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Top 10 Best Pet Potty Mats Review

Pet potty mats are one good way to train your pets to do their business in the right place. You know there are times when the pets took our carpet for their toilet, and that is just not nice. The great thing about pet potty mats is that they also make a great compliment in the room as well. Most high quality pet potty mats come with grass designs that compliments most room décor out there. You will find 10 best pet potty mats from us below along with a buyer’s guide that will help you out. Let’s take a look and see if any of them gets your attention.

Pet Potty Mats Buyer’s Guide

When potty training a dog, pet potty mats will play an important part to make the training process easier. That is why this buyer’s guide is here to help to on what to look for in the best pet potty mats. There are only a few easy points actually, so check them out.


This is going to be where your pets doing their daily pottery, so durability is crucial. You have to make sure that the potty mat that you choose comes with high quality material design. The best quality potty mats for pets will not get damaged easily even from other extreme elements out there. That way, the mats that you buy will last longer for long term use which is somehow economical as well.

Odor Retention

With ability to retain the odor from flying around the places makes a potty mat ideal to have. You have to go for the option that can trap smell so that it keeps the potty odor-free. Many high quality pet potty mats come with this function, so it is not difficult to find one.


Before you purchase a potty mat for your pet, you have to make sure that it fits the room. If it is too small, your pets will not be comfortable using it. If it is too big, it will take up too much space in the room which is not so convenient at all. Go for the size that is perfect for the space in the room that want to train your pets how to potty. At the same time, make sure that the size of the mat is ideal for your pet size. That allows them to use it comfortably with all the space that they need.


Now this is also one of the main points to consider before buying a pet potty mat as well. Being waterproof is the main purpose of getting the mat, to protect your floor from your pet’s urine. Just make sure that you look for this function in the potty mat that you are interested in. If possible, aim for the one that is also stain resistant. That way, it makes it extra easy for you clean and to take care of.

Below is a list of 10 best pet potty mats that you can take into consideration. Each option comes with both quality and price that you can trust. So feel free to check them out and pick one or two from us, the choice is all yours.


1. Portable Dog Potty Mat

Training your pets to do their potty indoor will be so easy when you have this potty mat here. The mat comes with the Pee-Pod that slides out of the base along with the Wee Sponge power that turns urine into gel. That makes it super easy for you to expose the waste without causing a mess. At the same time, this mat also minimizes the odor as well. It has the covered wasted bin that works together with the Wee Sponge powder to trap smells and help to keep the potty odor-free.

The great thing about this option is that it is very easy to clean. It comes with the synthetic grass mat that you can easily clean with water which is so simple. Just remove it from the base and rinse it with water, and that’s it. This potty mat is perfect for small spaces like apartment, patios, campers, and many more. It is easy to use, clean, and take care of, and your pets will also like it. There are 3 size options that you can choose from small to large, the choice is yours.


Less odor

Compact and portable

Easy to use and clean up

Easy and fast to train dogs

Comes in a complete package

Grass mat can be cleaned with warm water


The clips to hold the grass are flimsy


2. Portable Potty Trainer Full System by Downtown Pet Supply

Comes in a complete system, this pet potty grass has everything you need to train your pet to do potty indoor. The mat comes with soft grass along with a drawer system that makes it easy for clean up and disposal. At the same time, it also protects your flooring from the damages as well. The grass itself even comes with anti-microbial odor control that is non-toxic and easy to clean. Plus with its drawer, cleanup will be a breeze for you.

The part that we like is the gridded design beneath the pee turf. The design is to capture and lead the pee down into the collecting tray. That makes it extra easy for cleanup and washing. This potty mat is lightweight and compact, and it is very convenient to use. On top of that, the mat is also waterproof as well, and you can use it both indoor and outdoor. It is available in a few sizes for different dog breeds, so let’s see which one you like the most.


Good absorbency

Well floor protection

Compact and portable

Easy to clean and wash

Anti-microbial odor control

Lightweight and convenient


The grass cut could be bigger


3. Professional Dog Grass Mat

The awesome thing about this mat is that the turf looks and feels like natural grass. You can easily cut it into any size which is low maintenance and water saving. The turf is made from high quality material which is suitable for extreme hot or cold weather. It is soft and realistic, and it feels great under your pet’s paws. Plus with its coated durable rubber backing with drainage holes, it helps to clear water and wee away quickly.

That is not all, this mat is also very easy to tidy away as well. You can easily wash it with a watering hose, and it will freshen up any urine smells right away which is great. This option is compact, and it is ideal for pretty much anywhere that you want to potty train your pets. It is durable and convenient to use, and it makes one of the best pet bathroom mats to take into consideration. Let’s check it out and see if you like this option.


Easy to wash and clean

Durable and convenient to use

Easy to cut to any size or shape

Natural and realistic appearance

UV, fire, and corrosion resistant

Easy to tidy away and keep urine smell out


It is a little heavy


4. Indoor Litter Box Kit by Potty Patch

Perfect for small dogs, this potty mat is so compact yet roomy enough for your pets to use. It comes with a three-tier system that makes keeping messes contained for extra easy cleaning. Plus with the economical grass patch, this potty mat is very easy to clean. Just simply wash it with soap, and that is all you need to do. Not to mention its porous tray that keeps the synthetic grass out of the urine, this option is so convenient.

This mat is made from anti-microbial and odor resistant materials to ensure that the odor is trapped. In fact, it will keep your house smelling fresh without any stains at all which is simply great. The best part is the grass attracts your dogs whenever they need to do potty, and that makes training very easy. The synthetic grass design looks and feels like real grass, and that makes it even more attractive to the dogs. You might want to check out this option, it is great.


