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Top 10 Best Luxury Beauty

Do you love the idea of getting pretty with apply just a few of items? Make up is a hugely versatile, not only just in terms of colors or the brand name but also in terms of how it is worn. Some people wear make up to create a different look of their appearance while others wear make up more subtly. Moreover, make up can be worn in variety of situations such as going to school, work, events or hangout with friends. Choosing the best product will surely make you look amazing, the list down below will show you the top 10 best luxury beauty items.


1. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Take a look at the first product of the list, it’s a waterproof eye liner that won’t smudge or run and stay in place until you remove it off. With the thin appearance, look almost like a pencil is easy to use even for the least experienced and can deliver a thin line as much as you want. This is a very great product, you do not need to worry if you swear and it will come off, because it will last all day.



2. Blinc Mascara

If you’re looking for a mascara which will bring no smudge and you can take and trust on it through out the day, this is the perfect choice for you. It’s pretty hard to find the best mascara that would last all day but this product is surely the answer. Instead of just apply it like normal mascara, this one will form a tiny line for your eye lashes and once you apply, it will not smudge or clump even if you rub your eyes.



3. The Balm Manizer Sisters

Now come to the highlight palette for you to check out, it’s for highlight to make your face look softer and brighter. It comes with three shades which is white, creamy and the last one is a bit bronze. It could also use as a blush, even for the pale skin, these colors are not heavy to apply. Its powder is soft and you can apply more for your desired. It is the perfect highlighter.



4. Essie Nail Color

Now come to the other part of luxury beauty, it’s the nail polish. This product is very good to use, it’s easy to apply and with just a few drop of it, you can just easily paint it without taking too much efforts. Moreover, this is a new color which is basically fit to most of the situation whether it’s a hangout with friends, or event. It will surely make you look stunning.



5. The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Lip Color

Now take a look at the other type of make up, finally it’s a lipstick. This is called a matte liquid lipstick that you can depend on whether you going to spend your entire day at school or work and you don’t want to apply your lipstick way too often. This long wearing liquid lip color from the balm cosmetic that apply smoothly and dry down to a comfortable matte finish.



6. Jane Iredale Circle Delete Concealer

Take a look at this product which is called as a circle delete concealer. This concealer is very effective; you do not need to worry about having a dark circle around your eyes because this concealer surely going to work best for you. Also this concealer is last for the entire day even if you smudge or rub your face. This concealer come in two color which you can easily switch to each color.



7. LORAC PRO Palette

Beside all those highlighter and lipstick, now take a look at this eye shadow palette. This product has 16 different colors that would last the entire day. Hence, on the other hand we can say that the eye shadow palette packed with 8 shimmer shadow and 8 matte shadow in all the shades you need to create the hottest look. With these colors, you have everything you need for your eyes.



8. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener

This is a skin primer that use to protect your skin from the sun, prepare your skin so make up goes on more easily and lasts longer. Moreover, this product can firm the skin and prevents moisture loss and at the same time, it also smoothens and brighten up your skin. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and also maintain the skin’s youthful and make it look healthy.



9. LORAC Travel Size Tantalizer Baked Bronzer

This silky smooth bronzing powder that use to keep you looking bronze and beautiful long after the sunset and the cameras have gone. Some people might have a hard time after they apply the make up, their face might be too white so they will need to apply bronzer to make it look a bit more natural. This bronzer looks so natural like a healthy glow. You will love it.



10. Eau Thermale Avène High Protection Tinted

Now come to the last product of the list, it’s the sun screen powder. You can use this after you apply the primer or some make up base such as foundation or BB cream, this will surely make yours make up stay longer. It makes your face look smooth and shine glow. This is also work well on a sensitive skin. Besides, it has a high SPF so that you will be protected from the sun.

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