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Top 10 Best Portable Waterproof Speaker Brands Review

Portable waterproof speakers are perfect for outdoor use because they are durable and easy to bring along with. Just like the name suggests, it is compact and water resistant so you can enjoy music wherever you go. This review is here today to show you some of the best portable waterproof speaker brands. You might want to take a look, maybe one of them matches with your preference.


Portable Waterproof Speakers Buying Guide

The best portable waterproof speakers are more than just a compact size and waterproof function, and you will find out more. There are a few other main features that you should also look for in the best portable waterproof speakers. We list them all in the list below, so check them out.


Most users who prefer portable speakers definitely use them outdoor a lot. From camping to other outdoor activities, battery plays an important part in devices like speakers. There are many awesome speakers out there with battery that lasts up to 12 hours or longer. If you search long enough, you might come across portable waterproof speakers with up to 48 hours of battery life. This should one of the first thing to look for in a portable speaker, so don’t forget that.


Because you will have to use it outdoor, you want the speaker to be more than waterproof. It has to be resistant to other outdoor elements such as dirt, dust, snow, and more. All these depend on the materials that the speaker is made of, and you want them to be as tough as possible. You probably want to avoid plastic because they are not durable enough although they are lightweight. A durable speaker lasts for years, and you can bring them along with you wherever you go.


No matter if it is indoor or outdoor use, the sound quality of a speaker has to be spectacular. The best speaker should deliver loud and clear sound along with every bass and beat drop in music you play. Make sure to pick the options that free from distortion at high volume so that you can enjoy your songs. Don’t forget to find the ones with the highest volume possible if you love loud music because they are available too.

When it comes to the best portable waterproof speaker brands, we know several of them that you will like. Each brand offers high quality waterproof speakers with compact size and great price. Don’t forget to check them out, we are sure that you will like at least one of them.

1. Anker

Speakers are one of the high quality products that Anker produces for users all around the world. The awesome thing about this brand is that they offer a wide range of Bluetooth speakers with different size and shape options. This is to ensure that there is something for everyone which is very nice. When it comes to sound quality, Anker sure knows what to deliver. You can hear every bass drop and beat along with treble in all the music and songs that you play.

As for waterproof Bluetooth speakers, they are fully waterproof so that they can withstand all downpours and spills. Another thing that we like about this brand is that there are buttons on top of the speakers that you can easily control. A simple press is all you need which is so convenient and easy to use. Anker provides high quality speakers at a reasonable price that you can trust, so don’t forget to check them out.


Durable, sturdy, and waterproof

Compact, lightweight, and portable

Long battery life with USB-C fast charging

Easy and fast to pair with a stable connection

Wide compatibility with dual devices simultaneously

Extended treble for enhanced clarity and sound quality


There should be a carrying bag for easy portable



AOMAIS is not a famous brand in the speaker industry, but it does provide some of the best quality options that you can choose from. This speaker right here is the perfect example for that, and you can totally see why. Being one of the most purchased waterproof speakers, this speaker works its best pretty anywhere you bring it to. It ensures the best music experience both indoor and outdoor with loud volume and rich bass for every song you play.

On top of that, its battery lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge which makes it ideal for a trip as well. There is a built-in handle on top of the speaker to make it easy for you to carry it around which is so convenient. Not to mention the advanced Bluetooth technology that delivers fast and stable connection, the portable waterproof speakers from this brand are definitely one of a kind. You should take a look thousands of happy customers are very satisfied with this option.


Durable, sturdy, and waterproof

Easy and fast Bluetooth connection

Compact and portable with built-in handle

Long battery life with battery indicator lights

Loud volume with rich bass and powerful sound

Fast and stable Bluetooth connection with long range


Some users don’t like the flickering lights


3. AYL

While most portable waterproof speakers are larger in size, this one seems to be quite small. This is also the unique thing about this brand because all speakers from AYL are very compact and lightweight. You can easily fit the mini speaker in your backpack and bring it along with you anywhere you go. Such a small size also makes an ideal song player when you shower or relax in the bathtub which is a total plus.

Don’t let the compact appearance deceive you because AYL speakers are also powerful when it comes to sound quality. They are loud and clear with distortion, and the battery lasts for hours on a single charge. We really like the fact that all speakers from this brand are very durable and tough. They are not only waterproof but also shockproof which is perfect for all outdoor adventures. Great price with great quality, what do you think?


Long range and reliable connection

Compact, lightweight, and portable

Responsive and soft buttons with string hoop

Durable, dust proof, shockproof, and waterproof

High quality and crystal clear sound with rich bass

Easy and fast to pair with all devices with Bluetooth


They are not ideal for party or in the crowd


4. Bose

The great thing about Bose is that portable waterproof speakers from this brand are all very compact. At the same time, they all come with a very nice design that everyone will like as well. Although the size is small, Bose speakers offer a balanced and crisp sound with amazing bass for the best music experience possible. Plus with the fact that they can be loud without distortion, many of these speakers are ideal for outdoor groups.

Besides being waterproof, speakers from Bose are very durable also. All of them feature the design from high quality materials which makes them rugged enough to withstand cracks, dents, and scratches. Most portable models come with a tear resistant strap so that you can easily bring them around with to places. There are quite some color options that you can choose from, and we think you will find Bose speakers interesting to have.


