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Top 10 Best Power Bank Brands Review

Power Bank Brands

Power bank brands determine not only the performance but also the quality of the devices themselves. You have probably heard about low quality power banks that deteriorate the phone battery or overheat the phone while charging. Even worse, some cheap power banks may even cause exploding while charging although the case is not so common. With the best power bank brands, those are not the problems that you will have to concern at all. We are going to introduce you to some high quality and reliable names today, so let’s take a look.


Power Bank Buying Guide

Even with a famous brand, there are still a few main features to look for when you buy a power bank. That way, you will be able to choose the perfect external battery that you can use for years.

Charging Capacity

The capacity of a power bank defines the number of times that it can fully charge your phone. For those who are on the go a lot, choose the power bank with a capacity of at least 10000mAh. This allows you to fully charge your devices a few times before it runs out of juice. In case you only need a simple power bank for a spare use sometimes, a 5000mAh capacity will do. If you travel by plane a lot, don’t buy a power bank with a capacity of over 10000mAh. This is because some airlines do not allow a power bank that exceed 10000mAh.


A good power bank should have at least 2 charging ports that allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously. When it comes to power bank ports, there are two types for different purposes which are 1A and 2.1A. The 1A charging port is ideal for smartphones because these devices require 1A current to charge. As for 2.1 A port, it is for tablets since they need higher current to properly charge. If you want to use the power bank to charge your smartphones, the 1A will do. In case you want to charge both smartphones and tablets, look for the ones with both ports.


Normally, the more the capacity also means the larger and heavier the power banks. If you use a power bank on a daily basis, you might want to consider a larger one. It does not only provide high charging capacity but also multiple ports for at least 4 devices. Some large power banks out there even have flashlights that can be useful for outdoor activities. Size matters, so don’t overlook this part.

Sometimes it can be quite tricky to buy the right power banks, but we are here to help you out. There are 10 best power bank brands that offer high quality and long lasting products in the list below. Feel free to take a look and see which brand that you like the most.

1. Aibocn

Things are on the compact side with this brand, and this is why we recommend power banks from Aibocn. Most users don’t like bulky power banks because they are heavy and large to bring along with especially for those who travel a lot. The great thing about power banks from this brand is that most of them are compact, lightweight, and portable. Along with the small size, its charging capacity is also powerful enough to fully charge your smartphones.

Despite the compact size, all power banks from Aibocn offer fast charging and most of which have dual ports. This allows you to charge two devices simultaneously which is so convenient to use. They are safe for your devices thanks to the multiple protection against various accidents. There are several pocket power banks that you can choose from, and their price is also affordable. If you don’t look for expensive or large power banks, this brand could be the one.


  1. Built-in LED battery indicators

  2. Fast charging and recharging speed

  3. Proper capacity to fully charge various devices

  4. Compatible and safe to use with all USB devices

  5. Compact, lightweight, portable, and stylish design

  6. Protection against overcharge, overcurrent, over-discharge, and overheat


  1. Some users don’t like the LED battery indicators


2. Anker

When it comes to electronics and accessories for smart devices, Anker is one of the best brands that you can trust. Things go the same with power banks because Anker keeps on providing the latest and most updated items all the time. Power banks from this brand come with both performance and quality that you can trust and use for years. All of them feature advanced charging technology to ensure fast charging speed along with safety for your devices.

You won’t have to worry about overcharging or overheating at all because such case will not happen with Anker. Almost all power banks from this brand have more than one charging port so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. As one of the most reliable brands, no doubt why Anker is very popular among millions of users around the world. There are so many choices to choose from, and the decision is all yours to make.


  1. Universal compatibility

  2. Compact and portable design

  3. Durable and tough for long term use

  4. Multiple ports with fast charging speed

  5. Available in various designs and charging capacity

  6. Advanced temperature control technology with fireproof casing


  1. The items are a little pricey



Just like Anker, this brand also delivers some of the latest power bank models to ensure the most convenient experience for you as well. This is one of the examples, and it supports USB-C along with a built-in stand that functions as a phone holder. In case you still want to use your phone hand-free while charging, this is the power bank to go for. Most power banks from AUKEY offer fast dual charging speed without overcharging or overheating your devices at all.

Another thing that we like about this brand is that a majority of their products come in high capacity. This allows you to charge multiple devices or fully charge one device multiple times which is absolutely convenient. All of the power banks have built-in battery indicator lights, and they are very easy to use. This brand is also supported by millions of users, so let’s see if AUKEY is what you look for.


  1. Affordable and reasonable price

  2. Wireless charging models available

  3. LED battery level indicators included

  4. Dual charging ports with fast charging speed

  5. Cool and convenient design with compact size

  6. High capacity, protective, and safe for all devices


  1. Some power banks are a little heavy



While most power banks have built-in LED indicators for battery percentage, INIU goes for a better and more modern alternative. There is a small display that shows the exact percentage of the battery for you right away. Even better, its light automatically adapts to bright or dim depending on the surrounding light conditions which is super cool. Because it is one of the latest brands, most power banks from INIU all come with a new look and features.

We really like the lightning-fast charging speed of power banks from this brand. Even better, most of them offer dual charging with equal speed so that you can easily charge different devices simultaneously. Not to mention the compact size, INIU power banks are simply portable and convenient to bring along with. Great price with great quality, this is one of the power brands that you should check out.


