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LifeLink PlusUs Apple Certified Ultra-Portable Cable


cable is strengthen with heavy-duty Teflon, so it is very continuing, while still bestow 360º maneuverability and the ability to artless to twofold its size. “Everyone is frighten of being caught stranded without a cable and a dead telephone. At only 3.35” length x 0.98” height x 0.87” width (85 mm x 2.5mm x 22mm) and a light-pressure show of proper 0.21ounces (6 grams), it is very compact when induplicate.



Another option is LifeLink from PlusUs. Our devices are supportable but why shouldn’t our cables be? PlusUs broke the rules in custom to communicate an fanatical-dense portative cable, while still confident durability and flexibility,” said Fays Sekkouah, Co-Founder, PlusUs. Let’s face it, smartphones have gotten smarter but their cablegram have not. Cables


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