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Top 7 Best Artificial Christmas Trees Review

Artificial Christmas trees never dies which is why many people prefer them to real trees for home decoration. That is because you buy it once, and you get to use it for years with proper storage. Since Christmas is coming soon, we think we should introduce you to some high quality artificial Christmas trees from now. We also put together a buying guide on how to choose artificial Christmas trees for you as well. Let’s check them out below and make your pick.


Artificial Christmas Trees Buying Guide

Since the trees is artificial, there are a few certain things that you should have in mind. Below are some important points to have in mind before buying artificial Christmas trees, so take a look.


Think about how tall you want your artificial Christmas tree to be before buying one. It is not only about the height of your ceiling but also how many decorative items you have for the trees. When the tree is tall, you will have to have a lot of accessories to beautify your Christmas tree as well.


Some artificial Christmas trees are rotatable to show off the whole decoration. In case you pick that type, make sure you have enough space for the tree branches to move around. Things are so simple because the larger the tree means the more space you need to prepare. It is not only just the tree but also the presents under the trees and other decorations as well.


There are two main types of artificial Christmas trees that you can choose from which are:

  1. Accented / Flocked: Many people like this type because it looks beautiful. The branches of the tree have snow or glitter dusting which is quite attractive and fancy. There are artificial accented Christmas trees that come with pinecones and berries as well. You cannot remove those elements, but you can add some more to match with different styles each year.

  2. Pre-Lit: This type comes with lights that saves your time from putting strings of lights on. It is a little expensive, but it does all the hard job for you already. All you need to do is add some extra accessories to make the tree look more lively. Make sure to find the label that says “with burn-out protection” or “continuous on”. In case a single bulb dies, the others will still work.

We understand that finding the best artificial Christmas trees is not easy. That is why we also searched and found some high quality options to help you out. You will find 7 high quality artificial Christmas trees below along with some of the best accessories for it.

1. Premium Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree by Best Choice Products

The special thing about this artificial Christmas tree is that it is full and fluffy. This delivers the realistic look along with style so that you can easily decorate the tree with ornaments. With the height of 7.5 feet, it makes a perfect fit for most home decorations out there. This artificial Christmas tree comes with a foldable sturdy stand that holds the tree in place. Its stand is strong enough to support the trees along with other ornaments without falling over at all.

Along with that, it is also durable and long lasting to have as well. It features the construction from high quality PVC materials which are fire resistant and heavy duty. The whole tree is very easy to set up, and all it takes is some minutes which is so convenient. When not in use, you can easily break it down into smaller pieces for compact storage. With both great price and quality, we believe that this is going to the artificial Christmas tree that you will surely like.


Sturdy and foldable stand

Easy setup and take down

Durable and long lasting quality

Full and fluffy branches and tips

Compact and convenient storage

Durable and high quality PVC materials


It takes sometime to fluff up the tree


2. Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree by National Tree Company

In case you don’t like larger Christmas trees due to the limited space, this one can be a great alternative. It is not as fluffy as the previous one, but this option still looks awesome. It actually looks extra realistic, and the natural color makes it a nice compliment in any room décor out there. The height of this artificial Christmas tree is 6 feet tall, and it is perfect to have for home. This Christmas tree comes with a sturdy base to ensure that it stays in place without wobbling or shaking.

The setup process is quite easy and simple because the branches come with hinged design, and it goes the same with disassembly. Another thing that we like about this Christmas tree is that it is durable and safe to use. The tips do not come off or lose their appearance easily, and they are also fire resistant and non-allergenic as well. This one comes with a wide range of size options that you can choose from, and the choice is all yours


Sturdy metal base

Natural and realistic

Convenient setup and storage

Durable and long lasting quality

Fire resistant and non-allergen materials


Some users don’t like the hinged branches


3. Pre-Strung Artificial Christmas Tree by National Tree Company

Too busy to pick the Christmas tree and decorate them? Here you are looking at the perfect solution to that, and you will definitely love it. This artificial Christmas tree right here comes with both style and beauty that makes a great compliment in your room. Each and every pre-lit branches in this tree look extremely realistic and lifelike, and that one of the things that make this tree special. There are 750 UL white lights, and the whole tree looks absolutely stunning.

The setup is easy and simple, and you can customize and fluff the tree for the perfect shape with ease. Within an hour, and you will be able to fluff up the tree for the full form with most lush. Just like the rest of the best artificial Christmas trees, this one also comes with sturdy base as well. The metal base ensures that the tree stays in place even if you add plenty of ornaments on it. After use, you can easily disassemble everything and put it in the box for convenient and safe storage for next year. With both quality and appearance, this artificial Christmas tree will not let you down.


Easy and fast setup

Durable and stable metal base

Convenient and simple storage

High quality incandescent lights

Beautiful, natural, and lifelike design


It looks quite sparse at first so you need to fluff the tree


4. Green Artificial Christmas Tree by Potalay

Green makes the most realistic color when it comes to artificial Christmas tree, and we have one for you right here. We like this option because it comes with full branches and blades that look absolutely stunning once you set up everything. The needles are dense and durable, and its PVC materials ensure that it is fire resistant and non-allergenic to have. Plus with the full and realistic design, this artificial Christmas tree looks so real especially from a close distance.

