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Phone Case Brands

You will find countless phone cases in the market, but the best phone case brands are the trustable options. There are multiple phone case brands that offer different potential features to match with various users’ preferences. From style to toughness, there is always at least one brand that you can turn to. Their products are durable and long-lasting, and everything is so worth the price. We are going to introduce to some of the best phone case brands that you can take into consideration.


Phone Cases Buying Guide

Although you know the best phone case brands, there are still a few things that you should look for. That way, you will be able to pick the right phone cases for your phone in no time. We brief those important features below, so check them out.


The appearance of the phone case is important, but the other designs are also important. You want the phone case that you like to have cutouts that you can charge and access to other ports. Along with that, don’t overlook the raised lip design because it plays a crucial part in protecting the camera and screen. That way, the case can protect the phone when you drop or place it on a rough surface. Make sure that it is not too bulky or slippery to hold so that you can hold it comfortably in hand.


A good fit is important, and you want your phone case to fits perfectly to your phone. This is to ensure that it won’t be too loose or too tight. If a phone case is too tight, it is very different to put on and remove. And for ladies, you probably chip your fingernails or hurt your finger trying to remove the phone case. Nice fit of the phone case on the phone also allows you to easily access the ports as well.


There are several common materials for phone cases, depending on the performance and style that they offer. For example, a silicone phone case is lightweight and smooth in hand as well as easy to clean and use. In case you prefer a phone case that is more durable and tough or looks manly, there are also rugged materials. Some poor quality materials can break easily which is a waste of money, and that means it is not protective enough. Materials are very important, so don’t overlook this part.

We have 10 best phone case brands that provide both quality and reasonable price that you should take into consideration. A phone case that lasts for years is a purchase that you will be happy with. Let’s take a look and see what they are with use below.

1. Apple

For iPhone users, no company is more reliable and trustworthy than Apple itself when it comes to the accessories like phone cases. The great thing about Apple phone cases is that most of them made are from high quality silicone with a smooth and soft touch. Another major part that we like is that their design is simply ideal for all users. The appearance of the phone cases is classic yet simple along with great colors which work with everyone.

On top of that, all of their phone cases support wireless charging that you can recharge your phone without having to take the cases off. Not to mention the perfect cutouts and fitting that you can easily slip your phone in and out like a glove, Apple phone cases are simply one of the best brands. If you don’t like any complications in choosing the best phone cases for your iPhones, Apple is the brand that you should go for.


  1. Easy to put on and remove

  2. Durable and high quality materials

  3. Perfect fit with unique built-in magnets

  4. Classic and modern designs with nice colors

  5. Comfortable to touch exterior with protective lining interior

  6. Compatible with MagSafe chargers and Qi-certified chargers


  1. The price is higher than most in the market



Here is the alternative phone case brand for iPhone if you don’t want to invest in pricey accessories from Apple. The special thing about this brand is that most designs of its case show off your beautiful Apple logo from its clear back. However, the durability and protection that the cases deliver are among the best. A majority of the phone case from this brand is made from high quality military grade which is perfect for daily protection.

We all know users who casually bump or drop their phone, it happens. This is why CASEKOO is a nice phone case brand to have in mind. Apart from impact-absorbing materials, it also features raised bezel and camera to ensure protection from every angle. Plus with the slim design for a comfortable grip, it fits in your pocket without causing any discomfort at all. Less expensive but with amazing quality, this is one of the brands to take into consideration.


  1. Durable, rigid, and protective

  2. Perfect fit with precise cutouts

  3. Beautiful designs with various colors

  4. Compatible with MagSafe and Qi-certified chargers

  5. High quality military and impact-absorbing materials

  6. Raised bezels with anti-yellow and scratch resistant coating


  1. Most designs are clear while some users want more options


3. i-Blason

This is one of the best phone case brands that absolutely love for it has a wide range of accessories for the most famous two phone companies: Apple and Samsung. The signature design from this brand is the eye-catching marble back with stunning colors that will never go out of style. Each and every case from brand simply screams elegance compliments the price of your smartphones from all angles.

