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Top 10 Best Christmas Tablecloths Review

Christmas is just at around the corner, and Christmas tablecloths are one of the most important decorations. There are many of them that you can find on the market but the best ones are here. We bring you some of the best Christmas tablecloths along with a buying guide for you today. Feel free to check them out and pick your most favorite options, the choice is all yours.


Best Christmas Tablecloths Buying Guide

They are just Christmas tablecloths, what are the difficulties in buying them you may ask. This piece of decoration is harder to pick than you think, and that is why this buying guide is here. Let’s find out what those important things in Christmas tablecloths are with us below.


You wouldn’t want to have a tablecloth that lasts for one day and dies during the wash, would you? That is why durability is important even if you use it only for a day or two during Christmas. The best Christmas tablecloths should be heavy duty and easy to clean and take care of. When it is heavy duty, it remains in place and gives the nice touch on the table.


Different tablecloths come with different material designs for various users’ preferences and ways of decoration and celebration. Some families prefer the simplicity so they go for the paper type while the others prefer linen, satin, or cotton. The trick is to choose the right one depends on how you want your dining table to look like.

Size & Shape

The nice and beautiful way to decorate a Christmas table is leaving the rest of tablecloth to chair levels. Not too short and not too long, and that plays a part in showing the printing and style of the tablecloth. That means you should go for the ones that match with the size and shape of your table. If it looks great and matches with your table, it is beautiful. Simple as that.

With these important things in mind, finding the right tablecloths won’t be difficult anymore. We also 10 best Christmas tablecloths in our list below as well so check them out.

1. Christmas Ribbon Tablecloth by Benson Mills

Classic yet elegant, the ribbon printing on this Christmas tablecloth is absolutely stunning to look at. The detail on the fabric is beautiful, and it looks super elegant to have on any Christmas decoration. On each side of the tablecloth and the surface, you will see the lovely red and green ribbon that brings out the beautiful Christmas spirit. As for the corner, there is this unique design of flowers and leaves that makes the tablecloth looks even more extraordinary.

Apart from style, its quality is also great as well which is a total plus. The combination of cotton and polyester makes it soft to touch yet durable and long lasting at the same time. You can also machine wash and dry this tablecloth after use as well so cleanup is a breeze. It is available in a few different size options even for round tables. Plus with the good price and thousands of recommendations from happy customers, you will not regret choosing this Christmas tablecloth.


Chemical odor free

Thick yet lightweight

Classic and elegant design

Beautiful and soft to touch

Durable and machine washable

Heavy weight and high quality fabric


You need to get rid of the wrinkles after folding it.


2. Classic Heavy Weight Christmas Tablecloth by JUCFHY

Simple yet beautiful, this is a bold red Christmas tablecloth that you should take into consideration. The unique thing about this tablecloth is that it brings out both beauty and power to the decoration. You know when people say simplicity is the best, this is a great example of that. If you don’t like patterns or printings, then this is definitely the Christmas tablecloth for you. Since it has no printings, you can also use it for other special occasions as well which is a total plus.

On top of that, the quality and durability of this Christmas tablecloth is incredible. It is stain proof, water resistant, and scratch resistant which is absolutely long lasting to have. You wouldn’t have to worry that some spills can cause permanent stain on this tablecloth at all. Not to mention that it is also machine washable, this tablecloth is one of an awesome to have. There are multiple colors available that you can choose from dark to bright along with various size options. The choice is all yours so feel free to take a look.


Durable and stain proof

Bold and beautiful color

Versatile and machine washable

Scratch resistant and water resistant

Delicate texture with fold over hemmed edge


You cannot iron it


3. Wrinkle Free Christmas Tablecloth by TEWENE

Here you are looking at a stunning Christmas tablecloth with such elegant and luxury design. The unique 3D embroidery design brings out both the look and the class to the table. Along with that, it even comes with the seamless tassel edge that adds extra touch to make the tablecloth look super marvelous. By the appearance, you can already tell that this tablecloth is perfect for modern room designs out there. This color and this design goes with not only Christmas but also other events.

The beauty is something, but the quality and durability that this tablecloth delivers is another amazing thing. First of all, it is anti-wrinkle and anti-shrink. This is a very huge advantage because you won’t have to worry that it will lose its beauty after a wash at all. Along with that, this tablecloth is also anti-fading as well which is a total plus. When you need to wash it, just put it in a laundry bag which is so easy and simple. This one also comes with different size and color choices, so don’t forget to check them out.


Machine and hand washable

Anti-wrinkle and anti-shrink

Anti-fading and shrink proof

Smooth and soft to touch surface

Elegant and beautiful 3D embroidery design


It is a little thin


4. 100% Cotton Christmas Tablecloth by Maison d’Hermine

With the beautiful deer in the forest design, nothing could say Christmas more than this tablecloth. The white slash silver background color and the whole color of the tablecloth makes a beautiful compliment to the whole printing. There are even snowflakes shimmering on this tablecloth, and that is the extra beauty that you will adore. Every single detail in the printing is absolutely stunning, and Christmas table decoration is extra easy with it.

One of the things that we like about this Christmas tablecloth is the 100% cotton design. It is durable yet soft to touch, and its quality is also long lasting as well. With both style and quality, this is definitely one of the best Christmas tablecloths that you should take into consideration. There are also other colors and designs that you can choose from as well. Feel free to take a look, this can be the tablecloth that you have been looking for.



High quality cotton design

Durable and soft to touch fabric

Multipurpose and versatile design

Beautiful and detailed printing and color

Machine washable and easy maintenance


There are wrinkles to iron.