Compact and portable

Non-toxic and safe to use

Easy to clean synthetic grass

Reinforced tray to support dog’s weight

Odor resistant and anti-microbial materials

Porous grass that avoids wet paws after use


It takes some time to clean


5. Dog Potty Training Mat With Drainage Holes by Fezep

Comes with a larger size, this mat is more spacious which is ideal for big dogs out there. The grass pad of this option is made from high quality mater which does not shed easily. At the same time, it is also super resilient and durable as well which is simply perfect for long term use. The best part is that it is super soft and comfortable to touch so that your dogs will enjoy using it. It high density makes it look and feel like real grass which is super great.

That is not all, this potty mat is also very easy to clean as well. Its reverse side is thicker and more durable, and it also dries quickly as well with its drainage holes design. There are 4 layers that make it super tough while keeping the odor away. The best part is that it is foldable which makes it compact and portable for easy storage. You can use it pretty much anywhere both indoor and outdoor, so don’t forget to check it out.


Foldable and portable

High quality materials

Easy to clean and dries fast

Comfortable for pets to use

Soft and natural looking grass

Superior resilience and durability


The ability of water absorbent could be better


6. Portable Dog Potty Replacement Grass by PetSafe

The special thing about this mat is that it is designed to drain urine quickly into the collection bin. This function also helps to prevent wet paws and bad odors as well which is a total plus. As for the grass itself, it feels and looks like the real ones which is appealing to your dog when it is potty time. And that means no more potty on the floor, and no more mess. On top of that, this synthetic grass mat is so comfortable for pets which means they will enjoy using it.

After use, this mat is very easy to clean since you can wipe it daily with warm water. Along with that, you can use the Wee Care spray to help keep the odors away to ensure that the room is odorless. This option comes with different size options from small to large that you can select for your pets. Don’t forget to check them out and see which one is the most suitable to have for your dogs.


Easy to clean

Great absorbency

Quick-draining material

No wet paws and bad odors

Soft, realistic, and natural appearance

Synthetic grass mat for comfortable use


The clips are a little too short to hold the grass in place


7. Potty Grass Trainer Tray by PuppyPro

With 3-layer system design, this grass is one convenient option to have when it comes to easy cleaning. The great thing about it is that it comes with an elevated grid tray that drains the urine into the collection tray. The tray has drainage holes to elevate grass from the base while the collection tray can hold up to one gallon of liquid. That means no mess, and it makes it super easy for you to clean as well which is simply great.

You can use this potty mat anywhere due to its compact size and portability that offer great convenience. The grass is non-toxic which is super safe for your pets to use. Also, all of the parts in the set are easy and simple to clean so you won’t have to worry about that part at all. It is reusable, durable, and convenient, so let’s see if this is something that you like.


Large size

Good absorbency

Compact and portable

Spacious collection tray

Non-toxic synthetic grass

Grid tray with drainage holes

Easy to clean and take care of


The grass should be bigger


8. Potty Training Grass Pad by BringerPet

Come with fake yet soft grass, this potty mat is one of the popular options that many people recommend. Also, it looks just like real grass which makes it even more appealing for your pets to use. At the same time, it is also easy to train your dog to use it as well for it is both comfortable and convenient. The mat comes with 3-layer system design that is easy to assemble and use. The potty patch features a soft and durable grass mat that sits on top of a porous tray.

That is not all, the tray allows liquid to drain into the bottom of a durable collecting tray. Every part in this set is all durable which is simply great and ideal for long term use. On top of that, it is also very easy to clean as well. Just simply rinse the pet grass pad with soapy water, and that’s it. Simple and easy as that. This option is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and its quality will not let you down.


Quick-draining grid tray

Easy and simple to clean

Durable and soft grass pad

Compact and space-saving

Odor control and absorbent grass pad


The tray should be more solid

The grass tends to shed from time to time


9. Artificial Potty Grass With Tray by iMountTEK

Here we have another potty mat that comes with 3-layer system that you might want to check out. The design simply lets the urine seep through the synthetic grass mat and run down the slanted tray into the collection bin. That is to prevent it from gathering below the surface which can cause bad smells and wet paws. This system also makes it easy for you to clean the unit after your pets using them as well.

The great thing about this potty mat is that it comes with natural looking that makes it easy for your dog to use. The three layers are also easily to be disassembled for easy cleanup as well. Just soapy water will do the job for you, so it is totally convenient. The best part is that the turf is tightly knitted to withstand the dog’s tearing. That means you won’t have to worry about them chewing or eating the grass at all. It has everything you need in a great pet bathroom mats so don’t forget to check it out.


Good turf lock

Non-toxic and safe to use

Easy to clean up and maintain

Grid tray that drains grass mat

Synthetic grass that looks and feels real


Its size is not large enough for big dogs


10. Potty Grass Set With Extra Mat by HQ4us

Comes in a complete set, this potty grass mat is very easy and convenient to use especially for beginners. The set includes everything you need, and its quality is great. The amazing thing about its mat is that it offers 6 times more drainage holes on grass. That makes the urine drain much more quickly to the pee pads which leads to less odor as well. Another awesome thing is that the grass is firmly fixed in the black rubber back. That means you won’t have to worry about your pet’s curious bites at all. This option has everything from convenience to quality that you can trust, let’s see if it matches with your preference.


Instant absorption

Extra fast drainage

Non-toxic and safe to use

Easy to clean and maintain

Compact and space-saving


Its size is not big enough to accommodate large dogs

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