Another special thing that we like is the durability and protection on top of the beautiful appearance. All cases from i-Blason come with TPU bumpers that protect your phone against drops and falls. At the same time, it also features the scrape and scratch resistant material to ensure its beautiful look for years. Most cases also come with a built-in screen protector which is a total plus. Great quality with a great price, there are many things that this brand has to offer.


  1. Compatible with wireless chargers

  2. Precise cutouts with responsive buttons

  3. Elevated bezels with the protective front case

  4. Slim-resistant and shock absorbing TPU bumpers

  5. Protection against bumps, drops, scraps, and scratches

  6. Slim and stylish design for comfortable and secure grip


  1. The design is more ideal for female users


4. Miracase

As for this brand, it has a design that looks similar to the phone cases from i-Blason. The difference is that the simple design is also available for you to choose from. There are also a few nice options that match perfectly with the design of the phones especially Samsung. Appearance aside, the durability and quality of this brand are quite great. There is protection all around the phone, and its performance is also amazing.

All cases from Miracase are made from military-grade materials along with raised edges design. This is to ensure full protection for your phones from any accidental bumps or falls. Most cases also include a built-in screen protector that is responsive and protective at the same time. Along with that, the cases all fit great while the buttons are easy to use which is a total bonus. Its quality is reliable and the price is on the reasonable side, maybe this can be your next favorite brand.


  1. Stylish designs with bright colors

  2. Precise cutouts and sensitive buttons

  3. Shock absorbing TPU bumper on all 4 corners

  4. Protection against bumps, drops, and scratches

  5. Comfortable grip with fingerprint resistant coating

  6. Military grade materials with responsive built-in screen protector


  1. The color is not fade resistant



When it comes to the best and popular phone case brands, you can’t overlook TORRAS. We like how they keep on providing new and top quality phone cases as well as accessories for both Apple and Samsung products. The phone cases from this brand deliver amazing protection for your phone from every corner thanks to its advanced X-SHOCK impact resistant material. At the same time, it is very slick and slim which fits comfortably in hand.

Another thing that we like is the latest phone cases for Samsung from TORRAS include the built-in kickstand for convenient use. This feature is nothing new, but it will always come in handy. More than that, the designs of the phone cases from this brand is very flexible yet modern and stylish. There is a wide variety of cool designs for all users, and the price is so worth the quality. From glossy to matte and more, it has them all for you which is why we highly recommend this brand.


  1. Comfortable grip and slim profile

  2. Compatible with wireless charging

  3. Anti-slip, and scratch resistant coatings

  4. Elegant and modern designs with different colors

  5. Comfortable and responsive buttons with precise cutouts

  6. Extremely durable and protective materials for long term use


  1. Its anti-fingerprint coating could work better


6. OtterBox

Thousands of users are fond of OtterBox because this brand always delivers the best quality phone cases especially for the latest models. One of several reasons that we highly recommend phone cases from OtterBox is that most of their designs are ideal for everyday walk of life. So classic and modern while looking stylish without being too over the top. We also like the fact that the cases are sleek and slim which is so comfortable to carry and grip.

Just like the other best brands on our list, this one also comes to provide the best protection. We are talking about shielding your expensive phones against all the bumps and drops that are common for most. Not to mention the raised bezels, the case also protects the cameras and the screen as well. Usually, OtterBox delivers phone cases with a wide range of colors for many phone models that you can choose from. You might like this brand so feel free to check it out.


  1. Easy to put on and remove

  2. Protective exterior and interior design

  3. Multiple colors and designs for all users

  4. Sleek and smooth surface for comfortable grip

  5. Durable and protective against bumps and falls

  6. High quality synthetic rubber and other materials


  1. It is not stain resistant


7. Speck

Probably not the most popular brands among the best, but Speck does have some interesting phone cases that we think many might find attractive. Instead of the clear and simple, this brand goes for colors and patterns for various phone models. There are so many stylish phone cases for both Apple and Samsung, and the choice is all yours. With so many styles, it will be so easy to pick the ones that match your preferences which is convenient and simple.

Appearance aside, all cases share one important thing which is the quality. Each phone case is made from high quality materials to ensure that it is durable and protective for long term use. Because some cases feature the design of graphics and patterns, they are also fade resistant and scratch resistant as well. Plus with the sleek design, you can simply hold your phone or slip it in your pockets with ease every time. Don’t forget to take a look, this brand is definitely one of a kind.


