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Top 10 Best Dog Hair Removers Review

Forget about the struggle in cleaning your dog’s hair because the dog hair removers will totally make things better. Just like glitter, dog hair clings to pretty much anything it lands on and that is just so bad. With the best dog hair removers, that won’t be a problem anymore. No more nightmare in cleaning up dog hair from carpet, couch, or clothes. The best dog hair removers will lift and collect dog hair for you effectively. And that is what we call modern solution for modern days. Below is a list of 10 best dog hair removers that you can take into consideration. We also bring a buyer’s guide as well so feel free to check them out.

Dog Hair Removers Buyer’s Guide

Dog hair removers are like magic wands that make your dream of having a pet hair-free house come true. There are a few important things that you have to consider before choosing a dog hair removers. So let’s find out with us below.


Before buying a pet hair remover, you have to make sure that you can use it on most furniture. Some pet hair removers only work on certain types of furniture, so don’t overlook this part. The safe way is to go for the ones that work on cotton, linen, and wool surfaces. That way, you will not only be able to use it on furniture but also your clothes to clean pet hair. With just one tool, and you will be able to clean your pet hair from pretty much anything in the house. That is what you want to have.


Picking the durable option allows you to use the tool long term. Durable pet hair remover should be the ones that feature the ABS plastic construction. Its quality lasts longer, and it does not break easily at all. Also, go for the options with solid and versatile handles so that you can easily and conveniently use them.


There are 2 types of common pet hair removers:

Lint Brush-Style Hair Remover: uses a microfiber to trap dog hair. This pet hair remover only works when swiped in one direction. It lifts and catches pet hair, and you will have to remove the dog hair from the brush manually.

Rubber Hair Remover: causes dog hair to clump together in large wads. That makes easy for you to pick up or vacuum right away. This option is ideal prior to vacuuming as they accumulate hair for easy collection.

There are actually many dog hair removers that you can find on the market. In this review, you will find the best quality that you can trust for long term use. We only picked the ones are that convenient to use and environmentally-friendly in our recommendations. So feel free to take a look and choose one or two from us.


1. Pet Hair Roller Remover by ChomChom Roller

Very simple and easy, this is the pet hair remover that can remove dog and cat hair fast and effectively. You can use it on couches, beds, comforters, blankets, and pretty much anything. The thing is that it comes with a handle that is sturdy and comfortable to ensure convenient use. That is not all, it is reusable so there is no need for sticky tapes or adhesive paper at all. That makes it 100% eco friendly which is simply great.

All you need to do is simply roll it back and forth so that the roller can capture all the pet hair. It will be stored in the dust receptacle, and that is it. Super easy and simple, and anyone in the house can do it. After use, you can easily clean it as well by just removing the hair and lint from the dust receptacle. This option is ideal for pets that shed little hair, and thousands of users are happy with this roller.


Simple and easy to use

Fast and effective result

Tracks and picks up hair

Compact and lightweight

Durable and sturdy handle

Great to use on any surfaces


Some users said it is a little pricey

Cleaning this after use can be a bit tricky


2. Pet Hair Remover With Self-Cleaning Base by SuReady

Comes with a self-cleaning base, this pet hair remover is very easy to use. You can simply use the brush to collect your pet hair, fur, and lint, and it will do its job right away. Then dip the hair or fur filled brush in the base of the box to get a clean brush for the next hair removing process. This is a convenient tool that is ideal for clothes, furniture, and even in the car. Basically, it works great anywhere when it comes to collecting your pet’s hair and fur.

At the same time, it is also very compact and stylish as well. That makes it extra easy for you to bring it along with to places to clean your pet’s hair. The tool is 100% reusable, and you can use it several times without having to change anything at all. It is also very easy to clean as well since all you need is a moist cloth to wipe it after each use. From good quality to price it has them all, this is something that you should not overlook.


