-in soundbar

Compact and portable size with lens cover included

Multiple ports for wide compatibility with different devices


The sound could be louder


6. Mini Outdoor Projector With Large Display by vankyo

Lumens: 4500

Small in size yet bright and large in the display, this mini outdoor projector is one of the best options to have in mind. Apart from its amazing 1080P resolution and crystal clear display, it also works great on a large screen with size up to 220 inches. You can easily adjust the keystone, manual focus, and other specifications for the best view with simple presses on the button. It also comes with built-in HIFI stereo speakers, providing both image and sound for you all in one.

Just like most of the best outdoor projectors on the list, this one is compatible with many different devices as well. From chrome cast and computer to smart devices and TV stick, this projector works with them all. It can work for hours without heating up too much thanks to the cooling system that it comes with. If you look for the best mini outdoor projector for home theater and movie outdoor, this is definitely the one.


Easy to set up and use

Compact and portable with bag included

Advanced fan cooling system with low noise

Dual installation methods with multiple ports

Large screen with bright and crystal clear display


The remote control could work better


7. Full HD Outdoor Projector With Keystone Support by YABER

Lumens: 8500

Forget about the bulky outdoor projectors that are difficult to bring along with because this one will make things convenient for you. It is a very compact outdoor projector that can deliver a full HD display with bright and colorful images both indoor and outdoor. On top of that, it also supports WiFi connection that works with both Android and iOS devices. With it, you can play and mirror pretty much anything from your devices to the larger screen with ease.

The amazing thing does not end here, it also has Bluetooth 5.0 connection that expands the ease in connectivity as well. It works great with a wide range of devices while the 4-point keystone ensures to deliver 4D correction along with adjustability in both horizontal and vertical directions. We also like the built-in HiFi stereo speakers that it comes with, and its performance is incredible. Long lasting quality with multiple features, this projector is one of a kind.


Compact and portable with bag included

Bright, colorful, and sharp image display

Removable side dust ports for easy cleanup

Ideal for both professional and recreational use

Fast and reliable Bluetooth and WiFi connection


The fan is a little noisy


8. 300” Display Outdoor Projector by ARTlii

Lumens: 340 ANSI

The combination of high dynamic contrast with a high refractive glass lens makes this outdoor projector one of the best this year. It does not only deliver 1080P resolution but also supports 4K to ensure the best performance in every movie you watch and every game you play. Not to mention the rich color that it displays, this projector will definitely be your next favorite appliance to use both indoor and outdoor.

Another awesome thing is that it also comes with the latest Bluetooth and WiFi connection. This simply makes it extra easy for you to transfer different applications from various devices onto the larger screen. Plus with its 5500 lumens, this projector can display large images onto a 300 inches screen without a problem. So convenient and versatile to use, this is one amazing option that you should check out.


Latest Bluetooth and WiFi connection

Bright color with high dynamic contrast

High quality image clarity and sharpness

Support 4K and UHD with 1080P display

Multiple ports for wide compatibility with different devices


The size is a bit bulky


9. Portable Mini Outdoor Projector by XGIMI

Lumens: 800 ANSI

When it comes to the best viewing experience, this portable projector sure has a lot to offer. The special thing about this option is that it display bright and clear images along with incredible sound quality. Thanks to the 3D and full HD projection, every game, movie, and other display from this projector is always with perfection. This one is also ideal for online meetings or presentations which is a total plus.

Since it is a portable projector for outdoor use, its battery lasts up to 2 hours of playback time or 8 hours of music on a single charge. This is just right for a movie night no matter if it is camping or a night out party. Its display is still realistic and sharp even on a 300-inch screen, and you can connect it with a wide range of devices. Compact, sleek, and stylish, this could be the outdoor projector that you will like.


Full HD and true 3D display

Compact, lightweight, and portable

Long lasting built-in battery quality

High quality surround sound speaker

Automatic fade and hassle elimination


It is expensive


10. HD Video Outdoor Projector by GooDee

Lumens: 7500

With both native 1080P resolution and HD display, this outdoor projector delivers amazing image quality with a size from 35 to 300 inches. That also means it works great both indoor and outdoor with zero changes in its performance and quality. On top of that, it also comes with a powerful built-in speaker to offer great sound for your gaming or movies as well. Not to mention you can connect it with different applications and devices, the entertainment is all there for you. It is simple and easy to use, and it makes a great projector to have so don’t forget to check it out.


Multiple installation methods

Easy to set up, take care of, and use

Bright, clear, and colorful image display

Ideal for both large and small screen projection

Wide compatibility with multiple applications and devices


There is no keystone adjustment

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