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Top 10 Best Cup Sealing Machines Review

Looking for the best cup sealing machines? Go no further because we are here to bring you just the best option along with a guide. Cup sealing machines are the machines that use heat and pressure to seal the cup as lids. This type of machine is ideal to use for liquids like boba milk tea, cold coffee, smoothies, and many more. The best cup sealing machine works fast and efficiently, and they are very easy to take care of. In case you want to have one of them, we have some of the best for you below.

Cup Sealing Machines Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing cup sealing machines online can be quite challenging if you are new to that. However, we are here with a few tricks that help you to find the perfect option faster and easier. No matter if you are new to buying this machine or have bought one before, you will always get the best. So let’s take a quick read at our guide on buying the best cup sealing machines below.


This type of machine should not involve with complicated operation since it is the automatic ones. Make sure the option you choose requires 3 simple steps. Put the cup in, let the machine seal the cup, and take the cup out. Things should be this simple, and that is what makes the cup sealing machine a great option to choose.


Nothing is better than seeing the neat incision on the cup after the sealing. When the incisions are neat, the sealing is tight which prevents the drinks from spilling. The best automatic tea cup sealing machines are the ones that provide commercial quality and reliability that you can trust. That means you can use it every day without having to worry that it will mess things up.

Sealing Ring

This is one of the most important parts in the best tea cup sealing machines. You should go for the ones that comes with different sealing ring options. Since the cups may vary in size, the ones with different rings will be very helpful. This option provides you choices in sealing cups of various mouth sizes which is simply convenient. Normally, the machine should come with 3 sealing rings for different sizes. So don’t overlook this part.

Easy Setup

Another simple thing to look for in the best automatic tea cup sealing machines is the easy setup. Choose the one that is easy to install, and the one that provides ease in replacing the sealer film. You wouldn’t want the machine that takes so much time just to replace the sealer film. Go for the one that comes with simple replacement so that it is fast and easy to change the sealer film. That way, your customers won’t feel bad waiting as well.

Temperature Controller

Last but not least, go for the cup sealing machine with temperature controller. The sealing film materials are different from one another, and that requires different heat as well. The best thing to do is find the machine that allows for temperature controller. That way, you will be able to use different sealing film with zero worries of controlling the machine’s temperature.

If you prefer to purchase automatic tea cup sealing machines from our recommendations, we are happy to show you some. We have searched and put together some of the best tea cup sealing machines that you can buy. You will find 10 high quality options from our list below, and each of them is amazing. From the quality to the long term performance, they have them all. Feel free to take a look, the choice is all yours.


1. Automatic Cup Sealing Machine by Vinmax

Simple and easy to use, this automatic cup sealing machine works magic for you. All you need to do is pull the tray, and the cup will come out through the bottom plate. You can use it to seal cup drinks like milk tea, soybean, ice, smoothies, and more easily. It is suitable for PP, PE, PC, and other materials. It can seal between 400 to 600 cups per hour which is perfect for commercial use.

The machine has this highly sensitive scanner for precise sealing, so you won’t have to worry about bad incision at all. This machine comes with the stainless steel design which is very durable and sturdy for long term use. It comes with digital display, touchscreen, and control panel for easy and fast operation. It even has the emergency stop function in case things go wrong, this one is among the best to choose. Take a look and see, you might like it.


Precise sealing

Counting function

Automatic temperature

Emergency stop function

Seal plastic and paper cups

Automatic / manual modes

Durable, versatile, and sturdy

Smooth and safe indicator light


The machine is a little large and heavy


2. Electric Cup Sealing Machine by JiaWanShun

Comes with a small and compact size, this sealing machine is great for small businesses. This sealing machine has simple operation along with quick sealing that can seal between 300 to 500 cups per hour. It works great, and its incisions are neat. The heat from the machine is uniform so that the seal is tight and perfect. Another great part is that its steel plate is thick so its fuselage is not easy to deform at all.

You can use it to seal both plastic and paper cups, and the machine will not overheat. This one comes with both quality and good price that you can trust, you should check it out. From performance to quality, it has them all. The choice is all yours to make.


Quick sealing

Neat incisions

Thickened steel plate

Compact and versatile

Simple and easy to use

Comes with 3 sealing rings

Temperature control function

Ideal for both plastic and paper cup


Not ideal for smaller cups


3. Semi Automatic Cup Sealing Machine by WYZworks

Here we have a semi automatic cup sealing machine that is super easy to use. Just load the cup to the mold, and the machine will automatically use heat and pressure to apply the easy-peel lidding film. This machine can seal cup manually within seconds, and its work is smooth and safe which is super convenient. More than that, its heavy duty and durable stainless steel structure is to deliver commercial quality reliability that you can trust.

Plus, the machine comes with adjustable temperature settings to ensure the perfect sealing for every single cup. It works with different cup materials such as PP, PET, and PE, and it can seal up to 500 cups per hour. Its work is neat, and the incision is perfect which makes it simply ideal for any commercial and business use.


Neat incision

Compact size

Sturdy and versatile

Adjustable temperature

Easy to set up and use

Durable and heavy duty

Works with PP, PET, and PE cups


Only works with 95mm cups


4. Automatic Cup Sealing Machine by Denshine

Comes with digital display, this sealing machine lets you know the number of cups sealed. It also has a touchscreen control panel to deliver smooth and safe operation with its indicator light as well. The great thing about it is the precision and high quality sealing that the machine offers. Its high quality photoelectric sensor delivers highly sensitive scanner for precise sealing which is simply great.

