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Top 10 Best Optical Zoom Digital Cameras Review

Digital cameras with optical zoom allow you to zoom in or out on the subject without losing the quality. With true zoom feature, it enables you to get a close view of the subject before taking the picture. At the same time, optical zoom also changes the magnification of images with the actual optical glass as well. Compares to digital zoom, optical zoom provides way better photo quality. And that is why you should go for optical zoom digital cameras instead of the ones with digital zoom. Today, we bring you some of the best optical zoom digital cameras along with a buying guide below.

Optical Zoom Digital Cameras Buyer’s Guide

Optical zoom digital cameras can be quite tricky to buy because there are not so many reviews about them. That is why we are here to introduce you to some tips before you purchase an optical zoom digital camera. There are only a few easy tips to remember when you want to buy this type of camera. Things are not so complicated, so check them out below.


When you have an optical zoom digital camera, you are going to spend a lot of time outside shooting. That is why you need to go for the camera with rugged design to deliver durability for outdoor use. Many of this camera resist to water, heat, cold, dust, and drops, and that is the camera that you need. When they are durable, you are going to be able to take good photos in different conditions easily. At the same time, they are also very easy to take care of as well since they are not fragile. Always check the durability before you purchase one, this is important.


Size matters in camera, especially when you use it a lot. You have to make sure that the camera that you choose fits comfortably in your hands. That way, you will be able to take photos fast since the camera is not too bulky to hold. On top of that, compact cameras make it super easy for you to bring along with to places. You can fit them in your bag, or easy carry them around with a strap on your neck. Compact cameras are lightweight, and that is a total plus for portability. Don’t go for larger cameras if you only shoot photos as part of a hobby. The compact ones can also do great job for you, with both convenience and comfort.

Other Features

Having an optical zoom that helps you to zoom and take great pictures is not enough, other features are also important. There are some other useful features that you might want to have in your cameras as well. Those include: the automatic modes, detecting and correcting, and wireless connectivity.

Automatic Modes: the function allows the camera to be ready to handle some of the tricky parts of photography. The automatic modes will automatically choose the most appropriate settings for your objects or backgrounds. You won’t have to spend time finding if it is portrait, landscape, action, or close-up at all. This feature is super helpful, especially for beginners.

Detecting & Correcting: this feature should include red-eye reduction, anti-blink mode, face-recognition, and other useful features. These features will help to eliminate problems that you mostly have when you use mobile phones to take pictures. That way, you will be able to take photos easier and faster with zero frustration.

Wireless Connectivity: is probably the least important but it is very helpful as well. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in, you can easily upload your photos and videos from the camera to your mobile devices. How easy is that to be able to share your great piece on social media right after you captured them?

If you still find it complicated to choose just the best optical zoom digital cameras, don’t you worry. Below, we have 10 best optical zoom digital camera options that you can take into consideration. Each and every options is highly recommended, so check them out.


1. SX70 Optical Zoom Digital Camera by Canon

With the powerful 65x optical zoom, taking pictures and videos from the distance won’t be difficult anymore. This camera provides image stabilization of up to 5 stops along with 4K quality video recording. From faraway sights to ultra-wide vistas and close-up macro shots, this camera can do them all for you. The thing is that it delivers beautiful image quality with its 20.3 Megapixel lens.

On top of that, it offers powerful imaging and autofocus performance even if low light conditions which is super cool. You can also use it to take time lapse videos with 4K quality using its time lapse movie mode as well. There are 6 color settings along with standard settings that allows you to set sharpness and contrast for finer adjustments. This compact digital camera with optical zoom is ideal for sports, outdoor adventures, and more with its continuous shooting function. From quality to performance, it has them all. Don’t forget to take a look.


65x optical zoom

Style setting function

Built-in OLED EVF

Works in low light areas

Built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

4K video and time lapse movie

CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 image processor


The photos tend to get out of focus sometimes


2. P900 Digital Camera With Optical Zoom by Nikon

Full moon is gorgeous, and this digital camera right here can use its 83x optical zoom to capture the moon’s beauty for you. On top of that, it also has 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom and 332x digital zoom that effectively quadrupling the optical zoom. With everything combined, you will be able to shoot amazing and stunning views and landscapes with incredible quality easily.

