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Top 10 Best Pet Houses Review

Pet houses are one of the things that give your pets privacy and comfort in their own space. Speaking of comfort, pet houses should be where your pets can stay conveniently and comfortably in. That is why we are here to bring you 10 best pet houses review that you can take into consideration. Each option that we offer comes with quality, comfort, safety, and durability that you can trust. Check out the buying guide and options below, the choice is all yours.

Pet Houses Buyer’s Guide

Pet homes are very easy to choose if you know the tricks. This buyer’s guide of pet houses will bring you some tips on how to select the right houses for your pets. Each point is very simple, so let’s take a look.


It will be a pain to get a house that requires so much complication to assemble. It is time consuming, and sometimes you can’t get things right. So select the ones that you can easily put together without needing too many tools. When it is easy to assemble, your pets will also get to move in to their place fast as well. It is a win-win for both you and your pets, so don’t overlook this part.


The first thing that delivers comfort in a home is definitely the space inside. Your pets will grow, so purchase the house that will still be a home to them when they get bigger. Make sure that the house that you select has enough space for them to sleep and move in. At the same time, pick the options with large entrance so that they can easily get in without discomfort. Most pet houses come with a soft bed inside so ensure a sounding sleep for your pets. When are comfortable, they will be less grumpy yet more active. This is exactly the happiness that we want to see in our adorable furry friends.


Just like our house, we wouldn’t want our pets to have the house that lasts for a few months. Get the ones with high quality materials, design, and construction so that their quality lasts longer. Avoid the house with cheap design or breakable materials because they will go to ruin town fast. Aim for the ones with the design that lasts for years, and the high price will be totally worth it.


Every household needs maintenance even if it is small like your furry friend’s house. Since it is your job to do the cleaning, you have to make sure that cleaning is easy and fast. Depends on the materials of the house you pick, cleaning methods can be different. Some require you to wash while the others need simple wiping with a cloth. Just make sure you are comfortable with the cleaning, either option is good to choose.


In case you go out a lot and want to bring your pets with you, portability is also important. There are portable pet houses out there that come with foldable design for easy storage and portability. That way, your pets will be able to sleep and rest comfortably in their home even if they are traveling. Also, make sure the ones that you choose is lightweight so that it is easy to bring along with.

With everything combined, you will have a perfect house for your beloved friends in no time. In case you are new to buying pet houses, we are here to help your out. The list below contains 10 high quality and best pet houses that you can take into decision. Let’s find out and see which one you like most.


1. Heated Cat House by PETYELLA

No more worries about your cat getting cold in winter because this cute house will not let that happen. This house comes with a heated pat mat that keeps the cat warm as they sleep. The mat is connected to the chew proof cord along so that it remains durable and undamaged. As for the house itself, it comes with a cute design that your furry friend will totally love.

The house is sturdy and weatherproof, and it is very easy to assemble. Plus with the convenient entrance and exit, your pets will definitely love their new home for sure. The whole unit is durable and versatile, and it is built to last. From style to price, it is all great for you to take into consideration. So let’s see if this option is the one you have been looking for.


Easy to assemble

Waterproof bottom

Spacious room design

Compact and portable

Comfortable entrance door

Soft and warm heated pet mat

Durable and steady construction

1 meter chew proof cord + 4 meter extension cord


The cord comes out from the front instead of the back door


2. Outdoor Pet House by K&H Pet Products

Comes with the design for outdoor, this pet house is perfect for use anywhere you like. The cute part is definitely its tent design that gives more roof room which is ideal for tall cats. The house features 40 watt mat that will heat inside to keep your pets warm despite the temperature outside. More than that, your pets will be able to get in and out of the house easily with the door.

The cool part is that the house even includes removable clear door flaps to protect your pets from harsh winter elements. That way, you can trust that your little friends will safe and warm as they sleep at night. This option is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and you can place it anywhere you like for them. It is safe and comfortable for the pets, and they will surely like this adorable house.


Easy to assemble

Water resistant fabric

Lightweight and durable

Compact and space saving

Easy to clean and maintain

Unique overhang roof design

Works in extreme cold weather


The heating pad could be bigger


3. Elevated Pet House by FurHome Collective

With elevated design, you won’t have to worry that the water will damage the house or disturb your pet at all. At the same time, the elevated base itself is waterproof which is even better. That way, you can trust that no ground moisture will ruin the house at all. That is not all, the roof of the house is also waterproof as well. Basically, this pet house will not only keep your pet warm but also safe at the same time.

The awesome thing about this pet house is that it comes with separated bed pad, a heating pad, and a faux fur cover. All of these together, your pets will be warm and cozy as they sleep during cold nights. Plus with the weatherproof warming bed, your pet will have the best and warmest sleeping experience in winter. The whole thing is very easy to put together, and its durability lasts for years of use.


Chew proof cord

Faux fur heat pad cover

2 exits with PVC covers

Easy and fast to assemble

Durable and comfortable

Waterproof base and roof

Safety buckles to keep the house on the ground


The cord is not waterproof


4. Feral Cat House by New Age Pet

This is a stylish pet house that will not fade or lose its style despite the outdoor environment. The house is made with high quality materials to ensure that it does not warp, splinter, crack, rot, or succumb to bugs. That way, you can trust that this house will remain durable and pretty for years of use without losing its quality. At the same time, it is also very easy to set up as well since it needs to tool to assemble at all.

The house has two entry / exit that your pets can get in and out easily. This pet house is durable and sturdy, and it comes with double wall panels to provide excellent natural insulation. That way, your pets won’t get cold at all even during some cold nights in autumn. On top of that, this house is also very super easy to clean. All you need to do is simply rinse it with your hose or wipe it with a damp cloth. Easy to use and take care of, what do you think?


