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Top 10 Best Smart Thermostats For Home Review

Smart thermostats are programmable and convenient to use, and it learns the temperatures that you like to have in the house. It does not only keep you comfortable but also safe at the same time. In this modern era of technology, you can control everything in the palm of your hand through smart devices. Let’s take a look and see some of the best smart thermostats for smart homes with us below.


Smart Thermostats Buying Guide

It is true that smart thermostats work flawlessly, but you still have to make sure to choose the right one. There are 3 main features that the smart thermostat you want to buy should have for convenient use. Feel free to take a look and find out what they are with us.


Don’t choose the one that is bulky, there are many compact options available out there in the market. Along with that, look for the ones that you can easily install with bright and clear display. A smart home always look classic and nice, and the design of your smart thermostat should match it. You want a thermostat that does not only look modern but also compliment the room all in one. That way, you will be able to walk pass it proudly with satisfaction every time.

Energy Consumption

It would be bad to purchase a smart thermostat that shoots your electricity bill up the roof. There are options that are Energy Star certified, and that is what you should get. This is to ensure that it does its job well without consuming too much energy. Even better, some even help to save up to 20% or more of energy on cooling and heating annually as well.


This is a very important part, you want your thermostats to operate smoothly with your smart home system. At the same time, make sure that it is compatible with both Android and iOS so that everyone can easily use it. That way, you will be able to control and manage your device from all devices that you have easily.

Don’t you worry about finding the best smart thermostats because this review is here to help. We did our research and finally came up with a list of high quality smart thermostats that you can trust. You might want to check them out, all of them are awesome and great in their own unique way.

1. Stainless Steel Programmable Smart Thermostat by Google

When it comes to the best smart thermostats, this one from Google is here to show you the true definition of one. The great thing about this smart thermostat is that learns your schedule and the temperature that you favor. On top of its programmable function, it can also self-program to keep you comfortable while saving energy at the same time. Plus with its HVAC monitoring, it looks out for your cooling and heating systems and lets you know when something is not right.

More than that, this smart thermostat has a home assist function that adjusts itself automatically to an Eco Temperature when you are not at home. This is to ensure that you come back to a moderate temperature without a cold or stuffy atmosphere. Even better, you can also use your smart devices to control the temperature remotely which is so convenient. It is easy and simple to use, and there are several material options available so feel free to take a look.


Easy to install and use

Compact size with clear display

Remote control using smart devices

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Automatic temperature adjust and programmable

HVAC monitoring for cooling and heating system maintenance


Its motion detection sensor is too sensitive


2. Smart WiFI Thermostat With Touchscreen by Emerson Thermostats

Simple and convenient, this smart thermostat comes with built-in WiFi so that it is compatible with a wide range of connections. You can pair it with not only Alexa and Google Assistant but also Apple HomeKit and other smart home platforms. This is to ensure that remote and voice commands can be done from various devices and options for all users out there. It works with both Android and iOS so you can control it from pretty much anywhere you are.

Another thing that we like is that it helps both adjusting the temperature and saving energy consumption at the same time. Thanks to its HVAC feature, this smart thermostat adjusts your cooling and heating system for the best temperature with its flexible schedules. With it, you won’t have to worry about coldness or humidity in the house anymore. Thousands of users have a great experience using this smart thermostat, and you sure will too.


Easy to install, set up, and use

Supports both Android and iOS devices

Accurate and proper temperature control

Touchscreen color display with backlight

Compatible with many smart home platforms

Energy saving and convenient HVAC system maintenance


There should be more features given the price


3. Smart Thermostat With Smart Sensor by ecobee

For those who prefer the thermostat to works automatically the moment you walk in the room, this is definitely the one. With its Smart Home & Away feature, this thermostat simply detects your movement and presence that adjusts the comfortable and suitable temperature in the room right away. Things go the same when you leave, it will adjust the temperature to save energy once you are not there anymore.

Not different from the rest of the best smart thermostats on our list, this one also comes with an app. The app allows you to connect to both Android and iOS smart devices, and it is compatible with the most common smart home systems out there. We also like its sleek and stylish design as it compliments most room décor out there. Don’t forget to check it out, this is one of the most popular smart thermostats that people recommend.


Convenient home accessory control

Built-in Alexa and occupancy sensor

Programmable and scheduling features

Easy installation and setup with responsive software

Smart motion detection with fast temperature adjustment

Compatible with most smart home systems and supports Android and iOS devices


The temperature display is inaccurate sometimes


4. Googles Nest Smart Thermostat by Google

Worry no more about forgetting to turn off a certain device at home because this smart Google Nest thermostat is here for you. The special thing about this option is that it simply turns down or turns off the energy when you leave. This is to ensure both energy saving while keeping the house safe from any accidents resulting from the cooling or heating systems. You can also program this thermostat to create an energy efficient schedule from your smart devices as well.

On top of that, it comes with the Saving Finder feature that recommends the best temperature while saving energy for you. The app has all the information that you need, and it helps so much in monitoring your HVAC system. We also like how compact and good-looking this thermostat is as it makes a part of the room décor. With this price for more energy saving and system maintenance, this thermostat is a great device to invest in.


