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Top 10 Best Smart Digital Scales Review

Smart digital scales are one of the most convenient and modern ways to help you keeping track on your weight. It is great to have something that help you maintain healthy habits during lockdown like this. The special thing about this type of scale is that it is more accurate, and its advanced technology brings more features. We are here today to introduce you to some high quality smart digital scales along with a buying guide.


Smart Digital Scales Buying Guide

Some digital scales on the market are quite expensive, so you should make sure to choose the right one. The buying guide below tells you what you want your smart scales to have, so check them out.

App Compatible

One of the most important features in smart digital scales is the compatibility with apps. So it does not only give you the weight but also BMI measurements for you to achieve your body goal. Even better, the app can also store the data of your body weight for you to keep track on. This helps a lot with your motivation in maintaining your ideal weight and reaching your plans. That way, you will be able to set goals to get your ideal weight in no time.

Electronic Voice

For those you want to weigh themselves while doing other things, this feature is useful. You can simply step on the scale while checking your phone, and the scale will tell you your weight. This feature is one of the most popular function these days since it is super convenient. No more trying to look down at the display, isn’t that nice?


Another great thing about smart digital scales these days is their minimalistic and unique design. They come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes that users can choose from. You can easily pick the ones that you like or match with your room design the most. The different designs also plays a part in pushing your motivation to weigh yourself. Plus, it also makes a nice compliment so why not?

To make things easier for you, we are here with 10 high quality smart digital scales that you can consider. Each option is unique in their own way, and the choice is all yours. Feel free to take a look and see which one that you like the most.

1. Smart BMI Digital Weight Scale by RENPHO

This is a top-selling and best-selling smart digital scale on Amazon, and its performance and quality will not let you down. It comes with 13 essential body measurements that allow you to monitor your body and health right from your smartphone. How so? This smart scale works with many fitness apps that you can connect to, and all data will be stored there. It is not only convenient but also helps you to keep track of your weight.

On top of that, this smart digital weight scale features high precision sensors to deliver accurate measurements every time. Just step on the scale, and it tells you everything you need to know about your weight and other body composition data. Plus with the sleek design with durable tempered glass, the scale is also long lasting for years of use. This one comes with two colors, so feel free to pick your favorite choice.


Accurate and precise data

Compatible with multiple users

Compact, lightweight, and sleek

Fast and stable Bluetooth connection

Set goals and track progress function

13 body composition analysis and data


The display screen is a little small


2. Smart Wi-Fi Digital Scale by Withings

Nothing is more convenient than just stepping on the scale and know all about the weight and other important information about your body. This smart scale right here features a Wi-Fi function that you can connect with an app to get your body checkup. It is special because it does not only display the data about your body but also feedback on what you should do. Everything is right there on your smartphone, how convenient is that right?

More than that, the app that you connect this scale to help to store the data history as well. That way, you will be able to see your journey so that you stay motivated to reach your goals. As for the performance, its accuracy is second to none. With the position control patented technology, this scale will only display the precise results for you. The best part is that it automatically recognizes up to 8 people, and that is another reason why you should have it.


Long lasting battery

Accurate data and measurement

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sync function

Tracks health and weight during pregnancy

Compatible with multiple health fitness apps

Automatically recognizes and tracks multiple users


The synchronization could be faster


3. Smart Weight Scale For Unlimited Users by Arboleaf

If you look for a smart digital scale for gym use, then this is the perfect option. It tracks the data and weight of all users, and it automatically recognizes each person as well. Once the user connects the scale to the phone, all the data will be synced there. When the same person comes with, this smart digital scale will recognize the user and sync the body weight and other data right away. One scale for all, isn’t it nice to have for large-scale use?

Apart from this super cool function, this smart digital scale can provide up to 10 body composition analyses. You can keep track of everything on your phone, and see what you should do to reach your goal. Not to mention the highly accurate data thanks to the high precision sensors built in the scale, its performance is always at its best. This digital scale is durable, sleek, and stylish, and you will not regret choosing it.


Easy to read and use

Bright and clear LED display

Compact, lightweight, and slim

High precision sensors for accurate data

Compatible with Bluetooth, Android, and iOS

Automatic synchronization for unlimited users


The synchronization can take a while


4. Smart Digital Glass Scale by FitTrack

When it comes to style, a glass scale like this definitely makes a nice compliment to pretty much any room. The awesome thing about this smart digital scale is that it offers up to 17 different body measurements for you. From body mass to muscle mass and other useful information, this scale shows you all. This is to ensure that you know about your body as much as possible so that you can reach your goals faster.

Another great part is the advanced BIA technology that this scale comes with. The moment you stand on it, the 4 metal electrodes will track and deliver all the important information for you right away. It is accurate and fast, and it takes less than 20 seconds to provide those data. This digital scale is ideal for all body types, and it can save data for up to 8 users. With both quality and style, this is a considerable option to have in mind.


Ideal for all body types

Accurate and fast performance

Durable and stylish glass design

17 body measurements for 8 users

Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Compatible with multiple health fitness apps


It takes some time to register a user’s information


5. Smart Scale With Extra Large Display by YUNMAI

Forget about squinting your eyes to check the weight because the large display from this scale won’t let that happen anymore. Thanks to the backlit LCD display, you can easily read the weight right away. But this is not the only thing that makes this digital scale one of the best that we highly recommend. This one scale alone offers up to 10 body stats information for 16 people, and each person needs only 5 seconds to set up and register.