Elevated floor

Easy to assemble

Weatherproof design

2 doors with door flaps

Compact yet spacious room

Sturdy and durable construction

Weatherproof, bug-proof, and rot-proof


Not ideal for extreme cold weather


5. Portable Pet House by AmazonBasics

The portable design of this pet house allows you to bring your pet’s house as you are on the go easily. Every item that assembles the house is lightweight, foldable, and compact which is easy for portable. At the same time, this pet house is also very easy to clean and take care of as well. It is made from durable Oxford fabric and mech cloth, so cleaning will be a breeze with this pet house. With a simple wipe using damp cloth will totally do the job.

As for the house itself, it features the elevated design to protect your pets from the moisture on the ground. Also, the canopy roof comes with mesh panel to enhance air circulation for the best comfort especially during hot days. This pet house is very supportive and comfortable, and it provides a large sleeping room for your pets. The great thing is that it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and you can take it anywhere for your pets. Convenience and quality together, you will love it.


Roomy interior

Sturdy and stable

Waterproof design

Versatile and tough

Easy to assemble and use

Easy to clean and maintain

Comfortable and breathable

Lightweight, compact, and portable


It should come with a rain cover


6. Large Pet House by K&H Pet Products

Here we have another pet house from this brand but with a larger and more spacious design. This option provides more space that can accommodate a full grown cats or two medium sized cats with great comfort. There are 2 doors that your pets can use to get in and out, and the room is very spacious inside. With this design, your pets will be able to sleep and rest comfortably at any time of the day.

This pet house is built with quality to ensure durability and long lasting quality for years of use. At the same time, it is also super cozy for your pets to sleep in as well. It comes with water resistant feature to offer great protection to your pets when they sleep outdoor. The whole house is very easy to assemble and take care of, and it is so worth the price. Not to mention its cute design, this option will not let you down.


Easy to assemble

Sturdy and stable

Large sleeping space

Comfortable and warm

Water resistant and durable

2 doors for entrance and exit

Easy to clean and take care of


It will soak under heavy rain, not waterproof


7. Portable Pet House by Disney

Compact and lightweight, this is one of the portable pet houses that you might want to have. Here you are looking at a very durable and flexible pet house that your pet will love. It features the foam construction that is both lightweight and comfortable for the pets at the same time. This pet house is super cute, and your pet will love sleeping in it. The best part is that you can easily machine wash parts of the house to keep it free from pet hair and odor.

This pet house comes with detachable and foldable top for easy storage and maintenance. As for the bottom part of the house, it resists to dirt and water due to its tough nylon fabric design. This waterproof bottom also prevents accidental messes from reaching the house’s floor as well. The whole unit comes with both quality and comfort for both your pet and you, and it lasts for years. Let’s see if you like this option.


Easy to set up

Durable and tough

Compact and portable

Collapsible construction

Easy to clean and maintain

Soft, warm, and comfortable

Resists to dirt and water bottom


It is a little small for medium sized pets


8. Protective Outdoor House Pet by Petmate

With the dome or igloo design, this pet house makes a great protection for your pets as they sleep outdoor. This design is to make sure that no rain or snow will penetrate and bother the sleep and comfort of your pets at all. That way, your pets will be dry, warm, and comfortable as they sleep inside. Plus with the inner carpeted floor, there will be enough insulation and warmth for the most comfortable sleeps ever.

This house comes with the design of durability that prevents fleas and mold growth. That is to ensure that your pets is safe, and the house works as a protection for them long term. This pet house is very easy to clean and take care of, and it is also very easy to put together as well. Not to mention the spacious sleeping room inside that your pets will have all to themselves. This igloo pet house everything for your pet friends.


Easy to assemble

All-weather protection

Warm and comfortable

Durable and heavy duty

Fleas and mold resistant

Easy to clean and take care of

Inner carpeted floor for insulation


The door is wide, so it does not trap too much heat


9. Portable Pet Tent by Penck

The tent design of this pet shelter makes it both cute and fun for them to enjoy sleeping in. The tent is super comfortable and durable as it is made from sturdy natural cotton canvas materials. At the same time, it is also very easy to take out and machine wash for convenient maintenance as well. The awesome part is that this tent comes with cushion to offer your pets the most cozy sleeping space possible.

This tent is very easy to put together and take down, and that makes it easy to bring along with as well. In fact, it is so compact and portable which is easy for portable when you travel with your pets. This tent comes with 3 adorable designs that you can choose for your pets. Let’s take a look and see to find out which one you like the most. From style to quality it has them all, you will love this tent.


Sturdy and durable

Instruction included

Lightweight and portable

Machine washable material

Soft and comfortable cushion

Easy to assemble and disassemble


It is not ideal for big pets


10. Large Cat Bed & House by Kitty City

Functions as both a room and a bed, this pet house is definitely one of a kind to have. Instead of roof, the house features the soft and cushy pillow that acts like a comfortable bed. If they don’t want to sleep on the room, they can get into their house for more warmth and privacy easily. The side walls of the house is made from fabric which are soft yet sturdy at the same time. The awesome part is that you can easily fold this pet house flat for easy storage and portable. This house is very easy to assemble and take care of, and it makes a great choice for both cats and dogs.


Durable and sturdy

Comfortable and soft

Compact and portable

Extra large sleeping space

Easy to assemble and stow

Easy to clean, wash, and maintain

Comes with cushy pillow and fleece base mat


The cat hair tends to stick to the texture

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