HVAC system maintenance and monitoring

Easy to control remotely using smart devices

Supports Internet, WiFi, and voice command

Adjustable and quick energy efficient schedule

Automatic temperature changing for energy saving

Compatible with most HVAC systems and smart home systems


The WiFi connection is unstable sometimes


5. Google Nest Temperature Sensor Pack by Google

In case you have multiple devices that need a smart sensor, we highly recommend this pack here. For a reasonable price, you get 3 Google Nest sensors that work incredibly with your devices and HVAC systems. Each sensor is equipped with smart chips that tell the thermostat to automatically adjusts to a suitable temperature in the room. You can place each of them in different rooms so that you can set different temperatures just the way you like.

There is an app that you can download to control and schedule the sensors using your smart devices. Another part that we like is the fact that these sensors are easy to install. All you need to do is simply hang them on the wall or place them on the shelf. Setup is easy, and its battery lasts for months which is so convenient. Great price with great quality, this is one of the best options to take into consideration.


Long lasting battery life

Classic and compact design

Accurate temperature readings

Wireless and easy to install and use

Automatic temperature adjustment with thermostats

Compatible with Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E


The connection is lagging and unstable sometimes


6. Programmable Thermostat With Touch Buttons by Vine

Although the screen is small, the display of this smart thermostat shows every piece of information you need to know. These include current mode, current fan mode, date and time, heating set point, indoor humidity, indoor temperature, and next schedule. And guess what, the display is also in color which is convenient and easy to read. Next to the display screen are the buttons that you can control some settings as well.

The main feature that we like the most is the programmable setting that allows you to set up for 7 days ahead. This setting also helps to save the energy from your HVAC systems in the house as well. Plus with the fact that it is easy to use since it is compatible with most devices and smart home systems, this option is one of a kind. So easy to install, set up, and use, isn’t this the type of smart thermostat that you find interesting?


Easy to install and use

Auto connection and stable WiFi

Compatible with Alexa and Google

Energy saving and programmable features

Remote control on both Android and iOS devices

Color display with touch buttons and LED nightlight


Setup is a little time consuming


7. Smart Thermostat With Large Screen by Bosch

If you are seeking a smart thermostat with a bright and large screen display, you are looking at one right now. With the size of 5 inches, the screen displays current temperature along with other modes and statuses along with responsive touch for easy scheduling. You can also control this smart thermostat for the most comfortable temperature using your smart devices since it supports both Android and iOS devices.

Since it also comes with built-in WiFi, you can also connect this thermostat to your HVAC equipment and system in the house with ease. Plus with the compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, controlling the home temperature and other systems can be done from the tip of your finger. So easy to install and use, this smart thermostat is simply one of the best options that you should not overlook.


Easy and simple to install and use

Compatible with multiple HVAC systems

5 inches screen display with sleek body design

Built-in WiFi and compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Easy to control using the smart devices or the touchscreen display

Programmable settings with easy access to local weather forecast feature


The connection with Alexa needs improvement


8. Programmable Smart Thermostat For Home by Google

Just like other best quality smart thermostats from Google on our list today, this one is also one of a kind. It is great because it comes with a smart feature that learns the best temperature of your room. Then it simply programs itself to that particular temperature to keep you comfortable while saving energy at the same time. You can tell that it is in energy saving mode when you see the Nest Leaf symbol on the thermostat.

On top of that, the app of this thermostat also lets you know the amount of energy that you save each day. Plus with the Home/Away Assist feature, this smart thermostat will adjust to an Eco Temperature mode when you leave the room to save the energy. Along with that, you can also schedule this device right from your smartphone to work at the time that you prefer. Being one of the best on the market, this thermostat will not let you down.


Easy and energy saving to use

Automatic temperature adjustment

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Programmable and low energy consumption

LCD screen with smart sensors and ambient light

Supports both Android and iOS devices with family accounts


It takes about an hour to install


9. WiFi Programmable Smart Thermostat by Vine

Here we have another smart thermostat from this brand but with a different design that we think you might like. It has a bigger screen display, and the touchscreen allows you to adjust the settings while the one from above has buttons. The touchscreen display is not only more convenient but also modern while there are more options that you can customize. It even has a nightlight mode that you can use at night which is a total plus.

Not different from the rest of the best options here, this one also allows you to control and manage the temperature remotely. It works with laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and it is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant which is so convenient to use. Installation takes about 30 minutes, and all the hardware and instructions are included in the package for you. You should take a look, this option is also one of the best to have.


Modern and sleek design

Fast installation and easy to operate

Low energy consumption and programmable

Hardware and step-by-step instructions included

Large touchscreen LCD display with adjustable LED nightlight

Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart devices


Some users don’t like the customer service


10. Smart Thermostat Bundle by Google

Comes in a bundle, the package also includes the base, installation kit, and WiFi smart plugs along with the smart thermostat. That way, you will be able to install and set up everything right away. Easy and simple to use, this smart thermostat learns the best and most common temperature that you set so that it can adjust the exact temperature for your room. The best part is that it helps to save energy on both your cooling and heating system which is a total plus. Not to mention that it works great with Alexa and other smart home systems, you will not regret choosing this option.


Compact and stylish design

Easy to install, set up, and use

High functional and programmable

Energy saving and low energy consumption

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant


It is a little pricey

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