  1. Comfortable and smooth grip

  2. Colorful, elegant, and sleek design

  3. Protective elevated camera and screen bezels

  4. Fade resistant, finger resistant, and scratch resistant

  5. Microban anti-microbial material for bacteria reduction

  6. Extremely durable and protective against bumps and drops


  1. The smooth design on some cases makes them a little slippery


8. Spigen

You might be familiar with Spigen if you are a fan of rugged phone cases because this brand sure knows what to deliver. When you buy a phone case from Spigen, you can trust that it is durable, protective, rugged, and slim fit at the same time. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the design of Spigen phone cases. Some have solid colors, some have built-in kickstands, while some even have back pockets.

You can find phone cases for Apple, Google, and Samsung from Spigen, and there are a lot of options to choose from which is so nice. It is true that phone accessories from this brand are a little pricey, but the quality lasts for years. Spend once, and you will never regret making your choice. This is why this brand is one of the best and most trusted phone case brands among many users around the world.


  1. Extremely durable and rugged

  2. 360 degrees protection bumpers

  3. Precise cutouts with responsive buttons

  4. Protective raised bezels and screen design

  5. Compatible with wireless charging for iPhones

  6. Multiple designs for various phone brands and models


  1. Some cases are a little expensive


9. Temdan

Let’s go back to the simple side of phone cases with Temdan, and many users are quite fond of this brand. All of the latest iPhones come with gorgeous colors, and this is why the cases from Temdan are designed to compliment your expensive phones. It does not only protect your phones from minor accidents but also shows off the stunning colors of the iPhone at the same time. Things are the same with the recent phone models from Samsung.

More than that, some cases are waterproof which adds extra protection to your phone. This is a total plus, and it is a nice feature on top of the durability and quality that the phone cases come with. Despite the rugged look, all cases from Temdan are easy to install and remove which is convenient and fast. This brand provides everything that you need for your smartphones, so let’s see if it is the one.


  1. Sleek design for comfortable grip

  2. Easy to put on, remove, and clean

  3. Precise cutouts and sensitive buttons

  4. Extremely durable, rugged, and waterproof

  5. Raised bezels with impact resistant bumpers

  6. Classic, modern, and stylish design with various colors


  1. The fingerprint scanner could work better


10. VRS Design

No matter if it is Apple or Samsung, this phone case brand always has something to deliver. We are talking about the convenient built-in kickstand or the card slot that you can slide some cards and cash. This is to ensure that you can more than just a phone case which is a total plus for a regular price that you would pay. One amazing thing that all phone cases from VRS Design offer is the incredible durability along with style. The cases are durable and tough yet lightweight and smooth at the same time. With them on your phone, you will get everything from convenience and style to protection to the phone. Fair price with reliable quality, this could the brand that you like.


  1. Modern and stylish design

  2. Easy to put on and remove

  3. Extra built-in kickstand or a card slot

  4. Durable, rugged, and shockproof materials

  5. Raised bezels for camera and screen protection


  1. Most phone cases are not compatible with wireless charging

Power Bank Brands

Power bank brands determine not only the performance but also the quality of the devices themselves. You have probably heard about low quality power banks that deteriorate the phone battery or overheat the phone while charging. Even worse, some cheap power banks may even cause exploding while charging although the case is not so common. With the best power bank brands, those are not the problems that you will have to concern at all. We are going to introduce you to some high quality and reliable names today, so let’s take a look.


Power Bank Buying Guide

Even with a famous brand, there are still a few main features to look for when you buy a power bank. That way, you will be able to choose the perfect external battery that you can use for years.

Charging Capacity

The capacity of a power bank defines the number of times that it can fully charge your phone. For those who are on the go a lot, choose the power bank with a capacity of at least 10000mAh. This allows you to fully charge your devices a few times before it runs out of juice. In case you only need a simple power bank for a spare use sometimes, a 5000mAh capacity will do. If you travel by plane a lot, don’t buy a power bank with a capacity of over 10000mAh. This is because some airlines do not allow a power bank that exceed 10000mAh.


