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Top 10 Best Kid’s Tablets Review

Kid’s tablets are better than iPads or other Android tablets because parents can control them. That means you know that your young children will stick to cartoons and other educational videos. You won’t have to worry about them playing games or watching violent videos at all. On top of that, this type of tablet is also quite affordable while performing very well. This review is here with a buying guide and some recommendations for you, feel free to check them out.


Kid’s Tablets Buying Guide

There are many features in kid’s tablets, but there are only a few things to have in mind when buying one. We have some tips that you can follow in order to choose the right tablet for your children. Simple and easy, let’s find out what they are below.


This is one of the most important things that you should check in a tablet for kids. It is all about entertainment when it comes to devices and items for kids to play and use. Parents know very well what their children like such as arts, educational games, movies, etc. Make sure that the tablet that you want to choose for your child has the features that matches with their interests. That way, you know that it serves the purposes and your kid will never get bored of using it.

Parent Control Technology

It is the advanced technology that allows the parents to select the appropriate and right contents for the kids. This technology does not only help parents to create a profile but also choose what is best for the children. From apps to books and more, this technology works with them all. That way, you know that your kids will only access to the right contents for their age and growth. Some tablets even allow you to set time limits so that they won’t get addicted which is nice.


There are many things to have in mind when it comes to the screen of a kid’s tablet. First of all, you want to make sure that the quality of the screen is good. High quality screen will not only provide crystal clear resolution but also protection to the kid’s eyes. A few other things to have in mind are definitely the screen size and sensitivity of the touchscreen for convenient use. Some tablets even come with a case and screen protector to enhance the performance and quality of the unit.

Because it is a great way to entertain the children, kid’s tablets are very popular among parents these days. You will also find 10 best quality tablet options that you can take into consideration for your little ones here. Feel free to check out the list below, all of them are great.

1. Fire HD Kid’s Tablet With Case by Amazon

It is a good decision to get a kid’s tablet from Amazon brand itself if you don’t want to search for anything complicated. The special thing about this tablet is that it provides a wide variety of endless entertainment for your kids. Those include access to over 20,000 apps, books, educational content, games, videos, and more with a very reasonable price of just $2.99 per month. One tablet alone can entertain and teach your children so much, isn’t it nice?

As for the device itself, it features the design of just the right size of 8 inches that most kids can easily hold. Plus with the 12 hours of battery and 32GB of internal storage, it is simply perfect for children to use. You will also get a kid-proof case that also has a built-in stand for convenient use as well. Great price with incredible quality, no doubt why thousands of parents highly recommend this. There are 3 colors available, and the choice is yours.


Fast dual-band WiFi connection

Educational and entertaining for kids

Long battery life with USB-C charger

Kid-proof case with built-in stand included

Limit screen time and parental control functions

8 inches HD display with high resolution and responsive touchscreen


The setup is quite time-consuming


2. Android 9.0 Kid’s Tablet by Dragon Touch

In case you don’t like the complications in the setup of the apps and other programs, this is the kid’s tablet for you. This one comes with pre-installed audio books, E-books, and other contents officially authorized by Disney which is so convenient. Along with that, your kids can also access thousands of other apps, games, and other content that are suitable for children as well. With this tablet, you won’t have to worry that they will be bored anymore.

Another thing that we like is the fast WiFi connection that allows the kids to stream as they entertain or learn which is a total plus. At the same time, it also comes with a durable and protective case with a built-in stand for extra convenient use. The case is tough enough to protect the camera, screen, and the whole tablet from damages in case your kids drop it. This kid’s tablet is compact and fun, and there are 3 colors that you can choose from so take a look.


Long lasting battery life

Easy access to many kid-appropriate websites

7 inches IPS HD screen display for eye protection

Child lock launcher and parental control functions

Pre-installed Disney books and kid-friendly contents

Durable and impact resistant case with a built-in stand


The sound volume and touchscreen could be better


3. Kid’s Tablet With Case & Screen Protector by Contixo

When it comes to the best tablets for kids, this one has to be on the list for it offers so much. Some kid’s tablets are slow and the touchscreen is not so responsive, but things are different with this one. It features an HD and sensitive touchscreen along with a 3-layer film LCD screen protector to protect both the kid’s eyes and the screen from scratches. Plus with a durable and protective case, regular bumps or minor drops won’t be a problem at all.

On top of that, the software of this kid’s tablet is also amazing. It features Android 8.1 along with a 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor which is fast for convenient use. The tablet also comes with pre-installed educational apps and games, and it supports almost 200 languages so that everyone can use. Not to mention that it is lightweight and its battery is long lasting, this is definitely one of the best tablets to have for your kids.


Advanced parental control system

Stable Bluetooth and WiFi connection

Large storage space with additional microSD slot

Easy and full access to apps on Google Play Store

Durable and lightweight with long lasting battery life

Shatter-safe HD touchscreen with protective case and screen


The charger could be better


4. Academy Kid’s Learning Tablet by LeapFrog

Perfect for both educational and entertaining purposes, this academy kid’s tablet is one of a kind to have in mind. It is designed to deliver kid-appropriate contents so that they can learn from various apps, videos, and websites. Your children will be able to stream using the kid-friendly browser for games, videos, and other contents with ease. Parents can also download other apps available and control what your children should use which is so convenient.

Not different from other high quality kid’s tablets, this one also comes with high quality screen resolution. Because it is built just for kids, the protection to the eyes is also included in the tablet. The screen is not only responsive but also safe while the case protects it from bumps and drops. This tablet is ideal for kids whose age is from 3 to 8, so let’s take a look and see if it is something that you look for.


