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Top 10 Smart Security Camera

Security is a one big concern for all people. Every second that you are away, you might be worrying if your place is safe or not or whether something happen that you are hard to find out. In order to clear these kind of concern, security camera is invented for everyone. Moreover, it is not just a normal camera that can capture video but it includes multiple function. Down here, is a list of the 10 recommended Smart Security Camera so far.


1. Zmodo Pan Tilt 720p HD Smart Home Video Security Camera

This first product, is enable to be tilted in 85 degree and panned in 350 degree as it can cover the entire room in 360 degree. For setting up, it is very easy and quick, also it has the wireless connection that compatible with 5GHz. The picture that come from this camera is a full 720p HD quality that you can see the detailed of the image even clearer. Most importantly, when there’s motion detected, it will alert to the smartphone you are connecting it with through the internet access.



2. Black Silicone Skins for Arlo Smart Security

This package contains 3 silicon skins in color of black, which works best for both indoor and outdoor. It has the UV and water-resistant skins, which allows you to simply slip it on and off. There is the Wasserstein that keep your arlo wireless cameras protected. Many have used it and really satisfy with its great product.



3. Kuna Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera

Looking like a stylish outdoor light, this product is designed to keep you interact with the people at the front of your doorway. Its installation took only 15 minutes which doesn’t need to include batteries so, your protection will be around 24/7. Plus, the quality of video whether live or recorded will be in HD as there is also two-way intercom, and a smart alarm which will always keep you alerts when there is movement.



4. NexGadget Home Security Camera Waterproof

With the function of super waterprood, this one is very durable for an outdoor use as it will cause no problem even with the strong wind, rain, or even sand storm. There’s also the night vision function that will automatically when it turns to night by adding the IR LEDs. By just plugging in to the power cables, and connect to the network, this set is ready to be used and help secure your place with all the needs.



5. NexGadget IP Camera

By connecting with the apps on both Android and iOS, this camera allows you to see the live video footage as well as control the view. It is built in an auto IR-CUT filter which gives the image in full quality and clear color even during night time. Especially, there is a built-in speaker and microphone which you can either listen or talk to what is happening in front of the camera.



6. YI Dome Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom

This product is managed to be move around in wide-angle with both horizontal and vertical rotation. All the videos that being recorded will be stored in a micro SD card (32GB) that allows you check those videos anytime you wanted and those videos is up to 80-hour-long. The decent video quality has really satisfied the needs of many users so far.



7. Uxcell Authorized Clever Dog

Comes in 5 colors to choose; black, blue, grey, orange, and pink, this product use an invisible infrared light that can see up to 15 feet through the dark. With the wifi connection, your recorded can be shared around to friends and family without having to spend a lot of time. Simply small and convenient, it can be placed at any part of your building and it will capture the whole scenery with the “fisheye”.



8. Arlo Q – 1080p HD Security Camera with Audio

This Arlo Q product can be set up and run in less than 10 minutes by using its app on the mobile device. A high quality video resolution will be recorded 24/7 and can be watched anytime as needed. With just a few anchors, mounting plate, and four screws, it will be stored at anywhere you want to.



9. Zmodo WiFi Wireless Smart Security Camera

This one helps you stay connected with both the video and the sound which will be directly sent toward your mobile or smart phone devices that has the app of Zmodo. It sends the image and video in high resolution, clear, and clean. The 115 degree view enable to show almost the entire place without having to put so many cameras at the same place.



10. Zmodo Outdoor Home Wireless Security

The last product over here has the vivid 720p HD video quality and the function of night vision that can brighten up the whole scenery without having to turns the lights on. Most importantly, with the ease of installation and getting the system done, users become more reliable and relax when they are away as they can always see what is happening in their place with the connection.


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