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Top 10 Best Hot Air Brushes Review

Hot air brushes always come in handy especially during hair makeover. Hot air brushes straighten your hair using heated plates and bristles that glide through the dry hair strands. It relaxes the molecular bonds that keeps the hair curly or straightens the hair while maintaining the volume. The thing is that hot air brushes are kinder to your hair than hair straighteners. That is because the brush does not clamp your hair between two hot plates at all. They smoothly glide through hair which does not cause damage to your hair at all. In case you are looking for the best hot air brushes, take a look at our review below.

Hot Air Brushes Buyer’s Guide

If you are new to buying hot air brush, getting one can be quite tricky. That is why we are with a few tips in the buyer’s guide to help you out. We have put together some points that you should consider before buying a hot air brush. Take a read first, and you will surely be able to get just the best hot air brushes.

Barrel Size

The size of barrel that you choose depends on the type of your hair. If you have thick and voluminous hair, you need to go for hot air brushes with big barrel. The size should be between one inch and a half to two inches or more. The thicker your hair is, the larger the barrel should be. If your hair is not too long, one inch to one inch and a half will do for the barrel size.


The bristles of the brushes are also crucial for your hair brushing as well. You know your hair best, and that knowledge will lead you to the right selection of bristles for your brush. Things are very simple actually. A brush with wide space and longer bristles are ideal for long and thick hair textures. As for short hair, go for the brushes with short and fine bristles. Also, aim for the heat-resistant bristles because you wouldn’t want your brush to melt from heat. Yes, that happened.

Heat Settings

The settings of heat are very important when it comes to hairdo. Depends on your hair, the air brushes that you choose should have heat settings range from low to high. If your hair is fragile, make sure the one you select has low temperature that minimizes the damage risk. As for those with coarse or thick hair, you need the hot air brushes with a high level of heat. The good thing is that most high quality hot air brushes offer variable heat settings to suit most users.


If you style your hair and travel a lot, you know you have to go for the travel-friendly size. It is easy to pack, store, and bring along with, and you know you can always keep your hair neat. If you can get the ones with foldable design, that’s a jackpot. The size of the brush also links to the grip as well. The perfect size provides comfortable grip so that you can style your hair comfortably. Just make sure that you can fully grab the handle, you wouldn’t want to experience the burn when it drops. To be safe, choose the compact size brush because it is easy to use and bring along with to places.

If you are new to buying hot air brushes, don’t you worry because are here to help you out. We have 10 best hot air brushes that you can take into consideration in the list below. Each option we recommends comes with both quality and price that you can trust. Take a look and see if any of the options matches with your interests and preferences.


1. One-Step Hot Air Brush by Revlon

Revlon will never let you down when it comes to beauty products, and this is a great example. This hot air brush is built with a genuine ION generator to promote fast drying and create styles. It also makes your hair become healthy and full of shine as well. The brush features ceramic coating that helps to protect your hair from over styling with its heat distribution.

The heat simply penetrates hair quickly and dries from inside out which is simply time saving. Plus with its 1100 watt power, this hot air brush provides just the right heat for your hair. With its design, this hot air brush is perfect for short hair. It is lightweight and easy to use, and this hot air brush come with 4 colors that you can choose from so chek them out.


Airflow vents

Dries hair fast

Ceramic coating

Ergonomic designed

Reduces heat damage

Tangle-free combination bristles

Cool tips for comfortable styling


A little too large to bring along with


2. Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush by BabyBliss

The rotating design makes this hot air brush extra convenient and functional to use. It calibrates warm air flow while the antistatic bristles delivers the salon-level volume and shine to your hair. The comfortable part about this brush is that it comes with an ergonomic handle and controls. It fits great it hand, and its rotating barrel moves forward and backward to deliver easy stylish for you.

Not to mention that it provides silky smooth locks and puts great touches to your hair. On top of that, the ceramic heat will protect your hair from damage no matter often you use it. Plus with the conditioning ion that seal in moisture and provides dazzling shine, your hair will look flawless every day. This hot air brush is definitely one of the best to choose.


Enhances shine

Anti-static bristles

Reduces frizz on hair

3 temperature settings

Perfect for all hair types

Nano Titanium technology

Multi-direction rotating barrel


The bristles are a little too soft for coarse hair


3. Platinum Hot Curl Brush by Conair

With 2 inches of black titanium barrel with nylon bristles, this hot air brush is a great brush to have. It simply creates soft and silky curls while providing maximum frizz protection and stylish performance. The cool part is that its super ionic generation that actively eliminates static and tames frizz. On top of that, it delivers even heat-up and recovery for all day hold.

There are 5 temperature settings on LED display for easy view and select. With this brush, you will get fast styling, lasting curls and volume, and of course, exceptional shine. It glides smoothly on your hair, and it will not damage your hair at all. Its handle is slim and firm in hand, and it is compact enough to bring along with to places. Good price and great quality, this option is simply one of the best to have for users with long hair.


Compact size

Even air distribution

Delivers blow out curl

Gives long lasting curls

5 LED temperature settings

Can handle large hank of hair

Tames frizzy hair for smooth style


The cord is a little short


4. Digital Hot Brush by Calista Tools

The combination of dual ceramic and ionic technology makes this hot brush unique to have. The brush simply produces quick and even heat that give you salon-level result right from home. This brush is made to lift, direct, smooth, curl, and volumize your hair with professional outcomes just the way you like. The special part about this digital hot brush is that it is perfect for all hair types.