A good power bank should have at least 2 charging ports that allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously. When it comes to power bank ports, there are two types for different purposes which are 1A and 2.1A. The 1A charging port is ideal for smartphones because these devices require 1A current to charge. As for 2.1 A port, it is for tablets since they need higher current to properly charge. If you want to use the power bank to charge your smartphones, the 1A will do. In case you want to charge both smartphones and tablets, look for the ones with both ports.


Normally, the more the capacity also means the larger and heavier the power banks. If you use a power bank on a daily basis, you might want to consider a larger one. It does not only provide high charging capacity but also multiple ports for at least 4 devices. Some large power banks out there even have flashlights that can be useful for outdoor activities. Size matters, so don’t overlook this part.

Sometimes it can be quite tricky to buy the right power banks, but we are here to help you out. There are 10 best power bank brands that offer high quality and long lasting products in the list below. Feel free to take a look and see which brand that you like the most.

1. Aibocn

Things are on the compact side with this brand, and this is why we recommend power banks from Aibocn. Most users don’t like bulky power banks because they are heavy and large to bring along with especially for those who travel a lot. The great thing about power banks from this brand is that most of them are compact, lightweight, and portable. Along with the small size, its charging capacity is also powerful enough to fully charge your smartphones.

Despite the compact size, all power banks from Aibocn offer fast charging and most of which have dual ports. This allows you to charge two devices simultaneously which is so convenient to use. They are safe for your devices thanks to the multiple protection against various accidents. There are several pocket power banks that you can choose from, and their price is also affordable. If you don’t look for expensive or large power banks, this brand could be the one.


  1. Built-in LED battery indicators

  2. Fast charging and recharging speed

  3. Proper capacity to fully charge various devices

  4. Compatible and safe to use with all USB devices

  5. Compact, lightweight, portable, and stylish design

  6. Protection against overcharge, overcurrent, over-discharge, and overheat


  1. Some users don’t like the LED battery indicators


2. Anker

When it comes to electronics and accessories for smart devices, Anker is one of the best brands that you can trust. Things go the same with power banks because Anker keeps on providing the latest and most updated items all the time. Power banks from this brand come with both performance and quality that you can trust and use for years. All of them feature advanced charging technology to ensure fast charging speed along with safety for your devices.

You won’t have to worry about overcharging or overheating at all because such case will not happen with Anker. Almost all power banks from this brand have more than one charging port so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. As one of the most reliable brands, no doubt why Anker is very popular among millions of users around the world. There are so many choices to choose from, and the decision is all yours to make.


  1. Universal compatibility

  2. Compact and portable design

  3. Durable and tough for long term use

  4. Multiple ports with fast charging speed

  5. Available in various designs and charging capacity

  6. Advanced temperature control technology with fireproof casing


  1. The items are a little pricey



Just like Anker, this brand also delivers some of the latest power bank models to ensure the most convenient experience for you as well. This is one of the examples, and it supports USB-C along with a built-in stand that functions as a phone holder. In case you still want to use your phone hand-free while charging, this is the power bank to go for. Most power banks from AUKEY offer fast dual charging speed without overcharging or overheating your devices at all.

Another thing that we like about this brand is that a majority of their products come in high capacity. This allows you to charge multiple devices or fully charge one device multiple times which is absolutely convenient. All of the power banks have built-in battery indicator lights, and they are very easy to use. This brand is also supported by millions of users, so let’s see if AUKEY is what you look for.


  1. Affordable and reasonable price

  2. Wireless charging models available

  3. LED battery level indicators included

  4. Dual charging ports with fast charging speed

  5. Cool and convenient design with compact size

  6. High capacity, protective, and safe for all devices


  1. Some power banks are a little heavy



While most power banks have built-in LED indicators for battery percentage, INIU goes for a better and more modern alternative. There is a small display that shows the exact percentage of the battery for you right away. Even better, its light automatically adapts to bright or dim depending on the surrounding light conditions which is super cool. Because it is one of the latest brands, most power banks from INIU all come with a new look and features.

We really like the lightning-fast charging speed of power banks from this brand. Even better, most of them offer dual charging with equal speed so that you can easily charge different devices simultaneously. Not to mention the compact size, INIU power banks are simply portable and convenient to bring along with. Great price with great quality, this is one of the power brands that you should check out.


