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Top 10 Best Phone Case Brands Review

Phone Case Brands

You will find countless phone cases in the market, but the best phone case brands are the trustable options. There are multiple phone case brands that offer different potential features to match with various users’ preferences. From style to toughness, there is always at least one brand that you can turn to. Their products are durable and long-lasting, and everything is so worth the price. We are going to introduce to some of the best phone case brands that you can take into consideration.


Phone Cases Buying Guide

Although you know the best phone case brands, there are still a few things that you should look for. That way, you will be able to pick the right phone cases for your phone in no time. We brief those important features below, so check them out.


The appearance of the phone case is important, but the other designs are also important. You want the phone case that you like to have cutouts that you can charge and access to other ports. Along with that, don’t overlook the raised lip design because it plays a crucial part in protecting the camera and screen. That way, the case can protect the phone when you drop or place it on a rough surface. Make sure that it is not too bulky or slippery to hold so that you can hold it comfortably in hand.


A good fit is important, and you want your phone case to fits perfectly to your phone. This is to ensure that it won’t be too loose or too tight. If a phone case is too tight, it is very different to put on and remove. And for ladies, you probably chip your fingernails or hurt your finger trying to remove the phone case. Nice fit of the phone case on the phone also allows you to easily access the ports as well.


There are several common materials for phone cases, depending on the performance and style that they offer. For example, a silicone phone case is lightweight and smooth in hand as well as easy to clean and use. In case you prefer a phone case that is more durable and tough or looks manly, there are also rugged materials. Some poor quality materials can break easily which is a waste of money, and that means it is not protective enough. Materials are very important, so don’t overlook this part.

We have 10 best phone case brands that provide both quality and reasonable price that you should take into consideration. A phone case that lasts for years is a purchase that you will be happy with. Let’s take a look and see what they are with use below.

1. Apple

For iPhone users, no company is more reliable and trustworthy than Apple itself when it comes to the accessories like phone cases. The great thing about Apple phone cases is that most of them made are from high quality silicone with a smooth and soft touch. Another major part that we like is that their design is simply ideal for all users. The appearance of the phone cases is classic yet simple along with great colors which work with everyone.

On top of that, all of their phone cases support wireless charging that you can recharge your phone without having to take the cases off. Not to mention the perfect cutouts and fitting that you can easily slip your phone in and out like a glove, Apple phone cases are simply one of the best brands. If you don’t like any complications in choosing the best phone cases for your iPhones, Apple is the brand that you should go for.


  1. Easy to put on and remove

  2. Durable and high quality materials

  3. Perfect fit with unique built-in magnets

  4. Classic and modern designs with nice colors

  5. Comfortable to touch exterior with protective lining interior

  6. Compatible with MagSafe chargers and Qi-certified chargers


  1. The price is higher than most in the market



Here is the alternative phone case brand for iPhone if you don’t want to invest in pricey accessories from Apple. The special thing about this brand is that most designs of its case show off your beautiful Apple logo from its clear back. However, the durability and protection that the cases deliver are among the best. A majority of the phone case from this brand is made from high quality military grade which is perfect for daily protection.

We all know users who casually bump or drop their phone, it happens. This is why CASEKOO is a nice phone case brand to have in mind. Apart from impact-absorbing materials, it also features raised bezel and camera to ensure protection from every angle. Plus with the slim design for a comfortable grip, it fits in your pocket without causing any discomfort at all. Less expensive but with amazing quality, this is one of the brands to take into consideration.


  1. Durable, rigid, and protective

  2. Perfect fit with precise cutouts

  3. Beautiful designs with various colors

  4. Compatible with MagSafe and Qi-certified chargers

  5. High quality military and impact-absorbing materials

  6. Raised bezels with anti-yellow and scratch resistant coating


  1. Most designs are clear while some users want more options


3. i-Blason

This is one of the best phone case brands that absolutely love for it has a wide range of accessories for the most famous two phone companies: Apple and Samsung. The signature design from this brand is the eye-catching marble back with stunning colors that will never go out of style. Each and every case from brand simply screams elegance compliments the price of your smartphones from all angles.

Another special thing that we like is the durability and protection on top of the beautiful appearance. All cases from i-Blason come with TPU bumpers that protect your phone against drops and falls. At the same time, it also features the scrape and scratch resistant material to ensure its beautiful look for years. Most cases also come with a built-in screen protector which is a total plus. Great quality with a great price, there are many things that this brand has to offer.


  1. Compatible with wireless chargers

  2. Precise cutouts with responsive buttons

  3. Elevated bezels with the protective front case

  4. Slim-resistant and shock absorbing TPU bumpers

  5. Protection against bumps, drops, scraps, and scratches

  6. Slim and stylish design for comfortable and secure grip


  1. The design is more ideal for female users


4. Miracase

As for this brand, it has a design that looks similar to the phone cases from i-Blason. The difference is that the simple design is also available for you to choose from. There are also a few nice options that match perfectly with the design of the phones especially Samsung. Appearance aside, the durability and quality of this brand are quite great. There is protection all around the phone, and its performance is also amazing.

All cases from Miracase are made from military-grade materials along with raised edges design. This is to ensure full protection for your phones from any accidental bumps or falls. Most cases also include a built-in screen protector that is responsive and protective at the same time. Along with that, the cases all fit great while the buttons are easy to use which is a total bonus. Its quality is reliable and the price is on the reasonable side, maybe this can be your next favorite brand.