What’s more? It is compatible with several tracking apps that you can connect to keep track of your fitness data. Along with that, it is also durable enough to handle all members while lasting for years as well. This smart digital scale comes with both quality and sleek design, and having one of these is simply great. Easy and simple yet very functional, no doubt why thousands of users are happy with it.


Clear and large display

Compact, sleek, and stylish

Easy, fast, and simple to set up

Compatible with many fitness apps

Durable and easy cleanup glass surface

Accurate measurement with 10 body stat information


The battery life could be longer


6. Smart Digital Scale With Auto Switch by runcobo

While some digital scales won’t work when the connection is not in range, this scale won’t let you experience such a problem. It features the auto switch Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection that works when one among the two is out of range. At the same time, its 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection supports a longer range so that you still can receive the data even without running the app. In case the Wi-Fi is down, the Bluetooth will take the work. Simple as that.

Just like all of the best smart digital scales on our list here, this one also provides accurate data. Along with that, it also delivers 14 other body composition data and syncs them into the app on your smart devices. You can use it with many fitness apps, and it supports unlimited users which are super convenient. Plus with the easy maintenance, the performance and quality of this scale last for years which is simply awesome.


Durable and long lasting performance

Fast synchronization for unlimited users

Automatic switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Compatible with multiple health and fitness apps

High quality ABS plastic and tempered glass design

Accurate data with 14 body composition measurements


The app lags a little on Android devices


7. Elegant Smart Digital Scale by Innotech

Simple yet elegant, this is one of the best smart digital weight scales that you should take into consideration. Once you step on it, you will receive the accurate measurement of not only your weight but also 9 other body compositions. At the same time, its large backlit display allows you to read the data conveniently which is very nice. You can also transfer the data into your smart devices and keep track on your goals as well.

This one scale alone can support up to 10 users as it can recognize and sync the data of each person. That way, everyone in the house can all stay healthy and fit. More than this, its Bluetooth 4.0 connection is super fast and secure, and it ensures a stable connection every time. It is compatible with both Android and iOS, and its performance is top notch always. There are 2 colors available, and the choice is all yours.


Fast and easy to set up

Large LED screen display

Durable tempered glass design

Fast and stable Bluetooth 4.0 connection

Tracks and keeps up to 10 people’s health data

Accurate weight and body composition measurements


The app glitches a little


8. Premium Design Smart Digital Scale by Greater Goods

The stylish design is one thing, but the performance that this digital scale is the main reason why we like it. First of all, it comes with just the useful features to help you keep track of your fitness and health. This scale does not only measure your weight but also your body fat, bone mass, lean mass, water weight, and more. The measurements of your body compositions are always accurate, and staying fit and healthy will be easier.

More than that, this digital scale is also very easy to read and use. Thanks to its backlit screen with a large display, reading your weight will be so simple. Plus with the fact that it is compatible with many fitness apps out there, connecting the scale to your smart devices is easy and fast. The scale itself is functional and stylish, and its durability lasts for years of use. Many users highly recommend this option, so check it out.


Accurate data and easy to use

Clear and large backlit display

Compact, elegant, and sleek design

Multiple body compositions measurement

Compatible with Android and iOS devices


Wi-Fi connection is not so good

It does not automatically recognize different users


9. Compact Bluetooth Digital Scale by Innotech

Here we have another scale from this brand but with a smaller size for more convenient use. Even if it is more compact than most scales out there, its performance and quality are still awesome. This scale is very easy to set up, and it tracks up to 9 key body compositions for you. At the same time, it also comes with high precision electrodes that ensure to deliver just the accurate data every single time.

As for the display, its large LED screen makes sure that it is easy for you to read. Along with that, this scale is super durable thanks to its high quality tempered glass that is both scratch resistant and shatter resistant. The scale can recognize up to 10 users, and everyone receives their data on their devices right away. Great quality with a great price, you should check it out and see if it matches your preferences.


Large LED display

Easy to set up and use

Compact, lightweight, and sleek

Compatible with multiple apps and supports 10 users

High precision electrodes for accurate measurements

Durable, scratch resistant, and shatter resistant tempered glass


Some users don’t like the app


10. Smart Body Composition Scale by iHealth

This smart digital scale is unique because it comes with a built-in advanced BIA algorithm and highly sensitive sensors. That way, you can trust that the measurement of your weight and other body compositions are always accurate. Another great thing is that this scale is larger and more supportive which is ideal for larger users. The large platform offers more room for you to stand, and the high quality tempered glass ensures strength and support. In fact, it supports up to 400 pounds which is so much better than most digital scales out there.

On top of that, it features anti-skid padding and round corners for extra safe use. Plus with the crystal and large LED screen display, reading your weight data is so convenient and simple. It can remember up to 8 users, and it automatically recognizes their personal weight right away. Not to mention the compatibility with both Android and iOS along with other apps, this is one awesome choice to choose.


Accurate and precise measurements

Anti-slip padding with rounded corners

Durable, sturdy, and supportive surface

Compatible with various apps and devices

Supports and automatically recognizes up to 8 users


Some users don’t like the complete white color design

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