  1. Large capacity with modern design

  2. Compact, lightweight, and portable

  3. Cool battery percentage display screen

  4. Compatible with all smart devices up to 15W

  5. Safety protection against damages and overheating

  6. Extremely fast charging speed with 3.0 USB C ports


  1. It is a little draining with some devices


5. Miady

You won’t find too many power banks from this brand, but Miady does deliver some of the high quality portable chargers that you might find interesting. There are two main types of power banks from Miady, the ones for daily use and the ones for extreme use. The ones for daily use work just like the rest of the power banks on the list. It is ideal for regular charging while you are on the go, and they provide up to a few times of fully charging.

As for the power banks for extreme use looks like the picture down here. It comes with a large capacity that offers multiple charging that lasts for days. This option is perfect for those who travel to places where electricity is not favorable. There are up to 3 ports, and the charging speed is also fast which is time-saving. Not every power bank offers such performance for this price, so don’t forget to take a look.


  1. Quick USB-C recharge port

  2. Tiny LED battery indicator lights

  3. Portable and easy to bring along with

  4. Wide compatibility with all smart devices

  5. Protection against overcharging and overheating

  6. Large charging capacity with fast charging speed


  1. Some of them are a little bulky


6. Odec

Not different from a few power brands in the list, this one is also at its early debut. The great thing is that what this brand delivers is good stuff that you can take into consideration. It is very easy to bring along with and convenient to use, and you won’t have to worry about bringing charging cables at all. This power bank comes with a built-in AC wall plug and built-in charging cables right in one device for you.

The built-in cables have all the heads that are compatible with Apple, USB Android devices, and of course, USB-C devices. Charging the power bank itself is so simple since all you need to do is plug it into the wall sockets. No more rushing in packing the extra cables, all you need is the power bank on the go. Not to mention its large and high capacity, this power bank is among the best. Despite not having a lot of choices, this one option is enough to prove its quality.


  1. Compact and sleek design

  2. High and large charging capacity

  3. Clear digital battery percentage display

  4. Universal compatibility with all smart devices

  5. Built-in AC wall plug and built-in charging cables

  6. Protection against overcharge, over current, over-voltage, and short circuits


  1. It is a little heavy


7. panergy

Look for a power bank that can charge all of your devices while you are on the go? This brand has one to offer, the one power bank that functions as the charger for everything you have. From your smartphones and tablets and laptops, this power bank can juice up them all. There are several ports that you can power up multiple devices with a fast charging speed. Also, its capacity is large enough to charge your devices several times which is perfect for traveling.

Even better, it features the solar charging function that powers up this portable charger by using the sun. So when you go camping or take an expedition to further places, you know this power bank can cover everything for you. We also like the LCD display that lets you know the status of the whole process from battery percentage to temperature and more. Durable and safe, this brand sure knows how to bring out the best.


  1. UL-Certified for safe use

  2. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor charging

  3. Solar charging function with multiple ports

  4. Durable and solid design with built-in LCD display

  5. Wide compatibility with laptops and other smart devices

  6. Surge protection against over current, over-voltage, and short circuit


  1. It is a little heavy and large



Here you are looking at one of the best power bank brands that deliver high quality portable chargers with high capacity in a compact size. All power banks from POWERADD are portable so that you can easily bring them along with no matter where you go. At the same time, its capacity is large enough to charge your smart devices multiple times which is so convenient to use. There are usually more than one port, and all power banks deliver fast charging.

Not different from other high quality power banks on the list, this one also comes with safety in mind. Every single power bank from this brand ensures to protect your devices from overcharging, over current, and overheating so that it is safe to use. Plus with the sleek and stylish design, having one of the power banks from POWERADD is simply nice. Reliable quality with reasonable price, what do you think?


  1. Modern and stylish design

  2. Compact, lightweight, and portable

  3. Fast charging speed with multiple ports

  4. Large capacity for several charging times

  5. Universal compatibility with different devices

  6. Protection against overcurrent, overheating, and over voltage


  1. It takes quite long to recharge


9. RAVPower

RAVPower has been on the market for several years, and its reputation for high quality power banks is also very popular. There is a wide range of power banks with various designs and features that you can choose from. The things that they all share are the performance and quality that last for years of use for you. All power banks from this brand do not only charge fast but also provides safety charging every time as well.