You can find these two types of zoom in the viewfinder which is simple and easy. This digital camera is ideal for outdoor shootings, and they work great on sunny days. It also comes with built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS for extra convenient of your use. At the same time, auto and full manual exposure control are also available to make taking photos and videos easier. This digital comes in a set that includes every accessory you need in a bag for easy storage and portability. It’s a nice package, you should check it out.


83x optical zoom

Long battery life

16MP CMOS sensor

High speed SD card reader

Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS

Clear and crisp quality of photos and videos


The tripod is not strong enough to hold the camera


3. SX720 Optical Zoom Digital Camera by Canon

Looks so simple yet very amazing when it comes to taking good photos and videos. This digital camera comes with 40x optical zoom lens that provides a 24-960mm equivalent focal length range. That allows it to cover wide-angle to telephoto perspectives to deliver high resolution results to your shootings. This sleek point-and-shoot digital camera is capable of versatile stills shooting and full HD 1080p movie recording.

With the help from its high sensitivity CMOS sensor and DIGIC 6 image processor, it delivers smooth image quality. At the same time, it also comes with built-in Wi-Fi with NFC that allows you to wirelessly share your photos and movies easily. You can also use this function to remotely control the camera from mobile devices using the app as well. This stylish camera comes in a set that includes tripod, memory card, card ready, camera case, wrist grip, and more. It is convenient and easy to use and bring along with, and its quality is amazing for long term use.


40x optical zoom

Compact and light

Simple and easy to use

Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC

Full HD 1080p video quality

High sensitivity CMOS sensor


Quality of low light shooting is not the best


4. PIXPRO Optical Zoom Digital Camera by Kodak

Want a simple camera with simple optical zoom? Then you might want to take a look at this option here. It is a very compact point-and-shoot camera with wide-angle lens along with numerous features and shooting modes. So small yet so functional, this digital camera will offer you the ability to shoot with quality and clarity. The great part is that it allows you to effortlessly switch between photos to HD video with a simple touch.

That is not all, its auto detection setting makes it super easy for you to capture good images. Just point, frame, and shoot, very simple yet very nice. This option is ideal for everyday use, and it is so compact and slim you can fit it in your pocket easily. With this price and quality, you should definitely check it out.


5x optical zoom

Affordable price

Large LCD screen

Easy and simple to use

28mm wide angle lens

Auto detection settings

Compact, slim, and lightweight

Good videos and images quality


The zoom ability could be better


5. ELPH190 Optical Zoom Digital Camera by Canon

This is another digital camera with optical zoom from Canon but with slimmer design for easy portability. It might be slim and thin, but it can take stunning photographs and record pristine 720p HD video for you. With this camera, you will be able to capture every beauty of anything you come across no matter where you are. That is not all, this digital camera features accelerated processing speed that creates fast and responsive performance.

As for its 10x optical zoom, it allows for adequate magnification while the 20.0MP CCD Sensor preserves details and sharpness. We can tell that this camera will go to a lot of places with you to capture every beautiful moment. This camera comes in a kit that includes 16GB SD card, starter cleaning kit, SD card reader, protective case, and an extra battery. It is a great set for both beginners and casual photograph lovers, you’ll love it.


10x optical zoom

Compact and durable

Slim, sleek, and stylish

Captures detailed images

Built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Very easy and simple to use

Comes in a complete package


Does not work so great for indoor photos and videos


6. XP130 Optical Zoom Digital Camera by FujiFilm

Here you are looking at a waterproof digital camera with optical zoom that you might love. This mini camera comes with the function of Intelligent Digital Zoom that extends zoom range up to 10 times. The camera features the 16.4MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor and FujiNon to deliver high quality resolutions for you. Most importantly, this digital camera is super durable to use under any tough circumstances.

