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Top 10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review

Forget about the tangled wired headphones because Bluetooth wireless earbuds will totally make every thing so much better. The great thing about wireless earbuds is that they are super comfortable and convenient to use in any circumstances. All you need is to connect them with the Bluetooth mode in your smart devices, and your music will be right there for you. Also, these earbuds are very compact and portable which is easy to store and bring along with to places. Bluetooth wireless earbuds are one of the best smart devices nowadays, and here we have some of the best for you.

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Buyer’s Guide

Not every buyer gets to score the perfect Bluetooth wireless earbuds in the first buy. That is because not every Bluetooth wireless earbuds out there are the best or come with high quality. If you are new to buying wireless earbuds, we have some tips that you can use to get the right option. There are many Bluetooth wireless earbuds out there on the market, and our tips below will totally help you out.

Battery Life

Wireless devices are nothing without battery, and that is why battery life is very important in a wireless earbuds. Always go for the ones with battery life up to 8 hours or more so that you can use it the whole day conveniently. The one with a few hours battery life is a bad choice, never go for that unless you don’t mind. You wouldn’t want to charge your earbuds every day because its battery life is so short. Also, you wouldn’t want to lose the vibe of your music as you workout or working at all. That is so annoying to experience, and we all can agree on that. So the first thing to look in the best wireless earbuds is definitely the battery life.


Well, this is also one of the most important things to have in the best Bluetooth wireless earbuds. The high quality earbuds come with noise-canceling feature that provides the best sound of music. With this feature, you will be able to enjoy your music or talk on the phone without the disturbance from the outside environment. There are also some other useful basic features such as skip tracks, accept and make call from the earbuds, and more. These features are also very important because you can easily do them with simple presses on the buttons. You also have to make sure that the earbuds that you choose can cover the needs of your everyday use. You wouldn’t want to have the earbuds that cannot even make a phone call for you, would you?


Size matters no matter what, and this goes the same with wireless earbuds that you are going to choose. You have to go for the options that comes with ergonomic design that fits right so that you can use them wherever you go. The earbuds that are large or bulky is not recommended because they are not ideal for long hours use. Usually, this type of earbuds hurt user’s ears during long hours use which is not a good choice at all. At the same time, larger earbuds tend to fall off especially during working out which is so annoying. So, always go for the ones with size that fits your ears perfectly and comfortably, so don’t overlook this part.

Since there are a lot of Bluetooth wireless earbuds to choose from, we bring the best of them for you. Below is a list of top 10 best Bluetooth wireless earbuds that you can take into consideration. Just so you know, each of them comes with both quality and comfort along with affordable price that everyone can use. Feel free to take a look and pick your most favorite options, all of them are great for long term use. Let’s take a look and see if one of them matches with your preferences and interest.


1. Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds by OFUSHO

This is the wireless earbuds set that comes with everything you need in the best earbuds. It features the noise cancelling technology that allows you to enjoy perfect 3D stereo sound quality peacefully no matter where you are. On top of that, the earbuds fit great in your ears comfortably with its ergonomic design. With them, you will be able to enjoy your favorite songs for hours as you workout and do other activities. Not to mention the waterproof design that can easily repel sweat and rain, these wireless earbuds are one of the best. They are easy and simple to use, and many customers are happy with them; you can be one too.


  1. Touch control function, stable connection

  2. Ergonomic design for secure and comfortable fit

  3. Waterproof design for comfortable and safety use

  4. Noise cancelling function for the best sound experience

  5. 8 hours of continuous playing time on a single charge with low power consumption


  1. A little bulky, not ideal for using when lying on your side


2. True Bluetooth Wireless Buds by Samsung

Withs its six hours battery life plus with additional seven hours from the case, these wireless earbuds are one of the best. In a total of 13 hours of playing time, you won’t get bored during your workouts or trips at all. Your favorite music and songs will always be there with you. As for the sound quality, these wireless earbuds features the premium sound that offers substantial bass.