The machine seals the cups fully within seconds, and all you need to do is place the cup in the tray. On top of that, the manual operation is also available in this machine as well. You can either choose between automatic and manual modes to seal your cups, and both work great. This cup sealing machine delivers great performance and quality, and it is ideal for everyday use.


Cup counting function

Automatic temperature

Fully-auto sealer function

Emergency stop function

Easy to use and operate

Automatic and manual modes

High quality photoelectric sensor

Works with 90mm and 95 mm cups


Does not seal PET cups


5. Automatic Cup Sealer Machine by BestEquip

Designed for long term use, this machine comes with heavy duty and durability that lasts for years. Its stainless steel structure provides commercial quality as it is resistant to corrosion, rust, alkali, and acid. At the same time, it rubberized feet are super sturdy it delivers stability during use. The machine comes with 2 operation modes including manual and auto for easy use. It can fully seal cups within seconds, and it is super safe and easy to use.

On top of that, you can also adjust and set the parameters through its control screen as well. You can use this cup sealing machine with 95mm PP, PE, PET, PS, PVC, and paper cups which is super functional. The cup tray is adjustable for different cup heights, and you can use it to seal many types of cups easily. It is stylish, durable, and versatile, and it is simply perfect for any daily and commercial use.


Quiet operation

Durable and versatile

Auto & Manual modes

Neat and perfect incision

Works smoothly and accurately

Digital display and touchscreen

Works with PP, PET, PC, and paper cups


A little heavy


6. Fully Automatic Cup Sealing Machine by VEVOR

The fully automatic design allows this machine to fully seal cups automatically within seconds. It is fast, safe, convenient, and simply time saving for commercial and everyday use. The great thing about it is the highly sensitive scanner that delivers precise sealing and customization settings for temperature and sealing. That is not all, it also comes with automatic counting function to let you know how many cups you have sealed as well.

This machine works great with PP and PET paper cups in restaurants, beverage factories, and more. It can seal between 500 to 650 cups per hour, and its work is flawless. The drink does not spill after sealing, and the machine works so great. Its heavy duty construction from durable stainless steel structure makes the machine super strong and durable for long term use.


Precise sealing

Durable and reliable

Easy to use and operate

Stainless steel structure

Heavy duty construction

Fully automatic operation

Neat and perfect incisions

Works with PP, PET, and paper cups


The machine is a little heavy


7. Manual Cup Sealing Machine by Yescom

It may look small, but this is a heavy duty and durable cup sealing machine that you might want to have. The machine comes with stainless steel structure to ensure durability for long term use for you. It also comes with stainless steel roller to provide precise film transferring as well. Plus, the machine has smooth edge on top of either side of the board to make sure that the operation is safe.

At the same time, it also comes with excellent long handle that saves time and labor for you as well. This cup sealing machine is very easy and simple to use, and you can use it to seal up to 500 cups per hour. Since it is compact, it does not take up too much space at all. That makes it ideal for both small and medium businesses.


Compact design

Easy and simple to use

Heavy duty and durable

Stainless steel structure

Easy film transferring

Smooth edge on top for safe operation

Comes with indicator lights for easy operation


Does not work with tall cups


8. Electric Cup Sealing Machine by TopChances

With easy operation and fast sealing, this machine can automatically seal up to 500 cups per hour. It comes with heavy duty and durable stainless steel structure along with highly sensitive scanner for precise sealing. The machine is very efficient and convenient to handle, and it makes a great option for most types of business. More than that, it features the auto cup-relocation function and indicator light for convenient use as well.

You can use it to seal most cups from boba to coffee and smoothies easily. It is compact and lightweight, and you can easily move it from place to place as well. This one works with 90mm and 95 diameter cups, and it can seal cups up to 17 centimeters in height. Very easy to use and take care of, this option is one of the best to have.


Easy to operate

Flexible cup holder

Precise and fast sealing

High sensitive scanner

Comes with indicator light

Compact and space-saving

Auto cup-relocation function

Durable stainless steel structure


Not ideal for large commercial


9. Automatic Bubble Cup Sealing Machine by KOUWO

How about a cup sealing machine that can roll the film and seal the cup by itself like this one? This option is extra convenient and easy to use and operate, and it also comes with digital display as well. Its display shows the temperature and quantity of the cups that it seals, and it is super helpful. The great thing about this machine is that it can hold and seal smaller cups with 75mm of mouth size.

In case you serve smaller cups, this is the seal machine for you. It works with PE, PP, PS, PET, and film cups which is pretty much almost anything. This machine is suitable for small food factory and other small businesses. Very functional and convenient to use, this is one of the best cup sealing machines to have.


Easy to operate

Compact design

Functional digital display

Self film rolling and cup sealing

Works with 75mm and 95mm cups

Works with PE, PP, PS, PET, and film

Can seal between 400 to 600 cups per hour


The machine is a little heavy


10. Universal Cup Sealing Machine by BubbleTeaology

This is a universal UL certified sealer machine that can seal cups with great quality for you. It can seal 95mm PP cups and 98mm PET cups, and it is ideal for all drink shops out there. This machine can create an airtight seal on any types of cup that you use, the quality is always great. It comes with auto and manual switch that you can select to seal your cups.

At the same time, it has durable stainless steel design that provide long lasting quality and performance for long term use. You won’t have to worry that the machine breaks down during shifts as well. It even comes with a free roll of sealer film, how cool is that right? This cup sealing machine comes with both performance and quality that you can trust, the choice is all yours.


Create airtight seal

High quality and reliability

Durable stainless steel design

Auto / Manual function switch

Works with 95mm PP and 98mm PET cups

Works with 12oz, 16oz, and 24 oz cups


A little pricey

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