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Top 10 Best Spice Racks Review

One of the units that help you to keep your kitchen neat is definitely spice racks. Anyone who loves cooking has a variety and countless jars of spice in their kitchen. With the help from spice racks, you can easy organize those jars for easy storage and finding. Spice racks will make things so much better and neater, and they make a great compliment in the kitchen. If you are looking for some of the best spice racks for you kitchen, go no further. We are here to bring you just the best that you will absolutely like.

Spice Racks Buyer’s Guide

With so many brands and options available, choosing the best spice racks can be very challenging. That is why there are some crucial points to take into account when looking for the best spice racks. You will easily find the perfect spice racks in no time using our tips, take a look!


Think about how many jars of spice you have before buying a spice rack. These units come in a wide variety of sizes that can hold from just a few to several jars. The choice of capacity also depends on the available space that you have in the kitchen as well. You can’t get the ones that can hold 10 jars when your kitchen is small without enough space for the unit. Choose the spice rack that can hold most of your daily use spice while fitting right in the kitchen space.


Only 3 materials are the most common for spice racks: metal, plastic, and wood. Metal is the most popular options, and it comes with many different kinds of finishes. They are strong, and they are capable of holding numerous spice jars without bending under weight. Wood gives your kitchen an aesthetic makeover, and they are also very durable as well. Plastic are not so popular but they are also very sturdy and beautiful, and they are great for a few jars.

Types of Spice Rack

Spice racks are very convenient gadgets, and they also come with many types to fit in different kitchens as well. Below are some of the most common spice rack types that you should know:

Cabinet Door Spice Rack: attaches to the inside door of your kitchen cabinets. This type saves a lot of space since it locates in the cabinet. This option is ideal for those want to organize their spice jars in place without having to show them.

Drawer Insert Spice Rack: fits very nicely inside your drawer. The difference between this one and the previous is that it provides more space and convenience. Drawers are usually larger and easier to reach due to their location in the kitchen. If you want to mount anything on the wall or lay anything on the counter, this is the choice.

Magnetic Board Spice Rack: comes in both wall-mounted and countertop models to match with users’ preferences. This one is somehow a super cool option to look at. This type comes with jars that have magnetic on the bottom that you can stick to the magnetic board. It is unique, and many users actually love them.

Pull-Down Spice Rack: allows you to keep your spices out of view but provides easy access when you need them. This type is neat and nice, and they are very popular.

Standalone Spice Rack: are also very common even in professional kitchens. This type varies in design, but they all come with some form of feet at their bases to provide stability. There are different sizes of the standalone spice racks. The smaller ones allow you to put them on the counter while the bigger ones stand next to the counter.

Wall-Mounted Spice Rack: saves a lot of space from the counter and drawer. You can easily fix it on the wall of the kitchen where you can easily reach for them. It plays a part in decoration, and it keeps everything neat and easy to reach.

We have some of the best spice racks that you can into consideration. Each of them is unique and special in their own way, so feel free to take a look. You will find 10 best spice racks in the list below, and the choice is all yours.


1. Countertop Spice Rack by Kamenstein

Made from stainless steel, this spice rack is super tough and durable for long term use. The quality construction of the rack allows you to store up to 20 containers of spice in the kitchen. The great part about it is the modern design and quality construction that compliments any kitchen décor. The awesomeness does not end there, it even comes with organizer caps for you as well.

Not to mention the free spice refills for 5 years, this option is a total catch. Plus with its stylish and cool look, this spice rack makes a great choice to choose. This spice rack is sturdy and durable, and it is one of the best options that you should have in the kitchen. From price to quality, it has them all. You really should not overlook this part.


Very neat

Easy to clean

5 years free refill

Sturdy and durable

Space-saving design

Good storage capacity

Tough stainless steel construction


The unit is not smudge proof


2. Cabinet Spice Rack by Vertical Spice

For spice lovers out there who have a lot of jars in their kitchen, this is the spice rack that you want. This spice rack right here can store up to 30 regular spice jars or 60 half-sized spice jars in small space. The interesting thing about this spice rack is that it has 3 individual drawers, one for each row of spice.

On top of that, each long drawer glides on a chrome steel ball-bearing slide. That makes it extra easy and fast to reach and search for the spice that you need to use. The whole thing is very easy to install and take care of, and its quality is also super great as well. This spice rack is durable, sturdy, and easy to clean up which is simply great to have.


Easy to clean up

Space saving design

Easy to install and use

Easy to access to the jars

Fits well in small kitchens

Provides great storage capacity

Durable and sturdy construction


Some customers think the unit is a little pricey


3. Wooded Spice Rack by McCormick Gourmet

This is a classic spice rack with display design that simply compliments your kitchen. It comes with a three-tier design that you can install either on the wall or on your countertop. You can organize up to 24 jars in each shelf where you can see everything easily. This spice rack is great because you don’t have to spend time searching for the spice at all. Every bottle or jar is right there for you to see easily.

The cool part is that it even comes with free spice in the set that you can use for your cooking as well. The whole thing is easy to mount on the wall since it comes with the screws and everything you need. The easy storage and access is something, the easy cleaning is another thing. This spice rack is very easy to take care of, and its quality lasts for years of use.