From thin and thick to straight and curly hair, this hot brush can work on them all. The temperature ranges from 185 to 395, and you can easily choose the right temperature for your styling and hair type. This hot brush is very easy and simple to use, and you can also easily bring it along with to places as well. This option will not let you down.


Tames frizzy hair

Compact and portable

Simple and easy to use

Works with all hair types

Works fast and efficiently

Digital temperature control

Heats up quickly and evenly


Can get the hair stuck sometimes


5. 4-in-1 Combo Hot Air Brush by DORISILK

The 4-in-1 functions in this one step hot air brush makes it one of a kind to have. Just one hot air brush, and it can also function as a dryer, straightener, curler, and volumizer. How cool is that, right? Such perfect combination comes with interchangeable brush heads that is easy and simple to operate. At the same time, its adjustable settings allow you to choose from low to high for different hair types.

The awesome part is the innovative design of mixed nylon pin and boar bristles for tangle free performance. The design also help to dry, smooth, and style your hair with its massaging ball tips as well. Plus with the ergonomic handle, it is always comfortable when you use this hot air brush. This amazing hair styling tool is super cool to have, and its price is so affordable with what it can do. Take a look, you may like this option.



Ergonomic handle

Fireproof materials

Compact and portable

Easy and simple to use

Comes with negative ions

Reduces hair frizz and static

Easy and adjustable temperature


The cord is a little too short


6. One Step Hot Air Brush by Magnifeto

The professional one step function of this hot air brush is to deliver great volume and impeccable shine in a single step. The brush features the powerful 1200W of heated round comb with ceramic coating to enhance even heat distribution. The air penetrates the air from the inside to prevent breaking which leaves the just smooth, shiny, and healthy results.

The great part is that it protects your hair from frizz and damage while giving you great styling at the same time. This hot air brush is so versatile you can use it as blow dryer, hair straightener, or curler easily. Its adjustable temperature settings allow you to select the perfect heat for different types of hair and hairstyle with ease. At the same time, its ergonomic handle makes things even more convenient which is simply great.


Easy to use

Time saving

Prevents frizz

Protects sensitive hair

Does not damage the hair

Lightweight and ergonomic

Works great with all hair types


It is a little bulky


7. 4-in-1 Hot Air Brush by snawowo

The 4-in-1 design of this brush allows you to change the heads for multiple uses in just one tool for extra convenience. The interchangeable brush head design makes it easy for you to switch among blow dryer, styling hair brush, curly hair brush, and hot air brush. Each of them can accommodate different styling demand, and they are all easy to carry. You can easily change them with just a simple press on the button. This tool works quietly and efficiently, and they are safe for your hair.

The brush comes with double temperature protection and ceramic coating technology to give constant temperature to prevent hurting your hair. The best part is that it can generate negative ions to condition your hair and nourish damaged hair. At the same time, the electric blow dryer comb will reduce frizz and static to make your hair shiny and smooth. There are different temperature and speed settings for all hair types, and it is one of the best to choose.


Quiet operation

Nourishes damaged hair

Compact and lightweight

Ceramic coating technology

Easy to change between heads


The air dryer could be more powerful


8. Hot Air Spin Brush by Conair

The unique thing about this hot air spin brush is that it rotates in both directions to volume and shine your hair. It is your choice actually, you can use it either with or without the spin just the way you prefer. The cool part is that its bristles are tangle-free which is softer and more gentle on the hair. At the same time, there are 2 heat settings and cool settings to accommodate all hair types.

The brush comes with 2 tourmaline ceramic spin air brush attachments that safely dry your hair. The same technology also promotes healthy hair as well, and that is great for refreshing hair between shampoo. Plus with the true ion generator, your hair will be protected from damage. With it, you will be able to receive silky smooth and gorgeous shine every time.


Easy to use

Rotating brush

2 brush sizes available

Great temperature control

Tangle-free antistatic boar

Protects hair from damage

Delivers healthy and shiny result


The cord is a little to short


9. Hot Air Brush by Conair

With the advanced ionic technology, this hot air brush can deliver 2 times the shine and 3 times the frizz control. That means better result and healthier hair which is ideal frequent or daily use. The vents of this hot air brush allow the airflow from a blow dryer to reach the hair for faster drying and styling. That is not only time-saving but also safe for the hair as well since it is not exposed to much heat.

Speaking of heat, there are 2 heat settings and a cool settings to deliver long lasting and professional results. This hot air brush is perfect for damp hair as it creates ultimate shine and smoothness. Plus with the flexible bristles, this hot air brush is not only soft on the hair but also gentle as well. You won’t have to worry about that it will tear the hair and scratch your scalp at all.



Great frizz control

Prevents hair damage

Even heat distribution

Easy and simple to use

Advanced ionic conditioning

Delivers faster drying and styling


It is a little loud


10. Pro Grip Heated Round Brush by Calista Tools

The heated round brush design of this amazing styling tool is to make it easy for you to achieve salon quality right from home. The brush comes with sturdy bristles that glide smoothly through your hair and protect your scalp from heat. The special part is the ceramic and ionic technology that combined to infuse your hair with volume and shine.

With just one hair brush, you will be able to smooth, direct, lift, volumize, and curl your hair very easily. It is easy and simple to use, and it works with all hair type including thin, thick, straight, curly, fine, and coarse. Not to mention that it is compact and portable, you can bring this air brush wherever you go.


Sturdy bristles

Fast and easy to use

Controls frizz on hair

Soft and gentle on the hair

Compact and foldable design

Gives volume and body to hair

Works well with all types of hair


A little pricey

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