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Top 10 Best Smartphone Camera Lens

Technology advancement today brings us an easier lifestyle. Capturing the amazing photo and video also become the best hobby to try. However, finding way to get cool picture or video, we may find different kinds of way. Therefore, smartphone Camera Lens becomes one of the other popular way to most of the people. Here are top 10 best smartphone camera lens that you should read before you buy.


1. OISH 3-in-1 Smartphone Camera Lens

OISH 3 in 1 is the best smart phone camera 3 lens kit, which can be attached to Iphone and Android smart phone’s camera. Those three lens work on different functions, and works perfectly. It is very easy to use by not removing your phone’s case when you clip lens on. OISH 3 in 1 also has the high quality as it is designed with strong aluminum and premium superior grade optics that can reduces glare and reflection. These are flexible with soft rubber, which will no breaks or scratches your phone. Three lens have macro wide lens, angle lens, and detach lens.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (1)


2. Ansel Lens BrightGlass II

Ansel Lens is another amazing lens, uses for iphone, Samsung and most android smartphones’ camera. As it is special, it can capture the telephoto and portrait that has DSLR quality. The BrightGlass II 60mm can work closer to the action with no distortion to the image. It is very useful for street portraits, close up shots because it can produce stunning sharp and highly contrasted photos with high quality. This lens is removed from phone easily since it is made with aluminum body and the optical grade glass.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (2)


3. Camkix Universal 3 in 1

Camkix Universal 3 in 1 is the camera lens kits that has three lens, work with different functions, such as fish eye lens, macro lens with macro and wide angle. These amazing three help you an array of shooting options to get the any kinds of photo as you want to. Moreover, the lenses are made from aluminum so that it is last long. Velvet of these three can also carry to keep lenses clean and safe.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (3)


4. Smartphone Camera Lens – LS-PRO

LS-PRO is the best quality 3 in 1 cell phone camera lens Kit, includes macro lens, wide angle lens, and fisheye lens. It is used for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other Smartphones. This lens kid is considered as a professional lens with multi purpose of use. It was designed with optical glass and top grade aluminum that can reflect or artifact stunning photos. Soft rubber clip will not scratch or damage your phone.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (4)


5. CamKix Camera Lens Kit

This CamKix Camera lens is very best suitable for smart phone. Lens are included fisheye lens, macro lens, and wide angle lens. Buying this kit you also receive one velvet bag, tripod, phone holder and cleaning cloth. Within many function to help capturing, mini tripod is very useful which is used to extend or retract its legs for precise position. However, it is available for only Iphone 5 and 5S. Its hard case also allows you to attach each of the lenses easily without damaging your phone. Phone holder allows you to mount a range of different smart phones on the tripod.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (5)


6. Eco-Fused Phone Camera Lens

Eco-Fused is an universal smart phone camera lens kit which includes telephoto manual focus lens, fish Eye Lens, macro and wide angle lens, tripod, lens and phone holder. It fits with most of the smart phones. Importantly, its holder allows you to rotate the lens 360 degrees. Moreover, lenses screw easily in to the lens holder, so it won’t damage your phone. Mini tripod works perfectly because it can extend or retract for any positions we want. About lens, wide angle lens is paired with the macro.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (6)


7. PTDC 3 in 1 Best Phone Camera Lens

The best smart phone camera lens is PTDC 3 in 1 because of its functions and quality. It can be used with most of smart phone such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola, and iPad. With a Fish Eye Lens, Macro Lens and Wide Angle Lens with Lens Caps, it also has one microfiber carrying bag. According multipurpose of this product, fisheye lens is used to capture cool rounded wide angle shots, macro lens is used for the close up shots, and wide lens is used to increase the distance to capture a single shot. This 3 in 1 lens kit protects your lens when you go to the adventures.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (7)


8. GoGo Robots

GoGo Robots is the iPhone camera lens kit, which is very beautiful artistic whenever it is attached to your iPhone smart phone. This kit includes fisheye, macro and wide lenses. It is very easy to use as it is made of professional-grade glass and tough aluminum that is last long. It is so small and light so that you can take it everywhere and everywhere you want to.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (8)


9. Pro Series HD DSLR Lens

Pro Series HD DSLR Lens is used with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to capture video and photographers with three different kinds of camera lens function such as wide, and macro Lens. Furthermore, it is the highest HD lens that is assembled and then inspected by experienced hands from our high-grade aluminum and pro grade glare-free glass ensuring a premium product. This 2 in 1 lens kit lets you capture the widest views with the wide angle lens while still providing focus of the smallest up-close detail with the macro lens.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (9)


10. BIAL Universal 8X Phone

BIAL Universal 8X Phone is a black telescope camera lens for IOS and Android smartphones series. 8X Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens is used for watching games, concerts, travel, and photography. Its multi layers green coating glass technology ensures high clarity quality images. Since it is made out of ABS and soft rubber, it is very easy to hold, lightweight and durable.

Best Smartphone Camera Lens (10)

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