Works on both sides

Easy and simple to use

Easy to clean and take care of

Ideal for both cat and dog hair

Removes hair fast and effectively

Compact and portable for outdoor use

Great on clothes, furniture, and other surfaces


If you use in the brush in the wrong direction, you will deposit hair on your clothes


3. Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair by Bissell

If you want a fast and super easy way to remove your pet hair, then this is the one that you want. Here we have a handheld vacuum that allows you to work on many surfaces to remove hair that your pets shed. This option is also ideal for pets that shed a lot of hair at places they go as well. You can use this handheld vacuum to remove pet hair from upholstery, auto, stairs, hard surfaces, and many more. It works very effectively, and it helps you to save a lot of time.

The vacuum comes with specialized rubber nozzle that attracts hair and pulls out dirt at the same time. That is straight up a two in one benefits that it delivers which is super great. Plus with its strong suction power, it will collect pretty much anything to leave your place clean and hair-free. This handheld vacuum is durable and versatile, and it is great to use around the house. It receives thousands of positive comments, so this is the product that you can trust.


Durable and versatile

Easy to empty and clean

Works on any surface type

Compact and lightweight for easy use

Comes with two nozzles for different uses

Attracts and pulls out dirt at the same time

Multi layer filtration for effective hair removal


It is a little loud


4. Compact Pet Hair Remover by Brellavi

Here we have another pet hair remover with a self-cleaning base but in a more compact size. That makes it extra easy for you to bring along with to places with its travel friendly design. With it, you will be able to remove your pet’s hair from pretty much any surfaces easily. The brush comes with dense fluffy strong adhesive that capture the pet’s hair very effectively. It works on both sides, and its self-cleaning base will do the brush cleaning job after the hair removing.

You can use it on your clothes, cars, furniture, and pretty much any surfaces that your pet hair get stuck on. This hair removal brush works on pillows, linen, carpets, couch, bed, car seat, clothing, and many more. This product is reusable, and you can use repeatedly for as long as you want. It is cute and colorful, and its quality lasts for long term use which is simply great. The price is also good as well, so don’t forget to check it out.


Works double sided

Compact and portable

Sturdy and durable design

Lightweight and easy to use

Works great on any surfaces

Convenient self-cleaning base

Comes with instruction for effective use


Not ideal for pets who shed a lot of hair


5. Multi-Surface Pet Hair Remover by Petmate

This is a unique pet hair remover that comes with the design of rubber blade that effortlessly collect pet hair. The best part is that you can easily use it on many different surfaces with its versatile design. That includes carpets, upholstery, clothing, and many other surfaces that you can name. Another great thing about it is that it comes with a very compact size. That makes it super easy for you to bring along with to places to clean your pet’s hair.

At the same time, this pet hair remover also comes with easy grip and curved handle for a convenient use. That is also to allow for easy blade directing for an accurate and thorough hair removing. This pet hair remover is so effective it can grab pet hair with every swipe you make for a fast and effective result. For pet hair that resistant to vacuuming, this is the alternative that you should have. It comes with both quality and reasonable price, so you might want to check it out.


Grabs stubborn hair

Compact and portable

Easy to clean up after use

Fast and effective hair removal

Comfortable and convenient grip

Works on a wide range of surfaces

Lightweight and curved plastic handle


It does not work well on smaller areas or corners


6. Pet Hair Remover For Laundry by Besmon

Want to remove your pet hair from your laundry? Then this is the option that you should take into consideration. This laundry pet hair remover comes with soft and sticky design from elastic materials to remove hair from your clothes. It can effectively obtain the hair of your pets as well as dust and debris that are attached to your clothes. That means your clothes will be effectively cleaned which is exactly what you want.

At the same time, it is also very easy to use as well. You can use it directly to stick clothes or put it into the washing machine. Either way, it will remove your pet hair from your clothes effectively. It will absorb the hair on your clothes completely, making washing more clean while preventing the dirt from blocking the drain. It works not only with clothes but also bedding, coats, dresses, blankets, sheets, and many more. This laundry pet hair remover is safe and non-toxic, and it is super cute. We are positive that you will surely like it.


