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Top 10 New K-Pop Fashion Trends In 2020

K-Pop fashion trends are one of the most popular trends that fashionistas follow. Korean fashion trends are very simple yet undeniably cool, and many people can rock the style. K-Pop fashion trends have updated every year and even every month. In case you want to level up your Instagram features this year using K-Pop fashion trends, look no further. We are here to bring the latest K-Pop fashion trends that you will totally rock. Each new trend is from famous Korean singers and superstars so you know these styles are dope. Take a look and see which new trends that you are ready to bring this year.


The more accessories you have, the cooler you look when it comes to K-Pop fashion trends in 2020. You can always notice that all Koran superstars wear a lot of accessories, and that make their style extra tasteful. Koreans love adding accessories, and the trend has gotten bigger over the past few years. Accessories range from hair to neck and hands, and here are some of the most trendy accessories you should have.

Bracelets: there are so many types of bracelets that you can rock. From leather to platinum and more, the choice is all yours. Some even wear hair rubber bands or scrunchies are their bracelets, you might want to try that as well. Remember to pick your bracelets base on the type of your outfits. It can sexy, gentle, or cute, so make sure you pick the right one.

Earrings: depends on how many piercings you have. Black and steel earrings always come first because they compliment almost any outfits you put on. Avoid colorful earrings because they don’t stand out much in street style outfits.

Hair Clips: might sound simple, but it makes your hair look extra beautiful. The key to this trend is to be generous with how many clips you use. You can put a row of several hair clips or criss cross them, any way you like. It looks cute and unique, and makes you look extra attractive as well.

Necklace: there is a variety of necklace choices that you can choose to style base on your outfits. The necklaces can be chokers, chain, regular necklaces, and more. You can wear just one or up to five necklaces on top of each other, creating your own uniqueness.

Rings: are one of the most important accessories that help you look stylish. From just one ring to multiple of them on your fingers, you can always look great. The key is to choose the rings that are not too bulky. Korean fashion trends are always light and simple yet rocking.


This fashion trend actually began since the late 19th century as a basic fashion when sports changed fashion. It is the combination of athletics and leisure, and that means wearing casual clothing for exercise and general use. This trend is very popular among K-Pop idols as they go out, practice dancing, or go to the airport. The fashion is simple yet stylish and comfortable to wear at the same time. The cool part about it is that anyone can keep up with this trend. That is because it is not for any particular occasions or events like most fashion trends out there. You can wear it to school, social occasions, hang out, and pretty much anywhere you go.

The most common athleisure outfits are leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, gym tanks, sport bras, hoodies, tights, shorts, sneakers, and more. Just mix and match them together, plus with the right accessories, and looking cool and stylish is very simple. At the same time, many athletic brands made further improvements in the productions of athleisure outfits for extra comfort. So the clothes are more lightweight, waterproof, and breathable which is even more convenient to wear. That is why we can say that athleisure trend is not going away anytime soon.

Most fashion trends come and go then come back, but athleisure is an exception to this. It is casual and stylish, and it is very easy to find at affordable price. So of course, people will not get bored of wearing them every day. Athleisure outfits are also very comfortable and laidback, and you can wear them anywhere and anytime. That is why from students to superstars choose to wear them on a daily basis. Even celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna have brought athleisure into mainstream. Don’t you worry that this trend will go out of style. Get some more athleisure outfits for your wardrobes, you won’t regret it.


Originally comes from Paris, beret is one of the fashion trends that goes viral in many parts of the world. Berets is spectacular because you can always look good in them no matter if your hair is long or short. The moment you put the beret on, you simply transform yourself to another look with great style. Berets give such confident and fearless yet elegant look that turns any basic style into fashionable right away. Berets compliment a lot of outfits especially the ones with coats in fall or winter. There are many designs of berets out there, but there are a few that are popular in K-Pop fashion trends. Those include felt beret, cable-knit beret, wool beret, and classic wool blend beret. Berets come in many colors that you can choose from, so you won’t find it hard to pick the best.

Big Shades

You may already notice that Korean superstars always go with big shades every time they go out. Larger shades do not only provide great eye protection from the sun but also stylish looks as well. Not just Korean superstars who love big shades, many fashionistas and superstars worldwide also prefer this option. Such aviator styles have always been on trend, and no doubt why it is still here in 2020. The key is to choose the big shades with shapes, sizes, and colors that match with your style. That way, you will get a unique look on top of your stylish outfits. Nowadays, sunglasses are an extension of a person’s look and a representation of their personalities. You can look hot, sexy, cool, and anything based on the choice of your sunglasses. The perfect color should be black, but going a bit colorful sometimes is also not so bad.