The unique thing about this Christmas tree is that it comes with various leaf shapes. That way, you can easily get creative and arrange everything just the way you like. Along with that, there are 2 different leaf sizes as well so that choosing the ones for top and bottom setup is extra easy. Plus with the sturdy and durable metal stand, this artificial Christmas tree is simply perfect to have. This one is 4 feet, but there are taller size options available as well and the choice is all yours.


Unique and bright green color

Multiple leaf shapes and sizes

Sturdy and foldable metal stand

Easy to assemble and take down

Durable and high quality PVC materials

Dense, fire resistant, and non-allergenic needles


It tends to shed pine upon unpackaging


5. Tall Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree by Puleo International

Here we have another artificial pencil Christmas tree that you might want to take into consideration. This one is unique because it does not come with bushy branches like most Christmas trees out there at all. On top of that, it come with 700 UL lights that sure will illuminate the whole room with marvelous brightness. This is to ensure that every section and branch lights up equally and beautifully at night to make your decoration look super stunning. Speaking of branches, there are 1,319 branch tips to make the whole tree look so realistic and lifelike.

You can easily assemble the tree within an hour or so, and the adjustment process on the branches is also fast and simple. Also, this one comes with sturdy metal stand that is stable enough to hold the tree in place. When it comes to the best artificial Christmas trees that save space, this is definitely the one to have in mind. You might want to check it out, many users are happy with what this tree offers and maybe you will like it too.


Sturdy metal stand

Easy and fast assemble

Beautiful, natural, and space saving

700 UL light with easy control remote

High quality and durable PVC material


Connecting the lights is quite time consuming


6. Artificial Christmas Tree With Decorations by WASAKKY

Some artificial Christmas trees can be very pricey, and not everyone wants to spend on that. So we dug quite deep to look for the cheap artificial Christmas trees with quality for you, and we found one. This is one of the best artificial Christmas trees with such affordable price that you can trust. It comes with the full and vivid branches with dark green color which resembles the forest. There are 3 leave sizes that allow you to set up and put everything together fast and easy.

The best part is that this cheap price also includes some decorative ornaments for you in the package as well. You will get some bows, snow balls, and pendants of various colors that you can easily hang on the branches. You even get a multicolor string light, and nothing gets better than this. Everything in the set is durable and long lasting, and its quality will not let you down. If you don’t look for anything fancy, then this is the perfect artificial Christmas tree to have in mind. Feel free to check it out, we think this can be something that you might find interesting.


Compact and space saving

Simple setup and convenient storage

Full, vivid, and realistic branch color

High quality and durable material design

Ornaments with various colors and shapes included


The branches could be more fluffy


7. Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree by AnotherMe

With snow flocked design, this artificial Christmas tree makes a perfect compliment for modern and minimalistic room décor out there. This appearance is just so beautiful, and it brings out this classic and elegant look to the whole room. There are 800 branch tips, and the setup is quite easy and simple which is fast for you. Along with that, this Christmas tree also comes with 300 warm pre-lit lights on the branches as well. That way, you won’t have to spend time trying to connect or set up the light at all.

As for the stand, it is metal and it is in X-shaped which is super sturdy and stable. It keeps the tree upright while the rubber feet protect your floor at the same time. Not to mention that this Christmas tree comes with just the perfect size and height, it is just beautiful. With both quality and great price, this is the option that you should not overlook. Let’s take a look and see if this snow flocked artificial Christmas tree has what it takes to match with your preferences.


300 pre-lit warm lights

Natural and lifelike color

Easy to assemble and take down

Flame retardant and non-toxic materials

Stable metal stand with scratch proof rubber feet


There could be more flocking

5 Christmas Tree Decorations That You Should Have

If you found your artificial Christmas trees, there is one last step. We also have some suggestions on Christmas tree decoration for you as well. Let’s find out what they are, we think you might want them for your Christmas trees.

Christmas Ornaments

No matter if it is fake or real, a Christmas tree is incomplete without ornaments. There are many types of ornaments that you can find on the market. From different shapes and sizes to colors, they have them all for you to choose from. Depends on your theme, simply pick the color and style that match with your preference, easy and simple.

Christmas String Lights

Just like the ornaments, a Christmas tree also needs some lights as well. The awesome thing about string lights is that they come with various types for you to select. String lights have different lengths, types of lights, and design to suit with different people’s Christmas decoration. Some of them even come with the design that you can also use in other occasions which is simply great. In case you need some recommendations on Christmas string lights, click here for more.

Lighted Gift Boxes

Real presents are great, but lighted gift boxes add more beauty to the whole decoration. You can simply put these lighted boxes near some of your presents, and it looks absolutely incredible. It makes a nice addition under the tree, and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. If you look for some unique Christmas decoration items, this is definitely the one.

Ribbon Garlands

The special thing about ribbon garlands is that they are perfect for any Christmas decoration. You can use some on the Christmas trees and some more on the door and wall for a matching look. Christmas garlands usually come in a pack of several pieces which is perfect for home decoration. There are many different colors and lengths that you can choose from, and they look really nice. Simple yet beautiful, no doubt why ribbon garlands are one of the best Christmas trees decorations.

Tree Toppers

We all know that a star has always been the most common and traditional tree topper. However, there are more than that which you can get creative with. Those are poinsettia as well as other symbols that you think will match with your tree decoration. It does not have to be always a star, it can also be something that means to you or your family members.

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