  1. Large capacity with modern design

  2. Compact, lightweight, and portable

  3. Cool battery percentage display screen

  4. Compatible with all smart devices up to 15W

  5. Safety protection against damages and overheating

  6. Extremely fast charging speed with 3.0 USB C ports


  1. It is a little draining with some devices


5. Miady

You won’t find too many power banks from this brand, but Miady does deliver some of the high quality portable chargers that you might find interesting. There are two main types of power banks from Miady, the ones for daily use and the ones for extreme use. The ones for daily use work just like the rest of the power banks on the list. It is ideal for regular charging while you are on the go, and they provide up to a few times of fully charging.

As for the power banks for extreme use looks like the picture down here. It comes with a large capacity that offers multiple charging that lasts for days. This option is perfect for those who travel to places where electricity is not favorable. There are up to 3 ports, and the charging speed is also fast which is time-saving. Not every power bank offers such performance for this price, so don’t forget to take a look.


  1. Quick USB-C recharge port

  2. Tiny LED battery indicator lights

  3. Portable and easy to bring along with

  4. Wide compatibility with all smart devices

  5. Protection against overcharging and overheating

  6. Large charging capacity with fast charging speed


  1. Some of them are a little bulky


6. Odec

Not different from a few power brands in the list, this one is also at its early debut. The great thing is that what this brand delivers is good stuff that you can take into consideration. It is very easy to bring along with and convenient to use, and you won’t have to worry about bringing charging cables at all. This power bank comes with a built-in AC wall plug and built-in charging cables right in one device for you.

The built-in cables have all the heads that are compatible with Apple, USB Android devices, and of course, USB-C devices. Charging the power bank itself is so simple since all you need to do is plug it into the wall sockets. No more rushing in packing the extra cables, all you need is the power bank on the go. Not to mention its large and high capacity, this power bank is among the best. Despite not having a lot of choices, this one option is enough to prove its quality.


  1. Compact and sleek design

  2. High and large charging capacity

  3. Clear digital battery percentage display

  4. Universal compatibility with all smart devices

  5. Built-in AC wall plug and built-in charging cables

  6. Protection against overcharge, over current, over-voltage, and short circuits


  1. It is a little heavy


7. panergy

Look for a power bank that can charge all of your devices while you are on the go? This brand has one to offer, the one power bank that functions as the charger for everything you have. From your smartphones and tablets and laptops, this power bank can juice up them all. There are several ports that you can power up multiple devices with a fast charging speed. Also, its capacity is large enough to charge your devices several times which is perfect for traveling.

Even better, it features the solar charging function that powers up this portable charger by using the sun. So when you go camping or take an expedition to further places, you know this power bank can cover everything for you. We also like the LCD display that lets you know the status of the whole process from battery percentage to temperature and more. Durable and safe, this brand sure knows how to bring out the best.


  1. UL-Certified for safe use

  2. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor charging

  3. Solar charging function with multiple ports

  4. Durable and solid design with built-in LCD display

  5. Wide compatibility with laptops and other smart devices

  6. Surge protection against over current, over-voltage, and short circuit


  1. It is a little heavy and large



Here you are looking at one of the best power bank brands that deliver high quality portable chargers with high capacity in a compact size. All power banks from POWERADD are portable so that you can easily bring them along with no matter where you go. At the same time, its capacity is large enough to charge your smart devices multiple times which is so convenient to use. There are usually more than one port, and all power banks deliver fast charging.

Not different from other high quality power banks on the list, this one also comes with safety in mind. Every single power bank from this brand ensures to protect your devices from overcharging, over current, and overheating so that it is safe to use. Plus with the sleek and stylish design, having one of the power banks from POWERADD is simply nice. Reliable quality with reasonable price, what do you think?


  1. Modern and stylish design

  2. Compact, lightweight, and portable

  3. Fast charging speed with multiple ports

  4. Large capacity for several charging times

  5. Universal compatibility with different devices

  6. Protection against overcurrent, overheating, and over voltage


  1. It takes quite long to recharge


9. RAVPower

RAVPower has been on the market for several years, and its reputation for high quality power banks is also very popular. There is a wide range of power banks with various designs and features that you can choose from. The things that they all share are the performance and quality that last for years of use for you. All power banks from this brand do not only charge fast but also provides safety charging every time as well.

Another thing that we like is that most of them come with high capacity that you can easily use while you are on the go. Speaking of on the go, their size is also compact which is perfect to have for traveling as well. Plus with the multiple charging ports, you can charge at least 2 devices at the same time which is so convenient. As one of the best power bank brands, RAVPower will not let you down.


  1. UL-Certified and safe to use

  2. Compact and portable design

  3. Compatible with various devices

  4. Fast and powerful charging performance

  5. Multiple charging ports with USB-C supported

  6. Modern and sleek design with battery percentage display


  1. It charging speed is a little slow with Apple Watch



The one thing that we like the most about this brand is the fact that the power banks are available in 4 different capacity levels. You can choose among 10000mAh, 20000mAh, 30000mAh, and 40000mAh depending on the use that you prefer. All of them offer fast charging along with safety, and it is compatible with all smartphones and tablets out there. You can check the battery percentage with a simple press on the power button which is so convenient and easy. Plus with the dual ports that it offers, using power banks from this brand is simply nice. Could be a little pricey, but the convenient experience that it delivers is so worth the price.


  1. Easy to bring along with and use

  2. Smart digital LED screen power display

  3. Fast charging speed with wide compatibility

  4. Flexible input and output ports for convenient use

  5. Total charging protection against overcharging, over current, and short circuit


  1. Some power banks are a little large

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