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Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners Review

Hair straighteners are one of the items that many girls love to have especially those who like to style straight hair. If you are creative, you can use your hair straighteners as a curling iron as well. All you need is one versatile hair straightener with high quality at home. The right hair straighteners will last for years of use, and that is what you should look for. The best hair straighteners are probably difficult to find because there are so many. Don’t you worry about that because we are here to help you out so that you will get the best.

Hair Straighteners Buyer’s Guide

A good hair straightener is an investment, something that you will use long term. That is why you should go for the one with high quality that lasts for years of use. We have put together some of the useful tips that you can consider before buying a hair straightener. There are just a few of them and they are very simple, so take a look.

Plate Types

The type of plate that you are going to choose bases on your hair types and needs, and here’s why.

Titanium: heats up quickly and it applies higher temperatures more evenly. This type is a little pricey, and it is ideal for very curly or coarse hair.

Ceramic: merges value and effectiveness, it offers even heat for most hair textures. Just make sure you choose the true ceramic plates instead of the ceramic-coated plates. The ones with ceramic coating will wear down, leaving you an iron that distributes heat unevenly which is bad.

Tourmaline: are great for damaged hair. It produces more negative than positive ions, so it reduces frizz and sealing the hair shaft.

Plate Width

Things are so simple. The wider the plates, the more quickly you will get to straighten your hair. It also can handle large hair chunks for faster result as well. The thing is that when the plates are wide, the size of the item is also large as well. So if you travel a lot, maybe you want to consider the ones with smaller plate. That makes packing easier and faster for you. Another thing is that wide plates apply a lot of heat to the hair. So this type might not be ideal for fine or thin hair at all.


You may think the shape does not really matter, actually it does. The edges of the plates can effect their versatility as well as their performance. If the plates and outer edges of the iron are round, you can use it as a curling iron. If it has sharp edges, it is less adaptable but it provides the best hair straightening experience for you. So if you want to use it as a hair straightener and curler, go for the ones with round edges.


The best hair straighteners show temperature ranges so that you know the best heat for your hair. You should select the option that displays the temperature, and the ones with a lot of temperature options. Not all hair types or styles use the same heat, some are good with low heat while the others aren’t. So the ones with various temperature are the best choice to choose.

In case you are new to buying hair strengtheners, you don’t have to worry. This review is here to give you some of the best options that you can take into consideration. Each option in our list below works great with most hair types, and their quality is long lasting as well. Feel free to check them out, you might find your most favorite choice here from us.


1. Ceramic & Titanium Hair Straightener by CHI

The combination of ceramic and titanium infused plates makes this hair straightener one unique tool. Such combination is to deliver smoother and quicker styling while remaining the durability for long term use. With it, you will be able to straighten, smooth, curl, wave, spiral, flip, and bend your hair with professional results. The great thing about it is that it creates silky, shiny, and frizz-free hair instantly for you.

At the same time, it offers superior performance with its quick heat that takes only 40 seconds. The temperature ranges from 0F to 425F, and you can easily check it on the digital display of the tool. With such temperature, you can use this hair straightener with all types of hair from fine to coarse. It is safe and easy to use, and it is one of the best air straighteners to have.


Quick heating

Ergonomic design

1 hour auto shutoff

Glides smoothly on hair

Works fast and efficiently

LED adjustable heat settings

Dual voltage for international use


The cord doesn’t stay straight


2. 2-in-1 Rotating Hair Straightener by FURIDEN

The 2-in-1 design of this hair straightener allows you to use it as both hair straightener and hair curler with ease. It is the 360 degree swivel long cord flat iron with floating plates that deliver balanced and even heat. The plates have curved edges which is flexible so that it avoids snagging your hair. The best part about it is that all it needs is 15 seconds to heat up which is super fast and time saving.

This hair straightener is durable and convenient to use, and it is also a great companion to have on trips as well. It has compact size and dual voltage, and it is very easy to bring along with. This amazing styling tool comes in a set that includes heat resistant glove, salon comb, 2 salon hair clips, all in a flat iron bag. Very portable and convenient, this one is among the best.


2-in-1 design

Shiny and smooth

Compact and portable

Lock and unlock latch

Adjustable temperatures

Extra long and swivel cord

Works great with all hair types


The plates could be longer


3. Flat Iron by Paul Mitchell

Here we have a full size flat iron that delivers perfect result for long and thick hair faster and better. The tool features ceramic plates that can heat up to 410F in just 60 seconds right away. That makes it easy and fast for you to style your hair no matter how long or thick it is. At the same time, the express ion complex of the iron is to ensure healthy and shiny results every time for you.

The awesome part about this hair straightener is that it smoothes and polishes strands very quickly and gently. That means you no longer have to worry about hair strands anymore. This flat iron also comes with a digital temperature control with LCD display for easy view. Plus with its compact size, you can bring it along with wherever you go to achieve stylish hair every time.


Fast heating

Temperature control

Auto shutoff function

Compact and portable

Works with all types of hair

Handles large hair sections well

Leaves smooth and healthy results


It requires temperature reset with each use


4. Ceramic Hair Straightener by Crocs

This is a professional flat iron that you can use on both wet and dry hair. Very common with professionals hair stylists, this hair straightener is made to provide ultimate results for all types of hair. This premium flat iron boasts titanium plates that lock in the moisture while reducing static. At the same time, its negative irons are added to reduce and close cuticles to increase shine on your hair.