Safe and non-toxic

Washable and reusable

Effective and long lasting

Very easy and simple to use

Good adhesion and durability

Works with many types of laundry

Suitable for all non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odorless garments


You have to directly touch it after laundry to wash the hair


7. Auto Detailing Brush Pet Hair Remover by Dasksha

Here you are looking at a magnetic brush that builds up static charge to massage and remove dog hair, fur, lint, dust, bugs, and more. The great thing about it is that it works both on your pets before they shed and on other surfaces after they shed. This magnetic brush works great on vinyl, polyester, velvet, nylon, suede, and pretty much any fabric. At the same time, it is also a great detailing brush for cars as well. This little brush can do so much, and that is something that you should have in mind.

The awesome part is that it also comes with great quality and durability as well. This brush will not break at all even with heavy use, and that is the beauty of it. Along with that, it is actually super soft when you use it on your pets to massage them. Also, it won’t cause pilling or damage to your clothing, couch, or furniture at all which is simply great. This brush is both a pet hair remover and a groomer, and we this is something that we highly recommend.


Versatile and durable

Works on a variety of surfaces

Gentle and soft on pets and fabric

Does not cause rips, tears, or damages

Attracts and removes pet hair, fur, and lint

Functions as both pet hair remover and grooming tool


It is a little hard to remove hair from the brush


8. Hollow Pet Hair Remover Brush by USAMS

This is another pet hair remover that comes in a form of brush that you can consider. These are the high quality and professional pet hair removed brush that comes with both effectiveness and durability. It works super great with it comes to collecting pet hair into a pile from the carpet. At the same time, you can also use it on other surfaces like as well like bed sheet, sofa, clothing, and more. On top of that, it also doubles as a pet massage with its smooth little teeth.

Another awesome thing is that it can remove fur and hair even from hard to reach places. That means no more pet hair flying around anymore, how great is that right? This tool is washable, and it is hygienic and very easy to use. Just rinse it with water to clean it or tap the block to remove the hair, and that’s it. The brush comes in a pack of two with super inexpensive price for its long term quality. This option is among the best, so don’t forget to check it out.


Simple and easy to use

Easy to clean and washable

Lightweight and ergonomic

Can remove even stubborn hair

Works great on various surfaces

Effectively collect pet hair and fur

Functions as both pet hair remover and massager


It removes the hair but it does not pick up the hair


9. Pet Hair Remover With Extendable Handle by Leo

No more kneeling down to remove pet hair from your carpet because this tool won’t let that happen. This pet hair remover works like a mop, so you can remove your pet’s hair from the floor while standing up easily. Another good thing about it is that it has wide surface design that can remove pet hair better and faster. Just roll it back and forth on the floor is all you need to keep your carpet and floor hair-free.

That is not all, the handle length is both flexible and extendable which is so convenient to use. You can easily adjust it to different length for different intention and cleaning area within seconds. This option is ideal for household cleaning, and it can remove pet hair, debris, lints, and hair from the floor. It works fast and efficiently, and it is simply durable for long term use. Since it is only 12 dollars, this can be an interesting choice to choose.


Multiple times use

Easy to use and remove

Easy and fast pet hair removal

Removes crumbs, lint, and dust

Works on a wide range of surfaces

Comfortable and convenient to use

Flexible and extendable handle length


It uses adhesive stickers which is not environmental friendly


10. Pet Hair Remover Gloves by DELOMO

If you prefer to remove hair from your pets before they start delivering it around the house, these gloves are here for you. The awesome part about it is that it functions as both pet hair remover and a massager. These are the flexible and slip-on grooming gloves that you allow you to brush away dirt and loose hair. They work great on both cats and dogs, and these gloves are ideal for long, short, and curly hair.

The gloves groom the hair quickly, gently, and effectively. At the same time, you can also easily peel and throw the hair away after grooming as well. Not to mention that you can even use it in the bath, this pair of grooming gloves is simply great. It is comforting and easy to use, and it comes with one size that fits all hands so don’t forget to check it out.


Soft and gentle

Skin friendly design

Lightweight and breathable

Flexible and convenient to use

Works great on all types of hair

Machine washable for easy cleaning


Many users prefer the gloves coming with size options

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