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Top 10 Best Protective iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases Review

The new iPhone Pro Max comes in bigger size, but they still need protective cases to shield them. The best protective iPhone 11 Pro Max cases are important because they will always be there to protect the phone. With the protective cases, drops or bumps won’t freak you out as much since you know the case is there. You can also trust that none of the three eyes of your cameras will be harmed as well after the drops. Today we will take a look at some of the best protective iPhone 11 Pro Max cases that you can take into consideration. Each of them comes with quality, style, and price that you will surely like, the choice is all yours.

iPhone 11 Pro Cases Buyer’s Guide

iPhone 11 Pro Max cases

Getting the best and protective iPhone 11 Pro Max cases won’t be difficult if you know some tips and tricks. These three-eyed bad boys are thin, light, easy to grip, and very very pricey. And that is also how to should choose the cases for them so that you won’t experience broken heart moments when it breaks. There are a few things that you need to know before choosing the right protective cases for your new iPhone. Take a quick read and you will surely be able to select the perfect protective cases for your phone.


The best and most protective cases are the ones made from high quality and flexible TPU material. This material does not only provide incredible protection but also solid and comfortable feel in hands. That means the case is both sturdy and durable while being comfortable at the same time which is perfect for everyday use. For those who use wireless charger, it is also important to know the material of the case as well. The best thing about protective cases is the ones that come with military grade. This type of case is tough, and it surely be the ideal option to choose.


The quality of the case matters because you wouldn’t want to have a case that turns yellow after a month of using. Also, you wouldn’t want to buy a case that cannot protect your thousand dollar iPhone from scratches and drops. Quality of the case is really important, and you need to have it both interior and exterior of the case. High quality protective cases are the ones that does not damage your phone while protecting it. More than that, the high quality cases also fit the phone perfectly while providing protection for your phone every day.

Safety Features

Quality and materials are something, safety features are also important in protective cases. The most protective phone case is the one that does not only protect your phone but also smaller features. That means the case also protects the cameras, those three eyes obviously, and the mirror both front and back. You wouldn’t want those expensive mirrors to break either, every piece of the phone says money. You might wonder how you can find such perfect phone cases, and that is why we are here for you.

We have searched and selected 10 of the best protective iPhone 11 Pro Max cases that you should have. Each and every option we provide has everything we mentioned combined plus with affordable price. On top of that, we also picked the ones with stylish design and look that you can rock as well. Feel free to take a look and select your most favorite options, all of them are highly recommended by many users.


1. Commuter Series Protective Case by OtterBoxB07WL5K3R3

The combination of synthetic rubber slipcover and polycarbonate shell makes this case super protective yet soft in hand. The awesome thing about this case it that it comes with the updated design that delivers added grip for confident handling. More than that, it features soft inner and hard outer layers that absorb and deflect impacts against drops and bumps. Plus with its thin profile, you can easily slide it in your pockets or bags easily and conveniently. This screen is stylish, durable, and protective, and it comes with 4 color options that you can choose form. Simple yet protective and durable, this can be your next case for your iPhone.


  1. The case is tough, durable, and stylish

  2. Supports wireless charging

  3. Protective against drops, bumps, and dust desighn

  4. Slim design for easy portable and storage

  5. Two tough layers that absorb and deflect impacts


  1. The case tends to be slippery sometimes

  2. For some users, the charger doesn’t fit when the case is on

2. Defense Shield iPhone 11 Pro Max Case by X-Doria

If you want the case that can protect your phone but still want to show its unique color, this is the one for you. The simple design makes the case a nice compliment to your iPhone while still showing the color and phone’s appearance. The great thing about he case is that it is certified to exceed Military Grade Drop Test standards. That means it can protect your phone screen from drops and surface scratches easily.

If you drop your phone, the case will take the impact and prevent your phone screen from cracking and breaking. On top of that, it features the integrated front facing audio channel that amplifies sound and redirects audio to the front of the phone. That simply provides a better surround sound experience when you play music or watch movies and videos. This case is very protective and functional, and it is one of the best options that you should choose.


  1. Supports wireless charging

  2. Simple yet stylish for the new iPhone 11 Pro Max

  3. The soft rubber absorbs shock to avoid impact on the phone

  4. Integrated sound channel for the best sound experience

  5. Military grade material for protection against drops and bumps


  1. The case is a little heavy

3. Marble iPhone 11 Pro Max Case by GVIEWIN

Marble phone cases have always been one of the most stylish options among users, and this is one of them. This marble case is not only stylish but also durable and protective as well. First of all, it looks elegant, colorful, and stylish along with its lightweight and slim design. More than that, it offers amazing protection with its shock absorbing features and corner bumpers to protect your phone. With this case on, you won’t have to worry about accidental drops or bumps at home, work, or school anymore. This stylish phone case is here to provide reliable protection from any unintentional impacts on the phone for you. The case provides easy access to all buttons and ports, and it comes with a few other colors as well. Don’t forget to check them out.


  1. Support wireless charging

  2. Elegant, stylish, and lightweight design

  3. The case fits nice and snugly on the phone

  4. Scratch resistant feature for extra durability

  5. Protective against accidental drops and bumps for daily use


  1. The case doesn’t come with raised lips design

4. Symmetry Clear Series Case by OtterBox

For clear case lovers, this one might be the option that captures your heart. It comes with thin, sleek, stylish, and pocket-free design that makes it a perfect choice for all users. Despite the fact that it is clear, this phone case is very protective and cool to have. It comes with the durable protection design that shields against drops, bumps, and fumbles. AT the same time, its raised and beveled edge are added to help protect the screen. The case is also very easy to throw on the phone as well, a quick pop on and off and that’s it. This iPhone 11 Pro Max is both stylish and protective, and it makes one of thee best choice to choose.


