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Top 10 Best Overhead DVD Monitors Review

Overhead DVD monitors aka flip down DVD players are one cool car entertainment system to have. This option is mostly ideal for vehicles with a high interior space like the SUVs, vans, and more. The awesome thing is that overhead DVD players provide good quality audio and video performance that you will like. There are many of them available in the market, but we bring just the best for you today. Below is the list of 10 best overhead DVD monitors that you should take into consideration, so take a look.

Overhead DVD Monitors Buyer’s Guide

There are a few simple factors that determine the best overhead DVD monitors for your cars. So let’s see what those important keys to consider together with us in the guide below. After this, you will find it easier to get just the right overhead DVD monitors in no time.


Most overhead monitors are foldable, so durability is important. You wouldn’t want to see it snap one day when you flip it down to play some music. That is why you have to make sure that the monitor that you choose are durable and heavy duty. Pick the options that come with high quality material construction. At least you know that it is tough enough to handle common use without breaking easily.


A good quality overhead DVD monitor should be able to provide great performance and display. You should also go for the ones with built-in speakers as well so that you can see and hear from it simultaneously. Also, many overhead DVD players come with built-in wireless FM modulators. That allows it to beam the audio signal over an unused FM frequency directly to your stereo. It is convenient and easy, the only drawback is the occasional interference that you will experience which is normal.

View Quality

This part is also crucial because passengers at the back also want to see too. The best overhead DVD monitors should have bright and crystal clear picture quality resolution. That way, even your backseat passengers can see what is on the screen easily. Some even come with built-in dome lights in case you have to mount in over your vehicle’s factory dome light. If you usually have passengers at the back, don’t forget to find the ones with great view quality.

To make things easier for you, we have brought 10 best overhead DVD monitors in the list below. Each option is unique and great in their own way, the choice is all yours. Feel free to check them out and pick one or two from us, all of them are awesome.


1. Flip Down Monitor DVD Player by Rockville

With new digital panel that comes with high resolution of 1024×600, the view from this monitor is just great. The best part is that this monitor features the built-in LED mode setting and light ring with on and off setting. That is to ensure high quality and resolution just the way you want it to be. Plus with the built-in DVD player with anti-skip mechanism, the performance of this monitor is simply incredible.

This DVD player features the HDMI, USB, games, and LED so that you can use it conveniently. We love how elegant this monitor looks, and it makes a great compliment in most vehicles out there. It comes with two colors available that you can choose from between beige and black. That is to make sure that it can compliment any car that you install it in. With great quality and price, this can be something that you will like.


Built-in DVD player

Multi language OSD

Built-in LED mode setting

High resolution digital panel

Super bright LED dome lights

IR transmitter for wireless headphone connection


The screws are a little short


2. Roof Mount Monitor With Dual Video by Pyle

The great thing about this monitor is that it comes with a built-in IR transmitter and LED dome lights. That is to allow you to transmit the audio signal to any of the optional wireless headphones available easily. At the same time, it also activates the lights when you open your car door as well. The screen of the monitor is 14 inches wide, and it provides super clear and light image display. Plus with the incredible viewing angle, it makes an amazing entertainment solution to have.

That is not all, this overhead DVD monitor also comes with wireless remote control as well. The remote is full function, and you can easily change channels and adjust settings without reaching for the monitor. Not to mention its multiple RCA connectors, this monitor is one high quality option to consider. It is very easy and convenient to use, and this is one of the best overhead DVD monitors to take into consideration.


Crystal clear display

Large and wide screen

Built-in IR transmitter included

Dual dome lighting for illumination

Comes with wireless remote control

2 AV inputs for multiple connections


Not every angle is bright


3. All-In-One Ceiling Mount Monitor by Sound Storm Laboratories

Here we have a universal wide screen overhead monitor with incredible quality that you may like. You can easily mount it to the ceiling of your vehicle to replace the existing dome light easily. With it, you can get both the light and the DVD player, how great is that right? Just like most high quality options in the list, its screen can be flipped down when needed and back up when done. It works great and efficiently, and its quality is simply amazing.

The best part is that you can pop the disc into the built-in DVD player, plug into the USB or SD ports easily. You can even use the AV input to connect to external devices for more options. This monitor is so versatile, and the entertainment is simply endless with it. You can even use wireless IR headphones in case you want to listen to music or watch movies privately. This option has compact yet versatile, and many users are happy with it. You can be one of them too.


Built-in speakers

Wireless remote included

Multiple connection ports

Widescreen flip down monitor

Clear and bright screen resolution

Built-in DVD, FM transmitter, IR transmitter, and dome lights


It does not come with instruction


4. Ultra Thin FHD Overhead DVD Player by XTRON5

Comes with ultra thin design, this overhead DVD player is simply sleek and stylish to have in any vehicles. Style is something, but quality is another thing that this monitor comes with. It features the full HD 1080P video HD digital TFT monitor along with built-in HDMI port. That is ensure both quality view along with convenient use just the way you like. We also like the 1980×1080 HD resolution that it offers as well. This one has everything great, and we think you like like it.

The best part is the 130 degrees rotating screen that you can easily adjust for the best viewing angle. Plus with its sharp and clear FHD display, any movies and videos are always entertaining to watch. Not to mention that it supports positive and negative door control, this monitor is simply great. This monitor is sleek and elegant, and it makes a perfect choice for any vehicles out there. Don’t forget to check it out, this can be your next favorite overhead DVD monitor.