You can also pair it with other devices for photo sharing using Bluetooth and Wireless LAN connectivity as well. It works fast and smooth, and transferring images will be in just minutes. It provides 4 ways protection as it is waterproof, shockproof, freeze proof, and dust proof. You can bring it along with anywhere you go in no matter what conditions to capture your journey. This camera is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, and it might be the option that you look for.


10x optical zoom

Tough and durable

Firm and strong grip

Compact and lightweight

Dust proof and freeze proof

Waterproof and shockproof

Bluetooth and Wireless LAN compatible


The battery tends to drain fast during video recording


7. Digital Camera With Optical Zoom by Minolta

The combination of style and quality makes this digital camera one of the best to choose. This is a powerful SLR-style camera with auto focus function that will capture any beautiful moments for you. With its 20MP photo resolution, it can crop or enlarge the images without having to compromise image quality. At the same time, it can also record full 1080p HD video with rich detail and vibrant color for you as well.

Plus with its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you will be able to share your work with others very easily. As for its 35x optical zoom lens, it allows users to shoot long distances and intimate close-ups professionally. Not to mention it also comes with advanced shooting features like panorama, HDR, multi-frame shooting, face detection, time lapse, and burst. This option is definitely one of the best that you should consider.


35x optical zoom

Bright LCD display

1080p full HD video

Light and easy to use

20MP photo resolution

Built-in flash and Wi-Fi

Rich detail with vibrant color


Does not work great in low light conditions


8. Optical Zoom Digital Camera by Pentax

This is one stylish option that comes with great zoom quality which is highly recommended by many. The camera provides up to 18x of optical zoom with great detail that will totally impress you. It also comes with 16 mega pixel sensor that captures every image with clarity and crisp. You can take pictures of pretty much anything from view to landscapes and objects, the quality is always stunning.

At the same time, its large 3” LCD screen makes it extra easy for you to view the images. This digital camera is compact, lightweight, and easy to use as it fits great in the palm of your hand. It is also very easy to bring along with to places as well, and you will surely love it. From the price and quality, this digital camera has them all. Take a look and see if this one matches with your interests.


18x optical zoom

Large digital zoom

High quality images

Sharp and rich quality

Widescreen HD videos

Compact and lightweight

Easy to use and bring along with

Face detection for perfect exposure


Does not work so great in bright light condition


9. Tough Digital Camera With Optical Zoom by Olympus

The combination of quality and durability makes this digital camera one of the best in the market. With 16MP backlit CMOS sensor, this camera delivers uncompromised image quality just the way you want. It has the impressive low-light performance along with high speed responsiveness that delivers astonishing results. You can use this digital camera to shoot fast-action objects, night scenes, and other tricky shots both above and below the surfaces.

Yes, this below the surfaces. This camera is so durable since it is waterproof, crushproof, shockproof, freeze proof, and dust proof. You can use it to capture stunning images and videos in any conditions and circumstances with zero worries of damages. This rugged digital camera offers outstanding quality and performance, and you might want to check it out.


5x optical zoom

Good battery life

Extremely versatile

Compact and durable

Easy to use and access

High speed HD videos

GPS and E-Compass function


Indoor and low light picture quality show a little grain


10. Astro Zoom Digital Camera by Kodak

Getting well-defined and detailed images won’t be a problem anymore when you have this camera. It comes with 16 million pixels that delivers ample resolution to crop, zoom, or enlarge your photos. At the same time, its 24mm wide angle lens provides better and bigger range of photos your take. The combination of 40x ultra long zoom lens and optical image stabilization of this camera delivers you the crisp and clear resolution.

Simply zoom in the object that you want to take photos of, and click. This digital camera will give you the stunning result as if you were close to the objects. The camera is powered by AA batteries, and you can bring it to your adventures easily. No cables or charging is needed, just change the batteries and that’s it. Very simple. Many users are very happy with the results that this camera offers, you can be one of them too.


40x optical zoom

Large LCD screen

Crystal clear capture

Compact and lightweight

Very simple and easy to use

Defined and detailed images


Does not come with instruction manual

The battery runs out fast especially on high brightness

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