Another thing that we like is that most of them come with high capacity that you can easily use while you are on the go. Speaking of on the go, their size is also compact which is perfect to have for traveling as well. Plus with the multiple charging ports, you can charge at least 2 devices at the same time which is so convenient. As one of the best power bank brands, RAVPower will not let you down.


  1. UL-Certified and safe to use

  2. Compact and portable design

  3. Compatible with various devices

  4. Fast and powerful charging performance

  5. Multiple charging ports with USB-C supported

  6. Modern and sleek design with battery percentage display


  1. It charging speed is a little slow with Apple Watch



The one thing that we like the most about this brand is the fact that the power banks are available in 4 different capacity levels. You can choose among 10000mAh, 20000mAh, 30000mAh, and 40000mAh depending on the use that you prefer. All of them offer fast charging along with safety, and it is compatible with all smartphones and tablets out there. You can check the battery percentage with a simple press on the power button which is so convenient and easy. Plus with the dual ports that it offers, using power banks from this brand is simply nice. Could be a little pricey, but the convenient experience that it delivers is so worth the price.


  1. Easy to bring along with and use

  2. Smart digital LED screen power display

  3. Fast charging speed with wide compatibility

  4. Flexible input and output ports for convenient use

  5. Total charging protection against overcharging, over current, and short circuit


  1. Some power banks are a little large


Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are everywhere in the market these days, but what are the brands that you can trust? Indeed, there are also many brands out there that offer high quality wireless earbuds. The key is to go for the ones that you can use for years without worrying about any errors. We are here with some of the best wireless Bluetooth earbud brands to recommend today.


Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Buying Guide

Some of us have more experience with wireless Bluetooth earbuds than another, and we are here to show you some tips. It will help save you time while getting to choose the best wireless earbuds for long term use. We list everything you need to know below so check them out.


The battery of best wireless Bluetooth earbuds should last at least 7 hours so that you won’t have to recharge them. This allows for those who use earbuds to conveniently listen to music or talk with zero worry about battery life. There are many high quality wireless earbuds whose battery lasts for over 10 hours these days. It is very convenient, and you know that you can use them the whole day. The awesome thing is that they require just a few hours to fully charge which is even better. This is the type of wireless earbuds that you should look for.


Comfort is very important when it comes to earbuds especially when you use them for long hours. The shape of the earbuds plays a crucial role to provide comfort to your ears. You want your earbuds to fits nicely in your ears without causing any pain or discomfort. The design of the earbuds is also helpful for motorcyclists to use without pain or pressure under the helmet. This is why you have to check the description and the shape of your wireless earbuds before buying one.

Sound Quality

High quality earbuds should definitely have great bass and sound quality even at the highest volume. Distortion are very common in many wireless earbuds that none of us want to experience. No matter if it is music or phone call, you want the loud and clear sound from your earbuds. This is the reason why you want to buy wireless Bluetooth earbuds from a trustable brands so that such problem won’t happen. In case it happens, there are also warranty that you can go for which is a good thing.

We have some of the best wireless Bluetooth earbud brands that you can take into consideration. Each brand offers high quality earbuds with reasonable price for long term use. Feel free to take a look and see which brand that you like the most.

1. Apple

Nothing screams wireless Bluetooth earbuds clearer than AirPods from Apple, and everyone knows that. If you are an iPhone user, AirPods are definitely the perfect match for your phone. We are talking about amazing sound quality along with noise-canceling function for the most convenient using experience. On top of that, AirPods are also sweat and water resistant which makes them ideal for outdoor use as well.

There are many amazing features that AirPods come with, and the package also includes 3 sizes of silicone tips. AirPods are comfortable as well as easy to set up and use, and their quality lasts for years. Plus with the long battery life, you know this is the type of wireless earbuds that you will like. There are not too many choices to choose from, and you can totally trust that wireless Bluetooth earbuds from Apple are reliable.