5. Jacquard Christmas Tablecloth by Benson Mills

This is another high quality Christmas tablecloth from Benson Mills that we think you might like. It features the floral design that matches with a wide range of occasions and festivity events out there. Plus with the bold red color, it is actually perfect for Christmas as well. Another great thing about this tablecloth is that it looks quite simple yet so elegant. You can get the matching napkins for a complete decoration, and you will surely love how it turns out.

Unlike the tablecloths above, this one comes with 100% polyester design which is both lightweight and durable. You can iron it, and its heavy spun polyester ensures that its quality is long lasting for long term use. This option comes with size options available for both rectangle and round table, and it the choice is all yours. Let’s take a look and see if this is the Christmas tablecloth that matches with your preferences.


Classic and elegant design

Lightweight yet heavy duty

Durable and high quality polyester

Machine washable and easy maintenance

Floral design with hand assembled mitered border


It is not spill proof

Its texture is a little rough


6. Heavy Duty Vinyl Christmas Tablecloth by Decoser

Forget about all the worries that you have about kids and spilling on the tablecloth during meal time. This tablecloth right here is the perfect solution to that because it is waterproof and spill proof. The thick and heavy duty vinyl material makes the tablecloth super tough and durable. That way, you won’t have to be bothered with the stain and spills anymore. Plus with the beautiful and fun Christmas printings, kids will absolutely love them too.

That is not all, this Christmas tablecloth comes with the unique flannel back. This makes it ideal to use both indoor and outdoor which is a total plus. Since it is super durable and heavy duty, you know you will not regret choosing this tablecloth. There are some more other designs and a few other size options available. You should really check it out, this tablecloth is one of the best to have in mind.


Fun and cheerful printing

Flannel backed stitched edge

Heavy duty and thick vinyl design

Nonstick coating and easy cleanup

Spill proof and stain resistant surface

Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use


It could be a little softer


7. Oil Proof Christmas Tablecloth by Obstal

If you don’t look for anything complicated, then this Christmas tablecloth is something to have in mind. It features the bright red color along with festive touch with the printing. The bells and ornaments on the wreath design makes this Christmas tablecloth the perfect vibe on the table. Along with that, its smooth and clean surface makes it look even better with the matching napkins and the plates.

When it comes to high quality Christmas tablecloths, this one has to be on the list. This one features the design from 100% polyester which is both durable and long lasting. The best part is that this Christmas tablecloth is oil proof and spill proof which is absolutely a total plus. You can easily wipe it clean with a soft cloth, but it is also machine washable as well. Since it is wrinkle resistant and fade resistant, you can use this tablecloth for years. With both quality and style, this is the option that you should not overlook.


Easy and simple maintenance

Wrinkle resistant and fade resistant

Water resistant and scratch resistant

Durable and anti-shrink polyester design

Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use


Its design looks a little traditional to some


8. Embroidered Christmas Tablecloth Set by Creative Linens

Comes with a set that includes both the tablecloth and the napkins, this is something that you should check out. We recommend this option because of its beautiful and unique embroidery design. The special thing about this tablecloth is that it features the combination of bells, ornaments, pinecones, and more embroidered on the surface. With everything together, the whole tablecloth looks super elegant and festive to have for Christmas.

Along with that, it also comes with 8 matching napkins in the set as well. This is just a perfect set to have for Christmas, and its quality is long lasting. Both the tablecloth and the napkins are machine washable which is easy to take care of. If you like something bold and elegant, you know this is the option that you should take into consideration. Great price with great quality, this set will not let you down.


Stain resistant

Sturdy and heavy duty

Classic and elegant design

Beautiful and detailed embroidery

Durable polyester with satin design

Machine washable and easy maintenance


The satin makes it a little slippery


9. Embroidered Snowflake Christmas Tablecloth by Simhomsen

We really like the effort that the maker of this tablecloth put into it. They print the small snowflakes on the fabric before embroider the bigger ones on the tablecloth. This is to ensure beautiful details along with style and quality for long term use. The snowflakes are simple yet beautiful when it comes to Christmas tablecloth decoration. It looks nice, and it gives the Christmas vibes which is simply nice to have.

The maintenance of this tablecloth is also easy and convenient since it is machine washable. You can steam iron it, and it will not shrink or wrinkle at all. Not to mention that it will not fade, this Christmas tablecloth is one of a special kind. We also like the fact that it is available in various shapes including rectangle, round, square, and oval. If you have difficulty finding the right Christmas tablecloths for your round or oval table, you have one here.


Durable and versatile

Vibrant and beautiful color

Think and heavy duty polyester

Anti-fade, anti-shrink, and anti-wrinkle

Elegant details with beautiful embroidery

Machine washable and easy maintenance


The material is a little stiff


10. Round Snowflake Christmas Tablecloth by Pfrewn

In case you like patterns and printings, then this is the perfect Christmas tablecloth for you. You will see different pictures and patterns that match with Christmas on this tablecloth. A bit of everything like this actually looks appealing especially after you add the plates and the candles on. We know that many of our readers don’t like anything plain because they find it tasteless. That is why we recommend this option here because it looks extra fun and cool.

Just like the rest of the best Christmas tablecloths here, this one is also durable and long lasting. It features the design from thick fabric which is firm and heavy duty for long term use. At the same time, it is also also abrasion resistant, wrinkle resistant, and strong heat resistant as well. Its durability is unbelievably amazing, and you can use it for years. There are also many other colors and patterns available as well in case you want some alternatives. Let’s take a look and see if any of them matches with your style and preferences, all of them are super nice.


Thick and firm texture

Heavy weight and versatile

Stylish and functional appearance

Durable and high quality polyester design

Abrasion resistant, wrinkle resistant, and string heat resistant


It is only available in round size

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