Fast and stable WiFi connection

Offline apps and games included

Shatter-safe and responsive LCD screen

Easy access with parental control function

Durable and protective case with built-in stand

Over 20 pre-installed educational apps and tools


Some parents don’t like the subscription for more apps


5. Kid’s Tablet With Shockproof Case by UJoyFeel

The awesome thing about this kid’s tablet is that it is suitable for both toddlers and early teens which is great for long term use. It is packed with educational and fun apps that the kids can enjoy learning and watching. At the same time, it features the high quality LED screen that delivers full view of bright and clear display without hurting the kid’s eyes. You can also control their using time and apps that they can access which is very convenient.

Another great thing about this tablet is that it comes with a durable and high quality case. The case simply protects the tablet from bump and drop while its built-in stand offers comfortable hand-free use. There is also a handle on the case that your kids can easily carry around as well. Great price with great quality, and this tablet is ideal for children from age 2 to 14. Let’s take a look and see if it has what it takes to match your preferences.


Durable and tough design

Easy parental control function

Fast charge with good battery life

Easy websites access and app download

Protective case with built-in kickstand and handle

High quality LED screen with a bright and clear view


The camera quality could be better


6. Kid’s Tablet With IPS HD Display & Stylus by Dragon Touch

Here we have a tablet that offers both entertainment along with a fun way to bring out your kid’s talents in arts. This tablet comes with a stylus that your children can be creative with their drawing without the need of using paper. Along with that, there are also drawing and photo editing apps that they can use to doodle, draw, paint, and more. Plus with the apps and contents for learning, this tablet offers more than most options out there.

More than that, the screen of this tablet is IPS HD which is safe for the kid’s eyes. They can spend a couple of hours on this tablet, and you won’t have to worry about redness or pain in their eyes at all. This one also comes with a durable and tough case with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy portable. There are two colors that you can select between blue and red, so feel free to pick one or two for them.


Stylus for drawing included

Parental control app function

Fast operation with large storage

Good battery life and fast charging

7 inches IPS HD display with screen protector

Durable and protective case with built-in handle and shoulder strap


The screen could be more responsive


7. Kid’s Tablet With Dual Camera by VANKYO

Camera quality is also important even it is just a kid’s tablet, and this option right here simply offers that. There are two cameras that your children can take pictures of their drawings or things that they see while traveling. This also helps them to share their experience and curiosity via pictures that they took with you. And of course, the tablet supports a wide range of apps and contents that entertain your kids for hours and hours.

In fact, it offers access to over 3,000 kid-appropriate contents that you can control by using at app. Since its storage capacity is up to 32GB with space for 128GB of additional microSD cards, there are many things that they can store on this tablet. We also like how durable and sturdy it is while the case plays another part for extra protection from bumps and drops. It is fun and nice, and many parents really like what this tablet delivers.


Long lasting battery and fast charging

Parental control and monitor functions

2MP front camera and 5MP back camera included

Durable, non-slip, and sturdy case with built-in stand

High quality IPS HD screen with blue light protection

Large storage capacity with easy access to many contents


The WiFi connection could be better


8. High Performance Kid’s Tablet by FUNSHION

We like this tablet because the design and functions that it comes with are quite similar to iPads and other tablets. There is are front and back cameras along with IPS HD display as well as Bluetooth and WiFi connections. At the same time, this tablet also features large storage space and high quality HD display that your kids can use for long hours without worrying about pain in the eye. Plus with the long battery life, it has pretty much everything.

Not different from other kid’s tablets, this one provides great access to a large number of contents for kids. From educational to entertainment purposes, this tablet offers them all. Plus with the cute and stylish design, it makes an amazing gift to give them. The battery lasts for 3 hours of browsing or watching movies which are fair because it somehow helps control their using time. This one quite popular so feel free to take a look.


Fast and high performance

Fun to use and safe on the eyes

Stable Bluetooth and WiFi connection

Cute, durable, and protective unicorn case

IPS HD display with a responsive touchscreen

Affordable price with multiple features and functions


Some parents prefer a longer battery life


9. Mini Android Kid’s Tablet by YosaToo

Easy and simple, this kid’s tablet comes with the purpose of entertaining your children while offering some educational contents. Apart from children’s games and videos, you can also download Netflix, YouTube Kids, and other applications on this tablet as well. With up to 16GB of storage space, there is quite a lot of room for different things. Since it comes with adjustable brightness and an IPS display, this tablet is absolutely safe for the kid’s eyes.

The tablet also comes with a cute penguin case that protects it from bumps and drops. The cool thing about the case is that there is a comfortable handle on each side that your kids can hold while watching cartoons or movies. There are colors including blue and pink, and both of them are super cute. For this price, it can be a fun and nice device to entertain and teach your kids and toddlers at home.


Pre-install parental control apps

6 hours battery life on a single charge

Dual cameras with 16GB storage capacity

Fast and stable Bluetooth and WiFi connection

Durable and protective case with comfortable handles

IPS display screen with automatic adjustable brightness


The screen is not ideal for using on a sunny day


10. Educational Tablet For Kids by Contixo

With better camera quality and faster performance, this is without a doubt one of the best kid’s tablets. It works faster while its 8MP back camera can take clear and good quality photos for the kids at any time. Along with that, the shatter-safe screen is IPS HD which delivers a bright and clear view every time. There are many pre-installed applications and contents for kids along with full access to Google Services which is very nice. Plus with the stylish design and durable protective case, this is one amazing tablet to take into consideration.


Durable and protective case

High quality front and back cameras

Large storage space with 10 hours battery life

IPS HD display with 3-layer LCD screen protector

Easy access to Google Play Store with stable Bluetooth and WiFi connection


The volume could be better

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