Durable, rugged, and tough

Easy access and soft buttons

Compact, lightweight, and portable

Crisp and loud sound without distortion

Stable Bluetooth connection with two devices

Automatically pairing function when the paring device is around


The charging port has no cover


5. Cambridge Soundworks

With advanced technology, speakers from this brand can play music from a wide range of devices for you. From Amazon Echo to smartphones, tablets, and more, their speakers work with them all. Some models come in a pair that functions as the left-right stereo for a more entertaining experience. According to the brand itself, the sound that the speakers deliver is “truly exceptional” to ensure top-notch performance every single time.

If we talk about their waterproof speakers, the IPX7 ability even allows you to submerge the speaker for up to one meter deep for 30 minutes. So don’t you worry if you accidentally drop your speaker into the pool or water. Amazing performance and quality with long lasting battery life. As one of the best portable waterproof speaker brands, this is absolutely the choice that you should take into consideration.


Completely waterproof and submersible

Loud and powerful sound without distortion

Compact and sleek design with stylish buttons

Wide compatibility with various devices and systems

Long lasting battery life and can function as a power bank

Adjustable bass and treble with balanced and crystal clear sound


The charging time is quite long



Staying on the colorful side, this brand provides a lot of high quality waterproof speakers with different colors for you to choose from. Just like most of the best waterproof speakers out there, the ones from COMISO offer high quality crystal clear sound along with enhanced bass and stereo sound. This is to ensure that you enjoy the bass and beat drops from every single music and song that you play.

On top of that, many speakers come with the true wireless stereo function. This simply allows you to pair with 2 speakers from the same brand for the left and right channels. So if you want to get your party started with an incredible music experience, all you need is 2 COMISO speakers. There are also other things that we like such as the long battery life, the compact size, and many more. You should take a look, this brand has a lot to offer.


Compact, lightweight, and portable

True 360 degrees omnidirectional sound

Crystal clear sound with loud volume bass

36 hours long battery life on a single charge

Colorful and modern design with hanging strap

Dust proof, sand proof, waterproof, and splash resistant


The volume becomes lower as the battery decreases


7. JBL

We cannot forget JBL when it comes to the best speakers or the best speaker brands. The reputation of the company already tells you how amazing their products are. JBL speakers deliver crystal clear sound with loud volume that can raise the roof depending on the size that you choose. Even the portable ones can also rock music for a group during outdoor use, let alone the large speakers for home use.

JBL is also one of the most popular brands to consider when you look for waterproof speakers. Simply put, you won’t have to worry about rain or spill at all. On top of that, some models can even stay submerged under the water so accidentally dropping them in the pool is no longer a concern. At a glance, JBL speakers scream brand, fame, performance, and quality that everyone recognizes. Plus with a wide range of color choices, you will not regret investing in this brand.


Compact and portable size

Supports simultaneous dual connection

Durable, submersible, tough, and waterproof

Long lasting battery life with fast charging time

Bass radiator for powerful sound without distortion

Compatible with many devices with built-in voice assistant


Some models don’t have an option to go to the previous track


8. Sony

Of course, Sony has to be on the list for the best portable waterproof speaker brands. In fact, many speakers from this brand are not only waterproof but also rustproof so it helps to maintain the appearance of the speakers for long term use. Speaking of long, Sony also makes sure that the battery is long while some can last up to 24 hours of playtime. Want to enjoy music the whole day? Sony speakers got you covered.

Quality is one thing, performance is another important thing that makes Sony one of the famous brands for speakers. Their sound quality is both loud and crips along with extra bass so that you get to live your music to its fullest. There are many things that different speakers provide when it comes to features and functions. Not to mention the colorful and stylish design, you can trust that Sony will not let you down.


Compact and portable

Colorful designs with cool line lights

Stable Bluetooth with NFC connection

Long lasting battery life with fast USB charging

Dust proof, rustproof, shockproof, and waterproof

Powerful sound with extra bass and live sound mode


Some models don’t have AUX input



It is true that this brand does not have a lot of options to compete with some of the top brands in the market. However, every single waterproof speaker that TREBLAB produces sure knows how to work. All of them deliver loud 360 degrees surround sound that offers an amazing music experience both indoor and outdoor. The waterproof ones do their job really well, and they are all very durable and tough.

As for the example model that you look at right here comes with a long lasting battery life that lasts for up to 35 hours. On top of that, it even comes with a built-in power bank that you can use to charge your phones and other devices as well. How cool is that, right? For a reasonable price with incredible performance and quality, there is not a single doubt why thousands of users highly recommend this new brand.


Crystal clear highs without distortion

Multiple useful features and functions

Ergonomic control buttons and easy to use

Durable, robust, shockproof, and waterproof

Loud stereo sound with 360 degrees surround sound

Built-in power bank with extremely long battery life


Some users think the battery life still needs improvement


10. Ultimate Ears

There are 4 main models of speakers from Ultimate Ears which are Boom 3, Hyperboom, Megaboom 3, and Wonderboom 2. Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 are waterproof, and their designs are super amazing. Both models have the same look and color options, but they work differently. The main things that they share are the ultimate sound quality with crystal clear and 360 degrees sound along with waterproof ability.

On top of that, both of them have long battery life even with the loudest volume. We really like how the appearance executes both class and elegance while bringing style at the same time. You can control the music and other functions easily with a simple press on the button. Both models work amazingly in their own way and their price is slightly different. Hundreds of thousands of users really like this brand, and we think you might like it too.


Compact, lightweight, and portable

Long battery life with a USB charging port

Easy to pair and control with other devices

Durable, floatable, shockproof, submersible, and waterproof

Powerful sound and bass with 360 degrees omnidirectional quality


It is a little pricey

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