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10 Most Popular K-Pop Couples

K-Pop couples are always popular among fans because both of them are super good-looking. There are many popular K-Pop couples out there, both new and old that you might not know about. So we did some research to bring 10 of the most popular K-Pop couples for you today. Some of these couples are still dating while the others already moved to the next level and married. Let’s take a look and find out who they are together, shall we?

Jung Kyung Ho & Sooyoung

Date Announced: 6th January, 2013

Been dating for seven years, the couple first began their friendship as church buddies. The rumors of both of them dating made headline since 2013, but the couple did not confirm that. These two could not hide their romantic relationship for they always go on dates in public. Then the representatives of the couple confirmed that the rumors about them dating are true. SM Entertainment revealed that they do not know the exact time period when the two started their relationship. It all began when they were close as sunbae and hoobae before the relationship progressed into that of a couple.

Sooyoung said that the secret to the longevity of her relationship is their natural chemistry. She said that they both have easy-going personalities, and they don’t do things that will go wrong. And since she started to focus on acting, both of them connect with each other even further. As they work in the same field, they understand about each other even more than ever. As Sooyoung has experienced much recognition in various television roles, she expresses gratitude to her boyfriend for helping her out. He provides her support and encouragement for her new roles so that she can do well.

Jung Kyung Ho is an actor with experience for almost 15 years, so he can always gives advice to her. As for Sooyoung, we all know that she is a member of SNSD. She is also the first person in the band to announce the relationship in public. Even after years of dating, the couple still hold hands as they go out. The sweet thing is that they don’t seem to mind if people see or recognize them. They act the way a normal couple would, no masks or caps at all. And that makes them one of the most popular K-Pop couples in South Korea.

SE7EN & Lee Da Hae

Date Announced: September, 2016

The two of them have been good friends for a long time, and good friendship turn into good relationship after. SE7EN’s agency said “The two people were there for each other during hard times. They have been seeing each other for several months.” Lee Da Hee’s company JS Pictures also verified the rumor as well. The company said “The two are friends of the same age and gradually began dating after becoming more than friends.” This is the first relationship that Lee Dae Hae confirmed, and this is definitely special for both of them.

Both of them are singers, and they are really fond of each other. SE7EN said that she is someone who accepted him genuinely without prejudice. She is someone he is grateful for, someone who was by his side when things were rough. He also said that she stands by him when he feels weary. He is someone who he wants to treasure and protect. SE7En likes it when their relationship goes public because they can go to places comfortably. These two also travel abroad a lot as well like Thailand, Hong Kong, and more. People described them as a beautiful couple to watch.

Minhwan & Yulhee

Date Announced: 22nd September, 2017

The speculations arose after Yulhee uploaded and then quickly deleted a set of photos on her Instagram. The photos were her and a guy whose appearance resembles Minhwan, the F.T. Island member. The captions under the photos read, “10 minutes before we say goodbye… Cuddling because we don’t want to separate kekeke I most cried TT. But at least I can see him through the photos. I can breathe now.” The fans were confident that the man in photos was of course, Minhwan. Then both of them confirmed that they are in a relationship.

Minhwan, is a drummer from FT. Island, and Yulhee is a former member of LABOUM. Both of them got to know each other because they were working in the same industry, FNC Entertainment. After the confirmation of their dating news, the agency expected the fans to keep supporting them. A few months later in January 2018, the couple announced their engagement. On 9th May, Minhwan wrote a letter to fans to let them know that Yulhee’s was pregnant. Yulhee then gave birth to their first child in May 2018, the baby boy named Choi Jae Yul. Then the couple decided to tie the knot together. The couple held a private wedding ceremony in Seoul on 19th October, 2018.

Just like most private weddings, only the closest people of them were in attendance. Their bandmates delivered the congratulatory song, and the wedding was very beautiful. Jonghun, one of the members of FT. Island, also expressed his happiness by uploading photos of the bride and groom during the wedding day on his Instagram. His caption was “Our maknae Minhwan is really married now. How beautiful. The congratulatory song was sung by Jaejin. Hyung is crying right now.” The couple also revealed the possibility of having a second child as well. This lovely couple is a great example of showing that it is okay to have baby and married at young age.

G.O & Choi Ye Seul

Date Announced: 2nd January, 2018

Thanks to the mutual acquaintances that brought these two together, G.O and Choi Ye Seul are now a happy married couple. The two officially tied the knot on 28th September, 2019 after two years of dating. The wedding was a private ceremony with about only 70 guests including close friends and family members. G.O revealed that he became interested in Choi Ye Seul at a drinking gathering with his peers, so he contacted her. Then they went to movies together, and naturally started dating in 2017. A year after their dating announcement, both of them moved in together.

The couple revealed a video that takes their fan behind the scenes of their wedding a month after the wedding. The video begins with Choi Ye Seul in her wedding dress, waiting in the room with her friends and family. Then the video shows her father sharing a funny story followed by an advice for big events. The whole wedding went smoothly, and the ceremony began with Mir as the officiator. There were also performances by Brave Girl’s Yuna and the three MBLAQ members.

G.O is an actor, songwriter, and singer in a boy band MBLAQ, and Choi Ye Seul is an actress. The unique thing about this couple is that they don’t kiss, and that was shocking for fans. When asked about the first time they kissed, the couple surprised the host with the answer. According to G.O, they had both talked about it when they first met when Choi said she was not a fan of kissing. She said it is a turnoff when the partner has bad breath, and he thought she was right. We don’t know if the couple’s decision stays the same after marriage, but that doesn’t matter. They’re a happy couple now.