  1. Stylish designs with bright colors

  2. Precise cutouts and sensitive buttons

  3. Shock absorbing TPU bumper on all 4 corners

  4. Protection against bumps, drops, and scratches

  5. Comfortable grip with fingerprint resistant coating

  6. Military grade materials with responsive built-in screen protector


  1. The color is not fade resistant



When it comes to the best and popular phone case brands, you can’t overlook TORRAS. We like how they keep on providing new and top quality phone cases as well as accessories for both Apple and Samsung products. The phone cases from this brand deliver amazing protection for your phone from every corner thanks to its advanced X-SHOCK impact resistant material. At the same time, it is very slick and slim which fits comfortably in hand.

Another thing that we like is the latest phone cases for Samsung from TORRAS include the built-in kickstand for convenient use. This feature is nothing new, but it will always come in handy. More than that, the designs of the phone cases from this brand is very flexible yet modern and stylish. There is a wide variety of cool designs for all users, and the price is so worth the quality. From glossy to matte and more, it has them all for you which is why we highly recommend this brand.


  1. Comfortable grip and slim profile

  2. Compatible with wireless charging

  3. Anti-slip, and scratch resistant coatings

  4. Elegant and modern designs with different colors

  5. Comfortable and responsive buttons with precise cutouts

  6. Extremely durable and protective materials for long term use


  1. Its anti-fingerprint coating could work better


6. OtterBox

Thousands of users are fond of OtterBox because this brand always delivers the best quality phone cases especially for the latest models. One of several reasons that we highly recommend phone cases from OtterBox is that most of their designs are ideal for everyday walk of life. So classic and modern while looking stylish without being too over the top. We also like the fact that the cases are sleek and slim which is so comfortable to carry and grip.

Just like the other best brands on our list, this one also comes to provide the best protection. We are talking about shielding your expensive phones against all the bumps and drops that are common for most. Not to mention the raised bezels, the case also protects the cameras and the screen as well. Usually, OtterBox delivers phone cases with a wide range of colors for many phone models that you can choose from. You might like this brand so feel free to check it out.


  1. Easy to put on and remove

  2. Protective exterior and interior design

  3. Multiple colors and designs for all users

  4. Sleek and smooth surface for comfortable grip

  5. Durable and protective against bumps and falls

  6. High quality synthetic rubber and other materials


  1. It is not stain resistant


7. Speck

Probably not the most popular brands among the best, but Speck does have some interesting phone cases that we think many might find attractive. Instead of the clear and simple, this brand goes for colors and patterns for various phone models. There are so many stylish phone cases for both Apple and Samsung, and the choice is all yours. With so many styles, it will be so easy to pick the ones that match your preferences which is convenient and simple.

Appearance aside, all cases share one important thing which is the quality. Each phone case is made from high quality materials to ensure that it is durable and protective for long term use. Because some cases feature the design of graphics and patterns, they are also fade resistant and scratch resistant as well. Plus with the sleek design, you can simply hold your phone or slip it in your pockets with ease every time. Don’t forget to take a look, this brand is definitely one of a kind.


  1. Comfortable and smooth grip

  2. Colorful, elegant, and sleek design

  3. Protective elevated camera and screen bezels

  4. Fade resistant, finger resistant, and scratch resistant

  5. Microban anti-microbial material for bacteria reduction

  6. Extremely durable and protective against bumps and drops


  1. The smooth design on some cases makes them a little slippery


8. Spigen

You might be familiar with Spigen if you are a fan of rugged phone cases because this brand sure knows what to deliver. When you buy a phone case from Spigen, you can trust that it is durable, protective, rugged, and slim fit at the same time. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the design of Spigen phone cases. Some have solid colors, some have built-in kickstands, while some even have back pockets.

You can find phone cases for Apple, Google, and Samsung from Spigen, and there are a lot of options to choose from which is so nice. It is true that phone accessories from this brand are a little pricey, but the quality lasts for years. Spend once, and you will never regret making your choice. This is why this brand is one of the best and most trusted phone case brands among many users around the world.


  1. Extremely durable and rugged

  2. 360 degrees protection bumpers

  3. Precise cutouts with responsive buttons

  4. Protective raised bezels and screen design

  5. Compatible with wireless charging for iPhones

  6. Multiple designs for various phone brands and models


  1. Some cases are a little expensive


9. Temdan

Let’s go back to the simple side of phone cases with Temdan, and many users are quite fond of this brand. All of the latest iPhones come with gorgeous colors, and this is why the cases from Temdan are designed to compliment your expensive phones. It does not only protect your phones from minor accidents but also shows off the stunning colors of the iPhone at the same time. Things are the same with the recent phone models from Samsung.

More than that, some cases are waterproof which adds extra protection to your phone. This is a total plus, and it is a nice feature on top of the durability and quality that the phone cases come with. Despite the rugged look, all cases from Temdan are easy to install and remove which is convenient and fast. This brand provides everything that you need for your smartphones, so let’s see if it is the one.


  1. Sleek design for comfortable grip

  2. Easy to put on, remove, and clean

  3. Precise cutouts and sensitive buttons

  4. Extremely durable, rugged, and waterproof

  5. Raised bezels with impact resistant bumpers

  6. Classic, modern, and stylish design with various colors


  1. The fingerprint scanner could work better


10. VRS Design

No matter if it is Apple or Samsung, this phone case brand always has something to deliver. We are talking about the convenient built-in kickstand or the card slot that you can slide some cards and cash. This is to ensure that you can more than just a phone case which is a total plus for a regular price that you would pay. One amazing thing that all phone cases from VRS Design offer is the incredible durability along with style. The cases are durable and tough yet lightweight and smooth at the same time. With them on your phone, you will get everything from convenience and style to protection to the phone. Fair price with reliable quality, this could the brand that you like.


  1. Modern and stylish design

  2. Easy to put on and remove

  3. Extra built-in kickstand or a card slot

  4. Durable, rugged, and shockproof materials

  5. Raised bezels for camera and screen protection


  1. Most phone cases are not compatible with wireless charging

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