This powerful hair straightener comes with floating plates that deliver smooth glide on your hair for more comfortable styling. Its temperature ranges from 280 to 450 degree Fahrenheit, and you can view it on the digital temperature display. Plus with its 100% ventilation system that releases excess high heat, it prevents internal and physical damage. Safe and healthy for hair, you might want to check it out.


Smooth glide

Automatic shutoff

Instant heat recovery

Dual voltage capabilities

Lightweight and portable

Reduces static, increases shine

Full digital temperature settings

Non-slip and comfort grip handle


A little pricey


5. Sleek Finish Flat Iron by ConairPro

Comes with extra long titanium ceramic plates, this flat iron provides more surface area for faster results. This one heats up from zero to 455 degrees fast in just 15 seconds. That means it can deliver even heating to smooth your hair fast with less damage. There are 11 heat settings that you can select to match with your hair types and styling preferences. You can view the temperature on its LCD temperature control display with ease.

At the same time, it also provides more control for large sections of hair as well. This flat iron also has the advanced iron conditioning which is healthy and soft on your hair. The best part is that it produces straighter results while eliminating static and reducing frizz. It is a perfect option for any hair types, and it is very easy and simple to use.


Extra long plates

Automatic shutoff

Long and swivel cord

LCD temperature control

Advanced ionic conditioning

Fast and even instant heating

Perfect with all hair types and length


Does not have dual voltage capability


6. One Stroke Ceramic Hair Straightener by Ion

Want to achieve voluminous hairstyles quicker? Then this is the hair straightener that you should have with you. Here we have the one stroke volumizing iron that delivers versatile styling that you can use to straighten, lift, curl, and flip. Just like the high quality hair straightener out there, this one heats up fast with quick heat recovery every time.

The cool part ist he unique curved plates that add volume and lift to your hair instantly. That means you will not only be able to style your hair fast but also leave it shine and healthy as well. This hair straightener is built to make your hair look and feel smoother, healthier, and more manageable. It is very simple and easy to use, and it is one option with reasonable price and quality that we can trust.


Automatic shut off

Heats up fast and even

Works fast and efficiently

Adds volume and lift to hair

Easy and comfortable to use

Temperature control settings

Ionic technology for smooth hair


The handle gets hot


7. Titanium Turbo Hair Straightener by Jose Eber

Designed for thick, curly, and wavy hair, this hair straightener is sure to deliver perfect results every time. Just 5 seconds, and this tool will heat up right away for you. At the same time, it also maintain the heat throughout the entire styling process as well. That means you can work it on thick or coarse hair without a single problem. With it, you will be able to style hair faster and more efficient with healthier result easily and conveniently.

The awesome part is that it eliminates the need to pass the iron over each section multiple times. That means your hair won’t have to expose to too much heat to achieve the best result at all. It works fast and smooth, and it reduces damage and breakage on hair. With this hair straightener, your hair will always be healthy, shiny, and beautiful.


Compact and portable

Dual voltage capabilities

Automatic shut off function

Very fast heating and recovery

Works with large chunks of hair

Delivers smooth and healthy result

Works great with thick, curly, and wavy hair


Cannot use as hair curler


8. Vapor Hair Straightener by Cortex Professional

The unique feature of vapor that blasts your hair with shine and smoothness, this hair straightener is one of a kind. There are 2 steam settings that you can choose for different hair types and styles, and the result is amazing. This flat iron comes with vented tourmaline-ceramic plates that infuse hair with therapeutic Moroccan Argan oil. That does not only deliver smooth and healthy result but also moistures your hair at the same time. On top of that, it comes with the automatic temperature lock for consistent heat throughout use with max temperature up to 450F. Plus with its ionized technology that keeps your hair smoother for longer, this one is a great catch.


Safe and even heat

Secure grip handle

Long heat resistant cord

Dual voltage capabilities

Unique vapor-blast feature

6 temperature lock settings

Lightweight and ergonomic

Delivers shine and smoothness


Refilling the oil can be tricky sometimes


9. Ceramic Hair Straightener by Enso Tools

With the superior quality black nano ceramic plates with ceramic tourmaline technology, this flat iron is one incredible choice. The combination of the above does not only provide quality but also durability as well. First it delivers the awesome instant heat power and creates smooth, shiny, and healthy hair. And of course, it works with all hair textures and types out there.

At the same time, its smooth surface glides smoothly on your hair for fast and satisfying result. The design is also to make sure that this hair straightener is durable and long lasting for long term use. It is compact, portable, and very easy to use no matter where you go. Plus with its great performance, this is one of the best hair straighteners that you should take into consideration.


Dual voltage

Compact and light

Automatic shutoff

Steady temperature

Fast and even heat up

362 degree swivel cord

Works with all hair types


Not ideal to use for curling


10. Double Ion Hair Straightener by Salonia

Comes with Japanese quality, this is one hair straightener with amazing performance that you can trust. This one is made for easy handling so that you can use it to style your hair from home with ease. The awesome part about it is the double iron feature that protects and keeps your hair smooth and shiny. With this hair straightener, you won’t have to worry that you would damage your hair at all.

At the same time, it distributes the heat evenly and steadily so that it works fast for you. You can use this hair straightener with both short and long hair, and it won’t let you down. From the quality and performance, this flat iron has them all. Not to mention that its durability lasts for years of you, this one is among the best to have.


Automatic shut off

Heats fast and evenly

Easy to use and handle

Dual voltage capabilities

Works with all hair types

Very healthy and safe to use

Can use for both straightening and curling


It tends to cool down fast

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