Classic, elegant, and modern design

Active noise cancellation with adaptive EQ

High dynamic range amplifier for superior sound

Comfortable and soft tapered silicone tips with 3 sizes

Long battery life with compact wireless charging cases

Easy and fast to pair with Apple devices with a stable connection


They are pricey


2. Anker

You can be on a budget and still invest in high quality wireless Bluetooth earbuds with Anker. This brand has been providing amazing products with long lasting performance and quality for millions of users around the world. The wireless Bluetooth earbuds from Anker are not only sleek and stylish but also with incredible sound. It delivers clear and crisp bass with extraordinary accuracy and clarity for the best music experience.

Things go the same with phone calls thanks to the dual microphones that help with background noise cancellation. This allows you to be able to make phone calls both indoor and outdoor with zero worry about distraction. Not to mention the long battery life and the charging case, wireless Bluetooth earbuds from this brand are perfect for everyday use. There are several designs that you can take into consideration, and we sure hope you will like Anker.


Long battery life and waterproof

Comfortable and ergonomic design

Modern and stylish design with color choices

High quality sound with great bass and clarity

Two microphones for effective noise cancellation

Easy and fast to pair with both Android and iOS devices


You can only pair them with one device at a time



Here we have another pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that you can use pretty much anywhere you go conveniently every day. The awesome thing about them is that they are very comfortable to use. You can put them on for hours and you won’t have to worry about discomfort or pain in your ears at all. Plus with the amazing sound quality, you will definitely enjoy using them for both phone calls and music.

On top of that, wireless Bluetooth earbuds from AUKEY come with so many features to ensure that you have everything you need. You can easily control multiple functions, and earbuds from this brand are super durable and tough to have for years of use. We like the fact that they are so compact yet so powerful which is so convenient to bring along with. Hundreds of thousands of users highly recommend this brand, so you might want to check it out.


Easy smart control function

Comfortable and lightweight fit

Works in both single and double modes

Long battery life with powerful charging case

Compact, durable, portable, and water resistant

Advanced Bluetooth technology with wide compatibility


The smooth design makes them a little difficult to get out of the case


4. Beat

Beats by Dr. Dre is one of the options that comes to people’s minds when it comes to the best earbuds and other products like speakers and more. The reputation of Beats is unbeatable due to the quality that every user receives from the earbuds that they use. Beats wireless earbuds deliver powerful beats, bass drops, and sound to every music and song that you play. Plus with the perfect fit, all the sounds that you hear are simply flawless.

Many people love Beats because they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use such as running and other workouts. On top of that, there are also many colorful designs that you can choose from as well which is very nice. This brand is still among the top, and all of its products are second to none. If you don’t mind the price and aim for exceptional quality, then Beats is definitely the option that you should not overlook.


Easy to control and manage

Durable, sweat resistant, and water resistant

High performance with powerful sound quality

Comfortable and secure fit with ear hooks design

Easy and fast to connect with long and stable range

Wide compatibility with Android and iOS devices


The wireless charging case is a little big


5. Bose

When it comes to sound, Bose is one of the best brands for everything from earbuds and headphones to speakers and more. With millions of happy users worldwide, you know that Bose has a lot to offer. One of the reasons that make this brand popular is the exceptional sound quality that pushes up all the beats and bass drops. Thanks to the comfortable and ergonomic fit, all the sounds are clear and crisp just the way you like it.

More than that, Bose wireless Bluetooth earbuds are also very durable and tough. All of them are not only sweat resistant but also weather resistant which is perfect for exercise and other outdoor uses. Plus with the modern design and long battery life, you know that this brand will not let you down. There are so many options that you can choose from Bose, and everything that this brand offers is so worth its price.


Easy and convenient touch controls

Crystal clear and lifelike sound quality

Comfortable and secure fit with 3 tip sizes

Long battery life with compact charging case

Durable, sweat resistant, and weather resistant

Modern and stylish design with multiple color choices


It only pairs with one device at a time


6. Jabra

You might not be familiar with this brand before, but Jabra is where you should look into if you search for the true wireless earbuds. All Bluetooth earbuds from this brand come with a premium active noise cancellation function to ensure the best sound quality with zero disturbance from background noise. That way, you will be able to listen to music or make phone calls conveniently no matter where you are.