Blazer Dress

Blazer Dress aka Drazer is one of the fashion trends that are not only popular in Korea but also worldwide. Wearing a blazer as a dress is a great way to look sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Many K-Pop stars rock blazer dresses and make the trend appear much more wearable than it sounds. All you need is a blazer that is long enough with the length that is half your thigh. The perfect blazer dress shouldn’t be too long or too short because you have to look classy yet sexy.

There are many ways to style a blazer dress, and it actually depends on you and the occasions you attend. You can wear just the blazer, or with a shirt inside, or with a short skirt. Black double-breasted style is the most popular iteration of the blazer dress trend actually. It looks simple yet very stylish and modern. You can throw a belt on along with some accessories, and you will totally own the place with your style. The great thing about blazer dress is that you can pair it with many choices of shoes. The perfect matches are heels, knee high boots, and ankle boots.

Earthy Tones

In case you don’t like wearing colorful clothes, maybe earthy tones are your kind of taste. The combination of the colors of nature and earth makes you look cool and elegant at the same time. Earthy tones consists of a variety of chocolate, beige, whiskey, cinnamon, rust, and everything in between, and of course, brown. If it was five or ten years ago, you would have called this trend “bohemian”, “hippie”, or “tree hugger chic”. But here in 2020, earthy tones have become a popular trends among superstars. You can rock earthy tones outfits in a form of suit, skirts, pants, jackets, or shirts. It is simple yet very classy, and that is the style that you should rock this year.

Mini Scarf

One of the most popular K-Pop fashion trends this year is definitely the mini scarf. You can still wear scarves around your neck and look stylish even if it is not winter. All you need is a bandana and a good folding and tying style, and that’s it. It is small but it adds more vibrants and vibes to the look, and it is super stylish. Mini scarf can be small and light, but it can totally change the whole look of the outfit.

If you want to rock it in summer or spring, choosing the color is very simple. Go for the brighter ones, maybe select the ones with patterns if you want some more taste to the outfits. Either way, both men and women can really look good with this mini scarf style. The mini scarf trend matches great with retro outfits, and it looks incredibly chic when you style it right.

Oversized T-Shirts

Oversized tees have been a trend for a while, but not many girls are confident enough to try them. They are afraid that they would not look good wearing a bulky shirt like this. A stylish oversized t-shirt should be so large you can wear them as a dress, and that is how you rock. Many Korean artists are wearing oversized t-shirts, sweaters, or even hoodies when they go out or go to practice dancing. It is cozy and simple, and it is simply stylish which is exactly why it is a trend. There are many ways to style extra large tees and look cool in them.

With shorts: if you are not confident wearing just the shirt, you can wear shorts underneath it. The shorts can be denim cut-offs, Bermuda shorts, or even mom shorts. It looks extra hot and cute when you pair them together like that. This outfit matches very nice with sneakers as it looks casual yet very stylish at the same time.

With tights: to look even cooler, pair them with black tights and a pair of boots or Oxford shoes. Such outfit is ideal for casual meeting, and it is dope at the same time. The shirt can be any color, but the color of the leggings should be neutral.

With skinny jeans: you can go for shorter oversized tee like a crop top but larger in size. This outfit compliments the shape of your body while providing room for air so that it won’t be too uncomfortable. It also matches great with leggings, but remember to balance the color. Black and white are good, too colorful might be a bit too much. Skinny jeans match great with both sneakers and boots, the choice is all yours.

With belts: throw a belt on to show off your body shape so that it won’t look too bulky. It looks extra cool, and this outfit is amazing if you pair it with boots.

Tip: you can also throw a jacket, cardigan, or flannel to add more taste to the outfits.


The unique thing about Korean pastel is that they look classic, cute, and humble instead of fierce and sexy. That is simply the taste of K-Pop fashion trends of summer and spring this year. The colors are usually baby pink and sky blue, and mostly are in plaid as well. The great thing about Korean pastel style is that you can mix and match different brighter colors together. You can even put a combination of salmon pink, mauve, and pale yellow, and the look is spectacular. Some even wear pastel and plaids together, meaning colorful plaids skirts and jackets. That is actually one stylish look that you can wear to work, meetings, or just hangout. Cute Korean pastel pairs great with hairstyles like braid, wavy hair, or a simple ponytail. Such outfits look cheerful and sweet, and many K-Pop girls love to wear them.

Plaid Skirts

Plaid skirts have bee around since the 90s, and they are still rocking even in 2020. A lot of Korean artists are wearing these skirts in their performances, music videos, photo shoots, and more. The great thing about plaid skirts is that they look great with many types of shirts out there. From a simple tee to hoodies and sweater, plaid skirts match with them all. Throw a pair of sneakers or even ankle boots on, and you will look super stylish without even trying. In case you want to look extra hot and sexy with plaid skirts, match them with a crop top. Plus with a wavy hairdo, looking cool is so easy and simple. Plaid skirts are still trending in K-Pop fashion in 2020, and you might want to shop more for your wardrobes.

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