Yunhyeong & Daisy

Date Announced: 14th February, 2019

These two met as seniors and juniors in the music industry, then they became friends. Friends then turned into dating, and now they are in a very sweet relationship. Both of them are very busy, so they rarely meet each other. However, they always respect each other’s time and go out together every time they can. During the breakout of their dating rumors, MLD Entertainment confirmed that the couple have been seeing each other. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment said that the couple only has interest in each other, but they are not dating.

Song Yun Hyeong is a singer and member of the hip hop boy band iKon, under YG Entertainment. Daisy is the main rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of girl band MOMOLAND under MLD Entertainment. Everyone in the entertainment world widely accepted their relationship, and wish just the best for them. Since the announcement of the relationship, the couple has gone out together even more frequently. Till now, the couple is still happily dating up to this day. Maybe there will be more updates on their next level of relationship soon, so stay tune.

Oh Chang Suk & Lee Chae Eun

Date Announced: 2nd July, 2019

This cute couple confirmed their relationship when they took on the role of first pitcher and batter at baseball game. Oh Chang Suk and Lee Chae Eun began their relationship after appearing on the romance reality show “Taste of Dating”. The show is where single celebrities are matched with partners that fit their ideal types and go on dates together. The duration of spending time together is 100 days. Before throwing the first pitch at the baseball game, Oh Chang Suk said they have started dating. Not just on the television show, but dating dating.

Oh Chang Suk is an actor who debuted in 2008, and he is famous for his role in Princess Aurora. Lee Chae Eun is currently a model, and she used to work as a kindergarten teacher. The couple has discussed the difficulties and fears that they had after going public. Oh Chang Suk stated “Many people are judging the seriousness of our relationship and thinking that we’re not serious. People say that I fell in love at first sight, but I’m someone who thinks a lot.” There is a high chance that both of them will get married, so stay tune for that.

E’Dawn & HyunA

Date Announced: 2nd August, 2018

Here we have one of the most popular K-Pop couples that made the fans cheer upon their announcement. HyunA got to know E’Dawn when he was a trainee and after they performed together. Then they started dating in May of 2016. She said that their personal relationship grew along with their professional collaboration as they made music together. After two years of dating, they decided to go public and be honest with their fans. The purpose is to show themselves confidently especially when performing on stage. It was HyunA’s first public relationship since she debuted in 2007.

E’Dawn, 26, is a rapper and member of boy band Pentagon debuted in 2016. HyunA, 28, is a former member of Wonder Girls and 4Minute before she took her solo singing career. Both of them were under Cube Entertainment whose contract stated “No Dating” policy among young K-Pop stars. After the announcement of their relationship, Cube kicked both of them out because they violated the company’s label. The couple did not really care, and HyunA even danced as she walked out of the building.

Kang Daniel & Jihyo

Date Announced: 5th August, 2019

Met through a mutual senior from the industry in 2018, the friendship has sparked into a sweet relationship right away. On 1st of August, the couple were spotted on a date in Seoul’s Hannam neighbourhood. The couple also met at Kang’s home and spent their time together in UN village which is a gated community. The residence is very secure so they can hang out without worrying the eyes of the public at all. Two the met up at least once a week despite their tight schedule. They would see each other one day before leaving the country and the day after their arrival.

Kang Daniel originally belonged to the K-Pop group Wanna One, but the group disbanded in early 2019. He attempted to leave his label, and he faced several legal battles. Then he established his own agency called KONNECT Entertainment. This gives Kang more creative freedom and independence than a larger agency. Jihyo is the leader of K-Pop group TWICE under JYP Entertainment. The couple relied on each other and offered support to each other through tough times. The good thing is that their relationship now opens to public, and they are still very supportive. The perfect reason to be one of the most popular K-Pop couples.

Jinwoon & Kyungri

Date Announced: 12th November, 2019

Jeong Jinwoon and Kyungri became close acquaintances after working in several programs together. Since then, they have been seeing each other with positive feelings since late 2017. They were able to maintain a close relationship with each other after work on different broadcast. Then two of them decided to be more than just sunbae and hoobae. The two even launched a special Christmas collaboration song titled “White Christmas” in December 2017. The couple hid their relationship for 2 years before announcing it to the public.

Jeong Jiwoon debuted as a 2AM member in July 2008 under JYP Entertainment with the group’s first single “This Song”. Kyungri became a member of 9MUSES in 2012, two years after the group debuted with their first single album. However, Star Entertainment revealed that the group would disband in 2019. Even when Jinwoon was in military service, he manages to find time to go on dates with Kyungri during his breaks. Also, she sent emails to him every day. And since he couldn’t write emails, so he would write her handwritten letters when he had time. How sweet! No doubts why they are one of the most popular K-Pop couples.

Hee Chul & Momo

Date Announced: 2nd January, 2020

Despite the denial of their dating from SJ Label and JYP Entertainment in 2019, these two are really dating. Kim Hee Chul and Momo have known each other since at least 2017, on a variety show Knowing Brothers. Hee Chul went as a main cast member (temporary host), and TWICE went as a guest star on the show. The couple started out as close friends with a “senior-junior” relationship because of their 13-year age gap. In the same year, Hee Chul invited Momo to star in his music video Sweet Dream. Now they are one of the popular K-Pop couples in South Korea.

Hee Chul is 36 years old and he is a member of Super Junior while Momo Hirai is 23. This is Hee Chul’s first public relationship since his debut in 2005, how wonderful is that right? The agency that represents Super Junior confirmed that they are dating. “After getting along as close colleagues of show business, the two have recently started liking and dating each other.”, said the agency. So earlier this year, the agencies of both K-Pop stars confirmed that they are really dating. Many fans are so happy for them as well.

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