Another special thing about wireless Bluetooth earbuds from this brand is that you can personalize the sound that you like. You can also adjust the level of ANC so that you can manage what you want and don’t want to hear. Just like all of the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds brands on the list, this one also comes with long battery life and a compact charging case. Not too many options to choose from, but every single one of them is amazing to have.


Comfortable and secure fit

Dust resistant and water resistant

Long lasting battery life with fast charging

True wireless with active noise cancellation

Powerful bass and beat with crystal clear sound

Easy and smart control with fully adjustable sound


The noise cancellation function is a little battery draining


7. Samsung

Apple has AirPods, and Samsung also has their amazing version of wireless Bluetooth earbuds for their Android users as well. All wireless earbuds from Samsung give you the best music experience with high quality and crystal clear sound just the way you like. No background noise and o distraction, and this allows you to be able to concentrate on what you do without losing focus regardless of the surrounding environment.

The best part about Samsung wireless Bluetooth earbuds is that they have long lasting battery life. In fact, some models have twice the battery life of some wireless earbuds out there. Plus with the wireless charging case, you get to use the earbuds for the whole day or even longer with ease. We really like the fact that the sound quality is not only for you but also from you. This simply means the person on the other side can hear you loud and clear on the phone call. With both quality and style, you will regret choosing Samsung.


Classic, modern, and stylish design

Comfortable and secure fit with compact size

Easy and fast to connect with wide compatibility

High quality microphone for loud and clear sound

Noise cancellation function with ambient aware mode

Fast charging and long lasting battery life with a charging case


You cannot connect more than one device at a time


8. Skullcandy

With the combination of quality and style, Skullcandy is also one of the best brands for wireless Bluetooth earbuds and headphones that you can trust. One of the many reasons that we find fascinating about this brand is that some models have different EQ modes for various uses. You can easily select different sound quality for music, movie, and podcast for the best experience which is something that not every earbud come with.

Another great thing is that Skullcandy earbuds come with built-in tile technology that helps you to find them in case of misplacement. There are also many other functions, and you can easily control the main features with simple touches without having to use your phone. In addition to the quality, the designs of their earbuds are also colorful and stylish. Skullcandy shows a lot of promises, and this is why you should not overlook this brand.


Fast charging and long battery life

Classic, colorful, and modern design

Built-in Tile technology for earbuds finding

Easy to adjust and control with simple touches

Dust resistant, sweat resistant, and water resistant

True wireless with automatically pairing once switched on


The performance of the charging case could be better


9. Sony

You cannot forget Sony when you look for some of the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds. This brand always spices up its products with extra features and quality for the best improvement and performance possible. What every single pair of earbuds from Sony shares is the deep bass and punchy sound for both music and phone calls for you. This is to ensure satisfaction in your conversation and entertainment no matter where you are.

We also find their design comfortable and ergonomic to use especially for long hours. The earbuds fit nicely without hurting the ears while offering a secure fit without falling off. You can wear them for both working in the office and workouts since most earbuds are sweat resistant and water resistant. The price is not too expensive but too cheap, and this is exactly what most users want in high quality products.


Easy and fast to connect

Sweat resistant and water resistant

Long battery life and fast charging

True wireless with noise cancellation mode

Deep and powerful bass with a punchy sound

Comfortable and secure fit for both indoor and outdoor use


Some models don’t support solo use


10. TOZO

This brand is one of the most popular options when it comes to high quality wireless Bluetooth earbuds at a reasonable price. Simply put, every earbuds model offers so much from fast pairing and long battery life to smart touch control and more. Our most favorite is the extremely compact size of both the earbuds and the charging case that makes it easy for users to bring along with. Everything fits nicely in the pocket while the earbuds are always ready to deliver the best sound quality for both music and phone calls. Being among the best wireless Bluetooth earbud brands, you will definitely enjoy the experience that earbuds from TOZO offer.


Compact, lightweight, and portable

Long battery life with fast charging speed

Wide compatibility with many different devices

Comfortable fit with convenient smart touch control

Durable and waterproof (one meter deep submersion)

Deep and powerful bass with clear treble and stereo sound quality


Some users find it difficult to take the earbuds out of the case

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