Ultra thin design

Sharp and clear display

Full HD 1080P resolution

Sleek and elegant touch panel

Blue atmospheric LED light bar

Supports positive and negative door control


It does not come with integrated speakers


5. Universal Ceiling Monitor by Power Acoustik

This is another universal ceiling mount monitor that you might want to check out. This one comes with 3 snap-on color skins along with swivel screen to offer just the best. The color skins are beige, black, and gray, and these interchangeable skins are very easy to switch. It is very stylish and durable, and you can install it on pretty much any vehicles out there. This monitor is compact, and its screen resolution is 800×600 to deliver decent view.

At the same time, it also comes with the slim design as well. That is to make sure that it looks great in any vehicles that you install it in. It also has AV input for auxiliary sources as well to deliver additional connections. If you only want a compact and slim overhead DVD monitor, this is the great option to choose. You might want to take a look, both its quality and design are great to have in any vehicles.


Easy to install and use

Good quality resolution

Compact and slim design

Universal mounting design

Interchangeable color skins included

Color matched trim rings for sculptured ceilings


It comes with one set of audio inputs


6. Ceiling Mount Overhead DVD Player by Power Acoustic

The unique thing about this DVD monitor is that it comes with car-spec drive for extreme temperature exposure. So no matter how hot or cold it is outside, this DVD player will not lose its performance or quality at all. On top of that, the monitor even comes with MHL mobile link input as well. That is to offer smart device connectivity that you can easily pair and connect with.

Just like the option above, this one also comes with interchangeable color skins as well. There are 3 colors that you can choose from including beige, black, and gray. You can easily switch from one color to another within seconds which is so convenient. This one comes with both quality and comfort that you can easily use. Not to mention that it is very easy to install, this is clearly a great option to choose.


Easy to install

Multiple connections

3 color shrouds included

Great quality screen resolution

Comes with manual and remote

MHL mobile link input included

Flash memory for last position recall


Some users find the screen a little large


7. Multimedia Car Roof Monitor by XTRONS

With stylish design, this is one attractive monitor that you should take into consideration. It features the exclusive touch button design that makes it easier for you to operate the unit. Also, it even has the elegant design that allows you to blend it with any vehicle designs easily. The monitor features the stunning FHD display along with 1920×1080 resolution to provide portrait vivid colors in high detail. That is to ensure great view at its best for your passengers at the back.

On top of that, it comes with the ultra clear 1080P video enjoyment for the best quality. You won’t have to worry about lagging or choppy video playback anymore with this screen. Plus with its 120 degree max open angle to ensure maximum viewing position for everyone. Also, it supports both positive and negative door control so that the light automatically turns on and off. From quality to style it has them all, let’s see if you like this option.


Stunning FHD display

Thin and elegant design

Adjustable viewing angle

Ultra clear 1080P resolution

Vivid colors with high detail

Supports positive and negative door control


It is quite tricky to install


8. High Resolution Overhead Monitor by Audiovox

Compact screen yet with high resolution, this 16:9 monitor is one of the best choice to choose. The best part is the built-in DVD player along with HDMI input that allow for easy view. You can play pretty much anything from movies to music which is so convenient. That is not all, it even has 16 channel wireless FM modulators to provide endless options and entertainment for you. We like the fact that it makes a nice compliment for any vehicles out there due to its elegant design. Not to mention the gray, beige, and black trim rings and snap on covers to match with different vehicles. From high resolution to quality, this overhead DVD monitor has them all for you. So let’s see if this is something that you like.


Dual IR transmitter

Wired headphone jack

High resolution screen

Remote control included

Built-in DVD player included

Interchangeable snap on trims

16 channel wireless FM modulator


Its size is a little small for some cars


9. Roof Mount Monitor With HDMI by EinCar

Here we have an overhead DVD monitor with adjustable TFT-LCD 1920×1080 screen. The screen is so great it supports 1080P videos such as AVI, MP4, MPG, VOB, RMVB which is so nice. That is not all, it even has LED light around the body and touch buttons as well. That way, you can still manage it at night easily which is so convenient to use.

On top of that, it has even has the built-in SD(TF) / USB slot and HDMI inputs as well. That is to support audio and video signal input from the Digital TV Box and other car DVD player. Not to mention the built-in FM transmitter for high quality audio input, this monitor is fully equipped for you. It is very easy to install and use, and this can be the option that you will love to have for your cars.


OSD language

Adjustable screen

Crystal clear resolution

HD digital TFT monitor

Built-in dome LED light

Remote control included

Supports video / audio input and output


It is quite difficult to install


10. Compact Car Roof Mount LCD Monitor by EinCar

Here we have another compact option that you might want to check out. This one comes with the 12.1 inch TFT LCD display along with high quality resolution to offer just the best. The best part is that it even comes with multi colors option to deliver clear view and image for you. This monitor supports 1080P video play along with MP4, MPG, RM, and many more. You can also use HDMI and SD to connect for a more variety of quality as well.

The cool part is the LED light that compliments the car while providing great convenient for you to use at night. That way, you can always use it with ease no matter when and where you are. Not to mention that it comes with remote control that you can easily manage from the distance. This overhead DVD monitor has everything convenient for you. Plus with the good price, this can be the option that may like so don’t forget to check it out.


1280×768 resolution

Compact TFT LCD display

Supports 1080P video play

Two 16:9 wide video inputs

1080 angle swivel screen SD

Full function wireless remote control


Some users think it is a little small

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