  1. Slim, light, stylish, and protective

  2. The case is very easy to remove and install

  3. It is very sturdy and durable for long term use

  4. It protects the phone against bumps and drops effectively


  1. The case tends to turn yellow after some months of use

5. Cute Protective iPhone 11 Pro Max Case by Velvet Caviar

Here we have another marble designed iPhone case that you might want to take a look at. This one right here features premium quality by using the highest grade materials and laser printing technology. The design is to deliver a stunning marble design with long lasting quality and protection that you can trust. The whole case provides full body protection with its shockproof feature to defend against drops. With this case, you can trust that your phone is safe and well-protected even if you drop it. On top of that, the case has raised bezel edges to protect both the screen and camera during drops as well. There are also other patterns that you can choose from, so feel free to check them out.


  1. Stylish and sleek design for cool look in hand

  2. High raised lip design to protect both screen and camera

  3. Glossy and clear-coating design which is dirt-resistant and easy to clean

  4. Durable design that protects the phone against any accidental drops and bumps


  1. The surface of the case is too smooth it tends to be slippery sometimes

6. Protective Translucent iPhone 11 Pro Max Case by Sonix

Slim and lightweight yet protective, this awesome case is absolutely one of a kind to have. It provides protection to all sides of the phone so you won’t have to worry when you drop your phone anymore at all. More than that, it comes with the raised shock absorbent rubber sides along with beveled camera hole design as well. These features are to deliver lens protection while the anti-scratch UV coating keeps the case smooth as it resist to scratches. This iPhone 11 Pro Max case is a perfect option for those who want fashionable technology accessories with both protection and quality. The combination of its maximum quality and stylish design, this is definitely a great phone case that you should take into consideration.


  1. Support wireless charging

  2. Slim, lightweight, and stylish design

  3. Protective hard outer shell, shock absorbent sides

  4. Anti-scratch UV coating and beveled camera hole design


  1. The patterns since to fade and peeled off

7. Gray Marble iPhone 11 Pro Max Case by Speck

With 13-foot drop-tested, this protective case is specially designed to deliver extremely durability against drops even from great height. On top of that, the case even features two layers of protection with its IMPACTIUM cushioning to your iPhone. At the same time, it also comes with invisible cleanliness with Microban antimicrobial product protection to ensure safety to your phone. Plus with its vibrant designs, this phone case also resists scratching and fading so that the case stays stylish for long term use. No more worries about shocks and cracks when you drop your iPhone anymore, and style will always be with you.


  1. The case fits snugly to the phone

  2. Stylish, slim, sleek, and fashionable design

  3. Feels soft and smooth in hand with firm grip


  1. Does not support wireless charging

8. Sports Designed iPhone 11 Pro Max Case by adidas

For sports lovers, you really need to check this case out. The classic design of adidas logo on the mint green case makes this phone case super stylish and cool to have. The case features the embossed pattern to provide shock dispersion construction to protect your phone against bumps and drops. At the same time, it features ergonomic shape for a secure hold as you carry the phone in your hand. This case looks so cool it makes a perfect match with the high quality and modern iPhone 11 Pro Max. What’s more, it comes with different designs of adidas logo that absolutely fits with different people’s preferences. There are also a few other colors and styles that you can choose from as well, you should take a look.


  1. Durable and protective

  2. Fits the phone snugly and perfectly

  3. High quality design, feels great in hand


  1. Some users find the case a little bulky

9. Protective iPhone 11 Pro Max Case by Moment

When it comes to the most protective phone case for iPhone 11 Pro Max, this is the one to not overlook. This case comes with protective, durable, and rubberized body that keeps your phone safe from drops, scratches, and bumps. The case features the design of real materials that provide subtle texture to the back of the phone for firm grip. This nice grip allows you to use your phone with just one hand without the worries of slipping. This rugged case is so protective you can trust that your phone is super safe as long as the case is on. Not to mention the fully enclosed bottom to provide additional protection, this protective case is one of a kind. Its high quality and stylish design will not let you down, so don’t forget to check it out.


  1. Great detail design for stylish look

  2. Camera protection design for the lens at the back

  3. Sleek and slim design for easy slipping into pockets

  4. Easy access to all buttons and ports while they are being protected

  5. Durable design that protects the phone against drops, bumps, and falls


  1. A little bit pricey

10. Check Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max by tech21

Classic and elegant, this is the phone case that offers you both style and quality that you look for in the best phone cases. It features the drop protection design that can protect against drop after drop up to 3.6 meters in height. With its durability, you probably think that this case is thick and all bulky. But no. This protective phone case is slim as it made with smart materials to protect the phone without bulk. That is not all, it even comes with bio shield protection that reduce microbes by up to 99.99%. This function is to keep the case clean so that you can use it safely and healthily as well. This phone case is super durable, and it is made from scratch-resistant material to ensure both quality and performance for long term use. There are 4 colors available, take a look and pick one or two.


  1. Slim and lightweight profile to ensure protection without bulk

  2. Durable design that protects the phone against drops from up to 3.6 meters

  3. Two additional button sets that let you mix the color of your choice

  4. Built-in antimicrobial protection to keep the case clean and safe to use

  5. Multi-layered protection that dissipate impact energy more efficiently


  1. The case can be slippery sometimes


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