At the same time, a volume driver also gives you a wider range of sound as well which is super awesome. The coolest thing is that they come with 3 adjustable ear tip and wingtip sizes for convenient use in different users. These wireless earbuds resist water with their splash resistant technology which can handle splashes, sweat, and spills very well. You can pair them with both Android and iOS, and they are super easy to use and control.


  1. Compact and portable

  2. Quick charge, long hours use

  3. Easy to set up, customize, and operate

  4. Water resistance against splashes, sweat and spills

  5. They cancel noise but still allow users to hear the surroundings


  1. The touch function tends to not respond sometimes


3. Stylish Wireless Earbuds by 1MORE

These are the wireless earbuds is that come with premium sound from its dynamic driver with a titanium composite diaphragm. The function is to balance powerful bass and exquisite details for a natural and authentic sound. That is not all, they also fit snugly and securely as well with its ergonomic design for comfortable fit. They charge fast, and it delivers up to six hours and a half on a single charge. Plus with its fast and stable connection, these are the stylish earbuds that will play your music at their best for you. The earbuds are super stylish and cool, and they come with 4 color options that you can take into consideration. Sleek and convenient, this is definitely one of the best wireless earbuds that you should have.


  1. Lightweight and compact

  2. Long battery life, fast charge

  3. Fit snugly and securely for comfort

  4. Fast and stable connection with both iOS and Android

  5. Powerful bass with details for a natural and authentic sound


  1. There is no noise cancelling function


4. True Wireless Earbuds by Tozo

Comes with the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you won’t have to worry about unstable connection anymore with these earbuds. On top of that, they even provide fast and stable transmission without tangling as well which is super cool. As for the stereo quality, the earbuds deliver truly natural and authentic sound with powerful bass for the best performance.

That is not all, these earbuds are waterproof as it can immerse in water for up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Such high level of water resistant makes them ideal for almost any indoor hardcore sports and outdoor sports. Its battery life lasts for more than 6 hours on a single charge, and you can wirelessly charge them in the case as well. Super flexible and convenient, this is the option that you should not overlook.


  1. Waterproof

  2. Touch control function

  3. Compact and comfortable

  4. Fast and stable connection

  5. Long battery life plus with wireless charge


  1. Taking them out of the charging case can be a little difficult due to their small size


5. Stereo Wireless Earbuds by VOUZRED

Here are the wireless earbuds that deliver deep bass stereo sound to make your music extra enjoyable. These earbuds features built-in bass that makes every song sounds great the way they should. Plus with their powerful 6 mm drivers, these earbuds can definitely give you outstanding sound reproduction. Apart from the sound, these earbuds also provide convenience in managing the calls and music as well. The connection is also stable and their battery life is long, these earbuds are simply one of the best. They won’t hurt your ears, they don’t fall out easily, and they are super light, take a look and see if you like them.


  1. Lightweight and durable

  2. Easy to pair and connect

  3. Comfortable and snug fit

  4. Easy touch controls function

  5. Surround sound with deep bass


  1. The battery life is not mentioned


6. Workout Wireless Earbuds by YINEME

Comes with ear hooks, these earbuds will definitely stay on no matter how hard your work out. The ear hooks of these earbuds are made from memory wire material which ensures both quality and comfort. These wireless earbuds are designed for workouts, so they come with long battery life plus with stereo sound. That is not all, they even come in a charging case which you can wirelessly charge on the go as well.

Speaking of charging, its battery life lasts up to 12 hours of listening time plus with the charging case that allows for fully charging twice. That will be 36 hours use, you can use them for three days which is simple great and convenient. Not to mention their fast and stable connection, these earbuds are the option that you might want to have in mind.