Easy to access

Easy to clean up

Sturdy and durable

Three-tiered design

Easy to install and use

Comes with organic spice

Countertop / wall mount design


You cannot choose the spice that comes with the rack


4. Spice Rack by Orii

Here we have another countertop 20-jar spice rack, but it comes with a smaller design. The design is to save more space and make it easy for you to install in smaller kitchen or space. The rack comes with strong base to support the whole unit from falling from the countertop. The great thing about this spice rack is that it allows for easy spice selection where you can easily access.

That is not all, its high quality construction is to make sure that its durability lasts for years of use. The unit comes with the jars, and the jars come with shaker top caps for extra easy use which is simply great. It makes a great option to have in the kitchen, and it also makes a great gift as well.


Easy-to-read jar caps

Comes with free spice

Easy to install and access

Durable steel construction

Rotating base for easy access

Stylish and space-saving design

Long lasting quality and performance


The revolving base gets stuck sometimes


5. Door Mount Spice Rack by Rev-A-Shelf

This is one of the most space-saving design spice racks that you might want to take into consideration. This option allows you to easily attach to the door for easy spice storage in the kitchen. That means you can install it on the cabinet door and access to your spice anytime with ease. The rack is made from high quality materials to ensure durability and sturdiness for long term use.

This rack features three small tiers that can hold spices, and a larger tier for canned goods. This is very functional and convenient to use, and it is perfect for small kitchens out there. The whole thing is also very easy to install as well since all you need is a few screws. This spice rack is perfect for any kitchens with tight space, and its quality lasts for years of use which is simply great.


Easy to install

Easy-to-read labels

Space-saving design

Durable and tough design

Easy to access and organize

Comes with heavy gauge wire

Offers large space for spice storage

Comes with hardware for easy installation


It somehow has rattling noises when opening the door


6. Cupboard Spice Storage Rack by Coninx

This is a 4-tier spice rack that provides great storage space for all of your spice while saving space for you. This spice rack is extremely compact, yet it provides great storage room for a lot of spice jars in the kitchen. That is not all, it is also very easy to install as well. You can mount it on the cabinet door, wall, cupboard, and pretty much anywhere with empty space that you want to install. This compact spice rack alone can hold up to 32 of small spice jars that you can easily reach and access. Plus with its high quality construction, this spice rack is super durable for long term use. It can handle both square and round bottles, and this option is one of the best to choose.


Easy to install

Durable and sturdy

Easy to use and access

Well-built construction

Compact and space saving

Provides a lot of storage space

Easy to mount on different surfaces


Only holds small bottles or cans


7. Rolling Slim Spice Rack by Unknown

In case your kitchen has very tight space, then this is the spice rack that you need to have. It does not only take up so little space but also provides a lot of storage space for your spice jars as well. This slim spice rack that can fit in between appliances, cabinets, and other narrow spaces in the kitchen. The cool part is that this spice rack comes with wheels, that means you can pull it out anytime you need to use easily.

The rack has open shelves that you can easily access to your spice and other items there. The spice has enough space for you to store spice jars, cans, and many other items. This spice rack is very easy to install, and it makes a perfect unit to have in small kitchens out there. From space-saving to storage, this unit can deliver them all. This might be the next spice rack that you might want to have in your kitchen.


4-tier design

Easy to install

Slim vertical design

Versatile and durable

Fits great in tight space

Absolutely space saving

Rolling design for easy access


A little pricey for a small spice rack


8. Orbit Spice Rack by Olde Thompson

Comes with 16 jars filled with frequently used spices, this spice rack is definitely one of the best to choose. It is a compact space rack that comes with revolving design which allows for easy access as you cook. At the same time, the rack has black base as well as a matching stainless finial to blend with any décor. That is not all, the set comes with stylish jars with stainless caps with the names of the spices.

It is not only easy to use and access to, but also very cool to have in the kitchen as well. The great thing about this spice rack is that it fits neatly on any countertop or in a cabinet with ease. This option is not only stylish but also durable and nice to have in the kitchen. From style to quality, this is the mini spice rack that you can trust.


Tough base

Space saving

Compact design

Durable and stylish

Cool revolving design

Solid base for steadiness

Looks great on countertop


The caps are a little tight to open or close


9. Cabinet Spice Rack by Whifea

The construction from stainless steel and thick metal board makes this spice rack super tough and durable. At the same time, it is also very solid and steady which means it can hold a lot of items without shaking. Plus with the soft rubber suction cups on the feet, this spice rack is absolutely steady. The awesome thing about it is that it does not only hold spice but also other cooking ingredients as well.

The rack comes with multifunctional shelf that you can store high bottles and cans along with kitchenwares and even chopping board. With just this one rack, and you will be able to organize any useful cooking items and ingredients easily. It is compact yet very space saving, and it even has the special hanging design for easy cleaning.


Stylish look

Compact size

Very functional

Strong and sturdy

Easy to install and use

Provides a lot of space

Stainless steel construction

Easy to clean and take care of


A little heavy


10. Bamboo Spice Rack by Orii

With the unique rotating carousel design, this spice rack makes one stylish option to have in the kitchen. The rack has enough space for 15 jars that you can easily rotate for easy select your spice. The great part is that it comes with premium spices that are ideal for everyday use. As for the rack itself, it is made from bamboo wood with metal finish to ensure both style and durability for long term use. The package includes glass jars with stainless steel lids along with the rack, and that is a complete set. The whole thing comes with both quality to durability and good price that you can trust. Not to mention the reasonable price, this spice rack is definitely a great choice to choose for your kitchen.


Stylish look

Carousel design

Easy to assemble

Durable and steady

Premium spices included


The lids of the jars could be better

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