  1. Compact and stylish

  2. Fallout-proof, ideal for workouts

  3. Stable and fast Bluetooth connection

  4. High quality and comfortable ear hooks

  5. Long battery life that lasts up to 12 hours


  1. The noise-canceling function seems to be not at its best


7. Extra Bass Wireless Earbuds by Sony

When it comes to high quality earbuds, Sony is the brand that you should not forget. These are the wireless earbuds that deliver powerful extra bass and audio with its advanced technology. The unique thing about its design is that it comes with cables that stays on your neck when not in use. The design makes it ideal for users who prefer the Bluetooth earbuds with cables for extra convenience.

As for the battery life, it lasts up to 15 hours while the charging is super fast. That is not all, the sound quality that these earbuds deliver is crisp and clear which makes any songs great to listen to. It is stylish, lightweight, and compact, and it comes with two colors that you can choose from. Both the quality and the performance are great, the choice is all yours.


  1. Extra bass that enhances all low-end frequencies

  2. Comes with cable for easy and convenient use

  3. 15 hours of battery life, quick charging

  4. Fast and stable Bluetooth connection

  5. Stylish, lightweight, and compact design


  1. The position of the mic is a bit far down, so users need to hold the mic up to talk


8. Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds by Sony

This is a pair of earbuds that comes with HD noise cancelling processor to provide high quality sound with no boundary for you. That is not all, it also features 24bit audio signal processing that delivers dramatically improved sound quality as well which is super awesome. The incredible part is the function of Alexa enabled for voice access to music, information, and more.

All you need is a simple touch to activate this function, how convenient is that right? That is not all, these earbuds even has smart listening by adaptive sound control that automatically switches to ambient sound mode as well. Its battery life lasts up to 24 hours per charge while its carrying case provides quick charge for the best using experience. It is comfortable and convenient to use, and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


  1. Noise cancelling function

  2. Compact and comfortable

  3. Alexa enabled for easy voice access

  4. Fast and stable Bluetooth connection

  5. Battery life lasts up to 24 hours plus quick charging


  1. Users have to open the smart device to change the volume


9. HD Stereo Wireless Earbuds by TBI Pro

With the combination of 11 mm vibrating diaphragm and advanced chip, these earbuds simply provide clearer balanced sound and deep powerful bass. Such awesome function allows you to listen to your favorite music and make calls very easily. More than that, its built-in in mic also features intelligent noise cancelling so that noise environment won’t bother you at all.

As for the battery life, it lasts up to 12 hours per charge while the case offers up to 5 charges. On top of that, its Bluetooth 5.0 is so advanced the connection is super stable with low level of delay. These earbuds also come with ear hook so that they stay in place even during active movements. Stylish, comfortable, and easy to use, these are one of the highly recommended wireless earbuds that you should have in mind.


  1. Waterproof

  2. Noise cancelling

  3. 5.0 Advanced Bluetooth

  4. Long batter life up to 50 hours

  5. Deep bass and stereo with crisp sound

  6. Ideal for traveling and outdoor activities


  1. Bumpy journey can distract the charging process in the charging case


10. Wireless Earbuds by Beats

Beats have also been one of the most well-known brands when it comes to headphones and earbuds. This pair is no exception for the high quality wireless earbuds that many users have happy with. These earbuds features adjustable design of secure-fit ear hooks to deliver both comfort and stability for users. That means you can wear them running and doing other active sports both indoor and outdoor conveniently.

On top of that, the earbuds also comes with reinforced design for sweat and water resistance as well. So tough workouts won’t be a problem when it more because no sweat could bother the earbuds’ quality at all. On each earbud, you can control volume, track, voice capability, and auto play / pause with ease. Plus with their fast and stable Bluetooth connection, these earbuds are definitely one of a kind to own. They support both iOS and Android, and they could be your next earbuds so check them out.


  1. Sweat resistance

  2. Compact and comfortable

  3. Amazing sound quality

  4. Fast and stable connection

  5. High quality and performance

  6. Long battery life up to 9 hours

  7. Adjustable ear hooks for comfort and stability


  1. Some users find that the size of the case a little bit big

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